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Greetings. We share fresh content for March at, which showcases the Urantia Book and other modern spiritual revelations.

Conversations with Machiventa Melchizedek. Timely and highly insightful.

In fact, you can read 85 transcripts of the spiritual teacher transmitting to our Northern Colorado group. In our new #86, among other topics, he discusses:

Mortal fusion and the experience of becoming perfect

MACHIVENTA: “You will find some individuals who have already fused during the later stages of their mortal lifetime who arrive right beside you. Yes, they are fused, they have beliefs and so on, but they still need to have the experience of progression—of becoming perfect. Now, that might sound very ironic that a mortal who has been fused with their Thought Adjuster would need to have experience in becoming perfect. Yes, they certainly do.

“The fusion is a matter of commitment—that there is an unresolvable dedication and perseverance of the union between the mortal and the God presence, and this is recognized by the fusion event and their immediate ascension to the morontial existence. Nonetheless, the individual still has the spiritual, finaliter, morality requirement to provide an experience of becoming perfect which is what God seeks in Its existence within the universe.

“As you know, the perfect God is whole, but God being perfect has no experience of becoming perfect. And so, to understand how one is perfect, one must have vicariously—or even closer than that through the God presence within individuals—gained the first-hand knowledge of what it is like to make decisions to become perfect. Therefore, those of you who have committed your lives to becoming perfect and are striving to make more ethical, moral, and responsible decisions and actions that contribute to this process, are firsthand observers of this progress, and you will enjoy this very much in your morontial life.

“Those of you who have made this commitment, even those who do not fuse, will look back upon your decisions then as being: “Wow, that was wonderful. How did I know how to do that?” Well, your Thought Adjuster knew and led you in that direction. So, to answer your question, yes, there are differences. Yes, you will love these people who lag behind you as you grow, and you will love those who advance beyond you as you grow and as they grow. It is not personal. It is simply the attributes that they take with them, the life experience of the fusion adjustment of the mortal, and the mortal process of living and making decisions to become more perfect. It is something that you become very intimately acquainted with, so get used to it, my friend.”

The Magisterial Mission and Teaching Mission transcripts collections at L&L offers conversations with numerous visiting celestial personalities.

NEW L&L CONTENT for March also includes these Teaching Mission historic documents:

WELMEK on Prayer: An e-book featuring the lessons of a first wave celestial teacher.

• TOMAS, “Fruits of the Spirit,” a topical e-book from the longtime TM teacher.

LorEL, a collection of lessons from 1993-94 through transmitter ‘Patije’ in Sarasota, FL

PATIJE on Urantia, study aids and papers produced by a pioneer transmitter.

The TM phenomena, a 1993 paper by Patije on the new transmitting-receiving process.

PARADISE NETWORKER, a new issue of the historic Teaching Mission newsletter published in Hawaii.

ABRAHAM IN NEW ZEALAND, a digitized and enhanced presentation of an historic one-hour plus transmission to a Urantia and new spirituality group in Hamilton, NZ, 1993. We offer the full video which outlines the celestial mission to redeem our planet.

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