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The Teaching Mission World Portal is a library and archive of more than a quarter-century of personal spiritual growth lessons from celestial teachers. Like the Teaching Mission, this Portal is about teaching and learning true spiritual values. As we grow, it will grow.  We hope to develop a searchable database to explore celestial sources.

These recorded transmissions come from an array of celestial teachers who have taught humans foundational spiritual lessons over these many years, primarily through Urantia Book study groups. They include Christ Michael, who incarnated on our planet as Jesus, in a supreme display of empathy and love. 

We also hear lessons from Machiventa and other Melchizedeks, as well as the biblical Abraham, who continues in service today.  Many of our teachers are former mortals who are ascending on the human evolutionary path.

This Melchizedek curriculum focuses on individual growth via connection to the Spirits within, with such foundational topics as faith, worship, prayer, forgiveness, service, altruistic love, personality, defenselessness, and the building of caring communities. Over time, we have come to understand the elements of a universe education plan that encompasses all mortal children of the Universal Father.

Our collection includes a collection of books, periodicals and audio.

Our core comes from a ‘TM Transcripts’ archive created and maintained by Russ Gustafson, a California TM participant, with transmission collections from earlier years added, and a wide variety of writings, books, and audio sessions. These are mostly typed transcripts from meetings with celestial teachers dating back to 1992. We will continue to add historic materials in our continuing search into the past, and we will produce new secondary works.  

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During these years. members of the Teaching Mission have had to explore this phenomena on their own, learning what it is, and is not, and always with speculation for the future. Celestial teachers like to follow their curriculum designed for personal growth, but they answer many human questions and occasionally make revelations on the nature of this Time of Correction and our roles in societal challenges and changes.

Beyond the basic Teaching Mission, the recent Correcting Time for our world expands as a Magisterial Mission, in which enlightened and emboldened humans will work with celestials co-creatively and under the direction of an assigned Magisterial Son.  

As always, the United Midwayers, our fellow planetary citizens from the spirit realm, foster and develop their 11.11 Correcting Time initiatives and serve as guardians and guides in our world.

Timeline for Teaching

Mission History

Through these 26 plus years, our band of spiritual seekers have individually communicated with many celestial teachers and administrators who are here on both group and personal assignments. Here’s an alphabetical listing.

We make special note of our commentaries from our world’s Creator Son of God, Michael of Nebadon. We have also communicated with Machiventa Melchizedek and other Melchizedeks who are working within our planetary “Correcting Time” – adjudication and redemption from the Lucifer Rebellion, bringing our planet into Light and Life.

We are working on a searchable and comparative database for all transmissions. Meantime, you will find transcribed transcripts from the following teachers by name as we add them to the site.

   Christ Michael

   Nebadonia, the Mother Spirit

   Machiventa Melchizedek












Visiting Spirit Personalities:

THE TEACHING MISSION AND TRANSFORMATION – Keynote speech of retired Army General and teacher host Duane Faw at the 1995 Spirit Fest in San Obispo, CA.

ANASTACIA and ORDON. A complete collection of lessons from this duo of celestial teachers in Dallas, TX.

FAITH GARDEN 2003 transcripts from Idaho, from SOLONIA, the biblical ‘voice in the garden’ on preparing for major earth changes. Presented by Daniel Megow, whose ministry was The Church Within. This is included in The Teaching Mission, vol. 2

LIVING WATERS conference proceedings and transcripts from Stella Niagara, NY in 2003. Booklet features transcripts from various celestial teachers, including a keynote address by TARKAS.

MICHAEL of NEBADON via the late Thea Hardy of Corvallis, OR, a prolific transmitter with much material which has never been transcribed.

CELESTIAL ARTISAN BAKIM transmits her messages and encouragements for the upcoming TM conference in Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1995.

NORSON MELCHIZEDEK with an explanation of our troubled planet’s history, presented in Hawaii in 1993.

TRANSMITTING, a research examination of the phenomenon with a collection of teacher comments, presented by Oliver Duex in Costa Rica.

NEW ZEALAND ROOTS. 1 -- A transcribed session with ABRAHAM and MACHIVENTA in 1989.

2—conversations with ABRAHAM in 1991.

Dr. BOB SLAGLE, a psychologist, was active in the early years of the mission, host to the teacher JarEl. He wrote two definitive papers: 1—"Welcome to Change” and 2 – a collection of additional thoughts and transmissions from 1994.

URANTIA RELATIONSHIPS. Oliver Duex produced an excellent cross-reference essay relating the celestial teachers to the Urantia Book’s extensive revelations on universe education for time and space mortals.

