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My full legal name is Mark George-Moore.

Born and raised in Quebec City, now living in Winnipeg for over 30 years, married to a beautiful wife Kathy with three (3)daughters and grand parents of (7) grand children.

My artist's name is Framy Mâs. Framy is a combination of two French words (French people can probably relate to that) (Frère/Ami), which combined in sound, became “Framy” meaning a “friendly/brother” as in a Frother in English. This was the name of my first little attempt at a Bonsai business many years ago when I was still living in Sherbrook, PQ, ” it was called *Framy Enterprises*. Having moved to Winnipeg, the Bonsai business ended but family, music and song creation became my main activity.

I am a friendly brother with the desire to love and inspire humanity in as many ways as possible, and music and song is one of them. Mâs is the name that all my children and grandchildren call me because that is the name with which my first grandson baptized me, and the rest is history and so my pen/artists' name has become Framy Mâs.

In 1982 A friendly sibling who was studying at the University of Quebec working on a thesis was using The Urantia Papers and was eager to share them with me. So, I opened the book at paper 120 and read a few paragraphs, but it seemed to be another one of those “out there” UFO stuff, so I closed it and forgot about it.

Then in 1986 as I was sitting in the tailor position, meditating outside in the yard, I heard someone walking towards me as he was leaving and being released from his duties. I opened my eyes and he looked at me and said, “Have you ever heard of the Urantia Book”? I said “Yes” and he said, “you should read it, it would be good for you”.

Then he said “there's one in the library” and he left and I never saw him again and didn't even know his name, and what is even more ironic, I was the one who took upon his duties that he had as a tailor, making and repairing clothes for all the inmates in the Canadian Penitentiary System. So I became a wholehearted student of the 5th Epochal Revelation in many French and English study Groups.

I have studied humanity since I was a child, world religions, anthropology, metaphysics, psychology, psychiatry and much more, and have studied many masters, too many to mention. I have been initiated Sikh and studied with Moussa N'diaye, taking in 13 of the seminars he was offering. I have done simultaneous translating for some of Moussa's seminars and was also one of the French/English simultaneous translators for the 1993 Fellowship International Conference planning committee.

This was where  Kathy and I, who were on the planning committee, at the conference were married by ministers Meredith Sprunger and Ben Lemay with hundreds of UB student witnesses attending.

In the year 2000, with my soul sister, eternal partner, Kathy, we took a Spiritual retreat training course by Bill and Kay Cooper and Carol and Skip Weatherford at Silver Springs retreat centre in Ontario Canada and were accredited and went on to facilitating Spiritual retreats with Bill and Share Beasley.

The two concepts that improved my life are:

# 1-The concept of the Pre/Personal Thought Adjuster/Personality Father relationship potential towards Fusion is what revived the Faith I had in God when discovering the 5th Epochal Revelation.. #2-There is also the concept of understanding that every relationship with another sibling is within the  Supreme Love of Our Universal Mother. As we share in Soul we can recognize and see The Supreme in each other.

I have co-created *the Supreme concept of *The Spiritual Universal Siblinghood of Nebadon* and I have co-created with My Spirit a concept music album *The KinShip* to support it and share it with as many brothers and sisters as possible. My siblings, I was inspired to put this together by the revelation and my personal relationship with my Creator Father and Mother of Nebadon and am now seeking support to produce it for the benefit of humanity and beyond.

Framy Mâs aka Mark George-Moore,

Divine Love To All

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