ALL CONFERENCE:  Settling Into Light & Life

Santa Barbara, CA







TRs:  Donna D’Ingillo; Randy Sparer, Leoma Sparer

Closing Session and Energy Transmissions


July 23, 2006 


Opening Intention:  Let us center our intentions now as we stand in a circle formation and see our beautiful delicate world in the center of our circle.  Just allow the love in your heart for Urantia to go right into the core of the earth.  Feel your dedication and devotion to serve our Parents, to serve our brothers and sisters to help them awaken to the truth that lives within them.  Feel your passionate commitment to this intention, this sacred intention, this call to service.  Let that move from your heart into the core of our beautiful sphere. 


Let the celestials gather the energies and lift our hearts up in thanksgiving and praise for our Creator Father, whose love and design are woven into us.  We are all part of this stupendous unfolding of the universe that is just beyond our wildest imaginations.  We have had such a abundant taste this weekend of what that is like to live in the universe—to participate—to be at home again.  And whether you are experiencing this for the first time or this is just another sampling of the wonderful taste of Paradise, let that go into every pore of your body as we lift this vision up to our Parents, asking for their blessing as they lift this up to our Father-Creator and the Paradise Trinity.  Lift this up to them.  (Pause)


We pray for the strength and courage to move forward with conviction.  Mother and Father, we ask you to fill our hearts with faith, courage, hope, and forgiveness to carry the mercy that is so abundantly poured over this earth to ooze out of the very pores of our cells to let our brothers and sisters know that they are safe, they can trust us as we minister to them in a new and revitalized fashion.  Open us up, Mother, even more than we have opened ourselves.  We are ready.  We are useful because we know that the labor may be challenging and we are but little children still.  But through you and our Father, we are powerful.  You are our strength.  You are our courage.  You are our faith.  Fill us now.  Help us expand ourselves more devotedly into your being so we are replenished and renewed in your Spirit.  (Pause)


(Request for merkaba building in our Father to lift our planetary vision—too faint to hear)


Others sharing their prayers for healing of the world and to spread our Parents love throughout Urantia.  We did a visualization of taking what we accomplished here as seeds of potential and spread them over the world, asking our Parents to add their will into them into the minds and hearts of those all over the world who are ready to receive and manifest them.  


MICHAEL:  Oh, my children, this is your Father.  The joy that is in my heart and in your Mother today defies your ability to receive the full endowment of what we wish to share with you.  But you are growing and you are sharing.  This is what is most significant.  You are being blessed as you receive these words.  Feel our love, and I know that some of you may be on overload right now, but we are making adjustments within you so that you can contain more.  For you know, you can never have too much love!  And we ask you to share this freely now as you go back to your lives, remembering to always, always call upon us, come into us.  “The voice of God is only as loud as you are willing to listen.” (This quote was shared during one of the family presentations.)  And you know the truth of these words, so open your ears, my children, open your hearts, you who have waited so long for this time of planetary reclamation.  It is here!  So go forth gladly proclaiming the good news and know that you have the company of Heaven within you, cheering you on, raising this planet to the glory of our Father in Paradise.  Be in our love.  Anchor yourselves in our peace, and know all things are well.  Good days, my beloveds!


Group broke up to set up circle to go into a merkaba and receive energy blessing from Serena. 


R:  Magnificient Father of all, we come before you today with our hearts and minds that we may be connected together for the personal growth of each of us that we may be aligned in Michael’s will and in the Correcting Time. 


ARONOFAL:  Good day, friends.  This is Aronofal, R’s personal teacher.  We will set up this merkaba construct in the way the Andover group has been doing it.  But we realize that there are many different ways for people to come together and share their energies.  You can create anything that you put your mind to that is in alignment with the Father, especially in this time of Michael’s Correcting Time.  So we will go forward by remembering that the love of the Father comes down through your body, goes through you and connects you through to the Planetary Supreme.  You can conceive of this line of love passing through the Father from Divinington to Salvington where Michael resides, where his circuits are bound to you and through your circuits down to Urantia. 


Breathe this energy in.  It naturally flows that way, this love of the Father.  After it reaches Urantia, you know that it will return to Paradise.  The circuit is completed.  That is not part of the lesson today.  You also know in your hearts that you can direct the Father’s love any way where good is needed.  My friends, also realize that Urantia sends her love back up to you in the same way, and you send your love back up to the Father and those in between you and the Father.  It goes both ways.  When you accept the love of the Father, you may think of it as flowing from the Father to you, to Urantia. 


