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New on-site additions this month:

* Dr. William (Pop) Sadler produced a series of 1959 workbooks on the Urantia papers and we feature one on Worship and Wisdom. Urantia Foundation offers the complete set.

* Urantia Guidelines for Living: Robert Sarmast, a well-known Urantia scholar, produced this excellent narrative that focuses the cosmological lessons of the Urantia papers to our daily living challenges and opportunities.

* Dr. Gerald Farley, one of our administrative councilors, has published and we re-produce four philosophical studies that relates Urantia, A Course in Miracles and the development of a new HeartMind to guide our lives. E-books for download.

* The Spirits of Promise e-book from the late Gerdean O'Dell is shared in a pre-publication form. We will keep this title alive on Amazon and in the market as a valuable comparative study of the body's seven Chakras and Urantis's Adjutant Mind Spirits. We are also working on reproducing The Zoo-id Mission, a prophetic science-fiction philosophical adventure.

* New Era Transition conversations with Machiventa Melchizedek continue with#81 and #82 of the series, received in January. As we continue to build, we’re now also putting up entries from the New Era Conversations series with several celestial teachers and the Conversations with Monjoronson series. These are vital lessons that help us understand and cope with the environmental, political, and moral crises of our times — 2020.

* We’re adding entries from the 1996-forward Teaching Mission personal growth Archives, slow and methodical hand work to assemble them under Teacher name with a foundation for a searchable database. From the raw archive of 5,286, we’ve processed 1,647 transmission sessions at this writing with a formidable number to do. Volunteer help welcome.

* A 1993-94 lessons collection from Olfana, a celestial teacher who anchored a group in Half Moon Bay, CA and transmitted via the late Susan Kimsey. Added to Teaching Mission historical documents.

* New in our Friends and Sources listings are:

Humanity’s Team. Steve Farrell and colleagues are offering FREE leadership training for the new era of spiritual growth. They are planning a global meditation for Sound Healing.

Divine Love Sanctuary, focuses on the divine love within, no matter religious beliefs. They offer new and timely celestial narratives via mediumship, and are anchored in the historic messages received by Dr. James Padgett.

Donna D’Ingillo and colleagues are no longer just a center, and now comprise the Institute of Christ Consciousness as they continue helping individuals connect to the Spirits within and cleanse a contaminated DNA.

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