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Ham: Freedom and Self-Indulgence

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Abraham on Baptism of the Spirit

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Ham on freedom and self-indulgence

02/24/2002 in Nashville, TN

Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I welcome you

here this evening. Tonight, let us discuss freedom.

There is among mortals various conceptions of personal

freedom usually connected with some measure of

self-indulgence. There are many false illusions of

freedom, illusions that create chains and restrictions

much more severely than any physical jails.

Self-indulgence is a form of self-shackling under the

guise of freedom.

True freedom is found in self-restraint and healthy

boundaries. The maturity of the person is measured by

one’s ability to exhibit self-restraint, restraint in word,

and restraint in action. You cannot grow in the spirit

without recognizing the difference between true and

false freedoms. Self-control creates the boundaries in

which happiness can be nurtured.

When you carelessly throw away your self-restraint and

embrace self-indulgence, it is a tragedy for your selves,

your angels, and all those who love you. Maturity must

be progressive. You must strive to build mature

boundaries of conduct which lead to advancement in

the world and respect from your peers. Self-indulgence

leads to loss of self-respect and loss of the respect of

your peers. Liberty to make spiritual progress is found in

the mature actions of the growing sons and daughters

of the Father, not in reverting to adolescence or childish


Maturity comes with self-negation, it comes with selfless

service of others, thinking of their happiness and

contentment rather than your own. The child is entirely

self-focused. The maturing adult is partially

self-focused. Jesus of Nazareth was entirely other

focused. His concern was never for himself. His comfort

was always the least of his worries. He showed the

world what a truly mature person should be like.


The self-indulgence exhibited by his followers is seen

especially in the apostle Judas who thought solely of

himself, though solely of his own concerns and was thus

led rapidly to complete ruin. You cannot climb the

heights required of you by following the Master when

you engage in acts of self-indulgence and actions that

lead to a type of morbid self-focus. These types of

actions will lead to a rapid undoing.

I know it is fashionable in your society to experience

various degrees of mid life crises, to want to recapture

some type of youthful abandon. But, you can only look

around you to see the ruined lives and wrecked

marriages that are caused by this type of

self-indulgence. It is a wise person who knows when to

put away the things of youth and to move on with life.

You are all of you passing into new stages of your lives

and this acceptance of new responsibilities as well as

new boundaries must be achieved. Each of you will

carry as much responsibility in the mission as you can

hold. Take these responsibilities with grace and ease

rather than rebellion and strife. You all have great

spiritual gifts and those gifts carry the responsibility of

spiritual growth and maturity.

This has been a stern warning and it is up to each of

you to nurture your own happiness by setting

boundaries of self-restraint. It is up to you to accept the

responsibilities of your years and to be open to new and

greater challenges that will stimulate your growth rather

than stifle it. Follow the Master’s example in turning your

concerns outward. Don’t worry about yourselves so



FEBRUARY 10, 2002


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Your lighthearted atmosphere here this evening

makes this task so much more simple and enjoyable. You each individually

possess great strength and power, but collectively we are able to do so much

more than you know. I am with gratitude to Father for His unfailing guidance

and watch-care, for at this point in time I dread to think of what existence

might be without it.

Through the power of worship I find that I get to understand Father a bit

more, I perceive His true nature. As mortals we can assume a great many

aspects of deity personalities, but it is through worship that we release

our preconceived notions, and are opened to greater understanding of who our

First Source and Center really is. God is who you make Him, so to speak. He

is whatever possibilities that are in your minds view of Him. We can be

limited by our faith levels or we can excel with divine possibilities.

Through the good practice of worship we are expanding our thought reality

into knowing the true nature of our Father.

To perceive Father as a harsh judge has us live our lives with the fear that

everything we do is under constant scrutiny, and will be judged and either

condemned or commended, depending on the situation--certainly a limited way

to live the mortal life. As we better know Father, we learn He is a true

Caretaker, in that He truly desires to see us excel in everything we do.

With this faith level we will live our lives as if the universe is with us

and there is nothing we cannot do.

At this point in time this part of the world is truly the hub of Urantia.

With all the activities taking place here now we are learning to cross many

historic barriers to incorporate the Brotherhood of Man on earth. While

these Olympic games are competitive, they hold more now than ever such

goodwill and sportsmanship. While each individual strives for their personal

best, they are always working for the good of the whole team.

The energy that is being generated is definitely nutrition for the cosmic

mind. While a great many individuals have come together to organize these

games, a great many more celestial organizers have come to put this goodwill

experience into a plan of action that will further generate new avenues of

spiritual development. In the struggle of competition we are learning that

no victory is ever worth hurting another.

As we begin to really understand our Father, we begin to love one another as

He loves us. Your sorrow is my sorrow. Your joy is my joy. As we begin to

really know the Source from which all things stem, we see the connection

between all of us. We see the downfall of another is our downfall. We see we

have the power to heal or wound. When we understand the true nature of

Father, we better understand the equality between all His children, all the

races, gender, financial status and positions of power and prestige. There

really is no seat any higher than another in the Kingdom.

