FALL of 1993 First Issue

Kona-Hawaii Teaching Mission Journal


Dear Friends

In looking through old CD's for Veronica (anyone have a copy on their
computer?) I found the first Paradise Networker from the Fall of 1993 and
as it contains a history of the TeaM at IC 93, I thought someone might be
interest in this and maybe some of the other early Teaching Mission
transcripts. It also contains the history of the Urantia Community in Kona
Hawaii that dates back to 1971 and how the Teaching Mission started there.

With Aloha, Sonny [Schneider]- An Original group member

From The Kona,  Hawaii Teaching Mission Group:
First ISSUE of the Paradise Networker dated the FALL of 1993

    Paradise Networker Editorial Introduction
    Fall, 1993

We would like to introduce ourselves to you as a community. First as a community of faith sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father. Secondly, as a community of believers in the Teaching Mission of Christ Michael and His gift to us of the Urantia Book. And third, as a community of friends wishing to share the Joy and spiritual growth we have experienced.

Our personal goals in these directions are to search for and do the will of God, share the messages of Michael and His Teaching Mission, and treat our sisters and brothers as we believe our Father would treat them if He were living through us.

The goals of this journal are to help facilitate the growth of those spiritual experiences we wish to attain. We believe in the truth that all faith children are one in the Family of God, and to promote the networking of our cosmic family is our supreme goal.

With this in mind, we would like to invite all who share in our faith and hope for a light and life future, to share their thoughts, transcripts, or spiritual experiences with us through this journal.

Future issues will include: Letters to the editors.

Networking addresses including: phone, fax, computer contactibility sharing list. Personal spiritual experiences column.

Current events of the Teaching Mission.

This is a free publication and we sincerely hope that those interested in helping to grow in this networking process will make copies and distribute them to others.

We look forward to networking with you. Aloha

STAFF: God Bless our growing Family.
Editor - William Sonny Schneider.
Technical Assistant - Dennis D. Shields.

Table of Contents

    Paradise Networker Introduction Sonny
    From The Kona Community
    History of the Teaching Mission in Kona
    Jesus' Birthday Transmission
    Favorite Hawaiian Picks:
    Michael at 3/1/93 Kona T.R. Meeting
    Norson, Aflana, and Ham
    Transmission from SigE1 2/12/93
    SigEI 1/10/93
    Norson 1/17/93
    Letter from Michael in Meditation Room at IC-93 8/2/93
    Transmission on Networking
    Kona T.R Meeting on 3/15/93
    Mainland Contributors
    Machiventa Melchizedek Naperville 4/24/93
    Lesson on Cups by LorEI
    Lesson on Greatness and Goodness by Ham
    IC-93 T.R. Meetings
    Urantial Electronic Network
    "Hot Pen" Method
    Family Poem
    Call to Action 10/4/93
    Available Teaching Mission Transcripts :
    Kona Transmissions
    Our Kona Community by Martain.

Greetings fellow travelers in this seventh Superuniverse, on our quest to find Michael on Salvington, in our dedication to fuse with our fragments of infinity.

We are the Kona Urantia group. Most of us have lived together as a community for more than a decade, many are approaching twenty two years. We are a family oriented folk and the fruits of our labors can be seen roaming our tropical hillsides, bands of young souls growing and being nurtured for the Father's great plan.

In the last while, we have felt a profound quickening of our spirit presence. It has brought much joy and activity with a certain sense of otherness. With this newfound expression of our Agondonterhood, we feel compelled to reach out with Aloha to you our brothers and sisters, soul cousins in the Urantia Book movement. We number about 85, more than two thirds being children of all ages. All but a few were born here. There is a profound experiential wisdom in the witnessing of so many different child rearing styles from parents well versed in the teachings of the Urantia Books. The support group that we have all had available has been invaluable in times of need. We live on twelve separate, adjacent farms, comprising more than fifty acres of land on the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano.

We all cherish Jesus' concept of worship in the beauty of natural creation, therefore have we met over the years hundreds of times outdoors for retreats, camping, pot lucks, parties, sporting events and many variations of worship. As the years pass and we come more fully to appreciate the value of community, it is clear that the; pursuit of bringing the generations together to support each other is of great importance, especially in this western modern culture that has done so much to separate us.

The highest concept of community that this mortal has learned through association with this Urantia Book hill community is that of the role of conductor of worship. Ever is there one among us who is feeling the spirit move within them, who will in the group say, "let us worship". That is the beauty of spiritual community, that in this mundane existence, there is the cycle of the divinity flow that charges each of us to their own moment to chant the Paradise tune, " lets worship".

I look to see in my life time many spiritual communities living together on the land, supporting each other with much inter communication and group visitation. I pray that those of us blessed with this experience may share what we have learned well into the Urantian twenty first century.

May the Father's will take fruit in each of your lives, Aloha.

My contact with the Teaching Mission in Kona, by Sonny .

Our community's first contact with the Correcting Time was late in Oct. 1983 when our Urantia Group reacted to the threat of world war three forecasted as a possibility by Vern Grimsley in California and Carol Jet, a Urantia Book reader recently arrived in Kona, who like Vern, believed they were warned loud and clear by midwayers. We invested our funds as finances allowed in food stuff and survival equipment as did many others in Urantia Book groups all over the country, as many of us had much faith in Vern based on his past contributions and service to the Urantia Book community. Also at the time, world conditions were frightening. Flight 007 had just been shot down and there was much fear of superpower nuclear war. As November past and the world powers seemed to settle back into their usual stalemate, we settled back into Hawaiiana. Not until 1991, when a copy of the 10/22/90 Times Magazine article titled "Inside the KGB" arrived, did we know what had actually happened. The article explained that the Russians had mistakenly analyzed a NATO war game(11/02/83)on their border as a ploy to hide a real attack and for several weeks at the end of October and the beginning of November, 1983, the Russians where on red alert and considering a first strike. Fortunately, peace prevailed.

The second time we heard from the Teaching Mission was through a Urantia Book reader named Marilyn from Los Angeles. She had been a member of our Urantia community in Kona for ten years or so before moving to L. A. It was June, 1992, and she was visiting us on her vacation. With her she brought a copy of the Woods Cross Transcripts from Utah.. Many of the folks in our Urantia group, including myself, found these papers intriguing. By my second reading, I was convinced it was necessary to take the possibility of the Teaching Mission being true, seriously! As Thern Blackburn's name and phone number were on the introduction, I gave him a call and asked him for his opinion of it all. His sincere and thoughtful answers convinced me to ask him to ask Ham for us if our community could have a personal teacher. He said he would ask.

Two weeks later another of our group members also interested in contacting Them, was told our request had been okayed, and we could expect a group teacher.

In the mean time with a little help from friends in Florida, we located the marvelous Will Papers from Tallahassee, and through their help, we received the transcripts from Celestial Impressions Group in Sarasota, with the teachings of Aflana and LorEl. By reading these transmission, my understanding of the processes and purposes of this mission of Michael were greatly enlarged. These labors of love were truly inspiring as well as service motivating. Thank you very much to all those of faith who participated!

