The Teaching Mission






                  Here are the transcripts from the Annual Meeting of the

                  Teaching Mission held in Nashville, July 1998. Enjoy!

                  David SchlundtP.S. There is the added treat of some Hal Bynum

                  lyrics in here too.


                    TEACHER OLFANA. Welcome & Prayer T/R ìSî Page 1

                    ìThe Mission: A Personal Experienceî Hal Bynum Page 5

                    Message from ABRAHAM T/R Calvin Page 7

                    Message from HAM and MOTHER SPIRIT T/R Rebecca Page 9

                    Message from TEACHER NIRO T/R Jim Cleveland Page 10

                    Message from MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK T/R Willie Veerhoff Page


                    ìRevelation at a Rest Stopî - A poem, by Hal Bynum Page 21

                  Note from the Nashville group:

                  On behalf of all of us here in Nashville, I want to thank all

                  of you who took the time and made the trip out here to make

                  our conference a success. These transcripts are not a complete

                  record of all that took place here, some tapes were lost or

                  didn't record clearly. I apologize to those who transmitted

                  and who don't find their record here. I hope that these

                  transcripts will bring back fond memories of the few days that

                  you spent with us and that you all have a happy holiday


                  Until we meet again, as Ham would say, our love and prayers

                  are with you.


                  July 15,1998, 10:00 p.m.

                  Group Session: Nashville TM Conference

                  Note: TR (S) was very tired after a long plane flight to the


                  OLFANA: Greetings to all in this room. (Smiling) I express,

                  here, my own level of energy, and will hope that S can stay

                  with me as I offer myself to you as one of your Teachers. I am

                  the Teacher Olfana, and I sense a strong familiarity with some

                  of you in this room, and others I am just now coming to know.

                  I would like to emphasize this point. It was recently

                  discussed upon the E-mail list that you share, ìWhat type of

                  connection is made, now, between yourselves and those of us

                  who represent the celestial outreach of this Teaching

                  Mission?î We connect with all of you. You are all bound

                  together with us in this connection of understanding and

                  affection. (Gesturing to a person seated close to the TR) I

                  sense you, now. I sense you, over in the corner. I am aware of

                  the overall tone, I would say, of those who are, now, in the

                  room. At the same time, I would encourage you who are seated

                  in the room to feel this sense of a direct connection made,

                  now, with me. It is, indeed, appropriate, and hopefully a

                  comfortable thought to recognize that we Teachers are, indeed,

                  aware, to a great degree, of the thought processes of all of

                  you in this room, now. You are our testing ground, as it were,

                  and each one of you is precious to us in this process. We wish

                  to relate to as many people as there are who choose to join

                  with us, now, in this coming together of our hearts and minds,

                  in our desire to improve and uplift the spiritual integrity of

                  the planet.

                  Having made this statement, is there any comment or question

                  anyone now has in the audience regarding this topic?

                  Student: Greetings, Olfana. I'm one of the new ones that I

                  don't think you know yet. What you said was really curious to

                  me. I was curious if you could hear each time that we thanked

                  one of you for the wonderful, wonderful help we receive?

                  OLFANA: We are, indeed, sensitive to the vibratory patterns

                  which emanate from your beings. You are not merely the spoken

                  words that are heard within the room to our own reception

                  abilities. We sense you as an integrated and complete

                  vibratory pattern which expresses the physical compartment

                  which houses this precious soul which is the most essential

                  view that we, now,reach toward. And, indeed, this current of

                  thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation for the connection that

                  is made, this sense of companionship which we offer, now, in

                  our teachings, this sings from your souls. And we hear it with

                  great pleasure.

                  Student: I'm glad.

                  OLFANA: You will all in your own eternal destinies come to

                  experience another being in this most beautiful and complete

                  manner. Think, now, of so much that the Urantia Book discusses

                  of the quality of connection that is made in this sense of how

                  God brings us together. We are joined in so Many marvelous and

                  responsive ways. We reflect each other's energy. We express

                  this God Current which, indeed, fills each one of us. We bond

                  in a community of creation and love and respect. All of these

                  are patterns, potentials placed within us, by the Father with

                  design. And to the degree that you feel strongly moved in this

                  relationship which begins to form between you and your

                  Teachers, I encourage you to savor and honor the integrity of

                  this strong emotion. We wish you to recognize that this level

                  of the sense of the brotherhood is what we have come to

                  display. (Strongly moved) We love you just as you are. You are

                  precious in the Father's eyes, and we are here to help you to

                  discover this about yourselves.

                  Student: Olfana? I think that is how you say your name.

                  OLFANA: Yes.

                  Student: (Joking) I'm just amazed at how you're flinging those

                  arms of S's around without hitting that microphone.

                  OLFANA: (Smiling) I am most appreciative that she took that

                  nap in the corner. This allowed me something more to work with

                  in her being.

                  Student: Thank you. I have a question regarding our E-mail

                  communications, and it's becoming quite a family-oriented

                  meeting room.

                  OLFANA: Yes!

                  Student: Do you have any advice for the Teaching Mission's

                  spread, and teaching and reaching out to those who do not have

                  Teaching Mission groups in their local area, or the use of the

                  e-mails, so that it could be posted for all to read?

                  OLFANA: I would be happy to have whatever statement I now make

                  reproduced upon your lists. I enjoy, very much, the

                  communications that occur there, and at one point, S made the

                  joking comment that she felt the Teachers were, indeed, signed

                  on with their own E-mail addresses--<>,

                  <>, etc.--and most certainly, S

                  struck a note of truth in this. Anytime you are engaged in

                  these communications, discussions, and discoveries of the ways

                  in which you perceive us, what you wish to learn from us, what

                  you are learning from us; this is the heart of the matter for

                  us as Teachers. And we study you all vigorously in those

                  moments. Do not doubt that when you phone each other, we are

                  conference calling in those moments, that the letters you

                  write to each other are shared by us. The poems and personal

                  journals that you write of your interest and ongoing research

                  into this process, we are privy to these, my dear students.

                  (Smiling) I hope you are comfortable with this thought because

                  it is unavoidable. We are there with you, and we intend to

                  remain so. I would say one brief point regarding this. We are

                  not Peeping Toms. We do not wish to invade your own territory

                  or personal zone, and therefore if, indeed, you ever choose

                  not to have us observing or watching you, simply think the

                  thought, I wish my privacy, now. And you'll have it, I

                  guarantee you.

                  But, back to this other point made about the E-mail lists. We

                  are intensely pleased, overjoyed, I would say, to see the ways

                  in which you have caught the ball and run with it yourself.

                  You do not need us handholding you at each step in this

                  process. I would hope that you can understand that this

                  is one of the gifts you have been given by being born a

                  Urantian. Not much handholding occurs on this planet. Is that

                  not true? As a species, you would have died out long ago, my

                  dear ones, if you had not had such an inner desire and urge

                  for self-survival, and a creative response to the challenge of

                  the moment. This is a great gift in the Urantian nature, and

                  we are watching it manifest itself in your own interactions

                  with us in this Teaching Mission. You know how to take this

                  ball and run with it. Sometimes, we Teachers have a bit of

                  trouble keeping up with you. Oh, my goodness! Where are they

                  going, now? In what direction is this about to take off? We

                  respond to this with joy. But, indeed, you present some

                  challenges for us, also.

