Celestial Nights 2004


            TR Session:  Saturday


            Teachers:     Michael, Monjoronson, Captain Armando, Aaron, &



            TRís:            Bob Devine, Robin (?), Daniel Raphael, Leoma

            Sparer, and Steffani Murray


            February 28, 2004


            MICHAEL  (TR, Bob Devine):  Greetings to you, I am Michael.  My

            children come into stillness with me.  I sense a multitude of

            feelings within youóreadiness, concern, preparedness, a sense of

            inadequacy, disbelief and faith.  As you have gathered here, you

            have come in both fellowship and the desire to see what is possible

            and what will come.  The future is at hand and it is now, even as it

            was yesterday and the day before.  Each moment is an opportunity to

            be in the embrace of your heavenly Father, to be guided,

            strengthened, and uplifted by that light.  And it is critical for

            you to hold this insight as you contemplate your role in the



            As you count the costs, weigh both sides to see if the benefit

            outweighs your inputóand you know that it does.  There is nothing

            that we could ask of you and that you could give that would cost

            more than the faith you apply.  But let me assure you that your

            faith is between you and the Father.  Your faith need not be

            displayed for everyone to see and talked about and discussed, for

            faith is the realization of relationship, and it will be recognized

            and the kingdom to come will not call you to be led where you are

            not willing to go, for as you have been told, and with a sense of

            reminder, of [that] the kingdom of heaven is within you.  But we are

            in the process on Urantia, beginning to establish procedures which

            will afford opportunities for advancing your faith further into the

            realm of cooperation, and with your willingness, you may have the

            opportunity to be led to higher avenues of kingdom building.


            The systems on your world are in distress.  And so, as your

            technology has advanced, we find you in an uncomfortable position of

            knowing perhaps more than your ethical systems are ready to handle. 

            The opportunity for both good and evil, in large degrees, exists

            such that it may affect large numbers of people in its application. 

            The universe is rallying to this new opportunity with the

            recognition that you are poised and in a position to receive aid and

            thus, it will occur, that you will be provided with a new

            foundation, a source that will allow you to progress further in the

            direction of good, than you would be able to on your own, and if the

            risks were not so high, allowing you to do this on your own, would

            not be such a bad thing.  But the risks are there and you have been

            thrust into a place of agondonter status.  Some lament the idea that

            this will go away for future generations, but recognize even with

            the amount of growth potential in such a state, that it is not



            Our planet will be brought into alignment and the loss of this

            quality will be far surpassed by the gains you will recognize in the

            presence of my associate brother, the Magisterial Son, who is

            destined to arrive on your world.  And his mission will be the

            foundation from which new systems spring, the correcting of those

            that can be salvaged and the recognition of the faultiness in those

            that cannot. 


            It is my pleasure to introduce Monjoronson to you today.  Look to

            increasingly absorb his presence and reality in your lives for in

            the long term, the circuits of truth will be strengthened by his

            presence here and you will be given light to see your way through

            the dark places on the horizon.


              * * * * * * * * *


            MONJORONSON (TR, Robin):  This is Monjoronson.  [Robin:  I just have

            to quiet the heart.  (Pause)]  This is a peaceful Robin.  We are

            going to be working through Robin today, as she shares the peace of

            her message with you on your planet and in your little group in the

            shade and the sun here; and she loves you and wants to be on good

            display for you.  (Student:  And our support for you.)  What was

            that?  (All our support is with you.)  Thank you.  And FredóFred is

            a part of this all too, and he will be a great leader in this coming

            of the Son, of the Magisterial, who is Monjoronson.  That is all.


              * * * * * * * * *


            MONJORONSON (TR, Daniel Raphael): This is Monjoronson.  Welcome to

            this new era.  The plans of my Sovereign Brother, Christ Michael,

            remain on this planet to heal this planet with your mortal

            assistance.  This is a co-creative plan designed by him for this

            rebellion.  Yes, I soon will be here in person.  On other planets,

            Magisterial Sons have provided the cloak of peace over a planet in

            turmoil.  But on your planet, the design is different, for I will be

            among you and I will not dominate this world, but partner with you

            to heal it. 


            The contribution, which he spoke of, will be immense for the lives

            of agondonters who will become finaliters.  Your contribution, your

            origins from this war-torn planet of rebellion, will be immense. 

