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This Portal doesn’t preach, minister, debate, discuss or prioritize religious beliefs. We believe all personalities are unique and all true religion is personal. Only you can gauge the truth in your beliefs as a human. Only you can continue to learn or stand mired in flawed dogma.

We believe in the search itself — for values upon which we can stake our spiritual survival. We believe that our infantile minds need to grow.

We have been personally involved in sources that  we recommend to all seekers of Truth, Beauty and Goodness, and are working to build a searchable database to explore and compare them.

• The Teaching Mission: Transmissions from 1992 to present.

• The Magisterial Mission transmissions of Northern Colorado

We include all lessons for comparative study, and are linked to the texts and search engines for the three Foundation-based new Revelations of our times— The Urantia Book Fellowship, A Course in Miracles and The Pathwork.

We are sponsored by a band of apostles for Christ Michael and the Stillness practice at We are a tax-deductible nonprofit organization in the State of Florida.


1. Provide a central discovery venue for three Foundation-supported Spiritual Revelations well worth exploring by any human — the Urantia Book, A Course in Miracles and the Pathwork Guide lessons.

2. Introduce each of these Revelations to each other in an assertive way, literally insisting that they explore one another and reveal their own attitudes towards free mind and altruism.

3. Show ultimately how the study texts of the three Revelations work together very well in a human’s spiritual life growth plan. They explain who we are and our best ascension paths.

4. Fill many curiosities about search topics of mutual interest. Visitors can see and compare what the Revelations say about timely issues.

5. Introduce to all the quarter century plus lessons of the planetary Teaching Mission of Christ Michael and the subsequent Magisterial Mission of co-creative service. Visitors can explore a searchable database for these celestial teachers who support all three Revelations.

6. Provide a framework for future database inclusions of these featured Revelations and other spiritual networks that appreciate our comparative research, some noted within our Friends and Sources link.

7. Promote the universal concept of Stillness time for souls to develop a personal relationship with God and an interactive educational connection with his legions of teachers, artisans and angels. This is where Meditation Meets God and up-reach leads to co-creative service to redeem the planet.  

8. Strongly assert the global challenges facing our world to survive tumultuous events and build or re-build sustainable institutions with spiritual values. Lessons from Machiventa Melchizedek and other celestial teachers show some productive paths to future redemptions.

9. Demonstrate the reality of interactive communications with celestial beings for those who can release their analytical mind into faith-full service and reap the sustenance of spiritual silence. We provide decades of reliable and compatible advice and counsel from an alphabetical list of celestial personalities who are on the same ascension path as we are.

10. Transcend restrictive old control dogmas and introduce visitors to a whole new world of modern-day spirituality that makes perfect sense and empowers the human mind and spirit in their own human quest under a benevolent and loving Universal God.

11. Help people Love One Another.











Light and Life — Our Purpose