Transmitting/Receiving T/R Self-wish-fulfillment

Abraham / 001211 / Woods Cross Teaching Mission Group, Utah, USA

Know that transmitted messages can be influenced by this enthusiasm. Be watchful and careful. Desire not to desire. Allow the messages to come through without any wishful thinking attached.

Abraham / 990404 / Woods Cross Teaching Mission Group, Utah, USA

I have again been instructed to move to the next phase of our lesson -- the transmitting process. This area of learning--this method of communication--has been likened to a vehicle spinning out of control. Some that transmit attempt to correct this spinning by imposing their own thoughts, while others attempt to turn inward toward the direction of the transmitting momentum.

I can impart to you my understanding on this communication process, but certainly, my understanding is not quite complete. Individuals receive messages through various ways--whether it is through sound, thought, or a perceiving with the morontia vision. There are a few factors that I can help you with to gain more accuracy.

The FIRST factor is the act of releasing personal desires. You already understand how personal desires color transmissions. We can go back to the act of the laying down of one's life, the act of desiring NOT to desire, the commitment to drink the cup, to be within Father's will. Should Father have a message for me--so be it--if not--so be it! Yes.

The transmission process is practically useless if one is seeking attention or popularity. This is factor TWO. A desire for self-glory or fame is a direct disconnection from the Spirit -- completely understood by Father of course, and a part of the mortal experience -- but nonetheless, a disconnection.

Many who pick up the transmitting process have usually done so through the exercises in humility. To be small is an invitation to accuracy. A good transmitter detests any praise from listeners or credit. A well balanced transmitter understands the wisdom spoken is not their own. I will choose to stop here. I would resume our lesson on the transmitting process next week.

Abraham / 990411 / Woods Cross Teaching Mission Group, Utah, USA

We seek to teach you this transmitting process to allow you access to internal divine truths. When there is not trust in your own inner knowingness you tend to rely upon the words of others. You search and still you thirst. You consume information and yet you still hunger.

Factor THREE teaches us that the transmission process is for our own personal growth towards our divine Father. To understand this morontia sense activates the internal compass to search within, to measure what you believe spiritually with what you know logically. All mortals utilizing the transmission process certainly must weigh your messages with your intelligence.

Father is intelligence. He would not ask that you sacrifice anything for His divine favor, no. Father would not bid you to engage in illogical risks while leading you on the path of your eternal career, no. We will make errors in the transmission process--no doubt. Father and Mother have granted you intelligence that may be used to filter your messages through. You most of the time cannot completely count on your fellows to loan you their intellectual knowledge of your divine messages. You have been granted the gift of mind, and we on the Teaching Staff full well expect you to utilize it, yes.

Factor FOUR is almost humorous in a way where we have been practicing to erase the lines of time and space. Factor four deals with allowing time to see the fruits produced from your transmissions, yes. Those that give you comfort or wisdom are useful and producing values, yes. It is easy at times to push aside a transmitted message--believing them to have been your own thoughts. I say that time can help you discern if these messages hold value or not. The purpose of learning to use this method of communication is to become acquainted with Father’s small voice within. As you practice and use your morontial vision you can see within your message if Father has indeed spoken.

Factor FIVE is simply taught to reduce the mysticism of transmitting. On the mansion worlds this process is thought of as natural. Perhaps at first some are amazed by it, and later learn that this process is quite practical. Many look for signs that their mortal eyes cannot see that lend them faith. Some believe that mysticism brings signs which promote faith. This mysticism brings only temporary satisfaction. When the real truths come to the forefront do you find the mysticism to be unfulfilling and fleeting. Solid transmitting brings with it lessons that may be used in everyday living. It is not showing the world--look what I am gifted at. It is not saying--I hold the answers--come to me! No. The transmitting process is personal, is communion with those who are on High.

Transmitting/Receiving T/R Causes for Errors

Will / 940102 / Tallahassee, Florida, USA

When transmitters go wrong, the error generally falls into two categories. Category one is those errors spontaneously generated by the velocity of spirit progress being made during a transmission event. In other words, the transmitter gets swept away with euphoric feelings of spiritual progress. It is difficult for us to then exert any control whatever over the wayward human, other than break off communication. In this situation, the animal nature of the human has taken over. Great surges of human emotion, whether surges of euphoria or fear, are a powerful impediment to this communication. But the velocity achieved by the transmitter often quickly carries the subject matter into areas that are not reliable or are clear error. There is little we can do to control this.

In this communication, like all communications between all humans, you are not relieved of your duty to exercise common sense and sagacity. You are not to set aside your normal capabilities of judgment merely because it is said that these words come from God. You well know that your God would never ask that.

Category two is a fear based transmission -- when the receiver transmitter is not fully capable of selfless transmission. When the receiver transmitter begins to personally identify with the veracity of the message, then an equal and similarly impassable impediment exists to the free and accurate transmission of our message.

The transmitters cannot and may not take credit for either the good or ill spawned by the words which we speak to you on occasions like this. It is an impossibility for the transmitters to be responsible in any sense. How could a transmitter be responsible for the effect of the message on an unknown hearer or reader? Transmitters are relieved of this responsibility. Personality identification with the message is a regrettable human fancy and does not exist in our experience of reality.

For those transmitters who read these words, I counsel you that in this, like all human activities, do not fear to stop, consider that error might thrive. Back up. If necessary, start over. You are of value to us. We know that you are incapable of operating error free. The success of this activity relies in large measure upon your individual ability to recognize the weaknesses of your personalities, your own wayward predilections and your ability to discipline. Nevertheless, error exists. We admit it. We are all far from Havona and error is a large part of the reality with which we daily deal.