TEACHER: AhmaNiden

T/R: JoiLin





1.       The name Monjoronson

2.       Energies of Michael, the Magisterial Son, TRs and students

3.       Scope of Teaching Mission

4.       Correcting Time, Other Isolated Worlds, Fears, Worries

5.       Suddenlies

6.       Completed Circuits and New TRs

7.       Opportunity for Hackers on Celestially Laid Lines and Prayer for Protection

8.       Why AhmaNiden Revealed his Correct Name and Order when he did

9.       Personal Changes in Our Lives

10.    Exercises in Faith, Council of Twenty Four, TM Archives

11.    Preparations for ‘Basic’ Times / Survival?

12.    A Spiritual Suddenly to Come

13.    Closing




Greetings students, it is I AhmaNiden.  I understand you have some questions.



1. The name Monjoronson


Mary:  Not the usual.  But yes, we’ve been questioning some of the transmissions, and I know that you won’t directly critique anyone’s TRing, unless it was you. 


AhmaNiden:  That is correct,


Mary:  But can you answer in a general way some questions?  Regardless of who the TR was?


AhmaNiden:  Let’s put it this way.  Allow the questions to come and if I can answer I will; if I cannot I will tell you so.


Mary:  Okay.  First of all, is the Magisterial Son, some are calling him Monjoronson.  Is this in fact how he is known, or is this a case of Ambrose/AhmaNiden?


AhmaNiden:  If you can understand my answer, it is in a sense both.


Mary:  I think I do, in other words, that’s what was heard, or what someone thought they heard and he’s perfectly comfortable at this time answering?


AhmaNiden:  That is correct.




2. Energies of Michael, the Magisterial Son, TRs and students


Mary:  It’s my understanding, and I don’t know where this is coming from, but, when Michael has come through…I recognize His energy; I’m overwhelmed by His unconditional Love, and I am under the impression that when the Magisterial Son comes that He will have that same energy, He will be representing Michael, and that’s how we will really and truly know He is the Magisterial Son.  Is this an accurate perception on my part?


AhmaNiden:  Certainly, on some levels but recognize this:  that as individual members of humankind through whatever endeavor, are able to raise their frequency, their vibration, they will then not sense that strong difference between their vibration and that with whom they are conversing.  Once your vibration is raised sufficiently it is more difficult to tell.


Mary:  It’s more difficult to tell the difference you mean?


AhmaNiden:  Indeed.


Mary:  Between Michael and the Magisterial Son? 


AhmaNiden:  Indeed.


Mary:  Okay.


AhmaNiden:  But for the most part, humankind has not yet been able to raise their frequency vibration level to the point where the difference becomes indiscernible.  And so for those people, the difference will be quite recognizable.




3. Scope of Teaching Mission


Mary:  Okay.  All of the teachers within the Teaching Mission, none of them are in physical material bodies at this time, correct?


AhmaNiden:  That is correct.


Mary:  So, if there’s talk of welcoming us back into the fellowship with our physical brethren on other planets, that is outside of the scope of the Teaching Mission, correct? 


AhmaNiden:  Let me give you an analogy if you will.  You are in a rain forest, and the canopy above is one umbrella, if you will.  The individuals standing within the rain forest hold out their individual umbrellas, and that is another umbrella, if you will.  The larger scope, the Father’s plan, covers not just the canopy of the rain forest, but above and beyond that, and it all is one.  And yet when you move down to the lower levels, and you come to the individual umbrellas, these can be seen as part of the Teaching Mission ministry if you will.  There are many who are coming and have come to your world to be a part of the reclamation process.  Those with whom you are most familiar are under the umbrella of Michael’s mission.  And yet there are others who are coming to serve who are outside of the mission itself and yet are still under the Father’s umbrella.  Do you understand?




4. Correcting Time, other isolated worlds, fears, worries


Mary:  Yes.  I don’t know if you can answer this question, but I will ask it.  The Correcting Time, it’s my understanding that this is to correct a pattern, an incorrect pattern. As part of the legacy of the Lucifer rebellion, it needs correction?


AhmaNiden:  Many incorrect patterns; that is correct.


Mary:  Okay.  I know that individuals on this planet have many dysfunctions, not intentionally, but as a legacy of years and years and years of the rebellion and the default, and the things that put us off of the true pattern if you will.


AhmaNiden:  That is correct and these imperfect understandings if you will, permeate every level of life on your world; mindal, physical, emotional, spiritual.  In all venues of life these imperfect patterns have become strong and have become the way that people act and believe.