RAYSON 1 and RAYSON2.  Complete California lessons of the celestial teacher in the 1990's in two PDF e-books produced by the Topanga Canyon Urantia and TM group.

TM HISTORY to 2001, the first 10 years, was the keynote address topic of “Rebecca,” who recounts her experiences as the transmitter who took the message to the Urantia Book in 1993 and where it has all led.

TRANSMITTING ISSUES are discussed in transmissions from HAM and WILL, including the dangers of transmitter “wish fulfillment.”

A PERSONAL NOTE about the personalities of MIDWAYERS by Transmitter and longtime contact personality, “Gerdean.”

‘MONJORONSON’ announces his presence and eventual materialization as the planet’s Magisterial Son at a Celestial Nights spiritual retreat in Cape San Blas, Florida, 2004.

CELESTIAL NIGHTS in Cape San Blas, Florida, hosted by the Tallahassee TM group in 2004 features lessons from MACHIVENTA Melchizedek, MICHAEL, AARON, CAPTAIN ARMANDO and others.

OLFANA 1993-94 COLLECTION — A 1993-94 lessons collection from Olfana, a celestial teacher who anchored a group in Half Moon Bay, CA and transmitted via the late Susan Kimsey.

NORSON, A MELCHIZEDEK AND OTHERS in a KONA, Hawaii Collection, 1992

NASHVILLE TEACHING MISSION conference in 1998 is recapped in a booklet with transmissions and presentations. Includes lessons from HAM, MACHIVENTA, NERO, ANATOLIA, and others. Poetry by legendary songwriter and JARED transmitter, Hal Bynum.

THE OKLAHOMA COLLECTION from 1993, assembled by Byron Belitsos. Transcripts of sessions with TR “Ellen” and a colorful array of celestial visitors, including group teacher RondEl. 48 pages.

PARADISE NETWORKER magazine from Kona, HI, first issue in 1995 published by Sonny Schneider and friends.

11:11. George Barnard from northern Australia reports on his longtime Midwayer connections with a TM group in California, and it leads to a meditation session in the Akashic Construct technique. Includes a message from JarEl.

FLORIDA TM group in Tallahassee engages with MANTUTIA Melchizdek in 1996 on a coming Magisterial Mission. Transmissions also from ALPHONSO and WILL.

THE HALF MOON BAY, CA collection follows Susan Kimzey’s first tentative sentences and lessons from celestial teachers and follows her course of growth in 1993-94, a fascinating roadmap of spiritual discovery and verbalization. Lessons from such celestial teachers as OLFANA, JAMES, and TARKAS.

DANIEL, TOMAS and ABRAHAM present poignant lessons in Pocatello, ID, 1995. Numerous transcripts can be found in our database from Pocatello and Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, groups.

THE TRANSMITTING/RECEIVING PROCESS is explored and discussed by a group of celestial teachers and humans in a paper compiled by Oliver Duex. Includes teachers HAM, ALANA, ABRAHAM, OLFANA and others.

TOMAS and TRIESTE transmit messages via TR “Gerdean” the night before and a day after a controversial‘ materialization’ event in Chicago.

NETWORK OF THE HEART 1995 conference summarizing paper by Dr. David Schlundt of Vanderbilt University, with a transmission from TARKAS.

WILL and AMBROSE teacher lessons in Tallahassee, FL.

REFLECTIONS on the first years of the mission by Fred Harris, a Tallahassee, FL, group mainstay, as the UrantiaL discussion group ends in 1994.

... A second essay offers further ideas about the mission in 2011.

TM RETREAT IN NM in 2005 features transmissions from MACHIVENTA Melchizedek, CHRIST MICHAEL and others.

A COLLECTION from the historic Light and Life Journal includes HAM, ABRAHAM, JESSONA and others.

A MELCHIZEDEK named AhmaNiden devotes a session to a Teaching Mission student seeking understanding of current events. 1994.

ALL TOGETHER. Two collections of transcripts from the gathering of Association of Light and Life in Santa Barbars, CA. Session 1 and Closing Session. Transmitting teachers include Christ Michael.

LESTER, a newcomer in the Mansion Worlds, was accepted into the Teaching Mission with more seasoned celestial teachers and Melchizedeks in order to provide his novice views of the afterlife and remembrances of his mortal life. He is  transmitted here by Karen Roberts, his frequent mortal vessel of expression, in the 1990's.

ABRAHAM-NX COLLECTION — Introduction to the material received in New Zealand that eventually became the basis for the Teaching Mission. (These notes begin in the year 1984. Also see a brief biography of the celestial teacher Abraham at the end of this transcript as well as "Wilma's Recollections". Text print out, approximately 48 pages.



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