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My name is Rick Lyon. I am from Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA. I have been a passionate student of The Urantia Book since I discovered the book in 1978. I seem to have one of the most unusual stories of how I found the book: in a landfill. Upon reading just a few pages I realized that this was the confirmation of my existing personal but nonconforming beliefs about God while also a cosmic expansion of those beliefs. I have been an active servant within the Urantia readership community since 1993 having served in many positions with the organizations and my own dissemination and service projects.

After retiring from the environmental department of a steel mill after 44 years, I have been able to bring some of my long pending projects to completion. My newest completed project is a calendar called "Today In Urantia History" which displays the events of The Urantia Book according to the specific dates they occur. For example: August 21, 7 B.C. Jesus was born. Even theologians know that Jesus was born in the summer and The Urantia Book is the only spiritual text that reveals the actual time and date of his birth.

The "FAQ's With The Facts" book series has been about 12 years in the making. "The New Revelation Of Jesus" is another wish list project that recently was completed. Sales of this book have been encouraging and thanks to the KDP reports showing pages read, it is thrilling to see people are reading it a lot.

This began as a concept of: "What if Jesus wrote his autobiography?" It truly will bring the human Jesus to life as you experience the same joys and tragedies of this mortal life that Jesus himself experienced while revealing his divine nature too. You will be able to truly relate his life to yours and yours to his. Never again can you say: "Nobody knows how I feel." Many questions about the life and teachings of Jesus are described in this book along with the so called missing years. Turns out they were not missing after all but full of mortal life experiences leading up to his public ministry and revelation of his divinity and divine purpose. Why did Jesus come here? Why in 7 B.C.? Why was Joseph and Mary chosen as his parents? 650 pages of answers to questions you never thought to ask but also a touchingly personal conversation with you and Jesus. Narrated by Solonia - The Voice In The Garden. All of our books are intended to compliment and lead you to The Urantia Book.

Another service project is CosmicCreations.BIZ . This is an online store offering Urantia related products. With the permission of Urantia Foundation, Rick and wife Susan offer items displaying the concentric circles banner of Michael logo and other Urantia related products such as jewelry, clothing, music, artwork, and fun stuff too. Thanks to being given this opportunity we have come to realize that this revelation is not a small thing. It is not just an American thing as we have active customers in 28 countries. We take our CosmicCreations booth to Urantia events each year. Our purpose in doing CosmicCreations is four things:

1. When we display the concentric circles it leads people to ask: "What does that represent?" or "What is Urantia?" This opens the door to sharing the teachings with others.

2. Displaying the circles helps us to find each other. When we see someone else wearing them then we know we have found a spiritual sibling and a kindred spirit.

3. Displaying the circles reminds us that we are an important part of the most important project on this planet. While others serve the physical needs of our brothers and sisters, we are concerned about their eternal survival and spiritual needs.

4. At a time when "being religious" is falling out of favor, displaying the circles strengthens us and may strengthen and encourage others to be steadfast in their faith.

For us, it is all about service to mankind and doing the will of our Paradise Father.

We hope you enjoy our book offerings. We appreciate your comments and reviews. My favorite quote is: "Of all human knowledge, that which is of greatest value is to know the religious life of Jesus and how he lived it."

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