                  And in this regard, please remember, this is a co-creative

                  process. We are here as Teachers, but certainly, we are still

                  students of the Vast Creation of God. And you are our

                  textbook. And we are discovering much that we did not

                  necessarily anticipate in your responses. I hope you can

                  understand, in this regard also, what a remarkable leader

                  Prince Machiventa is. That on the one hand, he has his sense

                  of the campaign, he knows what he's about in his plans, and

                  his orchestration of our activities, and yet, he rides on the

                  waters of the experimentation of this planet, as do the rest

                  of us. We are to remain flexible. This is a primary directive

                  from our prince. We are to remain flexible in our responses

                  and activities and efforts of outreach with you.

                  Therefore, these E-mail lists are something of an unplanned,

                  but greatly appreciated, manifestation of your own ability to

                  take this ball and run with it. And we watch the lists with

                  great interest. Indeed, those of you who feel The list is my

                  group, now. This is where I go for the main sense of what is

                  about with this Teaching Mission. We welcome you there! We are

                  certainly there with you. We want you to feel affiliated with

                  this broad sense of the outreach and connection that can occur

                  with these lists. And we hope that you can, indeed, see that

                  this potential for a sense of strong caring and bondedness,

                  this brotherhood, sisterhood--S coined a word which we

                  enjoy--this familyhood of God's children coming together,

                  exposing themselves, expressing their thoughts, their

                  concerns, with the trust that they will be heard with

                  appreciation and respect, not with a desire for condescension

                  or attack but, I am listening. Please speak to me. We relish

                  the way in which you are sensing this growing familyhood on

                  the lists. And we feel as much a part of these groups as you


                  Student: Thank you, Olfana.

                  OLFANA: You are most welcome.

                  Student: And I also want to thank Allene Vick's newsletter,

                  which also unites our family so much.

                  OLFANA: Most certainly. And I do not in any way mean to slight

                  any of these other efforts of outreach. I choose not to make a

                  complete laundry list, now, only because, again, this effort

                  can tax S, and I'm holding her up, as it were, as best I can,

                  now. But, you all know of your own efforts in this attempt to

                  do this outreach. All those ways in which you offer our words

                  to a broader group of your brothers and sisters that you hope

                  will hear these words with a sense of joy, anticipation,

                  expectation, and even a sense of relief. My God! This is there

                  for me. This matters for the planet. If we can stir this in

                  your hearts, then we are doing the job we have come to do. Is

                  there any further question? Or should we draw this to a close

                  because I can sense all of you, now, with this sense of

                  lassitude. The hour grows late, and we have much to do, come

                  tomorrow. How would you like to close? Is there a further

                  question, or should we now, perhaps, close with a prayer? What

                  is your choice?

                  Group: Prayer.

                  OLFANA: Very well. I will stay, now, with this theme of

                  communication and communion:

                  Our Dear Father,

                  Who knows us so well,

                  Help us to come to understand

                  The beauty that you see in each of us.

                  Help us to learn the true meaning

                  Of loving each other's hearts,

                  Each other's souls,

                  Each other's full beings.

                  Give us the words, Father,

                  To express our truest hopes,

                  Our greatest dreams,

                  Our highest desires.

                  Give us the ears to hear

                  When our brothers and sisters

                  Speak to us of these same things.

                  Lead us, Father,

                  In a joining together of our beings

                  Into the most beautiful and perfect plan

                  Which truly expresses

                  Your Will for us in our lives. Amen.

                  If you will all sit quietly for just a moment, I am the voice

                  for this, but there are many Teachers contributing, now. S is

                  feeling immensely strong vibrations in her being. Please, all

                  of you, take this in. Absorb this connection. We are reaching

                  to you with our hearts. Feel it, now. Feel us reaching to you.

                  And now, my dear ones, we Teachers wish each of you a

                  comfortable and blessed night of restful sleep. Namaste.


                  Hal Bynum

                  I didn't git a whole lot of schoolhousin' an I habn' never

                  been blessed, or cursed, with a whole lot of vision, an I

                  never could divine underground water with a forked stick, or

                  predict long-term trends, or prophesy, or talk in tongues, or

                  read chicken guts, or tea leaves or handle snakes without

                  gittin' bit. I'm just a common ol, everyday kind of a feller

                  that grew up out in the country, or maybe didn't grow up, and

                  I'm the last one to try to make a bunch of profound

                  pronouncements about this mission. About the only way I can be

                  of any use to you today, is if I tell you about my personal

                  experience with this teaching mission and what it's done to me

                  - and for me.

                  I was smokin' dope with a jazz musician about twenty five

                  years ago, tellin' him about this spiritual experience I'd had

                  recently which had begun what I could only refer to as "being

                  born again". That was not a phrase I had ever cared for,

                  having been an atheist most of my life, but it was the only

                  term that seemed to fit the weird metamorphosis that was

                  slinging me around at the time. He listened patiently and then

                  said, "I think you're ready for the Urantia Book."

                  I was open and I was searching, so when he brought me the

                  book, I read it. I immediately believed it, I never doubted it

                  and I began spreadin' it like a wild man. The seraphim must

                  have made it work because I was all ego and crazy-eyed

                  preacher, grabbin' people by the front of their shirts an'

                  makin' em listen. Clumsy efforts that work, because it's the

                  Father's will that they work. The effort is ours, the results

                  belong to the Supreme - Take a load off Annie.

                  However! I was a drunk and a dope fiend and I couldn't grow

                  until I gave up my pursuit of unreality. This took around

                  twenty years of delving deeper into the secrets of the

                  universe and God's great reality on the one hand, and delving

                  deeper into the unreality that is the torturous life of a

                  person trying to escape from adult responsibilities through

                  the consumption of alcohol and other drugs. I once heard a

                  recovering alcoholic refer to this condition as, "having a

                  mind full of God and a belly full of booze".

                  Next January it will be eight years since that phase of my

                  life (or non-life) ended. I was about a week from dying when,

                  sometime between midnight and dawn, I spent three hours

                  grappling with the decision of whether I wanted to live or

                  not. My celestial artisan, Daphne, has since told me "not

                  withstanding the great importance of your eternal relationship

                  with Rebecca, the most important person in your life will

                  always be your son, Christopher. He saved your soul."

                  I didn't want to live, but I couldn't leave a mess like that

                  for him to deal with all his life. That tipped the scales and

                  after the struggle was over, and I lay in bed soaked with

                  sweat and exhausted, inside my head I heard the words, "Now -

                  feed my sheep."

                  About a year and a half later, I was sitting on the floor in

                  Rebecca's basement in Salt Lake City, as Ham said, "Long have

                  I watched you, my son." Less than a year after that, Rebecca

                  and I were married and working with my beloved teacher, Ian,

                  and Daphne, the artisan who has been with me since I was an

                  infant, as we put together an album which will be released on

                  Warner Brothers Records the fifteenth of September. Ham is

                  Rebecca's teacher and as he has said, "a father to Rebecca,"

                  and so I guess he's my father-in-law. He is the teacher of our

                  Sunday night meetings and a voice of wisdom to many people who

                  recieve his messages on the internet, thanks to David


                  Nearly all of my life, I've been totally preoccupied with my

                  own comfort, trying to arrange things to where I could relax

                  and be comfortable. Rich men keep grabbing money and buying

                  laws to feed ravenous egos in an attempt to exalt themselves

                  and exclude others, hoping it will eventually bring them

                  comfort. Hitler killed millions of people in an attempt to

                  control the world. He was trying to get comfortable enough to

                  sleep at night. His father had beat him and scared him when he

                  was a child.

                  What we're really searching for is peace, but peace comes from

                  inside, not from a shrewd and relentless adjustment and

                  manipulation of outer circumstance. Whatever the drug, whether

                  it's alcohol, pills, powder, smoke or sex or fame, it will not

                  and cannot bring peace. Only conformity to the cosmos, a

                  whole-hearted attempt to allign oneself with the trend and the

                  purpose of the Universe, brings peace, the inner peace that

                  allows happiness and growth of the soul.