To expand your understanding on the true nature of Father we feel we have a

distinct place in the universe. We need not act out to draw attention to our

own importance, no, for true joy comes from within. Joy comes from knowing

the spiritual life is real. God is real and we live our lives as if we

believe in that with all our heart and mind, yes.

Last week we spoke of attachments and how they create a distorted perception

of reality. Our priorities change from Truth, Beauty and Goodness to selfish

purposes or survival purposes, yes. The hardest disappointments to bear are

those realities you have built your life on--revealing themselves to be

unstable, as if you have wasted so much time and energy putting your heart

and mind into these things.

Do not waste any more time in the punishment of regret, the limited mindal

game of 'only if.' Move onto a new thought direction, become enthusiastic

over future possibilities from past lessons learned. Do not dwell in your

regrets and become further limited by them, no. God really is who you make

Him out to be. That concept is extremely influential in your own mind. You

will definitely live your life accordingly.

Perhaps the best method of understanding the true nature of God is to

strengthen your relationship with the Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon, Jesus

of Nazareth, Son of Man, Son of God. What do we know of the Master? He was

undoubtedly tender, and yet possessed an indescribable divine strength. He

was personable, and yet able to relate with all people from all walks of

life. He was indeed sympathetic, but never allowed His fellows to lay down

before their troubles. The Master could be found doling out words of power

and wisdom, and yet find humor in most everything--superbly balanced, yes.

If you have seen the Son--you have seen the Father. While the two

personalities are definitely distinct and individual, their personality

characteristics are alike in many ways. We come to know Father through the

setting aside of ourselves in worship. We come to know the Son through

working out life's details through conferring with the Son.


The best that we can strive for is God-likeness and to reinforce these

relationships with Father and the Master we learn their personality aspects,

their attributes. In the God-likeness is where we will find the best of

ourselves. It is where we will take up the banner of Brotherhood and lay

down the shield of selfishness. In doing our best are we at a most awesome

position to serve, to be apostles and ambassadors for the Kingdom.


As our perception grows of the true nature of God, then do we learn more

about ourselves. Yes, there is a little more understanding when we make

mistakes. There is a little more tenderness when we find we measure not up

to our own expectations. There is always the increased hope that while we

are fallible beings, our Caretakers lead us ever Heavenward, and the past is

simply stepping stones.


You have great opportunity now, my friends, to truly touch the lives of

those you come into contact with. Not through the preaching and teaching

from the Book, no, but through simply showing that you really care, that you

are really standing side-by-side with your fellows. You can make a huge

difference in their lives by showing a bit of interest in who they are.

People become more important when you understand the true nature of our

Caretakers, attachments release their hold on you and you can really begin

to serve, to make a difference, to be a director of destiny, yes.

This week journal your thoughts on the aspects of Father and Michael. How

are you limited by your beliefs? How have your beliefs changed in just this

past year and how are you better because of it? Continue to work on

detaching from those things that do not direct destiny, do not leave a

lasting impression of all that is good, yes.

This is a new time in history, children. The spiritual energy is becoming

more potent, and of course, energy moves matter. Time will seem to move more

swiftly and your participation in it will not only be of great assistance to

us but a tremendous joy to you.



FEBRUARY 25, 2002


I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. My heart is full when I see how much you care for

one another. I am always inspired to become more than I am. I will not

settle for a lesser route to be more than I am because it is more simple,

no. While I appreciate those times of comfort and ease, I do realize I am

less inclined to reach upward for help. My involvement in your lives

certainly keeps me inspired to learn more, grow more and become more than I

am, yes. As I make effort to serve in Michael's Mission, I am also served

and tremendously blessed. I thank you for your patience and willingness to

proceed ever forward.

Over these years I have been witness to literally viewing your [personal]

worlds increase incorporating those possibilities that seemed impossible

before, yes. I understand as a mortal you tend to be quite harsh on your

seemingly slow way of progression. It is with experience and time that you

can see you have actually expanded your mind, your personal world. There are

moments in this life that seem overwhelming and you cannot possibly bear one

more difficulty. I understand the feelings of inadequacy as your

difficulties enfold you. I have known the fear and pain of loss in the

mortal life, but I can say that these experiences are the very thing that

expands your mind so you can advance spiritually.

In a short time we will celebrate the Master's day of resurrection. It was a

time of releasing the old to take up the new. It was a time of dying to the

old ways and being reborn in the new. While mortal life can come with a

great many complexities, we can always take comfort in the fact that

everything changes, everything becomes new. I realize there is comfort to

some in the mundane. It seems safe and without surprises, but personal

spiritual growth is quite slowed.

You have known individuals who live with a great amount of fear and their

safety net is a life that is uneventful, unmoving and not going toward any

purpose, any goal. They seem to only to exist, not really live--just exist.

Those individuals who are somewhat balanced in this mortal life look forward

to daily challenges, unplanned experiences and surprises. They have their

safety net in the spiritual life. The spiritual life is a source of energy

that keeps you wanting to strive for a personal best, moving towards a life

in the Spirit, a perfected life, if you will.

We are inspired by the Master's life, where He was born as every child is,

and faces all the same daily difficulties and masters a life in the flesh.

