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Here we all are, still “under construction,” and still in an ‘Exploration of the Spiritual Universe’ after all these years. We hope you’ll join us now in developing search engines that look for Truth, Beauty, Goodness, and even compatibility in this wild world.

I believe that the Urantia Papers, A Course in Miracles, The Pathwork Guide lectures, and our Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission lessons will blend nicely to answer most of your questions about human life and fate. Of course, I’m still exploring them myself and also looking for other higher perspectives in my remaining time.

In our time, new spiritual guidance is coming day by day and hour by hour to help us build a new world of reason and caring. We will keep looking for it. As we can assimilate, we will be given greater insights and more wisdom.

As site Editor, I will try to manage here until younger and better hands come along. Our immediate task is to develop our search and compare technologies, and hope to learn or find the skills to do that.  

We’re also gleaning more historical material, including disks, video and audio, even paper, in order to present a more complete picture of the Teaching Mission era of personal spiritual growth.

As for today, our Magisterial Mission Editor Roxanne Andrews will keep us abreast of planetary events with new and continuing transmissions from celestial teachers, currently in an extended series with Machiventa Melchizedek.

This first log entry comes with an addendum. In our recent explorations of the spiritual universe, we read and consider the postings of Chris Maurus of and Vicki V. at and always the activities of the planet’s United Midwayers and their messages via George Barnard and the 11.11 network. These are great sources for your exploration and research and this is to let you know we are friends and fellow explorers.

Let’s enjoy exploring the LIGHT side, the progressive side of our tumultuous and ‘quivering on the brink’ world while we’re here, and trust in the Universal Father and his great Wisdom to see us through. We aren’t ranking the perceived value of these sources, and we aren’t preaching, persuading or even promoting the narratives. They speak for themselves, and so does your own heart and mind.

We will update you with periodic log entries. Meantime, I will sign my spirit name for this project and look forward to future discourse.  

KEREN (jwc)















Deja Vu all over again.

Hey, Jim, haven't we already done this? He was referring to a Teaching Mission online archive. We certainly have, and I was busy helping with two previous efforts.

In the beginning, the gracious Russ Gustafson provided the skills and server to put up a large archive of lessons beginning in 1996, about five years into the Mission. Take a look at, and transmitters are still active.

But the archive is about as exciting and popular as the one at your city library.

I provided a box full of paper, tapes and disks to Ron Besser for his efforts many years ago. He diligently scanned and returned them. Over time, this archive has been subjugated to bizarre and unfulfilled prophecies and unproven profundities.

I provided another box to Rob Davis, my house guest in Mississippi, for his Daynal Institute site. Our archives were absorbed into a grander mission involving all of the earthy epochs of spiritual connectivity. We are in there, but not highlighted and featured as Christ Michael's Teaching Mission of Urantia groups. This is us. We link prominently to Rob. We also have adopted a larger teaching mission.

My belief that Urantia-ACIM-Pathwork comprise a powerhouse trilogy for our spiritual growth may really not be the view of anyone else at this point. I have no insight that they will be receptive to our new 'channeled' material either. My friend says there is absolutely no demand for a searchable database that compares this material. That's about true as well.

So here we are, maybe working against the odds that anyone might set for us. But maybe we're not playing their game. The ancient revelations have led to eternal war and genocide; the new revelations lead to peace and plow shares. We will plant a garden here.

KEREN (jwc)

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