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God created Evolution — a master plan for his children in time and space worlds. Humans and their societies have evolved in amazing ways over the generations.

Evolution has been assisted periodically with spiritual revelations that can’t be learned on our own. Most are personal. Today, three of them are shaping up as a unified curriculum of wisdom, a foundation for future human growth.

The Urantia Book relates the nature of God, our planetary history, and the cosmology of the universe. It explains our place as an ascending mortal and provides a detailed history of the incarnation of Jesus. 

A Course in Miracles teaches a transformation to spiritual thinking to solve our human issues, with the revelation that we are created in spirit and are having a material experience.

The Pathwork Guide lecture collection, 258 spirit-driven presentations by Eva Perriokas, help us access our higher consciousness and work cooperatively with other souls on their paths. 

This trio of Epochal Revelations is being more strongly supplemented in our current times of critical, apocalyptic decisions for humankind. These expanded connections enhance our abilities to connect with spiritual teachers and learn true values to accelerate our evolution.

The Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission presents a database with thousands of continuing celestial transmissions over the past quarter century. These conversational sessions with Urantia Book students represent the mission of Christ Michael to redeem the planet by raising spiritual consciousness and with interventions that respect our free wills.

Spiritual Friends and Sources on this site incorporates complementary paths of soul growth, including Humanity’s Team, Divine Love Sanctuary, Correcting Time and Institute for Christ Consciousness.

Our mission at Light and Life includes creation of a search database for the comparative study of key spiritual concepts in these Revelations, as well as the new 2021-22 celestial messages. This is truly an exploration since we don’t know what we will find. 

Here is a link to our Search Central page.


SPIRITUALITY MATURITY — Teaching Mission personalities share 100 lessons for 100 days toward human spiritual maturity. Free e-book download. Collected by Jim Cleveland.


You know how to tune into Universal Guidance. You may even listen to it some of the time...

But there's something in you, something you can't quite name, that ignores or pushes the Wisdom away much of the time.

Well, I'm hear to tell you that you are not alone!

Suzanne Giesemann, medium, messenger of hope, and the founder and teacher of The Awakened Way, shares that she went through her own times of doubting Wisdon's voice.

But when poetry began to flow through her, she says that this was a way for her guides to convince her that the messages were truly from spirit, as she herself did not write poetry.

A Suzanne writes in her blog, "Messages of Hope," I catch myself thinking, "Am I really getting this from psirits?" and immediately hear:

"Yes, we're here

Through day and night

With us nearby

No need for fright

We will protect you

Hold you close

Rest well,

You're safe.


Guidance is here, all around us, all the time. Our job is to open ourselves to the possibility of connecting and communing with it—with our own "team" of guides, as Suzanne shares.

After the poetry began to flow with such clear messaging, she knew it was time to dismiss any doubt she still carried. She seized the moment, began to deeply listen, and now Suzanne trains others in how to go into the silence and open to the wisdom of higher beings.

You are needed by Life. And the best way you can serve is to be in touch with the harmony of your personal will merged with Divine Will.

I invite you to do as Suzanne does every day. Take time in the stillness, even just 3 minutes a day if that's all you can manage, and ask a question that lies dear on your heart. Make it as specific as possible and then... Listen. Listen for the answer.

To learn more from Suzanne about how she does this with ease and joy, sign up for her brand-new free online video program with Patricia Cota-Robles called, 'Partnering with Universal Beings.'

In this program, now available to watch immediately or at a later date and time, Suzanne and Patricia share:

• How each of them came to be in contact with these beings and how it has profoundly affected their lives and...

• How to communicate directly with these higher forms of consciousness and receive profound guidance in any area of your life.

With help of your guides, who are patiently waiting for you to request their help, you can create a glorious future with a feeling of angels on your shoulders all day long, walking a nice, clear path to elevated consciousness and expanded conscious living.

Walking with you,

Steve Farrell, Worldwide Excective Director

Humanity's Team

Includes Tarkas, Bakim, Elisha, Machiventa and Mantoube Melchizedek and Christ Michael.

New Collection Packet 11

Urantia Book Publications

Fellowship publications exist to deepen appreciation of the teachings ofThe Urantia Book, to celebrate unique creativity, and to connect the community to the The Urantia Book Fellowship’s vision of promoting spiritual transformation by sharing a revelation of living truth.

The Jesus Metauniverse

New in the Urantia Suite


New in the Urantia Book Suite: Revelations and Prayers — a Guide for Jesusonian Service Through Worship by Bruce Jackson offers 37 supplementary services on single topics from the Urantia Book. Included are human teachings, Biblical references, and prayers to encourage worship. This more flexible guide is designed to be an ongoing resource for a creative worship development.


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January 1-7, 2023

7 Days of Rest, January 17, is an annual, open co-creative event dedicated to the healing and replenishment of the planet and all its inhabitants. All are invited to enjoy the rich array of offerings, including wisdom teachings, meditations, music, inspirations and more, that are generously offered by the global community.

The theme for the event is 7 Days of Rest & Return to EssenceTogether we will seed the intention and experience of relearning the language of essence and bringing our energy and resources to that which is most nourishing and vitalizing to all of Life.

To learn more and join this FREE event, please visit:




June, 2023 • Ottawa, Canada

Hosted by the Pathwork Communities of Ottawa, Great Lakes and Vermon

URANTIA BOOK history and facts, an independent website managed by Halbert Katzen, has a treasure trove of thoughtful and illuminating material about the Revelation.