James Wayne Cleveland — Condensed Biography

Writer-Editor-Photographer-Marketer-Publisher-Spiritual Explorer

Birthdate: 12-11-1938 / Calhoun County, MS.

Current Residence: Deerfield Beach, Florida


Bachelor of Science, Journalism, University of Southern Mississippi, 1961

Master of Journalism education, University of Mississippi, 1986

Desktop publishing program, Cincinnati Technical University

Graduate studies in Southern Culture, University of Mississippi

American Marketing Association courses



Hattiesburg (MS) American daily newspaper

Reporter and Assistant Sports Editor


Jackson (MS) Daily News

Reporter, Photographer, Feature Writer, Assistant State Editor


Mississippi State University

News Editor, Department of Public Relations, writer and photographer


MFC Services, Madison, MS, a regional farm supply and marketing cooperative.

Editor of farmer newspaper, 191 monthly issues. Director of Advertising and Sales Promotion. Production of periodicals, advertising materials, annual reports and multi-media presentations.  More than 450 professional association awards for publications excellence in writing, photography and design.  


University of Mississippi Department of Public Relations

Director of Public Information

Managed multiple award-winning news program and various public relations challenges due to racial and confederate flag conflicts. Writer of news and feature stories and photographer. Gold Medal Award for our race relations accomplishments from the Council of Higher Education.


ImageMatrix, Cincinnati, OH

Writer for business accounts — speeches, scripts, print copy. Including Proctor and Gamble, Cintas, Lens Crafters, Thomson Consumer Electronics (RCA) and Sara Lee Knit.


Unius, Inc., Cincinnati, OH

Writer and internet city directory developer for a start-up, later belly-up, internet services company.


Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

News management, artist promotion and publications production on interim contract.


Central State (OH) University, Wilberforce, OH

Director of Public Relations. Assisted new President of scandal-ridden and financially insolvent historically black public university in rebuilding image, media relations, student recruiting, news reporting, periodicals and fund-raising.


Author House, a book and e-book publishing services company, Bloomington, IN

Assisted authors in getting their books self-published; sold services, began publishing my own books and CDs.


Retired to Calhoun City, MS, to tend aging mother, who passed in 2010 at 97. Continued to publish creative work.


PRESIDENT, other offices, and Board member of the Cooperative Editorial Association (North America), while at MFC Services.

PRESIDENT (two tenures) and other offices, International Association of Business Communicators, Mississippi Chapter. Media Medalist award for lifetime achievement. Vice president and board member of the Southeastern region IABC.

PRESIDENT, Mississippi Chapter of the Southern Public Relations Federation.

Creative work published and released from 2003 to present:

BOOKS at Amazon, Kindle, AuthorHouse and other bookstores:

THE ALIEN INTIMACIES, adventure novel with extraterrestrials, philosophical and spiritual issues. Revolves around a man’s poignant and personal relations with a woman from the Pleiades, and her patriarchal and theatrical leader. (2003) First in a series.

BEYOND CYNICISM: Liberating Voices from the Spirit Within. Keyboard transmissions with celestial teachers called the OneTeam and an introduction into the Stillness practice. Explains the human ascension plan within God’s evolving time and space worlds. (2003)

CELESTIALS OVER CINCINNATI:  Lessons of the Planetary Correcting Time. Chronicle of a Urantia Book-based spiritual study group’s encounters with benevolent celestial teachers (1991-96) as the author grows from cynic to active transmitter of celestial personalities. Lessons from over 30 visiting celestial teachers across the country. (2004)

THE CELESTIAL SONGBOOK. Lyrical and other poetry on spiritual themes, co-created with celestial artisans. (2004)

EDGE OF DARK LIGHT, novel. Suspense thriller sequel in which our protagonist faces a myriad of mysteries and alien encounters by the hours over a violent and snow-swept weekend. (2007)

DARK RIDERS, adult novel. Protagonist and two star-crossed vagabond women stir sparks on a perverse cross-country jaunt to attack the Mafia, with violent and plot-twisting surprises. (2008)

CELESTIAL SONGBOOK 2: More poetry co-created with celestial artisans, including sections on human romance and earthy expressions. (2009)

SAUNTERING THROUGH APOCALYPSE: IN-sights, OUT-rages, and ID-idiocies. A rainbow compilation from the years surrounding the 2000 millennium change non-event. Serio-comedy and satire in part one; essays and workshop presentations on simple spirituality in part two. (2014)

