The Transmitting/Receiving Process


When the supernal teachers arrived with the Melchizedek curriculum, many humans were already familiar with the process of spiritual channeling.  It remains accepted as valid by some, and disdained by others. 

Some observers still insist that the transmitting-receiving process utilized by the Teaching Mission celestials is a form of channeling.  In their minds, they may liken it to a trance-like, non-participatory state. 

In fact, it is a new process that allows the receiving and transmitting vessel to maintain his free will of speaking the words by choice, and it features a co-creative environment whereby humans work together with the celestials, and each is encouraged to make supernal contact.  Being conscious, in an alpha state, allows the vessel to feel the presence of the teachers and remain a sharing member of the group, rather than unconscious being in a deeper delta state.

Here are some transmissions from the teachers on the T/R process.


DANIEL, Southeast Idaho, 3-30-2001

Transmitting/Receiving [T/R’ing] has been a topic which ebbs and flows in interest and concern. Because every one of us is different, morontial and mortal, no two interactions between celestials and mortals are identical. The T/R’ing process involves for some the literal hearing of words, individually or by phrases, which they repeat. Some have seen words which they read. Most are given concepts presented as pictures and thoughts, and the individual T/R’s mind is the blending and mixing place where the meeting of the celestial communication uses the instrumentation of the mortal’s neurological circuitry and mindal thought patterns.

Always remember that the mind and the brain are not the same. The mind uses the brain as an organ; but the mind is far greater than even this most marvelous instrument.

MATTHEW, a primary midwayer, Osburn, Idaho  3-6-2002

In contact with Receivers/Transmitters, or as you may call them, channelers, it could be said that there really is no difference between these two supposed methods, or descriptions, of receiving celestial messages, other than that they are but names for the same or similar phenomena.

It is important to always bear in mind that both human brains and interacting minds are “constructed” in endless variety. That there are genetic pre-dispositions for one to be alert to the “arrival” of other-than-one’s-own mind’s input into consciousness. And add to that the fact that in one’s maturing to an age where one is, in a broad sense, receptive to these spiritual jolts, reception also rests on a foundation of countless variations—not just nature, but also nurture and life experiences.

And so they are your midwayer cousins who are mostly the experts in determining what method of contact will work best, if at all. Your celestial teachers are totally dependent on the skills of your close relatives, the secondary midwayers, who determine in what fashion these … messages, lessons, teachings, programs, can best be transferred to your minds, and be of use to the individual, or be disseminated from there on.

It is not at all an easy matter to find those who are receptive, and beyond that, it is not a logical assumption that these messages, these lessons, these teachings, will ever be passed onto others less equipped in their genetic/experiential make-up to become the recipients of what we convey by direction of our superiors.

I make it clear to you that at whatever level of mind this input is received, there are a number of prerequisites by which to measure its “realness” and values … having the ability in meditation, and in one’s spiritual make-up, to draw close to the Father, and having the willingness to share the Creator’s love for the many who will grow because of, prosper by, profit from the teachings that come their way, although be it through an intermediary.

There really is no difference between the T/R and those who learn from the “end product transcript,” compared to what there is between your midwayer cousins who must be at hand to transfer the celestials’ teachings to the minds of the T/R’s. You rely on the midwayers who, like you, are but a shackle in a lengthy chain of communications.

And perhaps it would be fair to say that those not yet ready for direct contact with us rely on the T/R to receive, as the celestials fully rely on the midwayers to disseminate the teachings to their human cousins.

Like you, I can view what goes on in this universe as the outworkings of a mighty corporation that has, through cooperation, only love, empathy, and watchcare as its valued end product.

I hope that our chat has to some degree allayed your doubts about the accuracy of T/R’ing that so many have doubts about, and, indeed, even fear.

ALANA, Southeast Idaho, 3-30-2001

Again, as Daniel has said, every connection that we make with you mortals results in a different experience. By this I do not suggest that experiences are totally different, no. There is much in common. But there is the fine edge of distinction between one connection and another.