Think of this circuit as your personal light anchor.  You walk around with this every day.  You feel the groundedness of yourself to your planet, you feel the connectedness of yourself to the Father and to those of his celestial children.  Now if you please, we will construct this merkaba by imagining that in the end when this is done it will appear to you for those who have internal eyes to see it as a globe where your conjoined light anchors that come into you are connected up at the north pole and are conjoined light anchors that go out of you that go down into Urantia are connected at the south pole of this new sphere that exists because of you in this merkaba construct.  Please with your intent, bend your light anchor together at the top and at the bottom to form this beloved sphere of mercy that you will use for goodness.  You may now also recognize that there is a new reality that is formed.  The central axis of this newly created sphere itself has an axis.  This axis is new light anchor that is now at this moment implanted in the middle of your circle and runs straight up and down.  You have mentioned a few days ago that you would like to leave your energy signature behind when you leave this building and the grounds.  Realize that if you so desire you may do so.  That new light anchor that exists because of this merkaba will be sewn in place here if you so desire.


The love of the Father is given freely to all, but know that the Father in heaven fully wants you to co-create with Him.  Love is the divine plan, it is His divine plan that this planet in light, has light.  These light anchors help tremendously.  So with no further ado, you may imagine other components of this circuit.  One component is the connectedness of your hearts with each other.  It is so, so obvious to us on this side that you love each other as you love the Father.  So if you would imagine Urantia sending her energy up through the south pole to each of you individually through your right legs up through your heart centers down through your left legs and there upon over to the person to your left to share with that person, that is how this particular energy circuit connects your hearts.  Our friend here has already described to you the multiplication effect that this has.  Believe it.  It is true in the same way your minds are connected.  You are here by the same intent.  You can imagine the mind line connects each other at the temples where energy flows from the left temple through your brain to the right temple and thereupon to the person to your right into their left temple and around the circle as such.  Mindal energy is shared this way.


Let us all realize that we are all connected.  Breathe deeply.  This helps to raise your vibrations.  It brings the energy that is in the air into you just as you ingest food to bring in energy.  There is no difference.  Every breath, God gives you this joyous blessing.  Breathe it in.  Please with your intent, there are two more steps here.  I would like to you to send your consciousness down as a group down this newly formed light anchor into Urantia and feel the goodness of your supporting planet and loving ministry of Mother Nebadonia.  Go down together as a group as you exhale together.  Down.  Please make sure that the soles of your feet are on the ground.  Reach down with your feet.  Groundedness is not a state of lower energy.  Supreme groundedness is a state of higher energy yet connected to that which supports you on this planet.  You can think of it as “down” only because of gravity.  This is such a familiar feeling to you that you may not feel much of anything different than you normally do every day.  Yet each of us can realize that if you have been indoors or in a building all day and you go outside and take your shoes off that you can feel the warmth of the moist soil beneath your feet.  That is groundedness.  You reach to her in your consciousness and she reaches to you. 


Please bring your attention up to your heart center now.  With your arms resting comfortably, ensure that your palms are raised up.  Now we are going to connect towards the Father.  Breathe deeply in and as we exhale we will all be ascending as a group hugging each other as we go up the light anchor.  Imagine us reaching down to you.  In your mind’s eye, lift your hands up as your strive for us.  We are striving for you to pull you up and readily come.  Please go higher.  You may imagine yourself and your consciousness above this building, above this community looking down, reaching up, above this state and nation, hovering around this earth.  You are together, comfortable and happy.  Please let us all descend back down to your center, very gently.  Be in your center as you know before you find the I AM presence, where you find us, where you find God, your Thought Adjuster….before you connect to all that is even that which don’t immediately recognize as God, it is all that one spirit and you know when you are there….this place of balance, where you must do this energy work from.  Remain in your heart, remain in this heightened state of awareness.  You may think of it as reaching up.  Remain in a heightened state of groundedness.  You may think of is as reaching down with whatever words you use.  It has been a pleasure working with you.  Namaste.