            Your value for those who continue on and complete the journey will

            be contributory to the Supremeís completion.  Your contributions are

            not minor but significant.  Where there are billions of you on this

            planet, only hundreds of thousands will make that decision.  My

            presence here is to help those numbers increase.  My presence here

            is to help to work with you co-creatively to heal this planet.  My

            presence here individually for you is to help subdue the wild animal

            inside you, to help you grow spiritually in all the ways those

            morontial individuals and beings grow.  My presence here is to help

            Michaelís plan complete itself. 


            You have been told about sacrifices, but you will not be asked to

            make sacrifices that you cannot complete, though you may doubt that

            you can.  That is where your faith comes in, your faith knowing that

            not only my presence here, the presence of the Melchizedeks and many

            angels, the presence of Christ Michael himself in spirit and Mother

            Spirit, is here and all that you have to do with good intention,

            clear sincerity is to invoke that partnership through you, with you,

            and others to complete this.


            We will not let you do this alone, but partner with you.  We will

            not let you venture out into this darkness alone, but give you

            training and education.  You have been prepared in faith to take

            this journey.  My presence will be an aid to you to reach farther

            into your lives, into your world of darkness.


            Some of you will be afraid, but some of you are like eager soldiers

            willing to sacrifice your egos in the battle for Michaelís good. 

            Know that you do not go alone, but that you have a mantle upon you. 

            Know that you are blessed.  Know that you carry an aura of Michaelís

            energy, as well as Mother Spiritís.  You are never aloneóyou have

            only to believe thatóthey are with you.  My presence may seem

            symbolic after I have been here some time, but it is truly a

            representation of the Fatherís presence through Michael and

            Nebadonia and myself here.  You do not go forward without a

            blessing.  We touch each one of you on the forehead and in your

            heart ó you go with the spirit light and carry it forward.  And you

            do not only go ahead in his name, but actually go ahead in his

            presence.  I not only wish you well, but I too bless you, and with

            my presence be a blessing upon you.  Thank you.


              * * * * * * * * *


            [Ed. note:  At the beginning of the following transmission, there

            was an excessive amount of background noise created by the movement

            of the recording equipment, shuffling of chairs and the like,

            drowning out the words.]


            CAPTAIN ARMANDO (TR, Leoma Sparer):  I am Captain Armando, [of] the

            First Strategic High Command.  Some of you are not ready to hear of

            the reality of our presence but we are here among you.  We have been

            here ÖÖÖ..?ÖÖÖÖ of harmonic convergence ÖÖÖ..?ÖÖ.. many times in

            your presence, though you do not know it.   We have been with you

            through this whole conference, supporting you, bringing you light

            and energy and adding our prayers to those of many celestials, of

            whom you are aware.   Know that we add ourselves unto you.   Know

            that we too serve Michael and his mission on this planet. 


            We have looked forward since ancient times in your reckoning to be

            of service to you in a more overt way.  This is the beginning of the

            recognition of our presence among you and it will become more overt,

            more of the world will recognize this reality and we will be part of

            the conversions, part of the Correcting Time.   At times, weíd like

            you to know that Michael rides with us!  This sounds funny, but he

            is a wonderful person to work with.  We enjoy our association with

            him and we look forward to enjoying closer association with all of

            you.  Please, open your hearts to receive our presence with you so

            that we may work more closely together.  The more hands we can join

            together around this planet and in this universe, the grander the

            scale of the revision in the Correcting Time.


             We have watched from the outside for a very long time until it is

            appropriate for us to appear.  That time, my friends, is growing

            close.  Do not speculate about its coming, but be ready, have your

            hearts open and when it does come, not to react in fear; be there

            for those who do react in fear.  Balance their reactions with your

            trust and faith, with your love for this mission of the Magisterial

            Son.  We are working closely in conjunction with him and the

            Fatherís plan.  It all is unfolding as it should, my friends.  There

            is nothing that can stop it.  Nothing!  There is much however that

            you can do to help it along, and that is why we are here, to help it

            along, and to help you to help it along.


            We have now only been watching, merely observing.  We have been

            sending the light to you, we have been sending you little messages,

            we have been sending you hints of our presence, and yes, like

            anything else touched by humans, some of it has been garbled and

            misunderstood, and that is okay.  When we come, we will come in the

            fullness of light, standing in the light of truth, hoping to bring

            it into fullness on this planet.  We look forward with great joy to

            what is ahead of you. 