His life was quite eventful at times and He took each moment as if it were

the only moment to focus on at the time. He relied on Father and His past

experiential training to move Him through events with enduring strength,

unfailing love and spiritual energy. He moved through the mortal life

without complaining, without being so entangled in unpleasant past

experiences. He learned from the past, but He did not dwell on it. He was

not so injured by it--as He was taught by it--to become who He was meant to


While the Master was indeed a divine being, He also knew very well what life

was in the flesh. There is no doubt that Father was indeed His great

strength and comfort, but I would also mention that He found much

inspiration and energy among His fellows. While His divine side did find

spiritual fulfillment from the Father, His mortal side found satisfaction in

the love and acceptance of His fellows.

As we ponder the upcoming Easter holiday, we will definitely find strength

in the life of the Master. Was He weak for seeking out His fellows company?

Was He inadequate all by Himself? No. Jesus exhausted all His human and

divine resources. His fellows faith and good cheer gave Him energy and

reminded Him of the reason He persevered through many trials.

It has been said that many times the Master was beside Himself. This was in

fact a reconciliation of His spirit with Father's. It was an alignment of

wills. It was setting aside personal desires for the Father to work. It was

dying to the old ways to take up the new. In the seemingly overburdening

mortal life you can also become as the Master was and be beside yourself,

align your will with Father's. Release the heavy burden. Realize that you

are not left alone to carry on in life's difficulties. You can lay down the

old to take up the new.

As we think about the Master's resurrection we cannot go without remembering

Pentecost, when the Spirit was poured out upon all flesh and the

repercussions therefrom. As we commit to laying down the old, we are asking

to be reborn and rejuvenated in Spirit. This is truly a baptism of the

Spirit. Your own personal faith will only allow you to go so far with this

idea, but if the individual is willing, the Spirit of Truth is ready. Allow

the grime of spirit poisons to be washed away by our Purifier, our Spirit of

Truth, our Brother/Father, yes. Allow yourselves to be bathed in the light

of truth. Allow your attitudes to become refreshed, your minds to become

expanded and open to new possibilities.

This week I ask you to journal those past experiences you insist on dwelling

in and how this creates blockage to the new. Study the Master's resurrection

and the day of Pentecost. Plan time to be still and open to that baptism of

the Spirit. Father does truly desire your happiness and He knows your

dreams. He works to incorporate His lessons into helping you find the

desires of your heart, yes. A few questions.

QUESTION: Yes, Abraham, some people talk about having a contrite spirit and a

broken heart. In your second part of your assignment I wonder if you could

expand upon the baptism of the Spirit. How does that come about?


ABRAHAM: Put simply--baptism of the Spirit occurs when one is truly

committed to drinking the cup of mortal life and accepts the consequences

therefrom, and handles it through relying on the Spirit. You definitely feel

a change in attitude and you are with more determination to meet every

challenge without complaint or feeling self-pity. Baptism of the Spirit is

perhaps likened to a reconnection to the divine circuits. You can literally

feel it. At times some are perhaps tempted to go a bit overboard with

spreading the good news, but reality is certain to bring them back to earth.

I am believing that the saying 'a contrite spirit and a broken heart' is off

the mark here. That is more towards self-sacrificing to show Father how much

you love Him. Perhaps I am mistaken, but my idea here is that the baptism of

the Spirit is brush with the Spirit of Truth and the effects are awesome.

Another question?

QUESTION: Abraham, can you comment about belief in the idea that Jesus had

to die for our sins, the notion that we needed His blood to wash away our


ABRAHAM: Is there another purpose for this explanation Harrison? (I just

encountered a lot of that these last two weeks with the Christians that

were handing things out on the corner.) Understood. I would say a few words.

Those that are so locked into the atonement doctrine would probably not

easily accept the ideas of the Urantia Book. The Master simply came to

reveal to us the Father in Heaven and reveal to the Father His mortal

children. He was not about building the spiritual life on any miracles or

ideas of self-sacrifice that pays your way into Heaven. The Master was more

focused on the positive aspects of the growing Kingdom, not about atoning

for a broken society to become worthy. This is so difficult to explain to

those who sincerely believe that the blood of Christ is their payment for

their unworthiness to be received into Heaven. It would be well if you could

also focus on the positive aspects of the Master's purpose and plans for the

growing Kingdom, instead of any debate over the atonement doctrine. Is this

helping. (Yes. Thank you.) You're welcome. Another question?

QUESTION: Abraham, when someone is so stuck on not giving into the Spirit of

Truth or in our life patterns, you know us pretty well and we cling onto our

old ways. It almost takes the harshness of life to beat us down to our

knees, not that Father is, but our own stubbornness I think is. What would

you say to us to change that attitude to not have to be beat down? It is so

hard to let go of the old patterns and trust and accept in faith that things

will be okay embracing the will of God.

ABRAHAM: With the varying personalities of individuals there are different

ways to accept divine help. Some will not receive until they are brought to

their knees by life's circumstance--not by Father--mind you, but by their

own obstinate determination to remain in old patterns. Angels, teachers,

various helpers, all help toward bringing you those lessons you need to

continue growing, but never do they inflict anything that would bring a

person such humility that their last resort was to open up to Heaven. The

point is that there is no hurry. There is no time limit and everyone is

completely safe.