                  This great Universal purpose is the unending, untiring,

                  unfettered bestowal of Love. Love, in the simplest of terms is

                  unselfishness. Love is giving, Love is sharing. The bestowal

                  of Love creates that perfect order which so-called

                  civilization has always promised, but has never delivered into

                  the hands of frightened mankind. Big business craves good

                  order which is the necessary climate for the efficient

                  accumulation of wealth. On every evlolutionary planet there is

                  a phase referred to as the industrial age and the great

                  disease of the industrial age is materialism.

                  A planet is a platform which provides man with a place to

                  stand, a brief opportunity to get a glimpse of life and a

                  taste of life, as he peers nearsightedly out into the vast

                  unfathomable universe, and begins to make the decision "to be

                  or not to be". The decision to Love God and to embrace an

                  eternity of endless striving and serving in order to become

                  more and more like that perfect personality who is the source

                  of all things that exist or will ever exist.

                  Lucifer became enamored of himself and chose a path of

                  cleverness and pretense and caused the spiritual circuits to

                  be temporarily shut off. As a result, our planet was one of

                  those cast into darkness and isolation. If you put a

                  tournequet on your upper arm and leave it long enough, the

                  lower arm and the hand will rot. Mankind is confused,

                  befuddled and deathly afraid because of 200,000 years of

                  deprivation we might refer to as a shortage of God. I have

                  never met anyone on this planet who did not have low

                  self-esteem. The myriad methods and means of covering and

                  compensating for this condition are germaine to and even

                  tantamount to the ostensible or outwardly perceived

                  personality itself.

                  The only cure for this spiritually debilitating disease is for

                  mankind to become aware of and finally to experience the

                  infinite and absolute Love that the Divine Father has for each

                  of His children. That God loves us so much and places such a

                  high value on us makes it obvious that we are extremely

                  valuable. This is the only antidote for low self-esteem.

                  I believe that as workers in the teaching mission, our most

                  important task is to introduce and inculcate in the minds and

                  hearts of troubled and fear driven Urantians, this awareness

                  of God's Love. We can't do this by preaching it or even by

                  teaching it, we have to live it. If we Love one another the

                  way the Master has and does Love us, then people will observe

                  this dynamic and unusual phenomenon and be impelled to find

                  out what is the secret of this sublime patience and tolerance.

                  In this manner will the virus of fatherly and brotherly Love

                  be introduced into the consciousness stream of mankind.

                  That's great! But ... how do we do it? We must become as

                  little children in order to enter the kingdom of reality - the

                  kingdom of Love. I believe that the only real enemy we have -

                  the only thing that stands between us and our fellow man, and

                  us and God is - the ego. The ego is the entity-like mechanism

                  which represents selfishness in the human consciousness. The

                  ego is a lie. It stands on a teetering scaffolding of fear and

                  screams, "Are you gonna let em do that to us?!!" "Who does

                  that monkey think he is?!!"

                  The ego is a mechanism for personal individuation, but as

                  individuals, we are an integral part of a divine or unified

                  totality. So the balance must be struck and the

                  representations of the ego are necessary. But when animal fear

                  is the engine that drives this quazi-real influence, then self

                  centeredness, that ugliest and most deadly of diseases,

                  renders the soil of the soul untillable and barren of

                  spiritual growth.

                  How do we silence the ego, or at least take away its bullhorn

                  or megaphone? How do we become impervious to the venal

                  commands and salacious entreaties of this imposter who wants

                  us to masquerade as an adult and assume power and control as a

                  means of gaining selfish comfort? The only way we can free

                  ourselves from the bondage and slavery of the ego is to become

                  as a little child. This may sound simple and easy, but it is

                  not easy and it isnít automatic. We cannot, by force of will,

                  accomplish this transformation. It's kind of a catch 22

                  situation; to become as a child we must sacrifice the ego, but

                  to sacrifice the ego, we must become as a little child.

                  Like anything else that's really difficult, we must allow the

                  Indwelling Thought Controller to do it for us. Only by

                  identification with the Father Fragment may we become as a

                  little child. A little child is dependent on its loving

                  parents. A little child trusts and is not suspicious or

                  conniving. A little child has no authority and is not critical

                  or judgemental. A little child avoids isolation and knows

                  nothing of self-exaltation.

                  When the day's struggles are over, the little child sleeps the

                  sleep of innocence and knows the peace that passes all

                  understanding. You must become as a little child in order to

                  enter the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Love, the Kingdom of

                  Reality. The Kingdom of Innocence.

                  Calvin T/Ríing from the Nashville Teaching Mission Conference,

                  July 17 - 18, 1998

                  MESSAGE FROM ABRAHAM

                  My friends, and fellow co-workers in the kingdom of our Father

                  and spreaders of the good news, I am Abraham. I wish to add a

                  few words to those of my fellow associates. It is indeed

                  sometimes confusing in your daily tasks of knowing what

                  direction you must take to be about your Father's business--as

                  has been shared with you, you each are becoming quite attuned

                  to your inner guide, our Father's Will. Some [are] more

                  attuned than others, of course, and this level of attunement

                  is based on some factors.

                  First, your inner desire, which desire has led you each to

                  this mission. And second, your faith which assists you in

                  letting go of your mortal patterns and your traditions and

                  your fears which does bind each mortal, especially, in these

                  isolated worlds. Thirdly, your commitment to be about your

                  Father's business; your commitment to serve your fellows; your

                  commitment to learn the lessons; and, your commitment to both

                  receive Michael's hard truths and to assist in delivering


                  So, those three factors have exhibited themselves in your

                  lives and hence you are here seeking fellowship and

                  instruction and share love and seek love. And I tell you, my

                  mortal friends, having been so recently as you, I most

                  heartfully commend you. But it does come with its confusing

                  moments, doesn't it? Frustrations, disappointments, dashed

                  hopes and expectations, misunderstandings, miscommunications,

                  and toothaches. These are just a very few examples of mortal

                  living in your world.

                  Now. Let me help in putting your minds at ease concerning your

                  mission role and participation. It would be most helpful as

                  Welmek has presented so well, to seek the Master Teacher,

                  Spirit of Truth, and your indwelling Father's direction to

                  learn these lessons of teaching. Yes. And remember, those

                  experiences which you incorporate as truth are those

                  experiences and truths which you are indeed qualified to share

                  with your fellows. Otherwise, yes, you are theorizing and


                  But to relay your heartfelt experience and your joy of

                  understanding this experience and sharing its meaningful value

                  does make for a most fruitful reception to the hearer.

                  In your confusing days, please relax by whatever method you

                  have experienced that works and seek communion with your

                  Father. Seek Michael's experiential understanding also. Seek

                  our Universe Mother's assistance in opening your mind. If you

                  remain dedicated as you are, and committed to being about your

                  Father's business, how can your creator parents withhold from

                  you? Yes, your creative creator parents. Many are in service

                  beyond even my perception who assist in doing Father's bidding

                  in your behalf. Have you not recognized those coincidental

                  happenings around you, those timely experiences that coincide

                  with the lesson, an insight received in a song, words from a

                  book, enlightenment from your fellows that helps to bring

                  about an experiential value meaning to the lesson?

                  This interaction between we as teacher guides and yourselves

                  is awe-inspiring to even ourselves as to how our Creative

                  Mother, our Creative Father, our Creative Brother, interact

                  with all hosts of heaven for your behalf, their children, in

                  bringing about experiential understanding. This, my fellows is

                  great cause to worship. Is great cause to adore our wonderful

                  parents. So, in those frustrating moments, find ways to calm

                  and relax which does suit you. Be creative and open for new

                  ways, ask for assistance and commune with your parents, and be

                  observant of Father's timely answers without any expectations.


