Expanded Understandings of the Teaching Mission

                  by David G. Schlundt

                  followed by a transmission from the celestial teacher, Tarkas



                  The Network of the Heart Teaching Mission Gathering in

                  Fayetteville, Ark. in 1995 was a sharing that gave the author

                  three new insights into the phenomenon of receiving and

                  transmitting celestial teachers. Each insight is preceded by a

                  quote from the Urantia Papers.

                  From Paper 100:

                  You cannot truly love your fellows by a mere act of the will.

                  Love is only born of thoroughgoing understanding of your

                  neighbor's motives and sentiments. It is not so important to

                  love all men today as it is that each day you learn to love

                  one more human being. If each day or each week you achieve an

                  understanding of one more of your fellows, and if this is the

                  limit of your ability, then you are certainly socializing and

                  truly spiritualizing your personality. Love is infectious, and

                  when human devotion is intelligent and wise, love is more

                  catching than hate. But only genuine and unselfish love is

                  truly contagious. If each mortal could only become a focus of

                  dynamic affection, this benign virus of love would soon

                  pervade the sentimental emotion-stream of humanity to such an

                  extent that all civilization would be encompassed by love, and

                  that would be the realization of the brotherhood of man.

                  Insight #1: The teaching mission is as much about spreading

                  love as it is about the dissemination of information

                  Imagine that you are exploring a deep dark forest. It is

                  getting late, darkness is approaching, and you feel the need

                  for a campfire for light, warmth, and safety. You gather

                  kindling, twigs, small branches, and some logs. You build a

                  tepee like structure with logs on the outside and twigs and

                  kindling on the inside. You strike a spark and get a fire

                  started in some dry grass. You blow on the spark and it glows

                  brighter and brighter until you begin to see smoke and flames.

                  You continue to blow until the fire is well established, then

                  you transfer it to the kindling in the center of the campfire.

                  You continue to blow on the fire, nursing it so it won't go


                  After a certain point, you have enough flame so that you are

                  confident the fire will burn. It will still be some time

                  before the fire becomes bright and hot. It may take all night

                  to burn the logs you have placed on the outside. But, in

                  making a campfire there is a point of no return where you have

                  enough heat and flame to sustain combustion.

                  The teaching mission is a spark to the dry kindling. A handful

                  of humans have been contacted, the fire of love has been lit

                  in their hearts, and the flames of service are beginning to

                  glow. The fires may smolder for a long time, but eventually

                  they will spread.

                  Fire can be used to do work. Iron can be heated and worked,

                  clay pots can be hardened, food can be cooked and so forth.

                  The campfire metaphor has helped me understand the teaching

                  mission much better.

                  When I first learned that thousands of teachers had come to

                  this planet to help us, I was elated. I read that they were

                  working on our spiritual welfare, on health problems, and on

                  saving the planet from environmental destruction. At first, I

                  focused on the work that would be done using the fire. At

                  first, it was the content of the teachings that I considered

                  most important. The new insights, the new information, and the

                  expanded perspectives were what I thought the teaching mission

                  was all about.

                  Part of the work of the mission is to spread the truth of the

                  fifth epochal revelation, but that is not the entire purpose

                  of the correcting time.

                  After spending the weekend at the Gathering of the Heart, I

                  came to realize that an equally important purpose of the

                  teaching mission is to light a campfire in the dark, cold,

                  wilderness. The teachers are sparks that have started

                  smoldering little fires in small groups all over the world.

                  The teachers have gently blown on the fires to keep them from

                  going out in the cold and rain that is part of life in the

                  wilderness. I wonder if we have reached the point of no

                  return. Are the small little fires burning all over now strong

                  enough to both sustain combustion and to eventually spread?

                  This important aspect of the teaching mission has to do with

                  person to person contact and the spreading of love in every

                  day interactions between people. It may take a very long time

                  for the small campfires that have been started to blaze into

                  bonfires and then spread into a massive forest fire of love.