Mary:  Right.  But we were not alone; there were thirty-six other worlds I believe quarantined and I must assume that some of those were technologically more advanced, they were more mature planets, we were a younger planet, and so they may have…how can I put this?  I mean for years people have sighted UFO’s and claimed abductions and so forth.  And I always questioned why?  Why would anyone come to a quarantined world; and what came to me was other quarantined worlds.


AhmaNiden:  That is correct for the most part.


Mary:  Okay. So now if we open the doors, we’re not an only child, we’re not an only planet in isolation; it will open to all the worlds, I assume.  Is this correct?


AhmaNiden:  And each of these worlds are going through their own reclamation process.


Mary:  Okay. So, it’s ‘gonna’ be a chaotic time?


AhmaNiden:  Oh, indeed.


Mary:  And I have to assume that there’s going to be a high level of fear?  We’re going to feel as if the rug has been pulled out from under us. Even though our understanding might be the best that we can do under the circumstances, but we have been taught so incorrectly, generation upon generation.


AhmaNiden:  Yes, and yet there will be measures put into place that will help to lessen this fear on your planet as well as others.


Mary:  Okay.  In the past I’ve looked back at the ten councils under Caligastia, under the one hundred, and which ones were totally corrupted – which ones totally went with Caligastia and the Lucifer rebellion.  For example, I think government, tribal council it was called back then, failed miserably, and I believe health and welfare was another one. And I think that, that has prevented us from evolving out of some of our ignorance, and well, it’s truly evil.  By definition of the Urantia Book, evil is choosing wrongly because we don’t know any better.


AhmaNiden:  Yes.


Mary:  So we’ve remained in this evil state because we haven’t known any better.  But there are certain infrastructures, for example government, and health, and the underpinnings, if you will, that right or wrong, that’s what we have based our confidence in, the structure in our material world, and those are failing miserably.


AhmaNiden:  Indeed.


Mary:  And I assume that they need to totally be pulled apart, and rebuilt.


AhmaNiden:  Absolutely.  Yes.


Mary:  And that’s where the fear comes in.  You know, if you look at an abused child, and you give that abused child, that’s been beaten for every little thing, whether they were right or wrong, and you give them the opportunity to live with someone else, they will opt to stay with their abusive parents.


AhmaNiden:  Because it’s what they know.


Mary:  It is, exactly.  And so, they’re more afraid of the unknown than they are of the pain.  And that’s how I see our world right now.  We’re more afraid of the unknown than we are of the pain.


AhmaNiden:  When you say ‘we’…?


Mary:  I mean collectively, as a planet.  Human beings tend to be more afraid of the unknown.


AhmaNiden:  On the whole, yes.  But within the framework of humanity, are pockets of people who have evolved above and beyond their fellows.   Those who have been worked with within the framework of this Teaching Mission are among those who have been elevated, have been taught a different structure to put their faith in, and they will, for the most part, hold true when the current structures that are in place begin to fall.  They have been taught and had it explained to them what their role might be when these things occur.  And they will persevere, fear not, little one.  They will not be rudderless.  Do not feel as if you will be in a ship with no ballast.  Your ballast is with you, in you, among you, beside you.


Mary:  My fear isn’t just…you know…in fact, I have a certain level of fear, and if I have a certain level of fear, even though I feel I really and truly trust the universe to support me, in every loving way, so that my needs are met, even though I know this, I really do worry about what I call the masses that they won’t trust this what’s labeled a Pollyanna, you know, when what they know is the physical world, and they know so little about the spiritual world, and when they see that their physical world is disintegrating before their eyes, I feel that panic; I feel for those that, I know that this road has been a long road; you don’t suddenly wake up one day knowing that the universe is friendly and supportive and loving and willing to teach you and that all you have to do is open your mind, and your heart, and that you will be guided.  That’s a long process.


AhmaNiden:  Indeed.


Mary:  Well, I worry about people who when the rug gets yanked, and it’s a necessity, I understand this, but you don’t start teaching fire prevention when the house is on fire.


AhmaNiden:  That is correct.




5. Suddenness


Mary:  And so I’m worried about my brethren.  I am truly worried.  How are they going to know how to make the choices that I see will have to be made?