                  Your expectations are a great hindrance to you and oh, do I

                  remember well, how many times my aspirations and hopes were

                  dashed and how blessed I was to have understood this in my

                  mortal years. And yes, these lessons and dashings continue

                  beyond mortal life. Do not think we do not have struggles and

                  disagreements among us for we surely are individuals with

                  differing opinions and understandings. So please remember your

                  human-ness and have patience with yourselves for you, my

                  friends, are allowed to make many many mistakes, stumblings,

                  and enjoy the stubbed toes, hurt egos. This, my friends, is

                  what so many who observe and assist you did not get to

                  experience. These are not hardships, these are Father's

                  creative experiences for you.

                  I would ask you to imagine now in this city of Nashville a

                  blackout at midnight wherein you as an average mortal would be

                  scurrying around in the city. Where, my friends, would you go

                  if it was a total blackout and hard to find your way? Would

                  you not head for any light? A room down the block with a light

                  on? Now picture, if you will, a light in a little room upon

                  every block where people seek to find shelter from the

                  darkness. You my fellows have already understood what I mean,

                  in that you are those lights upon each block, and each room

                  has a different experiential light to share.

                  Your varied experiences have pretty well covered a broad base

                  of human living, and those in this teaching mission are ready

                  to assist every weary traveler seeking shelter and comfort

                  according to your varied experiences. The Indwelling Father

                  within them does assist them to which light to seek for their

                  necessary growth, just as you have also been enlightened and

                  directed. This lesson, this visualization, is one which will

                  spread worldwide until the city is lightened, the nation is

                  lighted, the planet is lightened, the system is lightened, and

                  all Father's children are enlightened. It seems slow in mortal

                  living, yes, but these lights coming on to those who assist

                  this world, are coming on at record pace. No period of earth's

                  history has experienced so much preparation and enlightenment

                  as these people have these past few decades upon Urantia. And

                  you, my fellows, can take great acceptance in your humble

                  roles as teachers of that truth which you have experienced.

                  I am now taking my leave and welcome you to this night's

                  gathering of entertainment. I thank you for your attendance at

                  this conference and for your participation in every form which

                  has made this an experiential conference. My love is with you

                  each. My core students. I love you. I love working with you.

                  There is nothing about you which is unlovable. Shalom.


                  TR: Rebecca

                  HAM: Greetings, again, friends, this is a time of rejoicing,

                  of excitement, of wonderful confusion. In future times, on

                  other worlds, you will look back on this time with a fondness

                  that is unmatched in your ascension career. This is a time of

                  that sublime uncertainty that tentative awareness that point

                  right before you dive in the swimming pool. When you look down

                  in anticipation and excitement. This is that time which will

                  determine the course of your future careers and yes, will

                  influence the course of Urantian history forever.

                  This is a time of great decisions, of blind faith, as they

                  say, of jumping into the unknown, and children we watch you

                  with fondness and parental solicitude over your first forays

                  out into the world as transformed beings. There is a message

                  from the Mother Spirit.

                  NEBADONIA: Dear Ones. I am your true motherly source, your

                  true motherly anchor. I watch you with the closeness and the

                  love of an anxious mother only I have no anxiety. I have no

                  doubts. I know your hearts. You belong to me. When you are

                  tired, think of your mother bringing you refreshment and rest.

                  When you are unhappy, think of your mother giving you

                  encouragement. When you go out in the world and see some of

                  the sufferings of your brethren, remember, their mother goes

                  with them, also. Their mother is there.

                  And children, open your hearts to receive my ministry. Open

                  your hearts to receive the seraphic ministry that is

                  constantly surrounding you. Open your hearts to receive the

                  motherly love that is as strong and as pure as Fatherly love.

                  When you reach for Michael's hand with one hand, reach for

                  mine with the other. I am like a gentle breeze blowing through

                  your souls. I am like a soft rain reviving the thirsty soil. I

                  am like a green leaf, tender and supple and growing. I am like

                  the sunshine, soothing and life giving. Come to me. I do hear

                  you. I do hear your prayers. Come to me. And allow my love to

                  soothe your aching hearts and to wash away your tears. Always

                  remember and think of my love for when you do, I am there. I

                  am with you.

                  HAM: There are others who are desiring to speak with you in

                  farewell. Until we are together again, understand that my

                  love, my prayers are with you as well. Farewell.

                  MESSAGE FROM NERO

                  TR: Jim Cleveland

                  NERO: I am Nero, a Teacher in this mission. And in this

                  beautiful farewell evening, I would like to address you for a

                  moment. You, the few and the mighty. For sometimes I know you

                  consider yourselves small in number and you wonder with some

                  worry of your significance in such an awesome challenge as

                  planetary change.

                  Perhaps I can add some calm and peaceful insight to this

                  intermittently nagging consideration. Had you been an apostle

                  of our Master, you would hardly know that you, an ordinary

                  man, is helping to bring forth upon the world a brand new

                  religion. For you may consider yourself a fisherman, a man of

                  modest means, a working man, a family man. And would you have

                  the time to help create a new and expanded religion?

                  And you yourselves daily face all the challenges of a mortal

                  life, and seek to find these times between in which you can

                  contribute great work can be accomplished by the few who are

                  spiritually connected to the energy. And who have learned to

                  bring ideas, visions, hopes and dreams to fruition with bold

                  actions. The few can be the mighty. The motivated charged

                  electrified with the energy of the spirits.

                  How many people does it require to seed the Urantia book in

                  every country of the world? Surprisingly few. The worldwide

                  web at work has been inspired and co-created with you for the

                  purpose of bringing this arena into potentially powerful and

                  quickening exhilarating interaction. The speed of change will

                  be greatly accelerated in years ahead. You are the threshold

                  of a beginning. And though you are few, I want you to

                  understand in your hearts that no matter the burgeoning

                  publishing of spiritual ideas, inspirations, and motivations,

                  you have a message, it could be called a marketing niche by

                  the secularists, which no one else has in its pure and simple


                  You have a unique message which many will find to be the

                  kernel the nucleus that will unify and center their spiritual

                  growth. These people will range form the mainstream of

                  organized churches to the bold adventurers of the so-called

                  New Age. Which often resembles the ancient age revisited. All

                  of these proliferating movements, in fact, mean that you are

                  not the few, you are a unique band with a special heartening

                  nuclea-ized message that cuts to the heart as no other

                  movement seems to be doing. This incisive and liberating

                  message of God presence inside. You are attuned to strong and

                  powerful truths through your cosmology text which provides

                  overencircling foundation. And a newly dramatized teaching of

                  these concepts which have been ruminating within your minds

                  these many years.

                  It is time for action. You are taking these actions, you are

                  revealing God inside. You are revealing the art of listening,

                  hearing, and interconnecting with celestials of many

                  personalities and many missions who are flooding, flooding,

                  flooding to this sector of the universe for purification. You

                  are part of this purification, beginning, as all other great

                  movements begin inside. Inside the hearts the minds the souls

                  of each of you. All great movements emanate from within.

                  Therefore, one goes within to begin personal growth and

                  purification, after which time, you will be sponsored and

                  accompanied, side by side, with your celestial friends who

                  move forth in living service.

                  There is some impatience that things move too slowly, but I

                  ask you to consider with truthful heart if your own

                  purification has been manifested. And if there are not other

                  lessons to learn individually personally that will make this

                  precious limited mortal time more appropriate. And in this

                  purification comes the preparatory skills and personality

                  balance resembling to the degree of possibility the supreme

                  balance of Christ Michael as Jesus the son of Man.