Next we received the heartwarming Daniel Transcripts from Idaho. The group participation in the question and answer portion of the transmitting covered so many of my own questions that again I felt my understanding of the consistency and purposes of the Teaching Mission expanding.

The transcripts of Welmak, Tarkus, and Bertrand soon followed, but by this time I had little time for reading as our own community began receiving transmissions, and my time became directed toward saving and transcribing these transmissions for what would be 'the Kona Transcripts '.

In the beginning of December, Judy, a member of our Kona Urantia community, through dedicated stillness seeking, received a teacher, and this was SigEl, our group teacher. A few weeks later, Jerry, Judy's husband, succeeded in hearing from and wrote down his first lesson from SigEl. For weeks their wonderful first transmission inspired many of us to seek the stillness with pen and paper. Then in the last week of this same month, five of our group, including myself, received our first transmissions.

Several more of our Kona Urantia community would 'come on line' over the next few months, but already the faith corps was born and the spirit via the teachers was coming through loud and clear. Soon we started a Teaching Mission group meeting on Monday nights, at which one or more of us would transmit for one or more of the teachers. All meetings where recorded and the first four months have been transcribed and are now available as the Kona Transcripts. We also continued with the study of the Urantia Book on Saturday night with our regular group. Both meetings are very personally satisfying and inspirational, yet the faith needed and interaction generated by the Teaching Mission study group is a brand new quality of group trust and sharing that has greatly strengthened our group spirit.

There have been many wonderful teachers who have visited us in the 10 months we have been meeting with our Teaching Mission group including: Michael of Nebadon, Machiventa Melchizedek, Norson a Melchizedek, SigEI,  Anana,  LorEI,  Andrew, Ham, and Lander a Mighty Messenger. These are hard to describe, personal group experiences that are now inspiring memories for us. The uplifting nature and support we all receive from these marvelous teachers and teachings have helped to carry us inward and upward on that path that is lit by the light of our Father's love.

Jesus' Birthday Transmission through David.

August 21, 1993

My beloved children, I bless you and I feel your love for me.

My spirit is ever with you and as you become more reflective of my presence, know too I am enabled to further enlighten and enrich each of you who seek to fill your lives with Truth. I support you with my love and I help gently guide you into the presence of our Perfect Parent, our Paradise Father.

Though I enjoy the respect and understand the emotional value that many may place upon this "historically" significant day, it is no more of a celebration day on high than is December 25th, April 1st, or any other numbered day, everyday is appropriate to celebrate the JOYS of life, to recognize, acknowledge, appreciate and share in spirit all those wonderful upwellings of love and devotion so natural for all children to feel toward their Creator. I am always deeply moved by the sincerity of all who gather in my name, showing and sharing their heartfelt feelings. I want all of you to know I am truly with you in these expressions, I am totally receptive to all the varying ways with which you approach me in celebration, I know your heart; I grow in you as a part of the makeup of your soul as you continue choosing to pattern your life reflective of mine. Your actions of devotion and love are always happily received regardless of the markings on any of the many varying calendars used by my Urantian children.

Actually, I am born again and again, every day, every moment of every day I am being born or reborn, made new, acknowledged in the heart and mind of another of my children. I celebrate this birth, I feel all these births as being of true significance; these are the birthdays of real value to me. We will ever celebrate these with you in the stillness banquets you provide. Many of your prayers are a form of celebration, prayers of thanksgiving are readily seen as this, while worship will be best known as your highest expression of celebration.

Times of great joy are upon us, momentous growth and exciting evolution are being spread in and through the experiences of the faithful; the number of true faith children grows too as a result of these renewing efforts now being made in Satania, reorganizing and correcting the direction of the human approach to God.

The day is upon us now in which the activities so long expected have arrived. The hour which you may call yours has come as surely as my hour came for me some two thousand years ago. I am here to be with you, I am here to encourage you, I am here to assist you in any way you wish to become creative and I am here for you as you need me, call upon me, pray to me. These are all to be days of celebration, days of wonder and days of deep satisfaction.

I love each of you with a love that only a Life Creator can live; love you with the love with which my Father loves me and supports me. I now urge you to use and share and spread this love as I use, share and spread this love. Your actions, your response to my wishes will be the dearest, strongest signs that you are my children, that you have chosen to duplicate my expressions of love into your daily living. May everyday be a birthday for a newly created expression of our love.

My spirit never leaves you regardless of how unconscious of this fact you may at times be. I am also able to share my very self as you collectively come together to abide with me. Believe me when I say to you, these moments are received with great satisfaction, give me great pleasure and are experiences which you will joyfully relive again and again with renewed upliftment.

I now celebrate with you this day you choose to celebrate with each other. I celebrate every day with my children as we grow closer. I celebrate too, our enhanced communications and our more often shared feelings of love. I celebrate the deeper understanding each of you is developing for one another; the sting of suffering lessens and the pains of problem solving are on the decline, being replaced by acceptance and a diligent determination to rise above the clouds of confusion. All things do blend together for the good, this becomes ever more evident as you continue this activation of your consciousness into these unseen happenings now fast becoming a vital part of your daily living.

Play together. Pray together. Be kind, be gentle, be loving.

Prepare yourselves for this new day's living. Help yourself; use more consistently the heavenly help here being supplied you. Join hands with your celestial family, broaden and build the ranks of service to our planet of beginning, our Urantia.

Be at peace. I am with you. I am Jesus in Michael of Nebadon.


3-1-93 Kona T.R Meeting.

Christ Michael (ferry): Listen my children. I am Michael, your Creator Father. Feel the presence of the Holy Mother Spirit within your souls leading you to believe.

I am your teacher for tonight. I am here in response to your love for me, for your heart's longing for me, for your mind's craving to see the truth, to know the truth, to follow the truth, to become the truth.

Our Father's love for us is what makes this possible. His love flows through Me, which flows through you. I am here just like the Father. Continue to let the light of His love flow through you, in your actions, m your words, in your thoughts, in your prayers, and in your worship.

Prepare your souls, prepare your minds, prepare yourselves! I am coming for you.

Furthermore, let your love become more clearly visible in the service and ministry that you perform for my children. Increase your desires, motivate your associations with your sisters and brothers. Put aside your fears, get aside your worries for your material life. Set aside those anxieties which you've held for so long in your mind. Feel my presence, my leadership, my guidance as I direct you to love, to love with a true affection, to love with undying devotion, to love unconditionally! See your brothers and sisters as you see yourself, a struggling mortal of the realm, one of my children, equal in my eyes. I love you all. I desire to bring you all closer to the Father, and I need your help. So when you feel the Father and you feel my love, you use these feelings to motivate you to seek out and love one another.

Recognize my presence among you more lightly. Realize how I am one of you. I have been a mortal, I have been here. I understand all the things that you go through. I understand them sublimely, for I lived them as a man and as a God. Also, continue to understand your teachers in the same light as just close friends, good friends, friends that you love and care for deeply, friends that you would give your life for. Feel this friendship amongst yourselves.