North Idaho Teaching Mission Group

Topics: Peace, Healing Circuits, Accessing Another's Mind, Circuits/Circles

Teachers: Jessona, Elyon

February 10, 2001

*       Jessona (Jonathan TR):  Greetings to you, this is Jessona. I spoke a few weeks back about stillness and wish to infuse the same pattern of thinking that I used then only this time on the subject of peace, for there are corollaries.  I mentioned that you can experience stillness even in a dynamic manner and alluded to the morontia quality that can be experienced regardless of your activities, that even activity can contribute to the

inner connection that personality may have with Creator.  This is true with peace.

You who are so diligent in pursuing the opportunities of growth have come to

realize that you experience peace, that soul contentment, even when you are midst

much turmoil or grappling with a complex issue or facing an emotional upheaval.

Understanding that your inner life is your portal to the morontia living

experience, it is possible to receive from that reality just beyond your

physical realm that nature of being peaceful.

All too often peace is sought through the comfort of the physical

realm, through the security of close bonds, the assurances of a structured life

that will support.  However, true peace is a real, deep understanding and

experience with the Father, His embrace, and the assurance that comes from the strength

of that embrace.

We master seraphim are in charge of the reserve corps.  These beings

you have read about are mortal and are trained deep within to engage in

emergency activities should the need arise.  That area of mind wherein they are

trained is the same area of mind wherein you can experience stillness continually and

peace always and, for that matter, love as well.

When you are feeling distracted, when your life is churning at a pace that seems unsettling or events are unfolding against your will for what should or could transpire, that is the time to tell yourself there is peace.  Be ready to accept there is peace and be willing to set aside, "I will find peace", for that is a time-oriented peace that comes after the turmoil has ceased.  Michael told you that he leaves his peace with you, and that is not temporary, it is

always. That peace you can have instantaneously when you step to that portal of

morontia connectivity deep within you and avail yourself of that experience.  By

doing so you will create a reflexive response to that profound sense of contentment

and assurance even while you are battered about with events that seem to upset.

I do not wish to monopolize the connection here today and will allow

others in attendance to speak with you. I am here for the day.

QUESTION:  What clearance does an entity need to access our thoughts?

I ask because it is evident from The Urantia Book that the thoughts of the

apostles were represented in the book.  Does that result from them remembering them

later or was someone able to receive them at the time?

*       Jessona:  Nebadonia is the source of your mind, all your minds, and -- not

to bring undue concern -- but she is aware of every thought every moment of

every day. But this mother of mercy does not hold you in judgment for your

thoughts, for she is appreciative of your nature as her children and is willing to

co-experience your thinking processes.  Others have avenues that are not

direct, for instance, we are well trained in the patterns of human thinking, the

reactions and habits of a mind such as the one bestowed upon each of you.

So, we can anticipate and often validate our anticipation of what you are thinking

through your actions.  Not all have access directly to your Thought Adjuster.

Some beings are fully communicative with the Divine Presence, and it is

through such a relay of your mind contents by way of the Thought Adjuster that these

beings are able to acquire the contents.


Sovereignty of will implies a degree of privacy of thought, for although

the universe is full of eager personalities to minister to another, always

must we await the willingness to receive higher lessons, deeper experiences.  It

would be rather convenient if we could propagandize all minds throughout Nebadon,

but that would not be the Father's will.  The more you are willing and the more

that the Father within agrees, then we are given free access.  Otherwise you

might liken it to the rudeness of not knocking before you open a door to a room

that has been closed.

Regarding the apostles, much that transpired in their lives was of Supreme consequence and significance.  Their thoughts are a permanent possession of the Supreme. When the midwayers were granted permission to retell the life of Jesus,

they were given access to resource material that had been collected by

angels and to beings who could grasp the Supreme nature of these experiences and

present them reconstructed in the pattern of the particular apostle.  And I must

remind you of the angels who record in triplicate.

Also, the story as it has been compiled in the Urantia Papers, though

drawing from the thoughts of the apostles, includes much content that was

unavailable to an apostle at that particular time when they were alive and

Jesus was present with them.  This is why the midwayers do not say, "Peter

thought" Jesus was thinking or willing to do some particular thing.  They present it

as Jesus doing or thinking directly.  More importantly, however, is that the

midwayers, though close to you, do not think like you, and it was important

to have the responses of the apostles in their reference material so that they

may more efficiently humanize their form of the story of Michael's life here on


Since it has been many years that the apostles have not been on this

world, the midwayers were able to contact those apostles who are now ascending the

morontia realms and verify what they thought transpired during the

revelations of Michael.  It is true that the midwayers were there all the time and saw at

first hand, however, more importantly in the re-presentation of his bestowal

story, they required the human viewpoint.