                  But, sparks have been struck and a few campfires have been


                  It may never be necessary for the great majority of people on

                  this planet to know anything about the teaching mission for

                  their lives to have been dramatically changed by it.

                  Christian, Moslem, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, and others can all

                  catch fire with love, even though they will still

                  conceptualize religion differently. Millions of people will

                  embark upon a spiritual quest and will discover the source of

                  love that is within them. Some will call it God, some Allah,

                  some the Thought Adjuster, and some will have no particular

                  words at all for it.

                  It is not immediately necessary for everyone to embrace the

                  teachings of the Urantia book in order to learn to incorporate

                  more love into their lives. It is not necessary to believe

                  that any contact with celestials has occurred to begin trying

                  to understand and love one more brother or sister each day.

                  From Paper 43:

                  On the mansion worlds you completed the unification of the

                  evolving mortal personality; on the system capital you

                  attained Jerusem citizenship and achieved the willingness to

                  submit the self to the disciplines of group activities and

                  co-ordinated undertakings; but now on the constellation

                  training worlds you are to achieve the real socialization of

                  your evolving morontia personality. This supernal cultural

                  acquirement consists in learning how to:

                  1. Live happily and work effectively with ten diverse fellow

                  morontians, while ten such groups are associated in companies

                  of one hundred and then federated in corps of one thousand.

                  2. Abide joyfully and co-operate heartily with ten univitatia,

                  who, though similar intellectually to morontia beings, are

                  very different in every other way. And then must you function

                  with this group of ten as it co-ordinates with ten other

                  families, which are in turn confederated into a corps of one

                  thousand univitatia.

                  3. Achieve simultaneous adjustment to both fellow morontians

                  and these host univitatia. Acquire the ability voluntarily and

                  effectively to co-operate with your own order of beings in

                  close working association with a somewhat dissimilar group of

                  intelligent creatures.

                  4. While thus socially functioning with beings like and unlike

                  yourself, achieve intellectual harmony with, and make

                  vocational adjustment to, both groups of associates.

                  5. While attaining satisfactory socialization of the

                  personality on intellectual and vocational levels, further

                  perfect the ability to live in intimate contact with similar

                  and slightly dissimilar beings with ever-lessening

                  irritability and ever-diminishing resentment. The reversion

                  directors contribute much to this latter attainment through

                  their group-play activities.

                  6. Adjust all of these various socialization techniques to the

                  furtherance of the progressive co-ordination of the

                  Paradise-ascension career; augment universe insight by

                  enhancing the ability to grasp the eternal goal-meanings

                  concealed within these seemingly insignificant time-space


                  7. And then, climax all of these procedures of

                  multisocialization with the concurrent enhancement of

                  spiritual insight as it pertains to the augmentation of all

                  phases of personal endowment through group spiritual

                  association and morontia co-ordination. Intellectually,

                  socially, and spiritually two moral creatures do not merely

                  double their personal potentials of universe achievement by

                  partnership technique; they more nearly quadruple their

                  attainment and accomplishment possibilities.

                  Insight #2: The teaching mission is a partnership!

                  Once the fires have been lit, there will be work to be done.

                  My original understanding of this work was that only humans

                  could do the things that needed to be done and the teachers

                  would be here telling the humans what to do. I think this

                  vision of how the teaching mission will work is not quite

                  correct. I think that something new and unique is being tried

                  here. Humans and ascenders are forming teams that will work

                  together creatively.

                  I think the most accurate idea of how the mission is designed

                  to work is through a creative partnership. By forming working

                  teams, problems can be addressed at many different levels. The

                  teachers, mostly former human beings from perfected worlds, do

                  not understand how our nasty little planet conducts its

                  business. These beings do not comprehend the kind of

                  unmitigated greed that drives our economic system. They have

                  never seen the kind of violence and selfishness we take for

                  granted. They do not have much insight into our distorted

                  religious beliefs and cannot always predict how we will

                  comprehend their teachings. They need us to do the leg work,

                  but they also need us engaged in the creative process.