SERENA:  Good day, this is your sister, Serena.  Now that you have so beautifully constructed this sphere of energy and are anchored into the light which connects you deeply with the Planetary Supreme as well to our Paradise Father, I instruct you now to even charge this connection further by imagining with me that the back of your head and neck have a hinged door that opens upward.  Allow this door to open as slowly as feels right to you.  Allow it to open so the light may pour in from your crown chakra down through your spine.  We will allow a few moments of silence for you to envision this.  (Pause)


This is good.  Now you add all of this to your knowledge on the first evening when you gathered and I and my sisters of my order wove you together with light.  That remains as well.  You have many things working within you and between you and around you all at once.  It is a beautiful thing for us to behold.  You are points of light.  You are living beings of pulsating spiraling moving energy, expanding and growing, radiating outward, radiating inward to connect you with your indwelling Thought Adjuster. 


Now remain in silence connected in your supreme point of balance within the merkaba knowing you are woven together as one, one body, one mind, one spirit with the Father.  Relax into this, this knowing that you are supported and loved.  (Pause)


This is the breath of life that has been breathed into you from the very (?) moments and has continued on into eternity.  It is bringing food to you now in this forever now, in every now.  You are in the balance, the abiding place where the Father abides, where you abide and are drawn.  It is eternal.  You are forever bound in joy and love.  Forever one wherever you go, however you live your life, no matter how distant physically you are one from another, you are bound together as one.  Now you may go forth and gather the children in to bring them in their knowingness into this oneness.  They are ready for light, they are just not aware of it.  Bring them in, my children.  You are so well equipped, well prepared.   You can do this work.  We ask only that you seek to do it in joy.  Find the joy and you are there where you need to be.  Blessings upon you this day, my children.  Namaste.


JESUS:  My brethren, this is your elder brother.  This is Jesus.  While you have know me as your Father Michael, I ask you now to draw upon your love for me in my human identity as Joshua ben Joseph of Nazareth.  Feel me in your hearts.  Allow my presence to commingle with yours.  I am here and I wish to share the experiences that you are now undertaking as ministers of mine and your Mother.  The power of Michael is growing within you.  It is also my desire that you carry this particular energy signature of that which I experienced in my human life as your brother Jesus.  I lived this life that you live. I know the joys, the sorrows, the heartaches, the triumphs, the loneliness, the connectivity, the isolation and the ecstasy.  All of you have the capacity to feel these ranging of emotion.  They are all good.  They are all part of the plan. 


When you are in times of sorrow, you only have to call upon me to ask me to share that experience with you.  I will lead you from sorrow to joy!  I will lead you from fear to faith.  Have I not said, “I am the way?  That all who come in search of this shall receive?”  In your hearts, my brethren, is where I long to be anchored.  Hand in hand, going forth with each one of you, combining our love in service to our brethren—the hungry, starving, abandoned, sick.  You all have such healing powers and potential.  When you call upon me in the purity of your desire to serve, can I then blend in what is my heart’s desire to achieve for my love for this world has never ceased.  My participation in the human events unfolding here has never languished.


You who have stepped up to partake in the ministry of healing, receive me now.  Healing hearts, healing minds, healing bodies—all of this is part of the plan.  Doubt not your capacities to do this.  When someone is presented before you, you only have to turn inside and to ask me to commingle with you so that my love for this child, this precious, precious child can be carried through you into that individual to nourish them at a deep level, the level they need.  If this is something you desire, my beloveds, drink deeply of me now.


Those of you who have awaiting my return in the flesh or in a morontia vision will receive this energy signature in their beings.  They will receive what they long for, a deeper impression of me and my love for them.  So remember, my faithful brothers and sisters, to come to me as your elder brother and to ask to be a minister of our Father’s love and know that you shall receive all and even more to share with your beloveds, and our family shall grow.  You will have sublime satisfaction in knowing the joys of service.  So I will take my leave of you in this manner, still residing in your hearts.  As you breathe deeply into the energy of your heart, I will remain ever present, my heart in yours, your heart in mine, creating the unshakable, unstoppable bond of love from which all good things shall pour forth.  Good day, my beloved brothers and sisters.


Closing visualization recap:  We sent love back into the planet and asked it to go where it needed as we were in our hearts feeling our love and asking it to heal the planet.  We held the idea for several minutes that the love we were generating was going where it needed to go as well as asking our celestial friends to send the energy where it needed to go.  We felt this energy continued to linger and were advised to reconnect with this energy when we needed it to send it into the planet.