AhmaNiden:  It is because of these very reasons that I believe a more slow moving process will be the one that is finally decided upon.  And yet even within that process there will be areas, if area is the correct word, that will move faster than others.  This is not going to be a suddenly, happening across your planet, it cannot be, because there are too many differences, big differences, wide gaps between the different parts of humanity.  The different levels of their understanding, the different levels of their belief systems, and so from my perspective, it cannot be a suddenly happening.  And yet again, within that fabric, there will be those to whom greater information will be given, greater responsibility will be given.  Do not fear little one, your Father has his hand in all of this and knows the needs and desires of each of his little ones.  This is not to say there will not be moments, periods, of chaos.  For certainly there will be.  But you will be given the means to get through it.  Be given the means to understand it.  Not just you, but all of your brothers and sisters as well.


Mary:  I mean, I’m, you know, not opposed to certain suddenlies….for example, they wouldn’t be recognized, as a whole, as a suddenly, but if a breakthrough, and that’s how it would be viewed, a breakthrough was made and the cure for major disease was found, or the gnome project made great breakthroughs, these are suddenlies…


AhmaNiden:  Yes.


Mary:  But it’s on a level that the masses don’t necessarily….it’s a suddenly that doesn’t cause fear…it causes thankfulness, appreciation, ...”Finally, we have discovered” ...you know, a mystery of life…these are suddenlies that are wonderful.


AhmaNiden:  Yes, indeed. 


Mary:  Certainly those aren’t to be feared.  Although, you’ll have your small pocket of people that will say, “We shouldn’t be doing this, you’re playing  God….”  You know, “People are ‘gonna’ try and clone everything.”  and you know, “They’re ‘gonna’ design their children, and discard life that doesn’t fit their order.” All kinds of stuff. There’s always going to be the ‘nay-sayers’.  But overall, if we can find ways to stop wars, to feed our population, our planet, and to conquer disease, these are all good changes.  But unfortunately, when I hear change, and my life is so chaotic right now….


AhmaNiden:  Your fear buttons get pushed.


Mary:  Oh, absolutely.


AhmaNiden:  I understand.


Mary:  And I’m not alone, so I’m asking these questions, but they will apply to many people.


AhmaNiden:  Certainly.





6. Completed circuits and new TRs


Mary:  I think you have told me in the past, recent past, or I don’t know exactly where the information came from, but that, ummm, it’s like a phone system being installed in a huge, huge company, and different fiber optic lines go in. And it’s my understanding that the major cabling is all done; it’s now up and everything’s working on our planet and probably other channels are open as well.


AhmaNiden:  The major changes are accomplished, yes, there will be much final tweaking, if you will, but the major lines are in, that is correct.


Mary:  Okay. And, does this allow easier access for new students?


AhmaNiden:  Oh, indeed.


Mary:  Trying to transmit?


AhmaNiden:  Most certainly.


Mary:  And, I don’t mind a shortcut.  (Laughing)  None of us do!  I’m thinking that it’ll be easier, it won’t take the years of say, for example, of JoiLin. She went through a learning curve, if you will, when the Teaching Mission was relatively new and there was learning on both sides, I would assume?


AhmaNiden:  Indeed, and yet for her it was easier than for most others.


Mary:  Okay, and that has to do with genetics?


AhmaNiden:  Indeed.


Mary:  Okay. Structure and patterns and what not, I guess my question is:  And I’m sorry that JoiLin had to work so hard and some of the older, more experienced TR’s went through a much longer learning period because it was being put into place, if you will.  But, I assume that those coming new to the mission won’t have quite that struggle?


AhmaNiden:  That is true.


Mary:  And we have the more experienced TR’s and teachers to thank for that?


AhmaNiden:  Yes, indeed.


Mary:  Can I ask you a personal question?





7. Opportunity for hackers on celestially laid lines and prayer protection


AhmaNiden:  You may, but if you would give me the floor for just a moment, I would like to address a question that I’m certain you would get to eventually, but let me address it now if you will, so I can put your mind at ease…[tape unclear.]


Mary:   Okay.


AhmaNiden:  We talked about the circuitry, we talked about the new wiring, the new cables if you will, making it easier for students to receive from prospective teachers.  Let me ask you if you understand what a computer hacker is?


Mary:  Yes.  It is someone who taps into your computer and it’s illegal.  They have no authority to do so.


AhmaNiden:  Correct.


Mary:  They get in and they try and make havoc, cause trouble for whatever reason, other than they could do it.


AhmaNiden:  Yes.


Mary:  And so I assume that there are hackers even on our celestially laid lines?