            Yes, there will be work too; yes, there will be difficulties. But

            you agondonters on this planet know the rewards of coming through

            difficulties!  You understand; you are strong; and you will be

            stronger yet to work in the kingdom for all of Godís creatures, and

            you will lift them up.  What is ahead of you my friends, is grander

            than your comprehension, greater than anything you can ever imagine,

            and we want the part of drawing you towards this adventure, which

            already is your inheritance.  It already belongs to youóclaim it, my

            friends!  Do everything you can to claim it as your own!  This is a

            gift from the Father above, from the Father within each of you.  We

            have come to help you claim your rightful inheritance, your rightful

            place in this grand universe.  Prepare your hearts! 


            You have been preparing so well, your minds, your souls, your

            abilities, developing the gifts the Father has given you.  Now we

            are just here to say, carry on, continue to grow, continue to be,

            continue to become who you are created to be, and you will come into

            the fullness of light and life.  It is a long way down the road in

            your reckoning, but you will see the movement, you will feel the

            coming of the light into this world, you will see it from both sides

            of the fence, as agondonters and as ex-agondonters.  Yes, my

            friendsówe want to be your friendsówe want to be part of the family

            of God that is working together to bring the fulfillment of light

            and life into reality.  But you should know it is already.  It IS

            already!  Shalom.

            * * * * * * * * *


            AARON (TR, Bob Devine):  Greetings to you, I am Aaron.  And have

            accepted Michaelís offer to represent the planetary administration

            today for you as a member of the staff and would accept questions

            and comments.  Welcome.


            Daniel:  Aaron, this is Daniel.  It would appear that Monjoronson

            has not appeared yet in person and that there are developments which

            will be forthcoming that will increase his likelihood of coming, is

            that correct?


            AARON:  This is the projected pattern, yes.


            Daniel:  Are there alsoÖ.is there also a negative aspect of our

            planet, which will prompt his arrival?


            AARON:  Not necessarily.  And indeed we hope for and foresee that it

            will be a positive occurrence, which signalizes the time that is

            ripe.  But if a destabilization occurs of significant magnitude, it

            is possible.


            Student:  Is that what was alluded to when someone spoke about the

            difficulties ahead?


            AARON:  The difficulties you will face have more to do with your

            adjustment to what is happening.  Those who are more directly

            engaged may realize that there will be hurdles to jump in

            manifesting the plans, and those who are indirectly engaged may

            question their role and purpose.  The importance of centering in the

            Divine will cannot be overstated, because the human nature of the

            ego can also wage war during times of uncertainty and those who are

            not called to the forefront will feel left out, when indeed their

            primary role is as always to influence people whom they are closest

            to, and have the opportunity to influence.  And while this will not

            be any reason to be upset, can manifest heavy degrees of resentment

            in the ego.  The plan of Monjoronson is global, whereas your view as

            humans is very limited.  We will be a part of this endeavor on a

            planetary level to do what is best for all concerned, and that does

            not always equate to having the highest profile.  So the

            difficulties you may face and grapple with, are less external and

            more internal.


            Student:  Iíd like to ask you to introduce us more to the ìStrategic

            High Commandîóthat was a phrase usedóand its nature and composition,

            and perhaps a bit about itís relationship to the Magisterial

            Mission, if you will?


            AARON:  Thank you for your question.  And now for the

            disappointmentóI am not authorized to comment on the nature of

            Armandoís comments this evening.  (Okay, I understand.)  Thank you

            for understanding, and realize that as we progress forward, all

            things will become clearer to you regarding the manifestation.  Are

            there other questions today?


            Student:  Aaron, do you know when it will be?


            AARON:  You have heard it said that ìnot even the angels in heaven

            know,î but when an event is drawing or imminent, we do have some

            sense of timing, but the downside in relating this information to

            you is perhaps higher than allowing what will be to be.  I know you

            all wonder if it will be presently, in the near future, and I would

            say that it is quite possible.


            Student:  Aaron, I would like to ask about something that has come

            to my attention recently.  There is a group on the planet that is

            what they call ìThe Rapture.î  They will be taken away and the many

            that will be left will have to face the consequences upon the

            planet; and then a gentleman today spoke about something similar to

            this.  This is the first time I have heard this sort of thingóis

            there any reality to this?


            AARON:  There are possibilities that could happen on a world which

            makes it necessary to evacuate citizens, but such an occurrence is

            not imminent and the evacuation in such an occurrence would be more

            complete, rather than partial.

            I ask you to consider the threads of truth in all things, but again,

            when coming to your own conclusions center on the presence of your

            Adjuster, who can provide clarity for you.  (Thank you for that

            answer.)  You are welcome.


            We do have one more speaker today, who would communicate through one

            of you.  At this time, I will withdraw and thank you for your

            participation.  Good afternoon.