                  You may be few, but you can bring yourself, your personality,

                  into a state of balance that you take greater satisfaction in

                  knowing that you at least resemble and emulate the precious

                  Jesus. While you may not find this perfection in every day of

                  your mortal life, you will find a balance that helps you to

                  glide and not take hard steps, that smoothes your day by day

                  transition into a feeling of blended, encircled peace and

                  energy intertwined that will carry you through each day. And

                  you will know restful sleep that truly nurtures and refreshes

                  and invigorates.

                  You as individuals can reach this level of purification that

                  you may go forth as apostles, working in twos, and doing great

                  work. Do not be impatient. Look in hindsight, as a tool, to

                  see how far you have come. And you have come far. For your

                  relatively few numbers, we consider you the most dynamic, the

                  most heartfelt, and the most contributing segment of this

                  textual revelation. You were chosen many years ago, most truly

                  as children, because you asked for higher spiritual

                  understanding, and you have been led to learn this cosmology

                  as a curriculum to inspire you to teach universal truths in

                  your daily lives. Many skills, many talents come into the fore

                  and many great works are done by individuals in very small

                  groups working together.

                  Do not despair of the media. The media is also changing. And

                  the media will change even more. And do not feel because you

                  are one or because you are few that you must carry this great

                  load of planetary evolvement upon your shoulders. For truly

                  the energies are emanating from each heart of atheist and

                  agnostic becoming increasingly restless, disillusioned with

                  what they have found to be not true, hungry for a deeper depth

                  of understanding. And on every point of light on Urantia, from

                  the monasteries, to the churches, to the synagogues, we work

                  with individuals, bringing forth from within, the indwelling

                  spirit, those concepts and inspirations that are needed.

                  This is a massive planetary awakening. And the mission is even

                  more massive to your points of view when considered form a

                  local universe context. For Nebadon virtually vibrates with

                  excitement of epochal purification of planets, of worlds, and

                  this work is so incredibly exciting that I wish you could see

                  it from our perspective. However, your perspectives are what

                  you must refine now. This is your opportunity for life in the

                  flesh and experiential learning as has been said. It could not

                  be obtained in any other way. Patience, of course, is

                  required. Patience, patience. For this time of unfoldment is

                  not only an exercise in developing your individual purities,

                  your individual strength of will that will make you as an

                  individual a forceful warrior for love and peace. It is also

                  an exercise in cooperation, for while the individual must

                  realize self-potential, and a level of self-reliance within

                  the context of grace, you must learn to work with others who

                  have differing often frustrating views as you have learned in

                  the trials of your various groups.

                  It is all about learning and growing and that is what is going

                  on. It is all about evolution and that is what is going on.

                  And so as you learn the strength of the one, the strength of

                  the small groups, the strength of the many, you must also

                  learn that cooperation in enterprises of this magnitude

                  require even more, they require intergenerational cooperation,

                  ordinarily not done by the father and mothers of today, but

                  the continuation and completion of this great purification and

                  reclamation must be done by your children and your

                  grandchildren. And we encourage you to take yet another

                  responsibility in training them well. Training them to carry

                  on, through the generations, an amazing story will unfold on

                  this very special planet.

                  And always know and always understand that the doomsayers,

                  apocalypic prophets my friends, from my perspective as a

                  teacher in this mission, I say to you that these catastrophes

                  will not bring this world to ruin. As you grow in spirit, you

                  will realize how preposterous this idea is. I do not believe

                  the Father is inclined to destroy a perfectly good planet, or

                  to allow his hungry crying suffering children, whose pleas for

                  help have touched the Father and touched all in Nebadon and

                  many beyond Nebadon, these cries of suffering are validation

                  that you have paid heavy dues, you have suffered already.

                  You are working for spiritual peace, you are asking, you will

                  receive, indeed are receiving incremental openings of energy

                  which allow incremental openings of your perception of truth,

                  appreciation of beauty, desire to live in goodness. These

                  energy openings can cause disruptive and nonsensical actions

                  which you would consider marks of insanity. Indeed, if you

                  look around, while you also have trained yourselves to look at

                  the positive examples of the Correcting Time, you will see

                  many weird aberrations of people who seem to, as you say, have

                  become very ìweirded out.î I say to you, you will be called

                  upon to help many of these people regain their balance, regain

                  their center, for they are floundering without the nucleus

                  that holds the power structure together.

                  Without this anchoring heart of goodness, without the

                  realization of the one God inside, many will fall to the

                  various vices and self-indulgences and frustrations that lead

                  to violence and conflict. These are your brothers and sisters.

                  Help them to find this center within. This center within is

                  the nucleus from which all grows. It is the flowering blossom

                  of beauty. Nature encompasses lessons in every being, in every

                  action, in every changing season. Much can be learned from an

                  acorn. From a seed. From a cat. Much can be learned from the

                  earth, and the earth itself combined with the stillness can

                  become a powerfully energizing influence. Find these pockets

                  of energy in the stillness. Keep your tank filled because you

                  never know what tomorrow may bring.

                  What opportunity to be of service. And if you have been a

                  slackard in energizing your spiritual self, you will often not

                  be prepared to confront the one in suffering, the one who

                  attacks you, the pitiful beggar in the street. The one whose

                  eyes ask you for compassion and help as you walk on by. It is

                  the stillness that energizes, this is the place to go for

                  powerful illuminating energies, incremental additional

                  elements of truth and beauty and goodness to fill and permeate

                  your soul. And as you are filled to overflowing, as your

                  purification reaches levels for which you can feel a peaceful

                  satisfaction, then you will be called upon for service which

                  relates directly to your talents and skills.

                  I know this is perhaps a compilation of much you have heard

                  before. But in the rearranging of information and the various

                  combinings, I pray that my lesson and my insights and

                  perspectives have been helpful to you. And that you will take

                  them for your consideration into your moral and spiritual

                  fabric, and I will be pleased and gratified if you make this

                  part of you.

                  Thank you for listening. I am overjoyed to have the

                  opportunity to work with the courageous mortals of Urantia, a

                  special place, for which I volunteered and was genuinely

                  excited upon receiving this assignment. For of all places in

                  Nebadon, this is the where we would want to be. And we would

                  hope that you are happy to be here too. Peace to all of you

                  and good night.


                  TR: Willie Verhoff

                  My children, I am Master Machiventa. I use the term master

                  only because I believe you would recognize me as a master. I

                  feel as welcome as a master, and wish to share with you all of

                  the delights of my heart and my being as I've been referred to

                  frequently here as elsewhere as one of your master teachers.

                  Of course I am and I am pleased and honored to do so, because

                  as you know we have a rich and mighty history. That history

                  which has been brought to us by all of your inner beings, in


                  It is all of our inner beings that are part of that heart and

                  center, the Original Source and Center, that is each of us.

                  While you may tend to look at each of us as teachers and as

                  masters, in actuality we are all masters and we are all

                  teachers. There is no elevation of "greater than" in the

                  kingdom as you more than likely know. But I want to reinforce

                  this with you, that it is we all, or all of we, that make up

                  the entirety, the embodiment, the totality of the Christ

                  Being. It is in that, that we are all the Christ and that is

                  our purpose, that is our intention and that is our being.

                  So, in that, please recognize that the wishes and the goodness

                  and the entirety of all of creation and all of the cosmos is,

                  in reality, each and every one of us. It's a remarkable sight

                  as all of you have many insights into your presence of being,

                  that just imagine the pristine beauty of what, for example,

                  you would imagine me to be as has already been described, but

                  imagine that as one of the most, me as the example, as one of

                  the most beautiful sights you had imagined.