In regard to accessing mind again, I must also point out that it was

recorded on Salvington long ago that not all was well in the mind of

Lucifer, but that is the degree to which that assessment was made.  The full disclosure

of his thoughts was only made through his chosen actions and statements that

followed. Michael and Mother Spirit knew, but Gabriel only could receive such

knowledge through counsel with Michael.  This was not forthcoming as easily as it does

today now that Michael is a Master Son, for Michael prior to his current

status chose to limit the degree to which he could access another's mind and more

so the degree to which he would share the knowledge that he had acquired with

someone else. Again, it is the sovereignty of will issue.  Now Michael has proven

himself.  Now all the powers that were his all along are in full engagement,

and this is why he says, "I am with you always".  This is the import of his

statement, "It is finished," for that episode from the beginning of Nebadon

to the point of the closure of his seventh bestowal was a time of limitation

for him. He is now fully expanded, fully engaged, and with his spirit



If you wish to share your mind with another entity you may give

permission and trust the personalities and mechanisms in place that will aid in the

exchange of consciousness. If you desire to be more private in your mind field, you

are accepted for choosing such.  Mind is one of the great miracles at play

across the universe, for we all share a mind type, yet we all have a node of mind that

is our personal possession.

QUESTION:  Are you allowed to tell us if Judas survived?

*       Jessona:  I am not able to reveal that information.  But I will add

that Judas is not unlike many, many individuals on this world and that Michael is

a son of mercy.

 QUESTION: Last week's lesson on circuits painted a whole new framework

for me. Physically you spoke of plugging into circuits like into a toaster, or like

a key for an automobile.  Perhaps everyone in a swimming pool shares a circuit, or

everyone who has eaten a certain fruit perhaps aligned in a similar circuit.

Philosophically everyone who has seen the same movie, read the same book,

etc., has availed themselves of the same circuit.  I assume you access spiritual

circuits through, one, stillness and prayer, two, by service and, three, by

asking.  How do I access spiritual circuits?


*       Jessona:  I will turn you over to Elyon who gave that address to

answer for you.


*       Elyon:  Greetings, my friend.  We have taught you about the circuits

so that you may grow in awareness of their reality and learn to access them and

leverage them for the benefit of your fellows and the world in general.

Circuit, the term, is convenient, for it implies network.  It also gives the

conceptual vision of individuals distances apart who have connection independent of

that distance. You understand electricity better than the many years that

preceded its discovery on this world.  You understand the flow of energy, and these

qualities of circuitry apply well to the spiritual circuits that we tell you

of. Yet, the term does begin to fall short of all that is contained in the

reality of circuits, for there is another word that would expand the concept, and that

is circles, arenas.  It could have been said that you ascend seven psychic

circuits for seven psychic circles.  Where I am heading in this response is that in

order to avail yourself of another circuit, one that is higher than your current

incircuitment, you must maturize your experience in the circuit, circle, you

are in.

You have given three techniques, and I approve; these are helpful in

carrying you, bridging you, into the next circuit.  Asking is of great

importance, for, just like electricity, without the ground the positive has

nowhere to go.  By asking you are setting up the want and the need, and it

will be filled.  By praying you are seeking the greatest source of wisdom that

could ever be.  In ministry you are standing as the wires of the circuit.  There

may be a plus and there may be a minus and a potential between, but your engagement

in service to your fellows connects the two poles and allows the energy to

flow. All through the universe we place beings in functions; not much is automated

mechanically, and this is particularly true of the ascent of the mortal

creature to Paradise.


I will return to a prior lesson of circles and remind you that

circles overlap and create new circles, subcircles, and circuits do likewise, for

you know of the grand universe circuits and the circuits of various levels of

the architecture of the grand universe. It has been revealed to you that there

are even more circuits that are established through personality contact with one

another.  Each one is a layer among the many layers of circuitry.


I will draw upon your understanding of the cosmology of this

universe presented in the Urantia Papers and bring to note that much of the universe

is made of circles.  Each one is clearly defined and marked as separate because

of circuitry.  That circuitry is a bonding force for each circle. As you

ascend circuits will be available to you that you had long hoped for when you were

in a circle of attainment that was not advantageous to have access to that

circuit. Therefore, do all you can at the level you are on and you will receive

incircuitments at the next level in due time. Has this been supplementary?

QUESTION:  When observing a physical phenomena, the more senses I

incorporate, the stronger the imprint.  Considering mind a sense, perhaps better

understanding comes from incorporating as many circuits as possible?  Is that on the right


*       Elyon:  Indeed it is and well said, for you know the eye functions

independent of the ear and the other senses likewise.  They each have their

own circuit. However, you the experiencer correlates each circuit into an

experience. By using this same integration you can perceive in a more

morontia sense what is transpiring in your life .... signals gathered by you and

processed, composed, become vision or insight which you then can apply in

your ministry.  Also, as you demonstrate the ability to correlate

multi-circuitry, you become eligible for the reception of further incircuitments.

COMMENT: Stillness is probably the organization of our switchboard for

sorting incoming information.

*       Elyon:  Yes, it becomes your control room.

QUESTION: We are tempted to study circuits one at a time when they don't

operate individually.  They all operate at the same time, right?


*       Elyon:  Yes.

COMMENT:  It would be difficult to leave one out.  They all impact each


*       Elyon:  Indeed.  As illustration let me point out that your

circulatory system in your body feeds valuable nutrients to your neural circuits.  Yet

without the neural circuits the heart would not pump. They are

interrelated, interconnected.  That pattern repeats itself throughout the universe.