LUCIFER’S GARDENS, novel. The series continues. An embedded, altruistic ET empire, seeded from the Pleiades, comes to grips with a warmongering president and corrupt military complex, with a series of plot twists and discoveries and ultimately leading to a terrorist attack in New York. In a parallel story from prehistory, a surviving band of Pleiadian survivors of the Lucifer Rebellion fight to survive in a primitive world. (2014)

THE TEACHING MISSION (volume 1): A New Foundation of Spirituality for a Quickening Planet (Editor and contributor) This compilation includes contributed chapters from over 40 humans who made contact and work interactively with celestial teachers, as well as nearly 80 teachers and their transmissions from 1990-2012. (2015)

THE TEACHING MISSION (volume 2): Living in the Aura of Love. A collection of topical lessons from celestial teachers, and human commentaries. (2016)

FLATWOODS (E-book) A photographic and poetic memoir to the tattered cultural  reflections of my native Mississippi hills, as an aged Mother is in transition. (2017)

SLOUCHING THROUGH ABSURDITY: Skits, Spoofs and Satires. Off-beat humor with a focus on the age of Trumpery (2017)

ON TOP OF IT: Rising Above the Human Mind. Bold and thought-provoking essays on personal spirituality and the madnesses of a partisan, self-centered contemporary society. (2017)

BEYOND BAGGAGE. A two-act stage play and related writings and celestial transmissions on human identity and reality. (2018)

HA! The Fat Little E-Mail Funny Book. Jokes and funny stories from years of e-mail collection. (2018)

CELESTIALS OUT OF SILENCE: Lessons of the Planetary Correcting Time, part 2. Carries the celestial contact phenomena forward from 1996 through 2018 with a new wave of insightful spiritual commentaries on our quickening times. (2019)

STILLS: MEMORIES IN IMAGES. A photographic memoir with poetry on many years of shooting images. (2021)

ASCENDING APOCALYPSE: A New Birth for Mankind. Essays and celestial transmissions that come to grips with the apocalyptic issues of these turbulent times that test our values and intentions. (2021)

SPIRITUAL MATURITY: 100 celestial growth lessons for 100 days, featuring teachers in The Teaching Mission. (2021)

LYRICAL SPIRIT: A complete collection of poetry and lyric from previous publications over the years. (2021)

SPIRITUAL POETRY readings with MUSIC and Guest Artists, at CD Baby, iTunes, Napster and other music services. CDs include:

WE CAN BE: A Celebration of Spiritual Unity, Producer. (2003) Eighty minutes of songs by a plethora of spirit-assisted musicians, produced for the Association for Light and Life. (2003)

CDs at and online digital services. Themed collections from collaborations with Mark Austin and Dallas area musicians, with a variety of guest artists.

SOULS POURING: Reflections in Dark and Light (2004)

SOULS BLOOMING: Vibrations of the Loving Spirit (2004)

SOUL STORIES: Tales of the Human Quest (2005)

SOUL STRUGGLES: The Search for Higher Love (2006)

SOULS RESTLESS: Pursuing the ‘Be Ye Perfect’ Path (2006)

SOUL SYNTHESIS: Favorites from the Soul Series (2006)

JESUS OF URANTIA: In His Own Words (2007)

SOULS SEARCHING: Finding Truths Within the Quest (2007)

CELESTIAL FUSIONS: Realities of the Teaching Mission (2007)

GRINNING THROUGH APOCALYPSE: One Armageddon at a Time (Humor) (2008)

Executive Producer and script writer for the Teaching Mission Network sponsored CD and online streaming distribution:

THE JOYS OF STILLNESS: Where Meditation Meets God (2014). Guidance readings for the Stillness practice, interwoven with music by guest artists. Produced and narrated by Ron Cohen.

Websites: features free e-books, MP3 music tracks, podcasts, essays and  photography. Spiritually-enlightening focus on three great revelations and their roles in our evolution— the Urantia papers, A Course in Miracles and the Pathwork lectures from The Guide.  Includes The Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission interactive library and teaching portal.

Other Activities:

TEACHING MISSION NETWORK: Chairman and Founder of a family of spiritual seekers who help others into the Stillness practice and contact with celestial teachers. Includes a managed Facebook discussion group.

Former Owner and Manager, Mississippi Mushroom Quest Research Farm and Fresh Market project . Oyster and Shittake gourmet mushrooms and products for chefs and farmer markets. Not active, needs new partners.


THE URANTIA BOOK: Longtime member of book study groups. Member of Orvonton Society of the Urantia Fellowship

UNITY FELLOWSHIP, member of the congregation in Bloomington, IN

LOTHLORIEN NATURE SANCTUARY: Southern Indiana eco-village and campgrounds dedicated to earth-based spirituality and permaculture.