                  Again, this reference here is to only use me as I have been

                  used as an example. To picture me, say, for presentation

                  purposes, as a column of clear, crystal beauty, a column of

                  whatever size you want to picture. And now imagine this column

                  of crystal beauty shimmering in its clarity, the shape and

                  configuration of it, each dimension or each facet a reflection

                  of beauty in its own right, shimmering in that rainbow color.

                  Now picture that in the backdrop or the setting of equal

                  crystals, or innumerable crystals - a crystal room, if you

                  will, a crystal palace. So see that, for example, as you

                  envision that in your mind, that crystal that you see me as is

                  only a closeup picture of yourself as it is in reality.

                  But each of us is that reflection of the clarity and the

                  transmission capability and the reflective beauty of what that

                  crystal column is all about. So crystal is a magnificent

                  element as you probably know. I use that example because it is

                  so true as to what we are. But notice in that too, that we are

                  all the same. Different orders, different creatures, different

                  beings of expression, but my real point is that in the

                  integrity of that crystal column is the clarity, the beauty,

                  the original nature of the Father of us all. That we are

                  simply reflections of that mighty beauty that exists because

                  the Father is that crystal column within us. He is that

                  original Source, He is that, that which crystal has found as a

                  marvelous vehicle for transmission, He is that, that is.

                  So imagine if you will, just concentrate on that as a source

                  of being and a source of your light because that if the light

                  that you are of the original source. So in all of that, just

                  picture that, and then add to that your own sound. Can you

                  imagine just for a moment, I'll stop for a moment, to add that

                  sound then to this orchestration of crystal in this palace.

                  Take a moment and just listen to that sound and then I'll add

                  to that.

                  Hopefully, you got a good sense of what that is. Imagine that

                  in all of that collective beauty, imagine that at the time

                  when in the demonstration of that, that whenever you are

                  speaking of the nature and the centeredness and the

                  originality of the Father and all of the hierarchy that is

                  thereby represented. This is only meant to be a helpful hint

                  for you in terms of visualization of who you are and what we

                  are about. Use this as an illustration to in all of your

                  future endeavors in speaking about the father and the

                  consequent brotherly love that exists within and among you.

                  Picture this as just an example of what it will be like in the

                  day, not too far into the future, when each of you and each of

                  us will have the opportunity to actually experience the

                  brotherly love that exists in the same nature as the crystal


                  When that it hits the point of the hum of the unity, and

                  imagine that, in an enveloping expansive way into all of the

                  ethers. The one message I want to reinforce with you, and it

                  starts with the one, that is the one source and center of all

                  being, is the all in allness. If you can keep that in mind as

                  a central site and source of the inner source of all light and

                  all development in terms of encouraged recognition of truth as

                  we speak it. Focus on this particular picture as an actual

                  demonstration of experiential truth and love in action. So I

                  truly appreciate your dedication, we all do and you have my

                  greatest and humblest, most beautiful of blessings. You are

                  great and wonderful, each and all, in all of your ways. There

                  is no limitation, there is no separation, and there certainly

                  is no one who is greater than the other. It is all a matter of


                  So in that I wish you well, all ood tidings to all good

                  seekers, and wish each and every one and bless

                  each and every one as if you were my child, my own. Because it

                  is the love of the Father that presents all of us the

                  opportunity to dance in eternity and we welcome each and every

                  one of you as seekers along the way as you are beautiful and

                  honest and sincere children of most heavenly Father. So I

                  appreciate your opportunity, if anyone had questions I would

                  be happy to entertain them for a brief while.

                  Calvin: (paraphrased) I have enjoyed my relationship with

                  Abraham so wonderfully and He is such a master teacher as well

                  who has meant so much in my life, and he speaks of his

                  relationship with you as being similar. I just wanted to thank

                  you for bringing us Abraham and thank you for your wonderful

                  teachings as well.

                  MACHIVENTA: You are most welcome. We have more to share with

                  you than you can actually know. The illustration of the

                  crystal was not just a pretty picture, but for you to be aware

                  on many levels of what we want you to be in tune with and that

                  attunement is another great demonstration of the element of

                  crystal, because as you know, it is a tuning element as well.

                  It is a fine item, so we want you to be aware at all levels

                  that we are with you and bring you every opportunity to

                  develop yourselves as the outward representation of the

                  god-force that's within you. So we bring you every opportunity

                  to do that. There, as you know, are many and countless

                  illustrations of truth. All of the

                  students that I had in Salem were excellent representations of

                  the beings that were available at that time to set the

                  momentum to go forward in terms of the developed truth as we

                  know it today and as it will be known in the future.

                  But Abraham certainly was an apex student. As you had read,

                  there was some difficulty in terms of his own ambition and

                  what he had set out to do and what his intentions were. But,

                  it was for that reason that a personality of his stature was

                  truly necessary to be able to bring that wild kingdom into

                  submission, so to speak, to get the attention of those at the

                  time, to be able to more or less hit them over the head, get

                  their attention and them move forward in terms of

                  enlightenment. He is a remarkable individual and I am happy to

                  make that available to you as well as all other teachers who

                  are available to you here and henceforth. So you are most


                  [Susan Kimsey asks about crop circles and whether she should

                  be pursuing the subject.]

                  MACHIVENTA: The crop circles are an outward manifestation of

                  higher truth made manifest. These are developments of

                  celestial beings who are world travelers, or actually,

                  intergalactic travelers who have been part of your planet for

                  a long time. They are involved in many higher truths. They are

                  of other-dimensional status. So that they are not three

                  dimensional beings or beings of the third dimension, but

                  rather those dimensions which exist beyond your own physical

                  dimension, of course. But they've been involved for a long

                  time because there has been the time expectation, as time

                  begins to change as is it right now, it's all part of the

                  evolutionary cycle.

                  Time and space as you know it will change. Just picture, for

                  example, the ethers of being, or the ethers of space, as it

                  continues to roll and to expand into further development.

                  Those evolutionary, or ether type movements, bring along with

                  it dimensional expansion so that one's mind will expand in its

                  ability to encompass more along the dimensional pathway. So

                  beings who are at higher levels of dimension have transport

                  ability, and have ships that are able to make this possible

                  and are friendly intermediaries of emissaries, if you will, of

                  their dimensional worlds that are here to help you in terms of

                  higher consciousness. So where their role, at this point, is

                  interacted is in terms of visualization of how they can help

                  show how the planet can be affected by their thought


                  And similar to that discussion yesterday, if you notice the

                  outward sign of their impression upon your world, it is art

                  related. There's so much related to sacred geometry that your

                  world is only beginning to break the code of, that this is

                  part of their mission, to help share with you the mystery and

                  the code and the wholeness or oneness of sacred geometry. So

                  in any one line that is drawn, any one dot that exists, there

                  is no way that you can help yourself, but to go to the

                  original Source as always, as the All-in-Allness of All That


                  Meaning thatÖ take one dot, and from that dot, all else is

                  made - a line, a circle, a geometric figure, etc. It's just

                  the expansiveness. So that's one illustration that I'll give

                  you of the role that is played with these higher beings, in

                  terms of their wanting to share with you that it's the

                  interrelatedness, the interdependence that we all have upon

                  one another as all beings of the one. So I hope that helps a

                  little bit, I'm not sure if you were looking for more

                  specifics than that, but that, I believe, presents the why and

                  wherefore of that phenomenon.

                  Norman: Do you consider yourself to be personally present on

                  the planet at this time, and if so, are you incarnate?