QUESTION:  That's why they study a living frog rather than a dead one,


*       Elyon:  Suffice it to say that's why I study you now.

COMMENT:  I appreciate all the effort you and your team put forth on

our behalf. It sweetens our lives. Thank you so much.

*       Elyon:  I appreciate your expression of gratitude, and my life has

likewise been enriched by our association. There are no plans for us to terminate

our project, and so we look forward to many more years ahead, much work to be

done, many circuits to enliven and circles to climb. I will take my leave.

Olfana on "The Treasure of Your Memories"   07-27-00

Half Moon Bay, CA TeaM Group

This is a lesson that Olfana gave to us at the 2000 California "SpiritFest"

Conference, that was held in July at Pigeon Point Lighthouse, on the

beautiful California coastline above Santa Cruz.  The property surrounding

the lighthouse has been converted into a hostel, and this was where we

stayed for our conference.  So, as you read this lesson, imagine the rocky

cliffs of the coast, with foamy white waves breaking over rocky tidal

outcrops, set in deep blue and azure ocean waters.  Streaming down the

sunlit cliffs are the purple and magenta flowering iceplants.  In the

cloud-laced sky above are gray and white sea gulls, who dive to the beach

and tidal pools, and then fly high up to perch on the top railings of the

imposing lighthouse, which towers over the entire scene.  Enjoy. Love, Susan Kimsey

I am the teacher OLFANA, and I am so pleased to be here with you.  There is

such an interesting atmosphere in this lovely beach location, where over a

long period many people, from many generations, have spent time, all coming

here with their own sense of purpose.  Quite often some people had a more

commercial purpose, building a lighthouse to protect the ships at sea.

There were some with a scientific purpose, studying the oceans, the tides,

the currents, and animals that frequent this inlet. Some came to study the

flora and fauna.  Some have come simply for the beauty of the place, coming

to paint or take pictures of nature. Now that there are houses here, some

people treat this area as a resting spot and come to "get away from it all."

Your group has come here for a spiritual gathering.  Because this area has

seen so many types of experiences, there are energies that permeate the land

and the atmosphere here.

When you walk outside into the fresh air and take in the view, sense not

only the natural energies, like those of the beautiful sea touching the

land, but think also of those other humans, and why they have gathered at

such a spot as this.   Recognize yourself inside this timeline of human

history.  Try to see yourself in this broader framework, with your limited

life in a context of these other humans who came before you.  See yourself

experiencing something of the same that they have experienced.  In this way,

see if you can generate within yourself a deeper sense of connection with

this history of others who lived before you on this planet, a sense that you

are still in a relationship with those who have left this world.

Your memories and experiences from a location such as this are a part of the

beauty that you keep, and share, when you pass on from this world.  Indeed,

you will be able to share this beauty with others on the mansion levels in a

way that will be so much more remarkable and amazing than the way you can

now share memories.  After you leave this site and return home, you see your

friends, and say of your memory,

 "Oh yes, I spent a weekend at Pigeon Point Lighthouse.  It was a beautiful

site.  I'd never spent time before in a place like that.  It had uniqueness.

And there are details..."


When you pass on to the mansion levels, bringing with you a memory of

this world, you can share this memory in a way such that others smell the

flowers that you smelled, and see the beauty that you saw when morning

daylight first touched the leaves of the trees, and the blossoms of the

flowers.  Even a memory of heartfelt love that you felt for someone can

there, in the mansion worlds, indeed, be conveyed in emotional depth to

another with whom you would share this "love memory."

Once we pass on, we can combine our worldly experiences with others, in this

greater way, to develop a remarkable collection of lifetime experiences.

So, if you never snorkeled, or climbed a giant rock cliff, on this planet,

you will be able to seek out and obtain such experiences from others who

have.  And at the same time, of course, you offer them all the remarkable

precious experiences that you carry in your memory collection.  Your knowing

that you will develop this remarkable "world experience" memory collection,

by giving and taking, after you pass from this planet, I hope, provides a

new incentive for you.  Each time you reach out to savor some special moment

in your life, now, I encourage you to do so in a way that captures the

moment as part of a personal treasure, which you can then share with others

in your eternal life, later.  Imagine, also, all the remarkable possibilities of selection you will have from the memories that others will share with you.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group

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Also from Half Moon Bay, CA

Group Session: SpiritFest 1999

Christ Michael on "Stepping Out in Faith"

Christ Michael:  My children, I have come to you to share a few words, sense

our love together and offer you my counsel and guidance as your Creator Son.

I have asked you to step out now in faith, trusting in my guidance,

receiving my strength, absorbing my protection and care.  It is not an easy

path I ask of you.  There are indeed sacrifices to be made at times--moments

when you must fight disillusionment, your own sense of fear or rejection, or

merely the exhaustion of making this effort in my name.  I offer you my

peace now.  Feel it, my children.  Breathe it in as it flows from me.