                  A single individual is able to creatively solve problems at a

                  certain level of efficiency. We are taught in the Urantia book

                  that adding personalities together to work on a problem

                  increases the creative potential exponentially not linearly.

                  We who have been contacted have been given a fantastic

                  opportunity. We are given a taste of how life in the universe

                  usually works.

                  Universe education is about assigning groups to accomplish

                  tasks and solve problems. The groups often mix beings of

                  different talents and levels of experience. We have the chance

                  to work in groups as partners with morontia beings and to use

                  these working groups to solve spiritual, social, medical,

                  scientific, artistic, and environmental problems.

                  The benefits of the partnership go two ways. We the humans

                  benefit from the input of wiser and more experienced beings.

                  We benefit greatly from the love, support, and friendship

                  these sympathetic and dedicated workers offer us. We actually

                  become friends with the members of our working groups. The

                  phrase, "our unseen friends", is quite literally true.

                  Our unseen friends benefit in ways that may be difficult for

                  us to fully understand. Clearly the

                  highest goal in the universe is to be of service, and the need

                  on this planet is great. Our unseen friends crave

                  opportunities to serve. There will be great insights that

                  develop on the other side by those who work with us day in and

                  day out. I also think that the agondonters have much to teach

                  the morontia visitors about faith, trust, and courage. They

                  observe us struggling to cope with life on an isolated planet.

                  When we can show steady spiritual growth under these

                  conditions, I believe those who developed under conditions of

                  light and life learn much from observing us.

                  From Paper 186:

                  The Father in heaven loved mortal man on earth just as much

                  before the life and death of Jesus on Urantia as he did after

                  this transcendent exhibition of the copartnership of man and

                  God. This mighty transaction of the incarnation of the God of

                  Nebadon as a man on Urantia could not augment the attributes

                  of the eternal, infinite, and universal Father, but it did

                  enrich and enlighten all other administrators and creatures of

                  the universe of Nebadon. While the Father in heaven loves us

                  no more because of this bestowal of Michael, all other

                  celestial intelligences do. And this is because Jesus not only

                  made a revelation of God to man, but he also likewise made a

                  new revelation of man to the Gods and to the celestial

                  intelligences of the universe of universes.

                  Insight # 3: The teaching mission is a glorious extension of

                  Michael's seventh bestowal (as Jesus), and in the larger

                  universe will result in new revelations of the Father to the

                  creatures of time and space.

                  For a moment, consider the problem from Christ Michael's

                  perspective. There was a major rebellion in one of your local

                  systems. In your perfect wisdom, you allowed free-will to go

                  unviolated. The rebellion ran its course. In the midst of the

                  rebellion, you made your final bestowal as a mortal on the

                  most backward and isolated of the planets marred by rebellion.

                  In all of the Universe of Universes, a Creator Son had never

                  before been assassinated during a final bestowal in mortal

                  form. Your ordinary local universe out towards the edge of

                  settled space suddenly has become the focal point for much

                  attention. You have the bully pulpit, all are aware of the

                  "world of the cross". Your actions in resolving the rebellion,

                  restoring the isolated planets, and especially dealing with

                  the planet of your bestowal are of interest to the entire

                  Superuniverse. How would you go about setting things right

                  given you have the opportunity to make a unique contribution

                  to the history Orvonton?

                  While it is impossible for me to truly understand the

                  perspective that a Creator Son must have on this problem, it

                  is not hard to see that the correcting time on Urantia is an

                  opportunity for Christ Michael to continue to reveal the

                  majestic perfection of the Universal Father to the creatures

                  of time and space. It is a great opportunity to reveal the

                  Father's love and perfection and to make a unique contribution

                  to the evolution of the Supreme being. I don't pretend to

                  understand how he will accomplish this, but I fell safe in

                  suggesting that much good will result from the correcting time

                  on every level of reality in Nebadon.