When we say that it is best for the T/R to be out of the way, this has often been misunderstood. Some people have assumed that this was a wish for you to become a channel, a mere tube through which the information flows, wholly unconscious and out of the process; an automaton, a robot, a mouthpiece. However, that is not what we desire at all. This is an experience of duality, partnership. We are providing the concepts, but you T/R’s are providing the equipment, the thought processes, the memory banks. It is more or less exceptional for a T/R to speak that which he or she has no knowledge of, although it does happen.


ABRAHAM in Utah, 12-30-1996

Student:  Abraham, you are choosing to speak through somebody right now. Is that your preference or do you have other ways to communicate with people directly or indirectly?

Abraham:  I am choosing this method with Ellanor because she allows it. If she did not I would attempt to perhaps use different methods, such as speaking to Ellanor through her friends, her family, perhaps through meditation where messages are felt rather than heard.

To speak through another is not uncommon. We have perfected this method over time. And I would agree that everyone here this evening is quite capable of using this particular method, whether there is willingness is another question. But I say those mortals who claim to have exclusive rights on this particular method of communication are not being truthful. All are capable and indeed welcome to experience this technique. It is a matter of willingness and trust and allowance on the part of the receiving mortal.

As time goes on this method of communication will appear to be quite natural and not at all the phenomenon some proclaim it to be. Still as this world progresses further into Light and Life this particular method of transmitting/receiving will be outdated and unnecessary to reach the masses, for the natural abilities of those who seek to live within the will of Father will easily have all needed information at hand through the universal circuits and the use of the cosmic mind.

TAR-AL-HAKIM, a Mighty Messenger, Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica, 9-10-2000

Student:  I would like to know if what teacher Will said long ago is true, that it takes a certain chemical in the brain to become a transmitter.

Tar-al-hakim:  Thank you. Yes, to [your] question, but I wish to say to you that you are always changing and you are always capable of change. There are no limitations that cannot, if it is God’s will, be surmounted. It is no special demarcation upon an individual should that person, as your beloved T/R did, suddenly begin to speak our “language,” as you might put it.

So my friend, you are concerned for your chemical imbalance, but I must think that you are equally concerned that you are not worthy, and fear that is why you hear not, see not, speak not.

What I wish to tell you, sir friend, you are making progress. You chew on things. You worry, worry, worry. This you learned quite early. This you would gladly surrender. Let your gladness come through to me, and I will help you. It is no sign of your inferiority. It is no sign of your hopelessness in life that you have not heard your teacher speak to you in such a way as you can step forward with confidence and have him, or anyone else, speak through you, as I now speak through your beloved transmitter.

Continue, please, to surrender the burden of your life to us, so that you may demonstrate the joy that is God’s gift to everyone, even in the most trying of planetary circumstances. There is no God-given reason for you alone to be excluded from this.


JAREL, Acadia, CA 10-15-1992

It is important to remember that many people will never hear a teacher’s voice within themselves. It is not the goal of the mission for you to hear us. The goal of our mission is for you to receive our message, receive God’s message through us. There are many ways of doing that. For some it has been important that they are able to hear us so they may transmit our message to others. Many people will find their place by listening to the mission and incorporating it and by doing God’s will as opposed to hearing it only.

ALANA, Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica, 2-5-01

It is in the Stillness that these voices, my voice, the wisdom and experience of the teachers with whom I participate in bringing God’s love and words of light to your planet … it is in the Stillness our voices may be recognized by you, and many others willing to listen. Still, it is no shame that some more readily recognize the separate and distinct vibration that guides the manifestation of our tongue, our language.

It is, therefore, a blessing that some should be so capable, and others should thereby develop their powers of listening. It is, you see, quite valuable to learn another tongue by listening. In the listening you learn how to transmit what is heard to others by your speaking. Your speaking may take its idiosyncratic expression.

This is quite necessary upon your planet, although the message is always the same, to love one another as you are loved, by your teachers, by Michael, Nebadonia, Father, Mother. God’s spirit of love is yours. You are such a multiplicity of life forms that it is well and good that you should have a multiplicity of methods of communication of this love.


ABRAHAM in Utah 1-20-1997

This particular method of transmitting/receiving requires you each to filter all messages through your intellect, as well as your inner self, which is your soul. Our Father would not expect you to receive these teachings any other way.