I am the Savior of this world!  I am the great guide back to The Source and

Center of All Being.  I am your Master now, and I cherish you as my dear

beloved beings.  I have created you with loving intention and I wish you now

to relish this gift of life!  Relish, and at the same time, do indeed offer

those sacrifices to my cause.  Let me see you in your glory and in your

sense of commitment to my true desire now to bring Urantia back into the

flock, the fold--one of those planets which is a beacon of love and light

for the Father.  You can do this!  Do not doubt the potentials, the gifts I

have placed within you.  You are stronger than you realize at times.  You

are to trust yourselves.

Remember me, my children, in those moments when you waver or falter.

Remember the sacrifices that I chose to make.  Remember the ways in which I

extend myself for all those I love that I create.  Do this in my name.  I

appeal to you now toward your understanding of me in your hearts and minds.

I appeal to you to help me now in this great cause that I have initiated for

this planet.  You are my "soldiers."  You are my "sheep."  You are my

"servants." You are my "dear ones."  Please take these appellations into your sense of

yourself, and act from this.  Act out of your love.  Act out of your sense

of faith and commitment.  Act out of your belief in yourself, in me as your

Beloved Sovereign, and in the glory that you understand of God!  Act out of

your sense of righteousness.  What is fair?  What is good?  What is kind?  What

is gentle?

Take these actions for me, my dear beloved children, and you will be

comforting my heart.  I need you just as much as you need me.  We are

together in this!  We are bonded.  You are of me and I am of you.  As you

pray, think of this, at times.  Place you hands together as I am now holding

them. (TR holds her hands up, clasped firmly together.) Become your hand and let

me become the other hand, and clasp them together in love, in trust, in

strength! And ask of God to understand what part of my mission, my calling is there

for you.  I bless you now.  You have my love.  You are my source of joy!

You will do the right thing.  I trust in you.  I depart now, my dear ones.


Olfana on "Courage"

This is Olfana who speaks now.  I wish to discuss the topic of "courage."

Courage combines with your willingness to act.  A courageous thought, in and

of itself, is indeed commendable.  But, courage seeks an outlet of

expression.  Courage's best evidence is shown in courageous actions.  A

courageous heart seeks a cause in which to express itself.  A courageous

mind seeks pure, good and true ideas to connect with, and then project to

the world.  Courage is a strong part of your willingness "to be," to express

yourself, to show the best of the strengths of your soul.  In this way, I

would indeed encourage you to take your thoughts of courage and ask God's

Counsel for ways in which they can be expressed.

When you encourage another you are offering them words of counsel to fortify

their actions, their choices, a desire to see a betterment in their life.

And this is what encouragement to another is--that you are taking your

courageous sense of them, a courageous understanding of how they can be, and

you are attempting to impart this understanding to them, to another who

needs this encouragement, who needs this strengthening, who needs this

catalyst to then express their own courage and strength.  And therefore, I

would encourage all of you to become a person who identifies your own

courageous thoughts, and seeks outlets for them and indeed seeks to identify

this in others.

Half Moon Bay, CA Teaching Mission Group



November 1996, Spokane, WA


* Aaron: Good evening, this is Aaron, my friends. Tonight I would discuss

with you concerning individuality and its balance in relationship to the


Quite often the understanding has been presented that the goal of the

universes is unity, oneness, a bonding of all personality into an

indissoluble unit of love and family. In relationship, the effort toward

understanding other personalities is required, and from working in

combination with others, many issues may rise about the level of one's

participation within a relationship.

One of the basic causes for diminished perception of reality in interaction

is the lack of recognition of one's individuality personally. If one does

not have the capability to relate individually with freedom, then it is true

that they are incapable of promoting individuality in another. In this you

may begin to understand that relationships and interaction must begin first

with the individual, with who you are, building that relationship within to

the spirit.

In striving for unity, for oneness throughout the universes, what then is

the purpose of individuality? It seems to equate that individuality should

be sacrificed to maintain unity, to find oneness. This is critically

incorrect. True unity will nurture, support, and uplift individuality,

uniqueness, due to the fact that the individuality of any being is rooted in

the personality endowed upon them by the First Source and Center of all


For one to sacrifice personality to gain an expression of unity would be a

false reflection and lend itself more toward uniformity. The unity of

individuals never requires sacrifice in its most ideal form, for each

personality, all personality, is required to have full freedom of expression

before universal unity is realized. All personality throughout the grand

universes must have full expression because the endowments are the gift from

God which are as a jigsaw puzzle to the realization of the Supreme.

When each personality is placed in its proper role and function the result

will be an integrally symmetric continual function of truth, beauty, and

goodness, portraying the reality of all value combined.


As we bring this concept closer to you in your individual lives, you must

then ask yourselves why it is that you would sacrifice your value and your

personality to gain acceptance and commonality with others if, in reality,

your free functioning of personality expressing itself, uniquely

representing an aspect of our Universal Parent, is the crowning achievement

and greatest possible good that one can accomplish?


Where you exist at this point in time seems to be as a battlefield of wills

exerting themselves, trying to gain control, to have expression. The chaos

in this evolutionary state is due to the dual nature of animal and spirit,

the will of the ego, the will of God. Your functioning at this level is to

synchronize the animal will with the Divine leading through continual effort

at making choices that are enlightened by truth, enhanced in beauty and

empowerd with goodness.