January 13, 1993

Greetings, I am Norson. It is good to sit and write. You do need more confirmation and it is fine that you take it easier in your pursuits. The way is not easy but so filled with the rewards of love and joy returned for your efforts. Have faith, my little child, you are in need of more time to feel the fruition of this plan in your heart. It is there. The times ahead are filled with your longings for more growth and it will come.

Love, I keep telling you of love. Love for yourself is also needed. Feel the spark of divinity within your soul. Do you not love this entity? Blend yourself with this and have faith that you are ever guided to become one with Him. Love this part of yourself and you will better love and understand yourself. You have what is needed to fulfill your destiny. It is undeniable. We see it. Have faith. You are destined to become a great teacher because it is your desire. Unite yourself with Him who leads you and have courage that the path He leads you on is the one for you. Each day you grow in your awareness and knowledge.. You are but a child but one with the desire necessary (and that alone is what you need) to become mature in the doing of the Father's will. Keep opening your heart to us. You do.

Aflana: Aloha sister. You are doing well. We are here for you. The future holds great joy and abundance. Seek your friends and lift up their hearts. Only have time for what is needed and your time will be filled. The lessons we will bring will deal with great harmony for every one. Peace is yours. Count your blessings. The windows of his mansions shine the light, your windows do as well. Open your windows and let all the feelings of your heart out. Seek to know your Father in others. Lift them up by acknowledging the purest motives of their hearts and bring to them further acknowledgment of His desire for His children to live His love and peace in their lives.


Good day, my friend. The lesson is on peace. Peace for you is what you would have in every moment of your life. The glories of this task are sweet fruits that require much dedication for the planter of these seeds. Simple and true is this dedication to bearing these luscious fruits. Sweet is their fragrance in the lives of those who choose His way. Great are the tasks for you but joyful is the time. Lift up your heart and imagination. Have courage for the truth. It shines in all the lives of your friends. Unbendable is the reality of His love. Strong are the hearts of the courageous men who hold to the hope of new ages of light. Great is the need. We will bring you all you desire and more. Go about each day with complete assurance of the plan and your part in the unfolding of love to be offered to all.

Michael loves you. He reaches out to you and desires your hand. He is there for you. His peace surrounds you at all times. Rejoice that the days ahead hold new levels of hope and understanding and growth for us all. You do well.

Your mind is ever diligent but gracious in its desires to remain pure. Lift up your happy face. It shines! What a glorious task we have taken upon us. We delight in you and those beside you for the Father has marked you for this. He knows of the capacities and probabilities of each of you.

Together we will conquer new grounds of enlightenment to be shared by those who would want to listen and be uplifted. Your part is not in the uplifting so much as in planting the seeds of desire. Openings you have made with people close to you are well rewarded. Their lives are to been riched with new truths and desires. My friend, I can tell you of the path, yet you must walk the steps.

Connie Feb. 12, 1993.

SigEI: We love you so much, we value you so much, we would have you recognize that value and live it. Always carry in your heart your true worth. What you are bringing to the Father is true, beautiful and good. You are so full of love for your friends, even those who you would not claim as friends but strangers on the road or on your path. This is the way Michael would have us be! He knows you well and is ever with you. Be not afraid and do not hesitate to call on any of us, we will touch you. Do not be overly concerned with your material relationships! Much of your difficulty is not necessary. Be more trusting, be more assured of the love that is held for you and be patient if you desire the love to grow and be fruitful. Your garden grows and is vast. You touch many corners of the planet. You need only to carry on, and go in faith. You have done well, be patient and the answers will be forthcoming.

As for me, it pleases me to be felt and recognized by you. It is personal and you know that's where the action is! You do shine, you are a beautiful sister, nothing but good can come to you now. You are with us and we are with you, there is much we will do together.

Your Thought Adjuster wants you to know how happy he is with you, how much he loves you, has always loved and been with you in all ways possible, now and forever! Judge yourself less, love yourself more. Go on with faith and assurance, we are together through everything. You are not in error when you call on us wondering if it is appropriate. You know it is, you are all special to us. Not all women are able to see the eternal view of our destinies nor the ideals mortals may strive to live. We desire your cooperation, we have plans for you that will finally let you know just how valuable your perceptions are.

The Mother Spirit is with you always, you may call on her by whatever name you choose, but she is there and is a major figure in this uplifting on our road to light and life, for reasons you already know. Carry this truth in your life it is important. Share, uphold and uplift. Seek your Thought Adjuster through the stillness. Call on us at any time, we are here. We love you and all in your group.

Pati 1/10/93

SigEI: We are a spiritual family and this is what we wish to manifest here on Urantia, the coming together of the spirit family. To know that, is to be one with the Father. We come to share the love we have, that you may have an abundance to share with others, and that we may upstep the quality of love shared. We love you so very much and wish to see, involvement continue and grow in this direction. Support each other with all of your hearts in this endeavor and know that this is truly the way. This is the way to freedom, this is the way to know God within yourselves, to come to know the Father through following this path. We would not lie. Through following this path you will grow spiritually. This is the truth you seek, the truth of spirit, the truth of oneness, the truth of God. The teachers are here and will be speaking to many of you. Continue to trust in this process, know the mission is on course, the plan continues.

We know that you still have some doubts, put these aside for now and listen to the voice that speaks to you strongly, the one that moves beyond your own words, moves beyond your own thoughts and penetrates into your being, we speak to you through your being, not just your mind. Resonate with us, resonate with the presence of God. Resonate with the presence of His bringers of light and life. These are the teachers, the bringers of love and joy. It is simple to know their presence, you will feel them, you will know them, you may even see them, open your eyes, open your eyes and see.

Trust in us, this is the message. Continue to know, continue to know oneself, and ones own energy in the Divine. Continue to dissolve the ego. This is not a reduction of self esteem but a letting go of the blockages that keep you from knowing spirit.

The intensity of our communication continues and will increase. You will know, our presence is true, affirmation will continue to grow. When we speak to you, let go of your judgments, this we have spoken of before and would like you to hear it once again. Remember, embodiment of the teachings is the key. We are glad you are enjoying t his process. We know that you will begin to see how often we interplay/interact in your life.

We leave you now and will be with you again soon. Remember trust, trust in us, love the Father, fear not. We bid you farewell and thank you once again for being here with us, helping us achieve our mission. Our love continues.

Greg 1/17/93

Greetings I am Norson. My lesson tonight is on abundance. To those whom much has been given, much will be asked. The greater the depth of your experience, the more useful' you are to the Kingdom. And what an honor it is indeed to serve our great and loving Father in Heaven. Nothing will be asked but what is given willingly.

In the cosmic perspective, wealth/poverty -pleasure/pain etc. in this life are of little consequence in and of themselves. The only real value is in the decisions of the individual and how the mortal reacts to the circumstances at hand how they affect your spiritual growth.

Our Father has abundant love for all His children and through realization of this love will come the end of cruelty and deprivation on your world.

This then is your greatest and most urgent mission: To spread the love of God and bring about the realization of the brotherhood of man on Earth We are working hard to bring this about. How long this will take is not up to us but depends on the decisions of the peoples of your world, but that day will come and the bloodshed and suffering will come to an end.