On 2-3-1997

I am a teacher. I work to assist this planet move towards a new and better age. My choice in methods of communications is transmitting/receiving. I do so with permission of the mortal receiver. I am not in control in any way. I do not possess the minds of my mortal contacts, no. I give to those that would receive me. You each are not about to allow any past fallacies to corrupt truth, no. You each assist in these communications, but I say that it is with permission that this mortal subject allows this communication. I do not take from her. I do not add to her. There is no loss of identity.


Do you see that in order to give these communications I must be allowed or invited. Mortal subjects are not being submissive to me, no. Through the use of spiritual insight and intellect I am received. Do you see that Father also does not invade your life, possess your mind, attempt to reform a bad seed into a beautiful flower, no. There must be an allowance or invitation to Father. If these petitions are not genuine, Father is still kept at a distance. You can say, "It is my will that Father's will be done," and yet cling to fears of loss.


On 3-31-1997

In this learning process of transmitting/receiving there are many things I must do to maintain your well-being of mind. I am forbidden to push you into anything you are not equipped to handle. I am unable to interfere with your current belief system and must work within that. My information is that you are proceeding naturally and various individuals will receive our messages differently. Thoughts that you are receiving need to be filtered through your intelligence to refrain from any imbalance. Positive thoughts you are receiving that assist you in your daily spiritual learning are quite possibly from your Indwelling Father Fragment, the Spirit of Truth, the Mother Spirit or a teacher. The names are not meaning so much as what the message is saying.


On 1-2-1996

Long stillness practice is to mis-use your energy. Too long at stillness practice is to drain you of that energy that might be put to use through service. This meeting for example, during the first part of my lesson the words are fairly strong. Towards the end of our meeting the words are fewer and less understood by the transmitter/receiver. We recommend short stillness practice, because when you begin to always allow God to live your life with you, you will find you are always in somewhat of a stillness practice.


… My observance this week has led me to put emphasis on this practice being as normal as possible. Before this world was thrown into rebellion and setbacks, many were evolving towards this practice. To transmit a teacher’s message would have been like taking a bath. This practice would be thought of as natural as breathing. I wish to dispel any mystical ideas my students may hold as far as the Stillness goes.


ALANA in Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica, 6-11-2000

Advice for beginning T/R’s

Your goal is to sit each day and wait. When you remind yourself that you have not given that I-time to God, you increase your discipline by listening to your own reasons and forgiving them. Forgetfulness is the habit of non-communication. Continue to wait and listen. We are here and giving you every benefit of our love. The doubt is yours to pierce through like the airplane through the cloud that may tremble but does not waver from its true course. We will help you overcome those moments of doubt and fear and reluctance.

On 9-4-2000

What I wish to say to you is this: Your teacher is with you at all times. He is ready to speak to you when you are ready to have him help you tell your story. You might wish to spend some time with a blank screen, or a blank sheet of paper. This might be a profitable way for you to begin to communicate with him.


HAM in Nashville, TN 3-22-01

You are asking that I should verify the veracity of a transmission and this I cannot do. All of the human participants in this mission are sincere and fully committed to transmitting the highest understanding they can conceive. That being said, all transmissions contain some elements of the transmitter. None are completely free from human input. You, therefore, must discern for yourself what resonates truth for you at this time.

The transmissions are always some mixture of the word, thought, image transmitted and the receptor’s interpretation of it. The beauty of this is profound, in that every person involved must actively and continually use their own discernment of truth for each transmission. As I have said many times, all things with human input contain some measure of human error. This includes even such icons as the Bible, and The Urantia Book. Therefore, my son, rely on the Spirit of Truth, which guides you yourself, not on the discernment of another being. Be at peace, my son, for you do know truth. Dwell within it. Follow it, and you will be fine.


HAM, Nashville, TN 12-31-2000

It is my recommendation that the specific histories of teachers should not be gone into in too great a detail, because it is a distraction for the student.  It is not so important where your teacher comes from.  What is important is the greater wisdom that is imparted during these sessions. When you are experiencing this other language it is like a “warming up,” a process in which you can free your conscious, thinking mind concerning the meaning of words, and concentrate on the rhythm and the sound.

