26 Feb 1994 Fred Harris

Subject:      TM Post Mortem


Greetings. As we see the end of an era on Urantial I thought I would reflect a little on what I have learned from the experience

1. The People.

I can say without exception that the people that inhabit and participate on Urantial are some of the most interesting and enjoyable people I have had the pleasure to be associated with. Each is uniquely qualified to present the revelation we call the Urantia Book to the world through their interaction with those they encounter. And I'm sure that they are and will.

2. The Substance.

Despite all the discussions, I am convinced that most everyone on this bulletin board is in agreement with the substance of the teachings of the UB and the teaching mission. That is, to live the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and to follow the example set by him.

3. The Style.

It has become evident to me that if we are to be ambassadors of the kingdom, then we will need to be able to project a joyful countenance. We will need to be able to spread the Father's love to all we encounter. We will need to be tolerant of those with differing views and paths. We will need to build bridges between people, not try and break down barriers. Negativity has shown itself to be an unattractive and unpersuasive tool.  Judgmental arguments only polarize. Abrasive attitudes will not show others the highest path.

Although it is sad that this phase of Urantial has come to an end, the real shame would be if we do not see the lesson in this for us all. We fell into a pattern of mean spirited argument unbefitting the people we are with the knowledge we all have. It sullied both sides. It was not the highest path. We now see the effects of these types of emotional and ill conceived responses.

4. The World.

We cannot change the world without evidencing the quality of our beliefs through our actions. We cannot change ourselves until we can consistently select the highest path. We cannot be a conduit for the Father's love unless we can be tolerant of each person we meet and look for the best in each of them. A smile and a hug will go a long way in this world. An argument is a dead end. Selfless service can cross all barriers. An attack will only close doors. We have seen this demonstrated at length on this bulletin board and I hope we have learned a lesson.

5. The Future.

As we go forward, I hope that I will be able to remain conscious of the valuable lessons I have learned and put them into use in my everyday life.

6. The Messages.

Because this will likely be the last message I post directly regarding the teaching mission and in light of the "Invisible Fellowship's" very distorted publication depicting the lessons of the teaching mission, I would like to summarize what I believe to be the substance of the lessons delivered by the teachers and which I have attempted to

excerpt over these last several months here on Urantial.

a. Seeking the Father within. The teachers continually encourage us all to seek the Father as our guide. The ten minute daily stillness practice is an attempt to shut out the hustle and bustle of life and be in the presence of God. The teachers often say that they are irrelevant compared to the incomparable Father Fragment within us all.

b. Tolerance. One of my favorite teacher quotes is "There are as many paths to the Father as there are people to walk them." In it is the recognition that we are not to judge another's path, but only shine forth in our own path. Our reach for the highest path we can see can influence others, but only through our actions and Jove will that be possible. We are to look for the best in all we meet and praise it.

c. Random Kindness. Throughout the lessons it is apparent that selfless service is the result of a spirit led life. The fruits of the spirit. An attitude that can change the world. Help for all who we can help. With no expectation or need for recompense. It is in this lesson that barriers can be bridged and people reached.

d. Highest Path. The teachers urge us all to consciously see every crossroad as an opportunity to take the highest path. The path with the most love in it.

e. Family. Family is held up as the foundation for all growth. Family provides us with unquestioning love and acceptance. A shelter from the storm. Teachers encourage us to expand our concept of family to include all, as children of one loving Father.

f. Listening. As part of the teachers' program to take the teachings of the Urantia Book to the streets, we are each encouraged to listen to those we encounter, rather than just pausing and composing our response while they speak, as we often do. Not only is actually listening a service to those who speak to us, but it also allows us to discern what we can impart to them or what we can learn from them.

g. Faith. We are encouraged to throw off fear of the unknown and worry over what may befall us and trust in the Father's plan for us. Believe that whatever occurs will be capable of being turned to the best in the fullness of time.

h. Friendship. We are all reminded that going it alone is not the Father's way. We are to reach out to friends to support us in times of need and to reach out to friends when they are in need. We are encouraged to expand our circle of friends.

i. Balance. There is always more to do than we have time to do it in. We must make choices regarding the use of our available time. Teachers encourage balance, but ask that we not forget to speak with the Father at least ten minutes a day. Work, exercise, family time, play, worship. All must have a place in our lives. In the proper balance that is right for each of us as we see fit.

j. Children. The teachers have a soft spot for the children. They remind us that the universe plan is to learn and teach.  We teach our children by who we are, what we stand for, how we act in every situationWe teach them by our actions more so than by our words. We are asked to be sure of what we stand for.

k. Conduit for the Father's Love. The second part of the 1-2-3 exercise is to become a conduit for the Father's love. To permit yourself to be a vehicle for the Father to pour love onto all that cross your path The teachers remind us that you can never give away all the love you possess. for once you give it away, the Father replenishes it and then some.

I. As if Jesus was with you. We are asked to live our lives as if Jesus was with us and we were, by our every thought, word and deed, demonstrating to him our understanding of his message.

m. Humor. The teachers enjoy higher forms of humor, not the depreciating types. They correctly remind us that taking ourselves too seriously is an ego based barrier to others. A joyful countenance is the most attractive and why shouldn't we be joyful when we have faith and feel that we are trying to know and do the Father's will for us in our lives? They do ask that, when we are trying the 1-2-3 exercise, that we not do so in a manner that would make light of the exercise.


n. Planting Seeds. We are asked to look for opportunities in the openings and closings between people. When we see an opening, we are asked to plant a seed. What that seed may be and how we are to do it is left to us. We are reminded that everyone we meet is a child of God, that God is no respecter of persons, and that He is working with everyone.


May 5, 2011 Update.


Ladies & Gentlemen, much water has gone under the bridge since I originally wrote the above post on my 41st birthday, but the lessons remain the same.  This is the training curriculum that has prepared people for the future.  I want to let you know that we are called to now prepare for opportunities that will arise in the crisis situations that are likely to be upon this world in the near future. 


Community is going to be especially important, so pay attention to your friends and neighbors.  Unselfish service opportunities will abound.  Really, all of the topics discussed by the teachers in the past will still be important, but with the time that has elapsed since the lessons commenced, I’m sure that each of you have experiences that demonstrate the value of those lessons. 


Now it is time to earnestly be about the Father’s business.  Appreciate the spiritual values that are eternal and remember that even if all things earthly crash, there is no reason to fear.  Have faith.  All is well.