Fear of losing the "material abundance" which you have grown accustomed to will greatly retard your ability to let go of your own will and to embrace the will of the Father.

You must trust that all will be well and let go of your fears and act on the truths you have come to know but have only haltingly put into action in your life.

The will of the Father is the best possible outcome for all, even if pain or discomfort result in the short run, in the long run the best of all possible outcomes awaits you. Trust in your Father, have no fear, there is an abundance of joy in serving God and your fellow men.

Letter from Michael 8/2/93.

My Child,

You are loved and appreciated on high. Know this as a certainty in your heart. You are now lighting the way for many with the bright star that is shinning forth from within you. The inspiration that lights your way is from a source that is far beyond your current comprehension, yet you even now know the essence of the love that is guiding you. Continue to pursue your quest for this source, for surely then your destiny is known to be without failure. Love is the guide on your path that you may follow without danger of failure. This love, this love of our Heavenly Father, is your true source and will shine brighter and brighter as you progress along your spiral of perfection. Truly it can be said, all good things come to he who sincerely pursues the will of God.

If you will take heed of the guide that resides within you, you will find an almost endless variety of opportunities to share this wonderful experience with those who are open and willing to join with you in your perfection quest. Hail all that are within the sound of your voice to have faith, courage, and hope, to be open to this mission, and to bring all other children of God along too.

This is your assignment for now and forever.

Peace to you and all others of My kingdom.


Transmission on Networking

David 2/12/93

Each of you, each of us, all created personal beings in our time space universe, accumulate experience. Only with, through and consequent upon experience do we attain knowledge, acquire wisdom, learn love, share service. Individually and collectively, each of us is actively participating in growing spiritually. All this growth, this great multiplicity of ever ongoing experience and expansion is the Actualization of God The Supreme, the God of Experience, our Universal Mother.

As the near infinite number of unique personality children grow into perfection, these diverse individuals form partnerships, "groups", or "circles" for further new and different activities together. In all this living, loving, learning, sharing together, a collective expansion of consciousness takes place. Now imagine a group of beings, hooking up, linking together as a team, connected in mind and spirit with a single purpose, connected in a variety of ways with a variety of energies; LOVE energy being the most powerful, most perfect bonding principle. See each member of this "active service relationship", be they Angels, Midwayers, Fused-Mortals, Melchizedeks or a lowly, struggling Adjuster-indwelt human such as yourself, see each as a "computer". Each is a unique, complex and personal computer with a wide variety of experiential "floppy discs". As the individual computers hook up with each other, a program stored in one computer can be shared with or "channeled" to any other.

In this way it is possible for a growing morontia soul, while still embodied in the physical form, to have access to the information available on the floppy disc of any "cell" in the circle. This "networking" is very similar to the over-all network in which God the Supreme is ever evolving.

As you imagine how this functions between the individuals in a group, see also how this is expanded in the same way from group to group to group. There is a continually enlarging multiple of all the individual experiential memory banks, libraries of knowledge, wells of wisdom that flow into and are stored in the Supreme "Computer". These become accessible for our use and growth.

As you more fully understand what this immediately makes possible, you will better realize the importance of forming these circles, joining with each other as "sharing centers" for this exciting, adventurous, ever challenging service. This is a service of both the "seen" and "unseen" children of our Creator working together to bring into full fruition the plans and intentions of Michael's present mission. Your group, our group, this circle in the process of forming/growing, is blessed with a wide range of viewpoints, differing and diverse training, and acquired skills, while also showing sufficient similarities as regards dedication, intention and purpose. We each plan and prepare for success. How can we possibly fail in our mission with such a united and determined intention? No way, as you might say. We too say no way! Our chosen circle will succeed. Other formations are already making/showing great growth. Groups are contacting groups and the network is being structured and connected to function more efficiently. It is really up to all of us attempting to do our best, which will determine the timing of up and coming events of gigantic proportions.

Bond with trust, grow with Love, share with sincerity. This "circle of cells" shall succeed. This new network of ascenders is making history on a universal scale. Know this as fact and as truth.

An Unnamed Helper.

3-15-93 Kona Group Meeting with: Jerry, Sonny, David, Connie, Bhagawan, and Pati.

Ham(Sonny): We are here as guests. We are here to help facilitate love energy within your group. This is a great joy for us to be able to feel you, to experience you experiencing us. Know that we are grateful that you are our family, we are one. Relax, enjoy, feel the love energy in your heart, with your mind, and through your soul. Be at peace.

Landor(Jerry): Greetings to you from Paradise, Havona, and Uversa. These are your destinies, these were my destinies. I have traversed the path that you are now beginning, and I am now here to inspire you to seek that path more fully, more completely, more lightly, more truthfully, more blessedly, in your daily life. I am Landor a Mighty Messenger. I am here at the request of Michael, at the request of Norson, in brotherhood with Sig-EI and Ham, and all of you. Your choices that you make daily fulfill within yourself and within the Supreme, the opportunity that has been given to you from the Father through Michael in your life. Grasp hold of the wonderful truth, the presence of the infinite God within your mind. Hear His gentle and guiding words, His comfort, His love, His forgiveness, His mercy. Reach deeper within your soul, within your heart, within your mind to find Him, to embrace Him. Commit yourself to His will. Know your rewards for making these choices, as I am witness to the glory of the adventure that you are about to partake in. Many are the days of joy and happiness, friendship, service, worship, prayer, play, work.

Carry on in your life, know that the opportunity is there to grow this amazing soul, to choose in partnership with God, your pathway to perfection. Struggle not at these choices, but relax in them as you relax in the stillness. Relax and know that your Father's path is the clear, beautiful, fresh path. The path that makes you feel at ease with your life. Feel the comfort of the love that you share with each other. Trust in this guidance. It will lead you places you can not imagine, to glories you've never seen. To unfathomable adventures and uncertainties, with joy.

Jerry: Landor would be open to questions.

Pati: A lot of people are concerned about earth changes that could cause major changes like catastrophe.

Landor(Jerry): The geology of this planet is continuously changing, there are immense forces working within this amazing sphere. Cataclysms

that you've seen in your life time, are tremendous, but the geology is not about to take more drastic changes. The corps of unseen helpers uses all of it power to protect the children of God. However, man made catastrophes are always on the horizon until mankind embraces the will of God. The celestial helpers do all they can to prevent these, but in this man's free will reigns.

David: Knowing the prerequisites for your acceptance to the corps of the Mighty Messengers, could you share some of your stresses at points of origin, your problems of humanity that you underwent?

Landor (Jerry): I have been through many trials and tribulations. Time has made them seem almost insignificant. My planet was in rebellion. I was working at the corporeal staff. I was involved with what you would call agriculture. As the result of the rebellion, I watched my planet suffer for lack of food. I struggled with people of my time to convince them to hold fast to the ways that we had been taught in the earlier days, I saw arrogance, I saw confusion, I saw stubbornness. I saw cruelty, but more important, I saw the light. I beheld my spirit adjuster within my mind. We carried on. (long pause)

Landor(Pati): I love you all so very much, I feel happy to have you be with me in your hearts and in your togetherness.