AhmaNiden:  Yes.  Or let us say the opportunity exists for hackers.


Mary:  And in a free-will universe you can’t say, this group can do this, but that group cannot.  Is that correct?


AhmaNiden:  That is correct.


Mary:  So those that might still be aligned with Caligastia’s energies or those that might still be aligned with Luciferian ideas…


AhmaNiden:  Or self serving ideas.


Mary:  Or self serving ideas, all have access to the same tools as those that are trying to serve Love and Light.


AhmaNiden:  I would not say that they all have access to, simply because they all will not have the where with all of the understanding in how to do that, anymore than you would know how to become a computer hacker.  But, there will be energies out there who will have the understanding and so this is the reason why we are suggesting, encouraging each person to put around them their own umbrella of safety through prayers in asking to be directly connected to only those that serve under Michael’s Light, under the Father’s Light.  And that is enough protection.  But, it does need to be reiterated because each session is a new session, a new plugging into, a new opening of the circuit, if you will, and needs to have it’s own protection.  An overall umbrella statement is not enough, certainly it helps, but it is not enough.


Mary:  We do not need to individually question our teachers?


AhmaNiden:  Not once you have put your prayer of protection in place, no.


Mary:  Okay. We don’t need to say, “Are you serving in Michael’s Love and Light”?


AhmaNiden:  You don’t need to and yet at the same time, it certainly isn’t going to hurt and the teachers will not take offense on any level if you do.


Mary:  Okay. So, something along the line of….


AhmaNiden:  It may be as simple or as complex as you wish.


Mary:  But basically, we want to make sure that we open ourselves up to communicate with those serving in Michael’s Light?


AhmaNiden:  Yes.


Mary:  Okay. And that’s sufficient to keep anyone who is not serving in Michael’s Light off of our circuit?


AhmaNiden:  Indeed.


Mary:  Okay. For that time?


AhmaNiden:  Indeed.


Mary:  Okay.  Thank you I appreciate that and I would have gotten to it…maybe not though, I’m not feeling so great. 




8. Why AhmaNiden revealed his correct name and order when he did


Mary: I was going to ask you:  You allowed JoiLin in the beginning, she called you Ambrose, and you were perfectly content to allow her to call you Ambrose, and then approximately two years ago, I think, you felt that it was time to lift the veil and to allow her the understanding of your actual name and that you are indeed a Melchizedek?


AhmaNiden:  That is correct.


Mary: May we ask why you chose that particular time to reveal this?


AhmaNiden:  So that she, as my student would have the time necessary to grapple with this, to work with me on greater levels.  To understand that at some point in her future I will depend upon her much more, I will require much more service through her and that she needs to make herself ready on a number of levels.  She understands this and is now finally beginning to do just that.  And I do very much appreciate it.  But, I didn’t want it to be a suddenly happening for her.  I wanted to give her plenty of time, earth time, Urantia time if you will, in order to accomplish what she needs to accomplish.  Does that answer?


Mary:  Oh, yes.  Thank you. 


AhmaNiden:  You’re quite welcome.





9. Personal changes in our lives


Mary:  You know I have a lot of personal questions.  I mean it’s one thing after another!


AhmaNiden:  Ask, and if I can I’ll answer.


Mary:  Well, I’m just wondering if it’s just going to keep escalating and I can’t help but remember that there’s a passage in the Urantia Book about the celestial world – [they] want to see a certain level of material comfort in people’s lives.  Because if you’re working two and three jobs or you’re constantly working to pay bills, put food on the table, and a roof over your head, you don’t have the time to concentrate on spiritual matters.  And I find this to be pretty accurate.  And I know that I’m torn because it’s just that I see how hard Steve is working and he’s beginning to worry about his health and if he has material issues and health issues, he does not have the time nor the energy that I think he would explore the Teaching Mission, he would explore the Urantia Book, he would explore these spiritual things that he really cannot right now. And it makes me sad.  And I only see it getting worse.  More and more problems as a result of what I call the Correcting Time.  We’re just kind of caught up in it, not just us personally, it’s happening everywhere.


AhmaNiden:  Unfortunately, that is true.  The greatest change comes when the winds of change begin to move and they cause a shifting, a spiraling if you will, on some levels of creative energy.  It looks, at first look, to be utter chaos, but on second look you can begin to see patterns of change that are positive. Throughout each individual’s life there will be times when chaos is more evident and yet always will they lead to periods of stasis, if you will, or quiet, and then will begin to move again toward more change and greater change.  A life of perfect peace will not happen for yet quite some time on your planet.  And yet, always there will be periods of rest, periods where you can recharge your batteries if you will, and find your balance.  Embrace those periods, and use them, utilize them to their fullest.