                  The correcting time has many different levels of meaning

                  depending on who is looking at it from what perspective. From

                  our human view here on the ground, it is a period of

                  increasingly rapid spiritual growth and development that will

                  eventually lead the planet into light and life. It is the

                  provision of the assistance we lacked because of the

                  rebellion, and it is emergency aid to help us overcome some of

                  the terrible problems the rebellion has created on this


                  From other perspectives, however, the correcting time may have

                  even more profound meanings as well. Numerous forces are

                  converging. There is the work of Michael and his

                  administration. There is the planning and activity of the

                  Melchizedeks. There are the thousands of teachers who are here

                  to form working partnerships with us, and there are the

                  millions of seraphim and others who are here to help put plans

                  into action. Perhaps most important, the Universal Father is

                  present in the very midst of all this activity. The Thought

                  Adjusters are in many ways the wild card. The teachers, who

                  are adjuster indwelt or fused, encourage us to form a working

                  relationship with our own thought adjuster. We then work

                  together in groups with supervision and help from the

                  Melchizedeks. The whole, being greater than the sum of its

                  parts, may be a greater revelation of the Universal Father to

                  the Universe.

                  When Michael walked the planet as Jesus of Nazareth he lived a

                  life that revealed the Universal Father to all of his

                  universe. Is he creating a situation in which thousands of his

                  children can use the opportunity of the rebellion to continue

                  this revelation in new and profound ways? As the universe

                  watches, we are called to collaborate with Michael and our

                  older brothers in a project called the correcting time. What

                  new insights, meaning, and revelations will come of this

                  unique partnership?

                  On Working Together, transmitted by TARKAS at the conference:

                  I am Tarkas. I daresay that over the past year your

                  perspectives have broadened as to the actual intent and

                  purpose of this Mission and you have settled into a

                  comfortable base of understanding on which we can logically

                  and experientially grow together.

                  For in the beginning the phenomenon itself is even

                  distracting, calling attention to itself, detracting from the

                  purity of the message, and the real live Mission, which is to

                  radiate the Father's love, one on one, to each person, each

                  day, each hour and each moment, building from within, from

                  within the hearts, the souls, the minds of each of you,


                  There was some discussion tonight about how long this would

                  require, and of course you know that this hinges a great deal

                  upon your own minds and bodies and spirits and the free will

                  decisions that you will make to activate this Mission, make it

                  live, make it love, make it shine. And you have grown more

                  patient and knowing that there will be time required for this

                  outworking, for time is indeed a great tool, a great catalyst,

                  also a great catharsis attimes. And so you must learn to use

                  the Father's great gifts of time and space. As you can

                  understand them, you can use them for divine purpose.

                  If the basic spiritual lessons, the various truths of the

                  heart are to be learned, you know now that, as with a great

                  book, they must be learned a page at a time, and as you turn

                  each page, what you have learned grows increasingly greater.

                  And what you're intended to learn in this classroom of

                  material experience grows shorter, so make use of your time

                  each moment of the day, each conference when you can come

                  together and manifest greater and more profound energies, and

                  day by day, week by week, this Mission will grow.

                  Be patient as you turn the pages of this book of experiential

                  knowledge, absorb these pages, learn day by day. Your teachers

                  will continue to inspire and to provide insights for your

                  consideration as we feel you are equipped to absorb these

                  learnings, and in turn teach these pages to others, for you

                  know as well that learning is not complete until the student

                  is able to share and give that knowledge, in love, to another.


                  During this meeting, much as you, we will be together sharing,

                  smiling, being invigorated by the phenomena which we have

                  experienced, and indeed it has been a great phenomenon to be

                  able to come here in this Misssion and work with humans.

                  You are our minds on Urantia, you are our hands, and you are

                  our feet. You are our hearts. And we welcome your hands and

                  feet and hearts and minds to this room. And so together we are

                  quite, quite optimistic that the Father's plan will come to

                  full fruition as you radiate the Father's love all around you.

                  Peace to all of you. Thank you.




         ÔøΩ 2001 Light and