                  MACHIVENTA: I will be physically present as your planetary

                  sovereign when the energy levels have risen to the point that

                  unity has begun. As you know, you are in the evolutionary

                  stages of developing the oneness. It's at the point of

                  development not too far down the road, that when there is

                  enough awareness at the psychic or soul level, the inner

                  oneness knowing level, throughout the world, and bless you

                  Norman, you're helping to do this, when there is a unified

                  level of awareness to

                  the point that every individual, again points on the map,

                  every individual within the surface of the earth knows, and

                  this doesn't have to be everyone, but so long as you can

                  pinpoint individuals around the world, when there are enough

                  individuals around the world who know the value of the oneness

                  of their being.

                  And finally recognize that as Jesus illustrated, the point

                  being, that each individual knows that they are a child of

                  God, and that they reflect their oneness with the Father, and

                  to incorporate their being with that of the Father's will,

                  when there are enough people who know the oneness of being,

                  then there will be a shimmering presence, a sheet of awareness

                  around the globe. Imagine it. A white see-through spirit

                  enveloping oneness of mist, of unification, at that point the

                  opportunity will be made available for my presence as your

                  planetary sovereign. So my absence in the mean time is nothing

                  more than the need for the workers to bring about that level

                  of awareness in order for the transformation of your planet

                  into the oneness of being presence in order for the

                  transformation to continue to unfold.

                  At that time, the levels of awareness will simply multiply by

                  the presence of more than one believer and more than one

                  person knowing their oneness of being, the multiplication

                  effect will then be dramatic. So the time of unification and

                  Light and Life as we know it to be elsewhere, is definitely in

                  formation. It's a long process, it's nevertheless full of

                  hope, light and primarily love. I welcome you all to that

                  particular charge, as the emissary of the one, to help us

                  bring that about. There is no purpose in life, there is no

                  intention, there is no reason for being that is any greater

                  than that.

                  So again, all are equal representations of the Father and I

                  only encourage you to recognize that above all else. That each

                  is a magnificent representation of the oneness of all. And I

                  just thrill at the opportunity for each of you to take that to

                  heart and to totally celebrate it because it is certainly

                  celebrational. So we are already one, of course, and my

                  presence will be made known, but it isn't as essential as you

                  knowing right now that you are building that white sheet of

                  love around the planet.

                  Stella: I want to thank you for addressing the people at Glen

                  Ivy a few weeks ago through me, but I am concerned that the

                  Foundation doesn't recognize the teaching mission and I

                  wondered if you had any words that could shed light on this


                  MACHIVENTA: I was present, and I thank you for asking that

                  question. Along the same line of what we've been discussing,

                  the separation that has existed within the various levels of

                  the Urantia movement, are truly unfortunate. It shows - as it

                  has shown in many other developments of human progress -

                  whenever there is a central source of information and

                  essentially radical transformation to bring a thought process,

                  the status quo, out of the dark and into the light. Take any

                  situation you can think of in modern times, or even pre-modern

                  times, whenever that particular process is brought to

                  completion in terms of the original idea and then the action

                  to bring it into reality takes place, then

                  basically, pardon the expression, ìall hell breaks looseî.

                  The purification of a central idea and then the action to

                  bring it into reality, it would seem to most people that once

                  that reality demonstration is brought about, I'm thinking

                  particularly of the American Revolution for example, what a

                  radical idea that was, that once there was the collective

                  mass, the energy strong enough to move that forward out of

                  theory and into reality and hence all of the dynamic

                  personalities that were made available for that to become a

                  reality. As you already know, that was no mistake, or simple

                  happenstance, or coincidence, but the dynamic individuals that

                  were here and elsewhere to make that possible is an actual

                  illustration of the freedom of being that the principle of

                  America is, is a fine example of what I am talking about as

                  hence you are today, and all of the other brothers and sisters

                  that you will meet along the way.

                  So, seen in the human experience is, once a development takes

                  hold to that extent, it means having to then level the playing

                  field to get all of the dimensions of political thought and

                  holds on the dynamic development of truth. It'll take a while

                  for that to level out to the point where the original point

                  then becomes the prevailing pure thought that can be

                  recognized and adhered to. So you are already seeing that take

                  place in terms of the various factions that have existed and

                  that have warred over, could be point of illustration, over

                  simply the color of the writing pen. Why create a war over

                  something that really doesn't matter. But nevertheless, the

                  irregularities, the impurities, so to speak, have to be

                  brought to the surface as you would in the purification of

                  gold, for example. The impurities come to the top in order for

                  the real element to be there in total beauty.

                  So yes, the ultimate recognition at the point, for example,

                  that I speak of, in terms of when the white sheet of awareness

                  is surrounding this globe that you inhabit and the surrounding

                  spheres in which this particular planetary system exists, and

                  don't stop to think then that that particular development

                  won't have positive ramification upon Satania and the rest of

                  Nebadon and Orvonton etc., what a dynamic, wonderful

                  development we're in. So perhaps I am using to illustrate my

                  verbosity, forgive that if you will, but I love to demonstrate

                  the actual development that takes place in terms of from the

                  one dot, all else develops. Just the dynamic dimensions of

                  what you're doing cannot be overstated. I hope that answers

                  you question.

                  Student: I have been concerned lately about the disappearance

                  of species and especially what is happening to frogs, genetic

                  mutations etc. Could you shed a little light on this?

                  MACHIVENTA: There is definitely a correlation between

                  disappearance of species and its planetary cause. The real

                  causal effect of the height of pollution has been brought to

                  most people's awareness. The unadulterated abuse of the planet

                  that had occurred during the industrial era and that occurred

                  primarily during the nineteen sixties or nineteen seventies in

                  terms of just all out, unrestricted "whatever happens,

                  happens," is beginning to be reversed in the sense that the

                  awareness is there for reversal of that unadulterated

                  pollution of the planet.

                  However, the total awareness or consciousness of people who

                  yet pollute, has not risen to the level of common knowledge,

                  it's not taken into their psyche yet. I'm talking in general

                  terms. While, for example, the younger generations are fully

                  aware and have incorporated within their psyches the necessity

                  to have cleanliness and anti-pollution being a definite part

                  of their centeredness of being. There are still enough

                  individuals in the world, in industrial settings throughout

                  the world, and the situation in the rainforest is certainly

                  nothing to be taken lightly, as an illustration. There's

                  enough pollution yet in the everyday business world and

                  environment, that it is truly a concern.

                  The time will come when those who are in regular types of

                  industry, that produce everything that's used from the chairs

                  you are sitting on to the ceiling tiles, will be aware enough

                  to the point where, as I was speaking of earlier, when the

                  level of consciousness is raised high enough, that everything

                  that will be made, everything that will be utilized, will be

                  made and utilized from the vantage point of ìhow does this fit

                  into the oneness of all that is. How even is its chemical

                  composition in synch or at one with everything that will be

                  used.î So the totality of everything that is made and all

                  materials that are used to create will be brought into a

                  central purpose, so that all is in combination or in

                  synchronicity with all that is.

                  So, I know that sounds like it may not be answering the

                  question, or that it is pie in the sky, but in reality it is

                  showing that it is the developmental process that is taking

                  place. As far as particular species are concerned, the frog is

                  a unique creature. It is a creature of particular spiritual

                  worth and value in that it presents truth to its beholder.

                  Whenever a frog is made present, it's bringing to you a

                  higher spiritual truth, asking you to look at the spirituality

                  of and the truthfulness of the situation that is presented. So

                  that the elimination of the frog from many locations in this

                  world, is certainly a loss factor and whenever any one part of

                  the geometric puzzle or the biological ecosystem is damaged

                  and lost, it is certainly a loss to the entirety.