Mary:  I hope recuperating from surgery isn’t one of those breaks.  (laughing) 




10. Exercises in faith, Council of Twenty Four, TM Archives


Mary:  JoiLin’s opened her energetic patterns and the two of you have come into a fairly good alignment.


AhmaNiden:  Yes, and you are correct in that.  There will come a time in the future if all continues along the path that has been set in place, when she will allow me to speak through her to greater numbers of people. 


Mary:  Is that ‘gonna’ scare her when she plays this [tape] back?


AhmaNiden:  No, I don’t think so.  I think she understands already what her role will be.


Mary:  Okay. And we thought we were crazy during those times!  (laughing)  What was it?  Oh, I think that night that I went over to my clinic and I was…the pictures had come in and I was doing this kind of crazy stuff, and Joi said, “Are you ‘gonna’ do it, are you ‘gonna’ do it?”  Sure, what’s to lose, I said, what’s to lose, a nights sleep?


AhmaNiden:  That was an exercise in faith little one.  That you passed with flying colors.


Mary:  Right!  And I sensed it!  And you know, the thing on the TML with are we talking materialization of disclosure of celestials or are we talking disclosure of ET’s, physical material ET’s or aliens, or whatever you want to call them?  To me that wasn’t really the point, and I sensed that the Council of Twenty-Four, they have a plan, they really don’t need our input!  But it’s to get us to think.


AhmaNiden:  That is correct.


Mary:  Well, I believe that and it doesn’t really matter you know, from the celestial perspective, but it’s a method to get us to talk about something a little more constructively than picking on our brothers and sisters.


AhmaNiden:  As well as to help you open the doors of your mind and stretch even further than you might have without the questions - without the seeking for answers.


Mary:  And the archives projects, like the packets and you know…they may not be needed for a hundred years, who knows?  Does it matter?  NO.  Is it really costing?  I mean you ‘gotta’ count the cost.  Jesus said that when he was here.  You have to count the cost.  I counted the cost back at my clinic.  I kind of knew, you don’t need me running any machines, you don’t need me doing this, you have other reasons and fine.  So I don’t sleep one night, big deal!  It was worth going along with the program and I didn’t have to know everything.  It was okay.  And so if we put our energies into creating these packets if you will, of information for people, so what?


AhmaNiden:  So what if it’s premature?


Mary:  So what if it never gets used?  There’s an ulterior motive, if you will, on the celestial part, in my opinion.  You told us, or the teachers have told us, go back and reread your early lessons.  Nobody did it.


AhmaNiden:  That is not quite correct.  Some did.


Mary:  Some did.  A few did.  But overall that went over like: go back to kindergarten and read those books again!  (laughing)  You know - Boring! (laughing)  We thought.  We thought.  And so, you know, we weren’t saying to ourselves, “Gee, I was in kindergarten, when my teacher, every day after lunch, read a little bit of the Wizard of Oz, and that was a wonderful story!  And so, we just, you know, “Oh, I’ve heard that before.”  So people in general were not going back and reading this stuff, so you start the archives project so they have to  go back, they have to edit.


AhmaNiden:  Oh, yes indeed!


Mary:  And so it becomes a method of getting us to do our homework. 


AhmaNiden:  You are very perceptive.  I’ve always said that little one.  It’s one of your greater strengths.


Mary:  Well thank you.  I only wish I could do that with my own life! (laughing)


AhmaNiden:  Yes.


Mary:  That would be of real value.  But I do tend to see lessons within lessons.  And I so appreciate being motivated.  See I was not motivated for my own benefit to go read old lessons, but now you give me a bigger picture and you say for those that will come new, searching for the early lessons within the Teaching Mission, this would be a wonderful service project.  So you know, I’m willing to do it for others, when that’s a little sad, I should be willing to do it for myself as well.  So I guess you still have some work to do here!  I was going somewhere with this….Oh, in my own life…I saw something just briefly and now it’s gone.


AhmaNiden:  It will cycle back if it was important.





11. Preparations for ‘basic’ times / survival?


Mary:  You know one of the things that I did post about – too many suddenlies and the break down of governments and infrastructures, if you will, throughout the planet. You know, I didn’t want to be thrown back into the basic times if you will, not enough power, not enough food, no hospitals and energy and you know, the necessities; sanitation, and…..


