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All inhabited worlds get periodic Epochal Revelations by our Celestial Administrators, as well as continuous individual revelations by way of our indwelling God Fragments (also known as Thought Adjusters,) and the ministrations of our Destiny Guardians. They can lead us on a productive path of spiritual growth.  

Currently, we are experiencing our Fifth Epochal Revelation, called the Correcting Time. It began with the great gift of The Urantia Book, with the purpose of uplifting our planet to a higher knowledge of our universe and how it is administered by various orders of creative and created orders of beings. This includes knowledge of God and the Trinity in all their manifestations, as well as a truly magnificent and inspiring retelling of the Life and Teachings of Jesus.

Following the publication of The Urantia Book, the next phase of the Correcting Time is the Teaching Mission, initiated to direct and uplift the spiritual growth of individuals and groups of individuals. This has involved a series of weekly group lessons relayed from the celestial realm of teachers to the mortals by way of trained transmitter/receivers, or TRs in about a dozen or more groups around the world. These personal and group lessons will continue through the future and are an essential part of this archive site.

Phase three of the Correcting Time is called the Magisterial Mission and the purpose of this section is to give a concept of society-wide issues that feature the values that functional societies, communities, and families are based upon.  

This mission is service-oriented  and directed to those individuals and groups that desire to make our planet sustainable for our and future generations, and to create a civilization that will be sustainable for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  

Currently, many aspects of our societies are not sustainable and would benefit greatly by the wise counsel of our celestial mentors and advisors. But God, and our billions of celestial friends, cannot, will not correct these problems that we have created for ourselves by fiat. This part of the universe is evolutionary and under our willful control.  

However, Christ Michael has devised a plan whereby we can co-creatively work with the celestial realm. Though they are under a permanent mandate never to overturn the decisions of mortals, we can ask for and receive their counsel and options for solving our many problems, but we must make the final decisions and be the ones to do the actual work.

To this end, we have been granted an Avonal Son of Paradise to begin a Magisterial Mission on our world to help us work through our innumerable planetary problems, and to work with our Planetary Manager, Machiventa Melchizedek, to carry out the plans of Christ Michael’s Correcting Time for our world.  

Since our Magisterial Son’s universe name is probably unpronounceable by us, he goes by the name, Monjoronson for now. He is present on our world but has not yet materialized into a human-like form that we will be able to see. This will come when the time is right, and will not create panic in our populations.  

The three of them, Christ Michael, Monjoronson and Machiventa are known as the Triumvirate and work very closely together on this co-creative plan for our world.

Our Melchizedek mentors have taught us how to form co-creative teams that can freely contact the members of the Melchizedek Teachers with questions about their projects through the TR process. The celestial realm has offered to help us learn what we need to know, to give us options for our decisions and even to “hold our hands” as we go forth. But we must do the work with our own feet, hands, minds, hearts and determination to do what we know is right for all humanity. Future generations depend on our decisions to do what is right and to act upon those decisions.

Various groups and individuals are being mentored according to their interests and abilities to begin this process of change and Planetary Correction; this is happening worldwide and is not always known by others working in different areas of change. Personally, I am most familiar with the work being done by some of the Colorado groups on social sustainability, associated with the Magisterial Mission as an example of this process of co-creativity.  

Their work is based on the 7 core values that are innate to all mortals by our Creator: To experience the value of life, to have the basic necessities and to be able to increase the quality of our lives, to have access to grow, learn and reach our full potential, to be of equal value and receive dignity and respect by our fellow citizens, to have empathy and compassion for others and to honestly feel a love of humanity. Citizens in all nations need and require these basic values.

Recent implementation of the Colorado group has begun to form Family Clinics to teach children, adolescents and young adults how to be responsible citizens, how to prepare for future procreation with intelligent aforethought, how to be great parents and later wonderful grandparents for the new generations, and how to teach these concepts within educational institutions and high schools and other social agencies. Other projects studied are how to make changes to other social institutions, to politics and government, to the economic and financial areas and to updating our morals and ethics.

The process of revelation is not new, it has been going on for many, many thousands of years, is ongoing now and into the future—it will never stop.  

Revelation is available to every person individually—all you have to do is trust and welcome it into your daily lives. There are literally billions of very qualified celestial beings on this world to assist the mortals co-creatively in this stupendous task of saving our planet for hundreds of generations into the future.  

This beautiful blue globe is special to Christ Michael, as he spent his 7th bestowal here as Jesus; he does not want it to fail and therefore, has given us all the help we need to correct its ills. This is called the Magisterial Mission, a service oriented aspect of the Fifth Epochal Revelation to our planet, Urantia.

— Roxanne Andrews, 4/2019, of the Northern Colorado Teaching Mission groups.

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