Teaching Mission Retreat

Canossian Center, New Mexico, February 2005


TOMAS (Gerdean): Merging the spiritual and physical


I ask you to see beyond the limitations of this process to the truth of the process, which is bridging the gap between the finite and the infinite, opening the door between the material world and the spiritual realm, and developing a working relationship between this paradigm and the next -- indeed, allowing them to merge, so that there is not such an abrupt change between here and the next level, but a natural process of growth. 


MICHAEL (JOYce):  Seeing with new eyes


My beloved brothers and sisters, I am Michael.  I will speak to you tonight about a heart cry of many of you.  When will I be ready?  When will I be ready to step forward into the place that I have been called?  When?  When will you send those that you wish me to serve and minister to?  I would say that you have long been ready, and I have sent many to you.  There is one in your own home who cries for understanding and they are just engarbed of needlessness, and so you look past them, but you yourself have closed yourself in this closet to appear not to be needed, so you should understand this false attire and because of this, you walk past the ministry.  You have read in books, "when you are ready, I will send them to you."  Oh, I have sent so many that you did not see.


I call you, my brothers and sisters, to see with new eyes, to see the Beloved in your own home, in your own work place.  I have said to many of you, the value of a smile to one who so needs a smile and a hug to the one that you may think must remain hopeless, "Take into your day me, as you, for from this one to speaks to you now I have said these very words: I am the hands and the feet and voice of God.  And she adds to this prayer daily, I am his smile.  And I would say to you all, my beloveds, put on this garb each day.  There is no time.  There is no when for ministry that comes.  Your ministry is now.


MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK (Gerdean): It is an incredibly dynamic time.  There is no time to rest on our laurels.  We must be alert.  It is truly critical, what is taking place on your world right now, and the energy that is coming forth from what you call the Teaching Mission is a great stabilizer.


Years ago you were told that we intended to help you become the representatives of that eye in the hurricane, that calm place in the maelstrom, and as far as your adopting that role and living up to that responsibility, we are truly impressed.  It speaks well of your desire to be of service and to be pleasing in the eyes of those of us you admire and want to please, respect and honor by being obedient. 


We are proud of you.   Although I must say that it is a strain for you at times when you allow yourself to be overly affected by the turmoil and when you are reminded of the fear, when you feel the fear of the maelstrom around you.  You are sensitive, children.  You have learned to be sensitive by opening yourselves up to us, your heavenly helpers and spirit guides, and so we feel a responsibility for you, an obligation for your safety, your sanity and your security.  Know that you are protected.  You are cared for beyond what you can imagine. 


Certainly you have your seraphic guardians, but above and beyond that, there are ministers.  For example, the seconaphim, specifically the Union of Souls who bring the oil of reconciliation to soothe your rattled nerves when incessant warring and bickering overcome you, so that you may feel soothed, so that you may open yourself to the ministrations of Mother Nebadonia, and allow yourself to be lulled back into that place where you know you are cared for, and that you live in a friendly universe. 


The Teaching Mission is fine.  It’s the verbiage that gets in the way.  The words get in the way of the efforts that you all so fully give yourself to.  This is the difficulty of names, titles, and articles of incorporation, for they tend to nail down the spirit, which is moving and malleable.  It is easy to become crystallized and fixed on a perspective.  As you saw today in the film you watched, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” you think you know something.  You put a name on it.  You incorporate it.  You buy articles that represent an icon of that which you enjoy and believe in.  You may choose team colors, pick a team song, have your favored team players, create a virtual hologram of reality, and yet it isn’t necessarily meant to stick around!


This is the human condition.  This is normal.  We expect it.  We will be there when it breaks and we have to pick up the pieces and move on.  Not so you can create another hologram, necessarily, but so you can begin to realize that it is an on-going process.  It is not fixated in space, like your material world.  The Mission we speak of is a living thing.  It is not limited by the material constraints, and so as you disallow inappropriate limitations, you too will soar.  You too will be malleable.  You too will change as needed, letting go of that which no longer serves, embracing that which is incoming, and you will continue to be the calm in the eye of the hurricane. 


You have enough to do without getting involved in the madness.  The more madness there is, however, the more people will turn inward, the more they will seek a greater reality, and as their paradigm shatters, as their construct falls apart, they too will look to the Divine for a new structure, a new belief, a new way of life, and that is where we come in.  That is the work we do.  That is what we have been preparing for …


When the nations recognize the need to respect the sovereignty of other nations, and allow them autonomy, as you allow individuals the autonomy of their own existence, you will broach peace.  We need to acquire peace because without it, there is that constant tension and that constant tension detracts from the joy of living and the progress that we will make when we can relax and develop leisure time in which to think, when women are no longer subjugated and men are no longer oppressed, when the spirit is alive within you all – regardless of how you believe or what you believe.  This is the next major hurdle and you are all actively engaged in these initial stages of this process of developing light and life on your world. 


In my work with Abraham, I admired his ability to pull his troops together into battalions of soldiers.  He had armies that obeyed his bidding.  And we utilized strength and leadership such as Abraham to draft you into this army of light workers, that you may know who you work for, who you take orders from, what the disciplines are, what the task is, and this is like boot camp.  We are just beginning to find out what the metal is, what we’re made of here, what our potential is.  But as you step forth to serve in this army, you will find your place, you will be assigned your role, you will learn how to do K.P.  You will learn how to do push-ups, you will learn to be diligent, have stamina, practice, have a good eye; you will learn to shoot straight at the right target and in this case you will shoot with the arrows of love and bring down your enemies with the power and might of the Almighty. 


This is our task at hand.   Gird up the loins of your mind and prepare to serve.