AhmaNiden:  Of course you wouldn’t want to, anymore than any of your siblings in third world countries want to be in the position that they are in.


Mary:  True, but if that’s the way you have grown up and you don’t know any different, in a third world country, it’s not the shock…


AhmaNiden:  I understand; that is correct.


Mary:  That devastation…


AhmaNiden:  And it won’t be over all, little one.  Anymore than when a hurricane hits, it hits the entire US or the entire planet.  There are pockets and there will always be pockets of change, of movement, of reconstruction.


Mary:  And when I’ve asked you about, for example, the Mormon’s store one years supply of food, I think that’s part of their belief system, and when I’ve asked you about survival, having survival equipment and food storage and so forth, you’ve indicated not to go there.  Is that still what you would indicate?


AhmaNiden:  This is a difficult question for me to answer, little one. There will be those who would be better served to have put aside stores, and tools if you will. There will be others for whom the need will not exist.  And I cannot, nor will I, even attempt to predict who on your planet will be those who would be best served to set aside, and so I will say to you, if you are more comfortable in setting these things aside, then do so and give yourself peace of mind.


Mary:  I don’t like to put my energy into something that is basically


AhmaNiden:  Based on fear.


Mary:  Based on fear, exactly.


AhmaNiden:  And that would be my recommendation.


Mary:  Okay. 


AhmaNiden:  And yet, I say to you to use common sense.  And follow your own inner guidance.  If you suddenly wake up one morning and you feel very strongly about doing a certain thing that has to do with future survival.


Mary:  Then go with it.


AhmaNiden:  Yes, then go with it.


Mary:  Colorado and Utah doesn’t tend to be one of those vulnerable states…


AhmaNiden:  And yet Colorado is in fact suffering from drought conditions and these may escalate; that is an earth change in and of itself.


Mary:  Right and yet, Colorado actually has so much water that we send it to other states, so it’s not that we’re lacking in water, because we provide water for a number of states.  And that’s partly how we make money as a State. We sell our water to other states so, you know and Steve has told me things like, there is plenty of food.  There should be no starvation on this planet.  There is more than enough land mass, there is no over population; it’s just that we congregate in certain areas.  Certain areas are easier to live on, but if we’re planning to go to Mars, we could certainly figure how to change Antarctica and the Arctic regions into livable habitat.  We don’t put our energies where they’re needed.


AhmaNiden:  Not yet.


Mary:  Not yet, not yet.  These are all sciences that would further the well being of our planet instead of missiles and pollution type things.


AhmaNiden:  And these thing will come to pass.


Mary:  In time.


AhmaNiden:  Indeed.




12. A spiritual suddenly to come


Mary:  I don’t know if it will be in my life time, I suspect that I might glimpse some of it; it’s not going to be a suddenly where I wake up one day and everything’s changed, overnight, and yet, twenty years is a long time to us, but twenty years is also a suddenly to God.


AhmaNiden:  Indeed, and yet there will come a time when you will wake up and you will suddenly feel the energetic shift, the change in the spiritual climate on your world.  You will feel this and you will know.


Mary:  That’ll be real cool!


AhmaNiden:  Yes.  And it will touch all peoples, all peoples across your world.  Yes indeed.


Mary:  Wow!  See, it’s hard to imagine that.


AhmaNiden:  Yes, you have lived without it for so long.


Mary:  Exactly




13. Closing


AhmaNiden:  JoiLin’s neck and shoulders are beginning to get stressed so we need to close this off fairly soon.


Mary:  Okay.  And yeah, I’m not in the best of shape either.


AhmaNiden:  Yes, your arm must be exceedingly tired. [Mary had been holding the recorder up all along.]


Mary:  Well, yeah, it is.  Oh, but thank you.  This has been good.


AhmaNiden:  You’re quite welcome, little one.  And I thank you, and bless the gifts that you give to this Mission of our sovereign Michael.


Mary:  Thanks, and thank you for the opportunity.


AhmaNiden:  You’re quite welcome and thank you for my opportunity to serve you.  Shalom.


Mary:  Shalom.  God speed doesn’t seem appropriate anymore. [Mary’s usual good-bye]; you’re not leaving.


AhmaNiden:  No, but it’s still lovely to hear.


Mary:  Well then, God speed.


AhmaNiden:  Thank you little one.