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STILLNESS, an audio outlining the 7 Steps of Stillness practiced by Michael Painter. From relaxation of mind and body to spiritual embrace and contact with celestial teachers. It was recoreded by the Stillness Foundation and shared extensively over the years.

MUSIC IN THE OZARKS  Teaching Mission students gathered in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in 1995 and made a lot of music together. Fred Harris, whose Tallahassee, Florida, TM group, produced the program and built an audio take of the musical performances.

Network of the Heart Teaching Mission Conference 1995 include the following vocalists and tracks:

1) Lily Fraser — How Can I Keep From Singing?

2) Tom Maringer — Celestial Garbage Man

3) Barbara Hester — Father, You Are the Way

4) Mark Austin — Be Still

5) Peggy Maringer — Closer My God To Thee

6) Rick Giles — Gray Day

7) Lily Fraser — Will Ye Gang Love?

8) Michael Palmer — Almost Independence Day

9) John Creger — The Ballad of James Coleman

10) Hal Bynum — If I Could Do Nothing I Wanted To

11) Hal Bynum — There'll Be Love

12) Lily Fraser — There Is Love

13) Tom Maringer — Truth Is Where You Find It

14) Barbars Hester — Follow Your Heart

15) Mark Austin — Do You Hear Me?

16) John Creger — Psalm 81

17) Peggy Maringer — Celestial Garbage Man

18) Tom Maringer — The Time Between

19) Michael Palmer — Knockin' On Heaven's Door

20) The TeaM Band — Amazing Grace

21) Lily Fraser — Giver of Life

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Are you interested in historic videos?

In constructing this site, we planned to include some digitized Videos of conferences, retreats and examples of the T/R (Transmitting-Receiving) process. These files take much space, however, and would slow down movement on the site. We believe there is limited interest in these presentations and the picture and sound quality is often poor. But they do connect the dots of research, seeing real people enjoying Teaching Mission camaraderie together.


Via Dropbox, we can transfer these videos to you. You must have an account. Then you will be an additional custodian of these historic materials. Send me an e-mail request from our Contact page.


Video files include:


ANGEL NIGHT. TM members presented two community programs in Spokane, WA, and one in Coeur d’Alene, ID, in the early 90’s.  Speakers discussed the phenomenon in which they were participating, encouraged personal Stillness time for worship, prayer and up reach connection, and transmitted several celestial teachers. These participants have published thousands of pages of transcripts in our archives with an array of celestial teachers.

ANGEL NIGHT presentation for this video, by Simeon, a long time transmitter and facilitator in the Teaching Mission. This is how he introduced audiences to the TM phenomenon in 1996.



URANTIA BOOK Fellowship’s 1999 international gathering in Vancouver included a panel discussion about the new Transmitting-Receiving phenomenon. This is unedited, raw footage with mediocre light and sound, but it has value as an historic document showing the real human participants and hearing their ideas and insights.


AFTER HOURS T/R at the Vancouver conference. Transmitting in alpha state are Steffani Murray, a Florida health care professional; the late Bill Kelly, retired minister who transmitted in Pocatello, ID, and Jim Cleveland, an author and publisher on his own since his retirement in journalism, marketing and communications.


KEYNOTE ADDRESS by pioneering transmitter “Rebecca” at a Teaching Mission Network gathering in Colorado. She discusses early connections with the teachers in Salt Lake City from contacts in New Zealand, and shares the worries, anxieties and ultimate joy of being connected with spiritual teachers. Video includes other presenters as well.


NASHVILLE ’95 TM conference. Two digitized tapes feature a plethora of programs. Susan Kimsey presents a personal growth workshop combining her insights with her full body transmitting of Olfana and other celestial teachers. Recorded TR sessions on stage from teachers Nero, Ham, Anatolia and others. A presentation by famous songwriter Hal Bynum and musical performances by Dan Tyler, John Creger, Mark Austin and others.

ABRAHAM TR-NEW ZEALAND, The biblical patriarch introduced the Teaching Mission via transmissions in New Zealand in the early 90’s. Here is an audio recording of an early session.

Video Available on Request

Audio Tracks

Light and Life Video and Audio Files