            * * * * * * * * * *


            MACHIVENTA  (TR, Steffani Murray):  This is Machiventa, your

            Planetary Prince acting at Michaelís behest on your behalf, and have

            for many thousands of years. Your welfare and well being as citizens

            of Urantia is directly my concern and responsibility.  I have great

            affection for the children of Christ Michael and your Divine

            Minister, Mother Nebadonia.  Many of you ask many questions, have

            much curiosity when things will happen, as though the future on your

            world could be predicted with some regularity or anticipation of

            events to come.  I would wish to inform you that very much depends

            upon your mortal brothers and sisters, the preparations, which they

            make in [their] hearts to welcome and to receive the spiritual

            upliftment of your world.  There is no way in a universe with which

            the Father has decreed the free will of mortal creative beings,

            wherein there is a way to make those predictions with any accuracy,

            because [at] each and every moment there are, (now there are so many

            of all cultures upon your world of mortal beings,) billionsóthe

            numbers come and go, the seraphim keep trackóthe decisions made in

            each and every moment will determine how soon this world may host a

            Paradise Son in more than spirit, to walk among you where you [he?]

            would be known.  The day when he may walk amongst you and not be

            known might be sooner. 


            Having walked upon your planet in the semblance of the likeness of

            your mortal flesh, I can share with you that there are some ways in

            which face to face contact with mortal beings would be an advantage

            to those who are immediately contacted.  Yet, the spirit in

            remaining contactable to so many more is a perhaps even greater

            advantage.  Christ Michael called men to be at his side when he

            walked amongst you as the man, Jesus.  Those men benefited and

            learned a great deal from being in his presence, they came to

            recognize his identity as a Son of God, and yet they were not fully

            cognizant of the depth and scope of his personality, that he was

            indeed the Creator of the universe in which they dwelt, the maker of

            the planet upon which they walkedóthese things were not immediately

            understandable to them.


             And today were the Magisterial Son, a Paradise personality, would

            walk up to almost anyone in this world there would be no meaning,

            except perhaps to a few.  There would be few who would recognize him

            for who and what he is.  As in the day when Jesus walked amongst

            you, there would be many opinions proffered, ìThis man is beside

            himself!  He says his Father is the Lord of all, that he came from

            heaven and he walks amongst you as a man.î  Yet before the day of

            Abraham, he said, ìI AM;î they understood not.  It is important that

            within each and every heart, you prepare to welcome this Magisterial

            Son of Paradise, he whom you have referred to as Monjoronson. 


            Be ready to welcome him with all the graciousness he extends to you,

            both in spirit, in the eventuality that he should show up in front

            of you and it would be known to you that a being of flesh and

            bloodóor so it would appearóis that being, that if that were to

            happen now, how many would wish to follow, to bow down to worship,

            to respond to in a most inappropriate manner, one who would simply

            be amongst you for a role that Michael has ordained, to assist in

            the upliftment of your world.  This may indeed be happening

            effectively from the realm of spirit, because the spiritual

            upliftment of your world will contain all of the material progress

            that can be made from an ethical value system, which will eschew the

            destructiveness, the selfishness that has prevailed for so long. 


            An equity of distribution can come only as the hearts mature to the

            willingness to live by those rules which Michael has already given

            to you, that golden rule of doing unto your brother, as you would

            have done.  How many amongst you are willing to love your enemies? 

            Those who despitefully use you and persecute you?  Are you willing

            to live in accord with the guidelines of the Spirit of Truth, [that]

            whispers into your minds and hearts continually?  When you are ready

            to abide by the Masterís teachings, in fullness, to give that 100%

            commitment, then the details of many things, including the mission

            will be imparted to you on the basis of a right and need to know,

            those of you whose services may be called upon to extend various

            courtesies to your brothers and sisters.  You will know what you

            have need and a right, in appropriateness in spirit to know. 


            Turn your hearts to Father to seek his will above all else.  When

            you have made that supreme decision, all that you need to know will

            be known by you in every moment, there will be no hesitation, there

            will be no curiosity questions because divine omniscience resides in

            your mind to answer all questions to your full satisfaction.  I have

            little more to say to you now other than to love one another, enjoy

            one anotherís presence, recognize the Divine spark within each other

            and look not to the specialness of one to stand before you in the

            flesh, to answer the call of saviorship, if you would not be willing

            to be the savior of your brother and sister who already are amongst

            you in the flesh.  I bid you a good day.  (Thanks, Machiventa. 

            Excellent!  We love you!)