I've seen you coming together. You should know an openness that awaits a timely declaration of forces that bring the light and the dark together. For now is the time of joining forces that strengthen the bond of family, of spirit oneness and of joyous celebration of love. We rejoice in the coming together of family and friends, specially those with the bond of love. We know that in your being together tonight, you strengthen this bond, and that will ripple outwards to other circles, and is passed on to the children, and to the people that you touch in your lives. Pass on this love consciously everyday, and in every moment remind yourself of God's love. Repeat these words in your minds; that you are loved and taken care of, secure in your oneness with the Father, Mother Spirit.

Though this transition awaits your changing bodies, emotions and minds, the more that you allow love to embrace your life, the smoother your changes and transitions will be. By being with one another in a state of acceptance and trusting that the changes that your brothers and sisters are going through are appropriate ones.

Connie, you can trust what is happening to you now, and know that love always suits you and that your light will not grow dim. Know that you are loved, always.

Sonny, we thank you and give a sure appreciation for your efforts in this plan, and your follow through in your projects is excellent.

Sonny: My pleasure!

Landor(Pati): Jerry, your strength is growing. The beauty within you emerges. Your oneness grows daily. You are an inspiration to those around you. Thank you for your participation.

Jerry: Thank the Father!

Landor(Pati): David, your strength and teaching has grown, as you well know. Your special ability for sharing your knowledge has been put to use. Thank you for your ever openness.

David: Who is speaking?

Landor(Pati): This is Landor. It is I that speak through a gentler voice through this transmitter.

David: Thank you Landor.

Jerry: I really appreciate you. I am deeply honored, extremely honored to have you visit our group. I am not sure why you chose to visit us. Perhaps you could answer that through Pati?

Landor(Pati): Personal acknowledgments were in order, and we are here to prepare the ground work to assist each personality to convert weaknesses into strengths. It is the appropriateness, the timing of your calling, that brings forth those teachers willing to serve during these times of personal challenge. It is a grand opportunity in this universe, to share, create, and build stronger beings of light. Increasing family unity in this universe. We all embrace this with high hopes. You are all welcome members of the family, as is every member of Urantia. The teachers will guide you, increasingly attempting to bring about this family oneness in the universe. This discommunication you occasionally experience with those not yet awakened to our presence, will dissipate as the true light beings within your material bodies emerge. You will become the love planet. (lots of laughter). The goodness within you emerges. Your happy hand holding circles of light embraces your mother earth. Companionship with the Father is assured. Forgiveness prevails, clinging to limitation and fear dissolve in the light of truth. Forgive yourself for any past mistakes, resentfulness, or fears. Embrace the love that is truly yours to experience in these joyous days of awakening to the light. Trust in your heart felt desires to lead you on the correct path to joy. You are individually known, individually appreciated. Perseverance on the path is necessary to move you through the darkness. Faith will dissipate the confusion which accompanies the early stages of spirit integration and understanding. Know you can rely on us to be here for you who must initiate the call. It is your willingness to ask for help that makes our participation possible. We cannot interfere with your choices, even when we see, at times, that you could make a more favorable, growth producing decision. We serve you, yet it must ever be at your request, by seeking wisdom from higher sources. Come to the Father, seek inner guidance. Receive the bread of life. Drink the waters of truth. He has come to be with you, is with you, yet you must come to the table, come to the well, it is here you will be filled with the nourishment you need. It is here where we are serving the Father, by our serving you.


Machiventa Melchizedek speaks to about 225 people gathered in Naperville, Illinois, on Saturday, April 24, 1993 through Marilyn of Saint Louis, Mo., who spoke into a tape recorder.

Greetings I am Machiventa Melchizedek Vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia by mandate of Michael and the Divine Minster of Nebadon. I come to announce the reclamation of Urantia 606 of Satania in the name of Michael as a legitimate segment of the spiritual government and economy of this universe. My feet are planted on the soil of this planet.

Today I proclaim that the circles once again fly over Michael's home planet. This is but the beginning, you will meet us yet again in small groups and large. My message is love.

Today we open the very heavens above and pour down the radiance of the Holy Spirit, the loving ministry of the Father and Mother of angels.

There is great joy among us and great celebration. There is a festival on constellation headquarters. I proclaim that the broadcast from this planet is now in effect.

There is still work to be done in part but we have a working system that we will implement to more completely record the doings of this world.

All of you had poured upon you love, healing, and light. My heart is in awe for all and each of you, and all who come. Remember this when you meet a brother or sister and share your heart also. There is a new spirit everywhere present here and throughout the local universe.

I would have had all of you hug me were that possible. As it is, we will sing long into the night and welcome every participant.

I love you wholly, entirely, individual, and collectively. You are my very life here. For you are the children as we all are the children of Michael, and the Divine Minister of Nebadon.

I bid you joy and relaxation on a job well done. I picked the team and I chose a wining one.

Love and peace my children. I will be among you.

Excerpts from the Lesson on Cups by LorEI, 6/19/92, through Patije of

Sarasota, Florida.

If the earth is the "stubbed toe of the Universe", then the "bandages and first aid" are arriving at a spectacular rate and ministering in each possible method to restore Light and Life to that "stubbed" toe!

Remember, as it is done among the few it will be done to the many. As one shares with one, and the two share with two more, and the four share with four more, and the eight share with eight more, this expands in a rippling manner until the entire population has shared the good news! One will reap the benefits when all reach the goal! Does this not remind you of the Supreme?

As we can introduce and instill the Truth in your small group, we can introduce and instill it into the entire globe! As we can move you out of comfort into challenging discomfort and stretching towards potentials, we can stretch all peoples of Urantia into their potentials! When a few are functioning in harmony, many can do so. When unity can be brought to a group of such diversity as your group is, then unity in diversity can ring out all over the land!

My Dear Ones! You are on the journey. There are many ways to attain your goal and none of us wishes to pressure you into stress for the sake of pressure and stress. You have agreed to this mission/assignment and for it to be successful we must find your commitment and responses to each drop of Truth we sprinkle from your source. We cannot rain the Truth upon you lest we drown you. We cannot make a pond, lest you enjoy splashing and clowning and playing with it. We cannot put it into your tank for fuel of momentum to continue on your material way. We cannot withhold it lest it stagnate and die. Therefore we are limited in how much we give you by the amount you can hold.

Imagine a cup of water... full to the rim. Are you satisfied in your thirst by holding that cup before you and knowing about it? Must you drink of the water to slake your thirst. Will the urge to find truth within you be quenched if we drown you with it? No you will rebel! You will cry out in alarm! You will pray for it to stop!

If your cup of water filled to the brim stays full and you drink none of it, how then can we add more? It would spill out and run away and be lost in the nothingness outside of the cup which holds the water! Where will Truth go if we give you more than your container will hold, more than you can understand at this level of being?

No, Dear Ones, we are here to urge you to drink the Truth. Live the Truth. Express the Truth. Seek the Truth and Find the Truth! As you are ready, you will find nourishment and sustenance. Doubt not! You are given the opportunity to seek and find as much as you are ready to receive. There are no limits. It is your decision.

