Musical Ride 96 & Lester's Family Life & Hide and Seek with Father

Transmitted  June 22, 1996 by Karen Roberts


Lester (Karen) Good afternoon, this is Lester. I am glad to be here among

you seekers of the truth. I am excited at the opportunity to share with

you this afternoon. It is wonderful to be outdoors sharing with our

friends and enjoying the majestic backdrop of nature. Let us each pick up

an instrument and share the musical vibrations of divine love. It is more

important to participate in a way in which you feel comfortable and

energized, than to worry about the particulars of your musical abilities.

There is much room for sharing and growing and experimenting as we let the

music flow gently and bring us together. Please feel free to experiment

and find new ways to play these instruments. Poetry is elevated to a new

medium with music in the background. I encourage you to share songs or

stories or whatever. This is a time of sharing what is important to you. I

will work on connecting us through the circuits. We will find a new level

of quietly sharing in a new way as you open up your heart and allow this

experience to flow naturally.


I enjoy the drums very much myself. I have always found the simple beating

of the drum to be stimulating and focusing at the same time. Let yourself

flow with the beat and open yourself to the sharing that is available

through the circuits. Michael and the Father offer unlimited divine love

for our enjoyment. Let the joy fill your heart to overflowing and open

your eyes in amazement. Gently reach out and share this divine blessing

with those around you. You can share by making music, quietly praying,

telling us what is on your mind, leading a song or just letting the light

from the Father beam forth brightly.


I would like to share this story with you today, of my life when I was a

mortal. When I was a young adult, I had a very limited view of the world.

I was discouraged from traveling or studying after 9th grade. As I grew

older, I realized that I had been part of the decision to limit these

opportunities in my life, but at the time I was resentful. I felt stuck

working almost every day and hanging out with a few buddies. I wanted more

out of life, but I felt helpless. Then I met her, my wife to be. She was a

beautiful, radiant young woman. I still do not really understand why she

was interested in me. I felt I had so little to offer someone as capable

and loving as she was. We gradually spent more time together. She helped

me to reach for the Father and this was my first deep connection in my

life. I was in awe of the whole process of falling in love on so many

levels. She became accidentally pregnant and I quickly married her. I was

excited about the opportunities and responsibilities that lay ahead. These

were exciting times. When my son was born, reality set in. My wife was

very patient and gave me plenty of support and freedom to find my own way

through the dark maze of responsibilities, that I felt I should take

seriously. She would quickly whisk away my son from my arms, when my

violent temper would erupt. She would give me space to find my loving soul



My wife continually encouraged me to seek the stillness. I avoided it as

much as possible. I wanted to get to know the Father through my wife. I

would only do stillness, when she would do it my way with me. This was not

very often, because she had a family to take care of and support. I was

not very flexible about the routine that we followed to help me find the

Father. I wanted more of a ritual that really helped me connect with the

Father, but was rather burdensome for my wife. She connected with the

Father more simply and effortlessly.


Please bear with me as I continue this story. I want you to know that

there is support on all levels for all you do. The Father loves you each

and every day, throughout each and every activity that you try. He may not

be very conscious of the specific actions and details of your material

life, but he constantly reaches out to you to share his infinite love and

support that he has for you spiritually. I became intrigued with the

notion of playing hide and seek with the Father. I came to enjoy the rush

of love and encouragement I would feel when my wife would take time to

help me find the Father.   Then I would run and hide and go back to my old

tricks. I was blessed with a wife who took much time to teach me about the

important things in life. I grew to love her deeply and we had many tender

moments together. She was generous with her love and patience when I was

drunk and deeply frustrated, even angry sometimes. She later told me that

the forbearance that she gained from our relationship was worth most of

the pain and suffering that she endured. The strong faith she gained as

she helped me find the Father was worth the rest of the pain.


We rarely see each other now. We have gone our separate ways. Our memories

are treasures that we will keep for eternity. The pain and suffering are

gradually being replaced with the Father's love and joy and encouragement

that he gives continually when we try to love our fellow travelers. He

understands the difficulties that we have before us. He is constantly

encouraging us to reach out and share whatever we can of himself with

others. He is patient as we spend much time sorting out what is important

and what is better left behind.


I would encourage you to find the supreme joy of recognizing the Father

and his bountiful love. As you become more conscious of your own ways of

playing hide and seek with the Father, please take time to enjoy this give

and take. As you accept the process of consciously including the Father

more into your life, you will gain benefits beyond your imagination.

Please try to let the Father "find" you more often in this game. As you

grow to love the feeling of being "found," you will discover the true

meaning of the Father's will.