                  But while it looks like there are diminishing representative

                  presences made known in terms of fewer frogs being manifested

                  in this world, its potential loss is of great concern, of

                  course, but there is a message there in the meantime that lets

                  us know that there is a higher truth being called forth. So

                  while all exists at the same time, in real terms there is no

                  lineal demonstration of time along the path that the moment we

                  share right now is the moment that always is, always was.

                  My point is, that while it appears at the moment that there is

                  reduction in the population of frogs in any number of species,

                  it's simply pointing out to the world of common consciousness

                  right now, that we are in a developmental phase of losing

                  ground, as it would appear to be. Losing ground in terms of

                  consciousness of the common, accepted, known realities as we

                  see them, of slowly melting or developing into the backdrop of

                  reality as it is. Meaning, that for there being fewer frogs,

                  it would make the demonstration observable to those who can

                  observe it. That the reality as you know it, the social

                  consciousness as you know it, is slowly slipping away and

                  eroding and fading into the backdrop.

                  So that in its place comes forth the higher truth and the

                  higher reality and the higher consciousness of that which is.

                  So even in that the transformation, the evolution of what is

                  occurring on the planet will ultimately cleanse itself and

                  that while certain species may be lost, it's their

                  contribution to the wholeness of the planet in its

                  developmental process that will eventually bring forth a

                  replacement manifestation of the truth of the frog in new

                  forms, new species, new opportunities for growth and unity. So

                  this is an opportunity for increased awareness which I wished

                  to share with you and hopefully that answers your question as


                  John Creger: I was wondering about the Melchizedek

                  Universities, how the planning is progressing and how they

                  will effect education in general on this planet.

                  MACHIVENTA: I appreciate your question. It's multi-faceted, of

                  course, but it all fits in with that which we have already

                  presented today. That the Melchizedek Universities, which are

                  part of the morontia world development, has been the specialty

                  of the Melchizedek order, to make those higher truths of the

                  Melchizedek principles, which I was here to illustrate, which

                  is part of the overall development of humankind as a truth

                  representation, or in other words, the truth of the order of

                  Melchizedek as teachers of the truth, is this world's, this

                  universe's, this superuniverse's, for example, school of

                  truth. So we are happy teachers within that realm. It's an

                  ominous, yet beautiful opportunity to serve creation.

                  As the developments take place within your world, it will

                  naturally, as everything that you see, as it is right now,

                  meaning it terms of principle and structure, as you already

                  know, is currently a manifestation of higher reality as you

                  know it, in terms of hierarchy, order, institutions reflecting

                  that which is on the cosmic scale. So that as the development

                  takes place and the refinement takes place within each

                  individual, those institutions which currently exist and will

                  continue to slowly make each of the individuals within those

                  institutions begin to make the transformation of

                  consciousness, there will naturally become the attunement to

                  raising one's level of consciousness to the outward world so

                  that it will be one in sinc with everything else that is.

                  So that the new philosophy, the new intention, the new order,

                  if you will, of being able to have the oneness of all be

                  represented in all that is done, it will naturally bring about

                  the development and escalation of the consciousness level, to

                  be demonstrated in all walks of life, in all institutions. So

                  it will be that influence which is the Melchizedek teaching or

                  the teachings of the Melchizedek Universities, which will

                  naturally make its transition in terms of demonstrated

                  knowledge and particular knowledge that will be made known at

                  that time, which will be part of your institutional setting

                  and the structure of what will become as is, or will become

                  the new reality that you will know as replacement of what you

                  know today. In other words, it will be the ìas isî reality at

                  that time.

                  Moe Davis: I'm always struck by how much the bad news of the

                  world tends to dominate in the press and in our thoughts. Do

                  you have any comments on this?

                  MACHIVENTA: Good question. The primary reason for that is

                  fear. The elimination of fear is the greatest challenge you

                  have ahead of you. And it is simply, sounds easier than

                  accomplished, but with faith, which is knowing, there is no

                  fear, as you know. So taking that concept of who you are in

                  your reality and moving forward without fear of who you are;

                  if that alone weren't enough to propel you, to give you the

                  energy to go forward to proclaim in a simple way, I mean, this

                  doesn't have to be mountain to shouting, but in a simple way

                  demonstrating who you are in terms of ìhave you heard, have

                  you received, do you know the good news? Here is a book which

                  is not your representation of God on earth, but take the

                  knowledge that it is and etch in your heart and grow in the

                  knowledge of who you are.î Then the good news reaches every

                  open ear, and more particularly every open heart, that they

                  are a being of God, that they are a representation, a physical

                  representation of the spiritual reality of a representation of

                  the One.

                  So, what does that have to do with bad news and oranges, or

                  the price of tea in China? Simple, in true analysis, what does

                  humanity tend to do but to disclaim everything and to call it

                  a name and to discredit it before it has a chance to affect

                  them? In other words, the cynicism that exits in this world is

                  critical to say the least. Funny term, critical, but it is at

                  a critical level that people are in their understandings of

                  who they are because they don't know who they are in reality.

                  That their social awareness, life as they know it in all

                  dimensions that they are aware of is always at threat to them

                  in terms of what they know within themselves to be true. In

                  other words, short term analysis of that is that, because

                  people do not feel welcomed, primarily within themselves,

                  because they do not yet know who they are. As soon as they

                  know who they are, they will certainly feel welcome with

                  themselves, and then hence, everyone else.

                  The current state of affairs is such that they feel threatened

                  at all levels. So if there is any kind of good news or any

                  kind of positiveness that comes to them, because they feel

                  unwelcome within themselves, they have no seat of authority,

                  if you will. Picturing the heart, they have no seat of

                  authority with which to receive goodness, so hence they reject

                  it, so hence it creates a cynical film or skin over them, that

                  would have to criticize and reject anything that's good

                  because the reception of the good is a threat to themselves.

                  So hence, everything has to be analyzed, criticized, and put

                  into its proper place of "good bag ñ bad bag," if you will.

                  So it is just a state of consciousness that has people being

                  analytical of all that is for fear of transforming themselves,

                  to become part of the oneness. If that helps any. So in simple

                  analysis, if you'll notice how it all keeps coming back to the

                  oneness. So the opportunity for sharing and the opportunity

                  for demonstrating the good news as you know it is immense. The

                  opportunity is enormous and the beauty and the opportunities

                  for sharing are limitless. So recreating the awareness of the

                  oneness that you are after this conference is finished, to be

                  able to simply share that in the truth and the honesty and

                  integrity of who you are, will be manifestation enough for

                  those who you speak to about the truth of the book and the

                  purpose of it being, as the Master illustrated, was to do the

                  Father's will after recognizing who you are, and the living

                  out of that will bring about this white sheet of protective

                  love that make the transformation for further development and

                  evolution into the oneness become even more real.

                  So I hope all of this helps, and if it is of any help for you

                  in the future to recollect what it was that I was speaking of,

                  again I take you back into that crystalline room, the crystal

                  palace. And in that light, in that love, in that humming unity

                  of being I shed my happy thoughts with you and bring forth all

                  love and light that exists within my realm and yours which is

                  rapidly becoming one, because it is a matter of consciousness.

                  I welcome you to the love and the light and reinforce within

                  you the love of the Father that is. Let the love of the

                  Father-That-Is ring true to every mountain top, to every

                  village, to every hamlet in between, that each and every

                  individual that is, is a unique manifestation of the oneness

                  of the Father. So let all peace ring true in each hearer's

                  ears and may the love and the light of the Master which was

                  before you, live true in your heart and may the beauty of the

                  realm last forever. I depart, I leave you in the love and

                  light of the Master before us and know that all is well. Amen.


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