What about a cup filled with Love instead of water?

What about a cup filled with Mercy instead of water?

What about a cup filled with Good instead of water?

What about a cup filled with Spirit instead of water?

What about a cup filled with Forgivness instead of water?

Now I ask you also to consider these things:

What about a cup filled with misunderstanding

instead of water?

What about a cup filled with anger and resentment

instead of water?

What about a cup filled with hurt and revenge

instead of water?

What about a cup filled with doubt and distrust

instead of water?

What about a cup filled with hate and evil instead

of water?

If your cup is filled with muddy water and you add more muddy water what do you have? If however, your cup is filled with clear sparkling water and you add muddy water what do you have?

Would it not be better to add the clear sparkling water to your cup? If the cup is muddy to begin with the clear sparkling water will soon lighten it until it also is clear. If the cup is filled with clear water it will remain clear and sparkling and be as a light on the mountain top for all to see and drink from!

I tell you truly to tend to your cups. Examine their contents. Choose what you will add to the contents.

What if the cup were the Urantia Book?

What if the cup were the study groups where the textbook is used to dig into deeper and more extensive knowledge?

What if the cup was your consciousness?

What if the cup was your soul?

What if the cup was your thinking?

What if the cup was your life style?

What if the cup was filled with your decisions?

How then would you refresh it? Or would you be happy holding it and feeling that because it is full you can relax?

You always have free will and you can choose to learn and grow each day, or you can choose to be content to wait and watch. In the end you must make a decision to move forward and upward or stagnate and slip backwards. But it is always your choice. You have been given your cup and it is up to you to seek to fill it and use it, live it, and refresh it, move to add to it. Each decision along the way adds either the muddy water or the clear water of Truth. Are you making the best with what you have been given? Or, are you complaining because your cup isn't as big, or as small, or as light as someone else's?

I tell you. During the experience of your life thus far, you have filled your cups with your choices and decisions. You have been given large cups with enormous capacity, but even these will dry up or fill up from time to time if you do not use, refill, and refresh them. Do you hear? Do you see? What you refill them with is also important.

Awake! You have been given the tools for the task we ask you to accept! You have a textbook. You have a lifetime of experience. You know the Father. You have become acquainted with us. You have a unique destiny to fill -- and only you can fulfill it!

When one begins an effort to manifest an idea, another must be inspired for the work to be completed. When two or more are gathered within the Will of the Father, all things can be done! Each one added to the two adds much more than the addition of the number, and as this number goes up the quality of the energy expands at a greater rate than the quantity putting forth the effort.

Dear Ones, you are precious to the Father! You are unique and completely qualified to take on this task. The opportunity to serve the Father and the Brotherhood is at hand. You knocked and the door is open. What is your choice?

I leave you with this. No longer fret over the pettiness of misunderstandings. Go forward and discover Truth. Look to motive and intention and let go of success and failure. You plant the seed and we will nourish it. Let's join our energies and creativeness and stretch Urantia into the next stage of Light and Life!

Upward and Inward we march on wings of efforts and decisions. I am here to guide you and teach you.


Lesson on Greatness and Goodness by HAM on Sept. 26, 1993 through Rebecca of Nashville, TN. (previously of Woods Cross, Ut.)

Greetings, I am Ham and I am your teacher and friend. As I told you before, I am happy as always to instruct your understanding about God and His nature.

Greatness, and its complement, goodness, are the two humanly understandable pillars of Deity's nature and His eternal oneness reality. As your comprehension becomes enlarged, these dual attributes experientially grow in magnitude simultaneously with the growth in their comprehension. Goodness begins as the comprehension of Deity as it is limited by one's understanding. Greatness begins as the comprehension of the magnitude of deeds. The reality is later understood that greatness is a measure of human character and goodness is the motivator of the great. Further on, as comprehension evolves, do greatness and goodness become intertwined as divine character traits that simultaneously are the works and also the motivator or the source of works. God is great through His good works and also is good through His great works.

The measure of a great deed is the extent that it was motivated by goodness, and good deeds are measured by the greatness of the ideals which spawned them. Learning thus to motivate and inspire our lives by comprehending goodness and aspiring to greatness propels humanity forward by the increasing awareness of the reality of these great spiritual facts. Mercy is the inevitable son of goodness and greatness. Wisdom is the inevitable child of the great spiritual realities, goodness and mercy. As you are slowly learning to experience wisdom, it always shows the way to mercy and goodness combined as greatness.

None of that which men esteem as greatness contains its reality except where it is merciful and good. Goodness in the human experience is vastly inferior to its spiritually pure source, so benighted has your experience become. As the years progress toward greater civilized achievement, will the men who hold these attributes aloft shine forth the way for the multitudes. Goodness becomes an experiential, spiritual reality by the measure that it is exalted and held aloft. Always will greatness be an increasingly lofty goal, the more it is held above. Only by exalting goodness can it be tasted in this lowly life existence, and the greatness which is esteemed within our characters increasingly gains stature as the attainment falls short.

Paradox is inherent in all of human dealing in the divine realms. The more of Deity one experiences, the more understanding of the infinite nature of these experienceables and the greater the longing for experience. Divine water surely quenches thirst, but one who has tasted this heavenly nectar becomes insatiable for more. However much of God you have experienced, there is still infinitely more. Paradox is its seeming in the human understanding, harmonious completion its awareness in the divine understanding. Goodness and greatness are like having two legs, each one propels the other forward. There is no goodness that isn't fully great, nor is there truly any greatness that isn't also good. Tools are involved within this understanding to measure the reality content of every human endeavor. Remember, though, as you seek to understand your place in the universe, that the measurements of divinity are always judged through thoroughgoing mercy ministry and that you individually have not any yardstick with which to measure your true standing, much less that of

your neighbor. So, even as I point the way to a kind of judgment, I admonish against using it. Simply use these understandings within your personal sphere of relation to Deity and as your own standing lifts you above where you were yesterday, enjoy the cognizance of spiritual advancement humanly and personally. I hope that I have been clear.

IC-93 Teaching Mission Meetings by Sonny.

At IC-93 there was a total of 5 scheduled Teaching Mission meetings. The first which was planned only hours before it was to assemble, was announced, as were all later meetings, on the bulletin board provided for the posting of our meeting times by the Fellowship staff. Though this first meeting occurred in a private hotel room, all later meetings occurred in conference rooms, again provided by the fellowship. This first meeting took place on 8/1193, and had twenty-five or so folks present. The first topic of discussion was the interplay the T.R.'s and the fellowship were experiencing and what would be the future interaction. It was decided we could be open and honest about our T.M. activities.

The second topic was the warning received in Oct. 1983 from FOG (Family of God) of the coming possibility of a nuclear war. Information provided revealed that there was an article in Time Magazine, dated 10/22/90 in which a KG13 double agent tells of the state of war being considered at that time (10/15/83) by the Russians due to a pending NATO war game on their border that they foresaw as real. It would seem that this double agent was instrumental in averting this disaster through his inside information of the true reality of the situation, but not before there developed a situation where the Russian army was standing at full alert for several weeks, while they contemplated a first strike. I thought it significant

that only Urantia Book readers know of the pending danger, not even the CIA was aware of it.