This is to help you in your transmission, because you tend to worry about what is being said, and when you engage your mind, and sensor or even think about what is coming through, it creates a barrier and a difficulty during the transmission process. When you are transmitting sounds that have no meaning, then you are freer. Combine this feeling, this experience when you transmit English and see how much easier your transmissions become.

OLFANA in Half Moon Bay, California 1997

I appreciate your attempt to question the accuracy and validity of the transmission done by this T/R. It is a most important point that you each view these transmissions as full of potentials for truth inspiration in your hearts and minds, and yet you humbly recognize their potential to also contain confusion or inaccuracies because of the human limitations of those who sincerely attempt to transmit our words.

Your responsibility in this process is to explore our teachings so as to discover what of our words can inspire your heart in faith, sharpen your understanding of your sonship with the Father, increase your insight into majesty of God’s power manifesting in your lives, solicit your soul to further develop in the light of truth, beauty, and goodness, and develop attunement with the Master as your guide, protector, and model of inspiration, in your path back to the Father.

I hope you will continue to grant us an opportunity to be a component of your spiritual studies, and that this one point of contention that you had with my commentary will not set you on a course which avoids further contact with Teaching Mission material. I applaud your long-standing and loyal commitment to the Urantia Book, and hope you will see our ministry as a loving service to augment the beauty and wisdom which the book holds. Namaste.

ANDREA, a primary midwayer, in West Virginia 5-14-2002

If you would know the validity of a message, why just look within the content and context of the message itself. If love, faith and service are themes that are echoed in an upbeat positive, loving, exhorting manner, that message is genuine. If, on the other hand, it deals with self, unfulfilled dreams and desires, then watch out!

…Look at the great abundance of what God has given—and still gives you. Look very carefully for the motive behind any message. Then decide. You’ll not be penalized if you reject any message that suggests revenge, retaliation or any motive that does not arise out of the pure love of God.

Advice and Comments from Transmitter-Receivers


I guess everybody has to have their own criteria as what makes it real for them. I would just sit there and wait for one word at a time to come, for the longest time. One word would come and it would repeat, and I would say it. The next word would come, and I wouldn’t be sure, and it would repeat until I said it. Then the next word, etc. It was just like that. I mean, you remember how slow it was! It would take us an hour to get a paragraph, and sometimes even a sentence. It was because I was really unsure and I wanted to put the burden on Ham, you know, that it wasn’t on me to just ‘try’ to get it right, I wanted him to make sure that I got it right. That’s just how I did it.  -- Rebecca 7-16-02 at the Snowbird, Utah, gathering after her keynote address


The big psyche stirrer and heart thumper for the transmitter can be the human ears. You hear a question, there is a brief panic, for you have no idea what your answer could be. The human hearing must not draw this response, and have faith in the teacher with whom you are bonded. As we learn to stay within in the calm and receptive state, the question is answered in stride, specific or not.

Listeners often ask specific questions on purpose, and transmitters must have all senses attuned to the Spirit in order to provide the specificity. In my first years as transmitter, this was difficult; practice makes … not perfect but efficient. -- Jim Cleveland 10-28-01 in Ohio


Working with celestials is a co-creative process that is barely acknowledged as such, much less understood. It is a blending of mindal and spiritual energies.

The human involvement is not something that should be feared, but rather embraced. Instead of fearing their mind’s involvement, T/Rs should concentrate on purifying their mind so that the conduits will be open and clean.

Amazing how many people don’t trust their own mind. They think they will fool themselves. With that very thought, they prove it. -- Jim Cleveland 11-22-03 in Ohio


I would just like to add to this thread that at the beginning of the Teaching Mission here in Kona, Hawaii (1992), our teachers, Sigel, Aflana and Norson, told us that we should be unafraid to share our transmissions even though they might not be perfect or even real communications from the teachers. They told us that the most important thing we could be doing was practicing communicating with them and our Thought Adjusters. That this practice would eventually lead us to true communications with the Teachers and our Adjuster and that no harm would come from sharing these early tries at T/R’ing.