CANNABIS legalization movement since 1991 with Cincinnati area NORML, as speaker, writer; worker in Kentucky legislative lobbying and Gatewood Galbraith’s gubernatorial campaign. Now a writer in the activist movement with continuing essays across the internet.

CEREBRAL AMERICAN fantasy baseball league

Also: Political Action, Reading, Music, Movies, Travel, Hiking, Camping, Cuisine, Animals, Nature Photography, Meditation Bowls and Vibrational Healing.


Congas in the Groove, a memoir, written with Fermin Goytisolo, renowned conga player and percussionist with KC and the Sunshine Band.

APOSTLES AND REBELS, a screenplay follows the conflicted aftermaths of the crucifixion of a street preacher in Jerusalem.

EXPERIENCE IN MATTER, a fourth novel in the Alien Intimacies series


GODS, DEMONS AND GENITALIA:  A collection of short plays and fiction with provocative themes.


Website Building Application

Artwork & Graphic Design by Gwen Cleveland, David L. Hubbard


Here we all are, still “under construction,” and still in an ‘Exploration of the Spiritual Universe’ after all these years. We hope you’ll join us now in developing search engines that look for Truth, Beauty, Goodness, and even compatibility in this wild world.

I believe that the Urantia Papers, A Course in Miracles, The Pathwork Guide lectures, and our Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission lessons will blend nicely to answer most of your questions about human life and fate. Of course, I’m still exploring them myself and also looking for other higher perspectives in my remaining time.

In our time, new spiritual guidance is coming day by day and hour by hour to help us build a new world of reason and caring. We will keep looking for it. As we can assimilate, we will be given greater insights and more wisdom.

As site Editor, I will try to manage here until younger and better hands come along. Our immediate task is to develop our search and compare technologies, and hope to learn or find the skills to do that.  

We’re also gleaning more historical material, including disks, video and audio, even paper, in order to present a more complete picture of the Teaching Mission era of personal spiritual growth.

As for today, our Magisterial Mission Editor Roxanne Andrews will keep us abreast of planetary events with new and continuing transmissions from celestial teachers, currently in an extended series with Machiventa Melchizedek.

This first log entry comes with an addendum. In our recent explorations of the spiritual universe, we read and consider the postings of Chris Maurus of and Vicki V. at and always the activities of the planet’s United Midwayers and their messages via George Barnard and the 11.11 network. These are great sources for your exploration and research and this is to let you know we are friends and fellow explorers.

Let’s enjoy exploring the LIGHT side, the progressive side of our tumultuous and ‘quivering on the brink’ world while we’re here, and trust in the Universal Father and his great Wisdom to see us through. We aren’t ranking the perceived value of these sources, and we aren’t preaching, persuading or even promoting the narratives. They speak for themselves, and so does your own heart and mind.

We will update you with periodic log entries. Meantime, I will sign my spirit name for this project and look forward to future discourse.  

KEREN (jwc)

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Deja Vu all over again.

Hey, Jim, haven't we already done this? He was referring to a Teaching Mission online archive. We certainly have, and I was busy helping with two previous efforts.

In the beginning, the gracious Russ Gustafson provided the skills and server to put up a large archive of lessons beginning in 1996, about five years into the Mission. Take a look at, and transmitters are still active.

But the archive is about as exciting and popular as the one at your city library.

I provided a box full of paper, tapes and disks to Ron Besser for his efforts many years ago. He diligently scanned and returned them. Over time, this archive has been subjugated to bizarre and unfulfilled prophecies and unproven profundities.

I provided another box to Rob Davis, my house guest in Mississippi, for his Daynal Institute site. Our archives were absorbed into a grander mission involving all of the earthy epochs of spiritual connectivity. We are in there, but not highlighted and featured as Christ Michael's Teaching Mission of Urantia groups. This is us. We link prominently to Rob. We also have adopted a larger teaching mission.

My belief that Urantia-ACIM-Pathwork comprise a powerhouse trilogy for our spiritual growth may really not be the view of anyone else at this point. I have no insight that they will be receptive to our new 'channeled' material either. My friend says there is absolutely no demand for a searchable database that compares this material. That's about true as well.

So here we are, maybe working against the odds that anyone might set for us. But maybe we're not playing their game. The ancient revelations have led to eternal war and genocide; the new revelations lead to peace and plow shares. We will plant a garden here.

KEREN (jwc)

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