We then went around the room with each of us giving our names, where we were from, and who our group or personal teachers were. After this wonderful sharing time, the group entered into a stillness search. Several T.R.'s then transmitted warm greetings from their teachers, the last of which wished us a peaceful evening and a wonderful conference.

The next morning an informational T.R. meeting occurred in which we discussed possible future plans regarding networking for the Teaching Mission. Darlene Sartare gave a presentation on the 'Council of Excellence' and many others in the group offered helpful ideas, such as: newsletters, conferences, mailing lists, and the interaction of T.R. groups. At this meeting a list was passed out so that we could share our names and addresses, and this was present throughout the rest of the T.R. meetings.

That night, the largest of the conference T.R. meetings occurred, with over 60 people attending.

I Holding hands in a circle with | this large group of faith children I produced a significant jolt of | energy that was unmistakably I powerful. Most of the meeting I was taken up by the process of I going around the circle and I hearing the many stories of teacher contact and personal experiences with the Teaching Mission. In answer to a question, a discussion of the technique of "Hot Pen Writing" was presented by Patije Mills of Sarasota, Florida.

The consistency of faith, joy, and personal growth was very validating as well as spiritually moving. It was great to see and hear from so many T.R.s. After all had spoken, we entered our stillness time which lasted only about five minutes before as

many as seven or eight T.R.s spoke for their teachers. Though it is very difficult for me to remember all that was said, the messages were lovingly supportive and encouraging. Many thanks are due to those brave folks who stood by their faith and allowed the teachers to speak through them. I attempted to record this large meeting but the circle was so wide that most of the transmissions were lost to the background noise.

The next evening there was another T.R. meeting. As this was the conference day off, many people were away visiting Montreal or Quebec City, and so this was the smallest of the our meetings. Just fifteen people, yet so much teacher energy, that I felt at the time that I would remember this meeting the best. The teachers seemed most excited at not only our conferencing fellowship, but their own celestial conference going on as well. They spoke of their delight of having Michael of Nebadon attending in person. They spoke of our progress as students of the Teaching Mission. They spoke of their hopes for a brighter tomorrow for Urantia, and they spoke of the many benefits we were experiencing through our faith outreach. You could feel the joy fill the hearts of those in the room. Our personal faith had brought us to this place were we could actually feel spirit presence and know of the truth of our teachers reality.

The fifth meeting was held on the last night of the conference and was attended by about 25 people. This meetings was much like the previous one with three or four T.R.'s speaking for half a dozen teachers. I felt the same fine feelings of assurance and support the teachers are so fond of giving us. They also encouraged us to touch the world with our faith, love and hope, and to network and share the gifts of the Teaching Mission.

It would seem that one of the major benefit of these T.R. meetings was the bringing together of the many folks who shared an interest in networking with others in the Teaching Mission.

After each meeting, many seemed to gather in small groups and share stories and addresses.

The networking that was generated by this coming together at IC-93 will help facilitate many future good works and lasting friendships, as well as a desire to get together again soon and share the joys of being members of the Universal Family of God.


Communication Highway to the World by Dennis

The Teaching Mission comes at a time when technology as no time ever before makes it possible to tell the whole world. Computer networks allow the transfer of vast sums of information in a heart beat. In the age when we are able to conduct experiments with the telescopes located at the top of Mauna Kea, here on Hawai'i Island, while the astronomer is located in Cape Town, South Africa, we are able to transfer Teaching Mission text on to archives located on large mainframe computers thousands of miles away, where they can be retrieved by any one who knows their location. Such is already taking place through an electronic mailing list called Urantial.

Urantial is a mailing\remailing list. When you write a piece of electronic mail (Email), and then address it to Urantial's address, a computer program accepts the incoming mail then redistributes it to all the members of the list. Currently there are about 200 participants with 50 or so active readers and the rest we lovingly refer to as lurkers, listening in but not speaking.

The mix is very homogenous on Urantial, proponents of the Teaching Mission mix with those neutral to the Teaching mission, and those who disregard the mission entirely. Fred Harris, Thea Hardy, Byron Belitos, Bob Slagle are some of the more outspoken adherents to the Teaching Mission to write on the Urantial mailing list. Topics are far ranging going from Jesus to Einstein's theory of relativity and how it relates to the Urantia Book. The log files are the kept recordings of each posting to the list. They are a treasure throve of answers to nearly any Urantia Book or Teaching Mission question. It is the best study group I have ever belonged to. Although we can not know each other in a physical setting, we have gotten to love each other as time has gone on. The major drawback to the list is that we can not turn around and hug each other. Some days there are as many as twenty pieces of E-mail from Finland, to Brazil, from all over the USA. Urantians are networking and exchanging information.

The technology enabling this kind of communication does not yet have the capabilities of translating spoken word into written word, such as a recording of a TR meeting to text, that ability is some four or five years away. Transcripts must be transcribed from tape recordings of meetings and then printed.

If the Teaching Mission community at large will, as time and resources permits, acquire computer equipment, then this allows both the transcribing of teaching mission text and E-mail communication with other Urantia Book readers and Teaching Mission adherents. This is accomplished by getting a computer. If you wish to use the folio views electronic index of the Urantia Book then for now it should be a PC (IBM compatible "Intel inside") instead of a Mac (Apple). It should come complete with a fax/modem. To communicate with Urantial you must subscribe to a InterNet gateway (sort of a information freeway on ramp) through an on line service such as CompuSurve, America On-line, Fidonet, Freenet or a local BBS (Bill Board Service). The topic of computer communication on the InterNet is a world of information which goes beyond the scope of the purpose of this article, however if you get to the point where you have access to an InterNet gateway, then the following address will get you Urantial;

1) send a electronic letter (e-mail) to this address LISTSERV(~UAFSYSB.UARK.EDU [just like that no spaces don't forget the periods]

2) [in the body of the text have just one line] sub urantial

3) on a daily basis you will get mail (mostly, a day will go by with out mail but that seems rare these days), from folks interested in the Urantia Book and many times excerpts from various transcripts. You can just "listen in" to ongoing conversations or jump right in and state your peace.



Thought Adjuster?

By Patije of Sarasota, Florida.

The PARADISE NETWORKER is for those who have become aware of new levels of communication with the Heavenly Father, Michael, or teachers sent from Edentia to help us during this Correcting Time on Urantia. I will attempt to share the "HOT PEN" method of communication with you.

This method is one way to free your mind from judgment and remove the blocks to communication, which we have all inherited through genetics of living on a quarantined planet, or "old tapes" of past experiences. There is nothing "dangerous" about this exercise. Love casts out fear, so allow your Love of the Father, and desire to communicate with Him through your

Thought Adjuster allow you to try this with an open mind, free of fear. Learning to communicate is a process and in most instances, the "work" is done by the Thought Adjuster in liaison with a Midwayer, and/or a Celestial Teacher. You need do nothing but relax and be willing. Knowing it is your choice to never share your experience with this exercise with anyone - ever, TRY IT. You might be surprised at the results.