Recognize that to sacrifice your individuality to gain relationship is to

deny the basic principles of spiritual insight. The question arises: Do you

wish to have animal human contact and interaction to satisfy the longing and

loneliness of human heart at the sacrifice of reality, more so than to have

reality expressed through you find interaction and relationship with the

reality expressed through another? At what point will the human cease to

compromise integrity and gain a birthright of spiritual endowment?

Individual expression is required to find unity and to know family. To hear

the call to sacrifice for the team, to go with the flow without rocking the

boat, is to witness the control of ego will upon the individual expression.

Consensus is better built through the honest airing of value from each

personality, allowing harmonic views to take precedence through shared

insight and understanding, rather than a dominating attitude of majority

prevailing. True personality expression will find resolution in any

scenario, whether it is one, five, ten, or many, many personalities in


DANIEL - Creating with God

... and Klarixiska


12-7-01 - TR: Bill K.

Tonight's lesson has to do with sharing creatorship with God.  It is, in

fact, an aspect of your involvement with God, the Supreme. When you stop

to think about it, we are in existence in this universe because it is the

will of God that it should be created.  The eternal universe of Havona,

circling around Paradise, fully expresses the nature of God in beauty, in

wisdom, in exquisite variety, and infinite perfection.  But the Trinity

decided that They wanted to expand Their creatorship prerogatives; They

wanted to share them with Their own Sons and Daughters so that They could

build a new kind of universe, one in which creatorship is shared all the

way down the line.  This new universe is the one that you and I live in.

It is the evolving Grand Universe, the arena of the evolving Supreme.

Have you ever thought about the generosity of the Gods, that They are

willing to share Their creator prerogatives with other personal beings,

even including us mortals, the lowest order of origin?

All your gifts of creativity are inherent in your personality, as all

personalities are creative.  This is the link between your creativity and

that of the First, Second, and Third Sources and Centers.  We are all

personal beings, and therefore, inherently creative.  "But", you may

protest, "I am not an artist; I can't do what some of my talented friends

do.  I am not a musician.  I cannot do what my talented friends do.  I am

not a writer.  I cannot compose novels, poetry, etc."  Perhaps you do not

have these particular gifts, but you are still a creator.

Think of this, my friends.  Because of your free will you choose how to

structure your days.  You create the milieu of your lives by your choices

day by day, yes, moment by moment.  You are creating yourselves,

momentarily, even as you are creating your life's opportunities.  All of

you parents have biologically created your children, and if you are good

parents, you are creating a growing and healthy environment. To be aligned

with God, to be doing His will always involves creativity.  To be in

opposition to God's will is to be aligned with destruction rather than


You may be wondering why I am talking about creativity.  I have chosen this

topic because I wish to broaden the base of your understanding.  I wish to

enliven your minds so that you will be more grateful for your existence,

for now you can understand your inherent connection with our true Parents,

in that you are their children, and have commonality of personality status.

 We do not relate to an abstract Force.  We do not worship a chemical

formula.  We are the children of a personal Father and Mother, in one

Parent combined, and we are cells in the body of God the Supreme.


The prerogatives of creativity are inherent in  personality as they are

expressed through free will.  The reality of belonging to the Supreme

limits the free will arena in some measure so that one's choices do not

handicap or harm other person's choices.  Again, using the body as an

illustration: the liver functions in harmony with the kidneys, not in

opposition; the bones and muscles cooperate for movement to be possible,

they do not act in opposition.  In like manner, your creativity is blended

and limited by your being a part of the whole, not just the whole of

planetary life on Urantia, but the Whole of the Superuniverse of Orvonton,

of the Grand Universe which is in the process of completion.

Now we come to the great mystery, the barrier of the next universe age.  We

believe that we shall be involved in the organization and administration of

the next level of the universe expansion into the first, second, third, and

fourth outer space levels, already in process of formation.  In order for

us to be involved with the life that will be developed, the entire universe

career ahead of us argues for a purpose greater than our perfection

attainment alone.  Our creativity will go beyond ourselves.  Indeed, the

Supreme will be part of the completion of the Ultimate in that next

universe age which awaits the Paradise Finaliters.


These are no "small potatoes," my friends!  Your lives are of immense

significance.  We are part of the grandest experiment that can be

conceived! You and I are not mere animals in our origin.  We are human and

divine in our potential personality fusion and when you reach the status of

someone like myself, this fusion will occur, if not before.  But it is

really just the beginning of the immense creativity of all who are part of

the Supreme, as they are creating together in their interlocking

relationships.  It is awesome, truly, what God has decided to share with

you and me in this universe age of the development and completion of the

Almighty Supreme.

(Discussion and questions follow. Celestial teacher Klarixiska concludes the

evening with a prayer.)


I am Klarixiska.  Let us pray.

To you, First Source and Center, who dwells within each of us, we give our

heart's allegiance.  We thank you for the gift of personality, free will

choice, and the result that we can co-create our part in the Supreme.  We

thank you for every experience that comes to us in all the lives that we

shall live on our ascension to Paradise.  We thank you for the joy that we

have as we learn and then share with other people.  Bless these, my

friends, my little brothers and sisters, that they may enjoy this

playground and learn how to share their toys effectively and fairly with

each other.  Amen.