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Hi Felix,


I have been in touch with midwayers since 1968.  I "met" the UBook and a

secondary midwayer during the same era of my earthly sojourn through a

contact personality that I ended up marrying because of our mutual regard

for the Urantia Book and what it meant to our planet.


He, Alan, had been contacted by this secondary midwayer initially, by way of

a Ouiji board, back in 1955 when Alan and his partner were producer/director

of the Follies Bergere in Las Vegas, Nevada, spelling out the word

"Urantia."  Although efforts to contact him persisted for years, it was not

until 1967, in Hauula, Hawaii, that Alan was finally introduced to the

Urantia Book and at once he was reminded of the pesky midwayer who Alan had

thought, was a poltergeist.  With the Urantia Book in hand, he could clearly

see that it was a friendly entity, and not an evil one, who had been

attempting contact.  Thence the relationship was commenced and it remained

more active than not throughout the balance of Alan's life.  He died in

Thailand in February 2003.


After meeting Alan (and the Urantia Book) in 1968, I was subsequently

introduced to the midwayer 0802-AB who asked us to call him "Jack".  Jack

was a constant companion to us during our 12 year marriage.  I lost contact

with Jack when Alan and I were divorced in 1981, but he was quick to visit

me in 1991 when I was being told about the opening of the circuits and the

commencement of this new era, to confirm that this was what he had been

telling us about all these years.  Jack was a great companion to two very

unspiritual people, mentoring us tirelessly until we our souls were

sufficiently awakened to begin growing on their own.  I owe my much of

spiritual awakening to midwayer Jack.


Anyway, as a result of these many years of intimate companionship with Jack,

I became very trusting of his energies, his motives, his intentions, even

something of his capacities for he was tireless and could be ruthless if

necessary in getting done what he felt was needed to pull us up out of the

quagmire of our incessant clammoring "Me!Me!Me!" and led us to "Thank you,

Jesus!" and showed us many fields into which we could trudge (happy, joyous

and free) in service to his children who languish in darkness.


The midwayers are a working class bunch of "celestials."  They are much more

blue-collar workers than the Teacher Corps who are far more professorial.

They will cultivate you long enough to get your wobbly legs stablized under

you, then induct you into the 100 yard dash.  They will see if you can carry

a five-pound burden and when it looks easy, will dump a fifty pound sack of

potatoes on your back to carry the second mile.  They are hard workers,

devoted to the work of the realm.  They work in the trenches.  No exalted

angelic creatures are these midwayers, sitting on a cloud, passing grapes.

They are salvaging souls from the rubbish bin, breaking capitives free of

the chains of oppression, depression, even suicide.


They are also "well connected" and know where almost anything can be found,

or anybody, and how to get a message to them.  They are able to manipulate

the environment so as to steer unsuspecting wannabees into places they may

not have thought to go, in order to meet with someone who might make a

significant difference in their life.   Midwayers are the root cause of

Serendipities -- those seemingly "lucky" events wherein you find something

good, as if by accident.  They might mess with your car keys or dismantle

your doorbell in order to keep you from driving into an accident or opening

the door to harm.  They are decidedly God's helpers.  Down to earth and hard

at work.







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> Hello Martin.

> Thanks for the message. I don't mind going public on

> this discussion, maybe others might have the same

> questions as I do. I have another question for you;

> how can a group get "off track" while being assisted

> by midwayers? I would really like to understand this.

> According to my personal experience, its relatively

> easy to talk to others and at least make them hear you

> out, with some successes now and then, and so far I

> have not been blessed by the assistance of midwayers

> (I envy you on this one). Even though I haven't got

> this assistance (am I doing something wrong? ;-))I

> don't get discouraged and always "stay my course".

> This divine message makes me stronger every day and

> every success hopefully will get me closer to that

> trip to Paradise and eternal service to God. Some

> people are harder to convince than others, you have to

> remember, 2000 years of religious tradition and

> customs cannot be erased in a couple of hours of

> conversation, but after a while longer usually I get

> their attention. Like I've been saying, my purpose is

> to serve and help others like God has been helping me.

> Well Martin, let me know your thoughts on this and, of

> course, anybody else who has something to add is very

> welcome. Have a great day brothers (and sisters).

> Life, Light, Service and Peace,

> Felix

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