Another part of this early lesson was that the words were not important, but like our prayers, it was the sincerity and desire to do our Father’s will that really counted.

Therefore, I have always felt it would be okay to share whatever one received as long as one did so in sincerity and in the spirit of service to Michael.

Many misunderstandings and criticisms could be avoided if more folks understood these original instructions. -- Sonny Schneider 2-22-02 in Hawaii


I was touched by Rebecca’s remarks about how transmitting showed her how loving the teachers really are, compared to us. I have had the exact same experience with LinEL. Having his love come out towards someone I had my struggles with was a powerful recommendation for wanting to be like LinEL. And I still really do, but am just nowhere in the ballpark yet. He and other teachers are really superb role models. Feeling their feelings inside me has been a lesson about love that I really don’t think I would have had without that contact. -- Thea Hardy 11-30-2003 in Oregon


Transmitting/Receiving is a useful process for me, and those who wish to seek it as a method of seeking and learning.

The only thing I can add to this discussion is that in T/R’ing, the T/R is a channel in the sense that s/he has willingly allowed the body and mind to receive a message and transmit it. As I understand it, many of the channelers of the last centuries and into this one, are in a trancelike state and have little consciousness of what is going on within them. They have no awareness of the messages and have to read or hear them just like all who might want to partake of the message. They do not know what is going on while they are sharing the message. In T/Ring, the T/R has an awareness of the process.

In my T/R’ng experience, I have full awareness that the process is taking place. For some folks, it is a word for word process as they await them from the entity providing them. For others (me included), it is a “co-creative process” in which thoughts, concepts, even specific phrases are provided by the entity but the T/R must use the mind to come up with the expression.

And furthermore, there is a distinct sense of “otherness or presence” in the process. I must be in alpha state of mind for this to happen which is not a deep state of mind but one in which one is approaching the meditative state…

In other words, I pay attention to the process and lend myself willingly to allow my mind to be used. I have learned how to approach it, obtain contact, and proceed. I can stop it at any given moment! I am in control of this process in terms of speaking or not. I do not fully understand how the midwayers or the entities make their connections but I do know how I participate as a thinking person in control of all my faculties.

Am I a channel? Yes. Am I a T/R? Yes. What’s the difference? I don’t know. Maybe it is just the stigma of calling it channeling which brings up all kinds of denial in those who won’t accept the possibilities of communicating between different levels of existence. Maybe T/R’ing is fast becoming just as stigmatized. I won’t worry about it. It is a useful process for me, and for those who wish to seek it as a method of seeking and learning. And I am grateful that I am not stigmatized by it as well as the useful spiritual insights (gifts) obtained through it. I know a whole lot more about love and loving now than before the experiences began for me!

…. Before I met the Urantia Book in 1988, I had no interest whatsoever in exploring channeling, nor did I have much of an opinion about it, one way or another. I did not consider myself a gullible person and often was the skeptic or “challenger”. I was taught at an early age to think for myself rather than accept anything on face value or recommendation. If I didn’t explore something, I could easily let it fall into the “I don’t know” category and stay there. As a professional scientist (clinical microbiology), I did not have much of a history of seeking into the realms of paranormal experiences. This is not to say that I was not a believer in higher powers or non-religious in my practices, however. Exploring science only led me to deepen my belief in a creator worthy of awe.

When circumstances led me to exposure to the potential of hearing from Celestials existing in another realm, I had no preconceived notions. I was willing to explore the process. It was not an easy thing for me to do because I resisted teacher contacts out of great fear that whatever might come through me would be admixed with my own thought, which could well be erroneous. Much of it was and still may be.

Eventually, I saw that the method was simply a tool for communication. All communications between imperfect beings are flawed. There are checks and balances built into the system. We have many protections from being led astray, if we are to believe the Urantia Book’s teachings or even that of many other more well known and highly regarded sources. We have the Spirit of Truth, our own still small voice and Jesus’ promise of being always with us, etc. And our experience in seeking the truth of these promises should deepen our faith that we cannot be led astray! -- Eugenia Bryan in Kansas on 2-27- 2002