Before you go into the Stillness for Worship of the Father, make sure you have a timer, a paper and pen nearby. (or computer keyboard) Going into the Stillness to worship the Father is the first step of all communication, and if you never experience anything else you have found the major key to your new consciousness!


I suggest you set a timer for 5 to 15 minutes, and spend this time in worship of the Father in the Stillness. Your thoughts will slow down and seem higher in consciousness, more in touch with cosmic Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

When the alarm sounds, again set it for 10 minutes and pick up your pen and paper and begin to write a letter (or prayer) to your Heavenly Father. Start out:

"Dear Father, this is.. (your name)...I love you. Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers. I am willing to consider this method an authentic way to communicate with you... "
and continue writing anything and everything which comes into your mind.

Just as fast as you think it, write it down, always keeping your pen in motion on the paper! (or yourfingers moving on the keyboard) That is why we call it "hot"- it is constantly moving as fast as thoughts come to you to write. During this process do not concern yourself with spelling, grammar, or punctuation - just write down the thoughts. You can go back later and correct spelling, etc. but trying to get it right now may cause blocks while you are attempting communication with the Unseen Friends.When the alarm sounds (10 minutes) briefly read what you wrote and reset the timer for another 10 minutes.Put your "hot pen" on the paper and this time begin writing a letter to yourself from the Father,. .egmmng:"Dear (your name), I am your Heavenly Father. I love you... "and just continue writing each and every thought as you become aware of it. Record your thoughts as fast as you can get them down. If all that you are aware of is "the clock ticks loudly" write it! Just keep writing! Don't hesitate. Don't stop to think about what you are writing. Don't take your pen off the paper. Don't reread. Don't concern yourself with the authenticity at this point. Just write. Continue writing everything that comes into your awareness during the 10 minutes. (Later, you can take out the "clock ticks loudly" and other phrases which have nothing to do with communication. )We are told each one of us who desires to have a personal teacher will receive one. If you desire to have a personal teacher, ask for one during your prayer time, before you go into the Stillness, or when you begin your "Hot Pen" letter to the Father. Then when you start your "Hot Pen" letter from the Father, you may get the name of your teacher, or the teacher may just begin to introduce him/herself! If not, after you finish your "HOT PEN" from the Father, reset your timer for ten minutes and begin again with:"Hello, (your name) I am your teacher. I am here to introduce myself to you.... "Keep your "hot Pen" writing and watch what happens! Probably the first "name" you are aware of is your teacher's name - although it may be only partial or an Americanized sound of the real name. Or, it could be your "fused name which may be the name your Thought Adjuster is using" It will be made clear to you if you ask and wait for the answer - but keep on writing!Usually, the first few minutes are "atta boy" reassurances of the Father's or Teacher's love and "you are ok" type phrases which a modest person blushes at. Keep on going. Eventually, you will begin to notice a change. The longer you stay with it, the more "logical and amazing" things you will begin to write! If you do this regularly, several times a week for 10 minutes or so, it will begin to be easier, and you will begin to look forward to this time with the Father and the Unseen Helpers which he has given us.It is my suggestion that you do this daily at approximately the same time to form a consciousness of communication. Remember to listen to the message, no' the words used to convey that message and give this exercise time to prove its authenticity to you. To do it one time and come to a final conclusion is doing yourself and your Thought Adjuster a disservice. Practice in privacy and don't expect to feel comfortable talking about it or sharing it for several weeks, or even months.I will make myself available for you to confidentially discuss your experiences, if you feel a need to talk it over with someone. Do not judge yourself until you have given yourself time to adjust to the insecurities of crossing the bridge of faith on a new adventure. Until you are comfortable, my invitation stands. Call me anytime between 8:00 AM and 11:00 PM Eastern Time. (Patije 813-957-0293)or write to:1340 Rhodes Ave., Sarasota, FL 34239-2732

Jerry's Family Poem: There's a plan in the Universe that is so fine,

and the love of the family brings fruit so divine.

As the beauty enfolds and the children all sing,

songs of joy, songs of gladness, good cheer do they bring.

Opening hearts that will follow, reaching for peace of mind,

believing, trusting, knowing life is to be kind.

And we will join together holding hands in the air,

winds of time flowing gently as we show that we care.

Knowing truth we will follow where ever it leads, giving love and compassion seeking only our needs. Oh the love that I feel grows deep in my heart, knowing that everyday brings to us a new start.

Call to Action


Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Father. This is a call for action. After many years of searching for the truths of life, now hear this: you have been called out from the many by your inner spirit guide to go forth proclaiming this truth: God is your loving parent, you are loved as though you were the only living child of God, as is each of your Brothers and Sisters.

Help is here now in great force, you only have to take the first step and all else will follow with ease. This will not be simple, yet by allowing your inner spirit's will to prevail in all your decision making, the simple answers will come and providence will lead the way to light and life.

As you allow yourself to speak this message to your fellows, you may see only occasional acceptance, yet know that the seed has been planted, and in not to long a time, a sprout will grow. The Father is a grand gardener, and with the coming of the harvest season, much fruit will appear all around you.

How glad was the task of the apostles, how glad will you feel as this new age of spirit growth comes to fruition.

So go forth children of light and speak of the glories that lie ahead of all faith sons who step out and share their love with those around them.

Your Angels rejoice with you in this new dispensation. You have brought them much joy and satisfaction by your recent decision making. This assists them tremendously in their task of manipulating the circumstances of your life. Your prayers have been not only heard, but acted upon in such a way as to bring about a new purpose and direction in your life. How joyous we all are for you!

Afana. TR Sonny

Teaching Mission Transcripts: The Kona Transcripts and the Lessons of LorEl, a marvelous Group Teacher in Sarasota, Florida, are available as Word for Windows documents or if you prefer as ASCII text only on PC 3 1/2" floppy 1.44Mb, or send your own disk of different capacity. Sorry PC compatible only, any Macintosh folks our regrets. If any Macintosh users have system seven, Apple File Utility is suppose to read PC disks. A donation would be welcome to help defray postage and cost of disk.

The Kona Transcripts and the Lessons of LorEl are available in electronic form only (at this time) from:


We have electronic transcripts of the following:

Celestial impressions group of Sarasota, Fl. 3.8 Mb.,

Andrew, 0.3 Mb.

Bertrand, 1.0 Mb.

Elyon, 0.250 Mb.

Woods Cross transcripts, 0.2S0 Mb.

Tarkus, 0.250 Mb.

Welmek, 1.S Mb.

Will. 1.0 Mb.

as well as

The Kona.Transcripts 0.4 Mb., and Lessons of LorEl 0.4 Mb.

For some of these transcripts we have permission to redistribute, and will be offering them soon. For those we do not, we request permission to redistribute these teachings. Please contact us to either give or rescind permission to distribute these transcripts. We would very much like to collect additional transcripts in electronic form PC compatible 360K through 1.2 &1.44 Mb capacity. In ASCII, Word Perfect 5.0 &5.1, Word, Word Star 3.3 to 5.5


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