Received Thursday JUly 4 for the NW Gathering, presented Friday July 5th at evening meeting:


Michael of Nebadon (TR fhea) Greetings, my Beloved Children, Trus is your sovereign Michael. I wish to share with you what is in my heart this day ,and to come to your assistance, to strengthen you in your determination. I am ever glad when you seek to gather together in the name of my desire to serve our Father's will. I honor and love you for your tender devotion to the cause that is deep in all our hearts - the remediation of our beloved plan­et Urantia. When we watch your dedication and your endless sacrifices of time and energy, we are gratified beyond what your language allows us to express. But there is much, so much, that you cannot yet understand. If I could help you see the fullest truth without removing from you the essential journey of experience, I would so do. But that very experience is what will bring you along the path of the unfoldment of your own personality pattern's growing soul as it stretches towards the Father who gave it birth. And so I stand beside you in your pains as you move through the distortions of one of the most distorted worlds in my universe.


You labor with the legacy of Lucifer constantly tearing at your hearts. You do not yet know just how deeply this legacy reaches. The loss of your world's spiritual headquarters and the resul­tant chaos scars every human institution, every human endeavor to some extent. Among other difficulties, it also resulted in your Adamic default, which deprived you of some of the tools with which to fight the pattern of sin and iniquity that the rebels impressed upon your world and in your unknowing hearts. For sin and iniquity were brought here by Lucifer and his min­ions. It is not required that any of the Father's children experience sin and iniquity in order to be challenged in the pursuit of his Kingdom. The presence of the possibility of evil, of error, is sufficient to the ascension scheme. But you must labor with the distortion of the rebellion that casts a pall over much of your planetary life. And while it is true that once you have fully become faith children of the Father, you are delivered from most of this difficulty, it still belabors your efforts to fully enter into his kingdom of love. Our work here is dedicated pri­marily to the healing of this appalling legacy in individuals, that they may be freed to evolve the necessary changes to uplift your world.


You also do not yet realize how devastating is the loss of your Adam and Eve, the beloved pat­terns of parenthood and family life that guide the entire social structure and development of a world. Because of this loss, few since that time have fully understood what it is to parent or be parented. The concept of parent on your planet is pale and impotent compared to that of a normal world, where Adam and Eve are a visible and reassuring presence in the flesh of that pattern of family life that is of invaluable assistance in bringing a planetary population to light and life. You are all bereft; to some degree you are all orphans. And the quarantine itself has kept, of necessity, your world alone in all too many senses. You are all children in need of a parent's love - all too often unable to give love and receive love in the fullest sense. Do not despair and berate yourselves for your failures of love, to give love and be loved, for much of this is the result of a legacy that you have not understood. Be patient with yourselves, even as I am ever patient with you and the Father patient with us all. And I give you my promise that as you understand more fully exactly what has happened to your world, its deepest implica­tions, and the fuller meanings of the purposes of this mission, you will increasingly be healed of that history and become more deeply able to love and be loved.


Remember, I am your universe Father, and a father who truly loves his children will certainly make up to them for their pains and deprivations in the cause of the full experience of the con­sequences of the free will choices of their less than loving brothers and sisters. I came to your world for a season, and have returned to your service as quickly as universe affairs permit. I am here to redress the wrongs that you have suffered, and I wish you to know that each of you will have every opportunity for the healing that you so desperately need. All that has been

unjust will be made up for in the fullness of time. As your loving universe Parent, and elder brother before the Father, I could do no less, and it is in my heart to do all that is possible. As your own healing occurs, you will long to help us to make up to your brothers and sisters who yet suffer.

To assist in this plan, you will see various missions on Urantia, all designed to the uplift and normalizing of your realm. When you hear of Magisterial missions, missions from Ttinity Teacher Sons, and other possible aids to your development, it is not needful to debate among yourselves as to the accuracy of details. I have mandated that any and all missions, both revealed and unrevealed, helpful to your uplift shall come to pass, some at the same time. The sequence of a normal planet cannot serve the needs of an abnormal world, and I have so ordered your assistance that any and all possible help shall corne concurrently at need. Therefore, be not surprised if you receive the echoes of our communications about all man­ner of assistance, and be not perplexed if it does not fit your expectations. I promise you that it will one day exceed even the most profound expectations you can have. It is ever my desire to utilize the most creative and effective methods for the uplift of your world as expeditiously as the unfoldment of the Father's will supports. Nothing we will do will shortcut necessary time development, and the experiences that your planet must go through to attain its rightful status, but we will do all else short of the abrogation of your free will as the Father's children to assist you.

My beloved children, my heart is moved towards your plight constantly. I hear every plea from every heart and know that my own heart sends to yours all the love and comfort and support of a Father who loves the children he has made. Seek constantly the Father of us all, that you may begin to learn to receive his love. Do not despair at your failures, simply try faithfully over and over, despite the apparent lack of success. For your willingness to make the attempt builds edifices of strength and faith and courage unseen within. The day will come when they break through more often and fully to the surface of your heart and you will go to the Father in full truth. Seek him, and also seek me, and my beloved Nebadonia, for our arms are always ready to surround you with the assurance of your true safety, and we are always ready to talk with you and hear the words of your hearts. Seek also your teachers, who are here to be not only teachers, but are your elder siblings, to be your friends and companions as you seek to tra­verse the morontial path while yet on your planet. They will never take from you your prerog­atives of personal choice, but they are always willing to offer points for your consideration as you yourselves make the choices necessary to survival.

I love you with all that the Father has given me, with an abundance of love that will one day be yours. Mark not the success of this mission by these first apparently small movements forward. Remember again that it takes very little leaven to raise a mighty loaf, and for a time that leav­en does not appear to rise. But the ferment of love and hope and healing is strong and well on Urantia, if you look with care and deeper perception. This is my beloved Urantia and we will see it brought to glory. My thanks to you, my brave and loyal ones, for hearing my call, responding, and continuing on the path. Know that your every smallest deed is a movement forward of great and precious worth!

Together we serve the gracious, and ever beautiful, will of our Father in Heaven.