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DANIEL lessons 1993-95. More conversations with the long-serving celestial teacher from Idaho, transmitted for many years by Rev. Bill Kelly, Virginia Kelly and others.

JEREMIAH relates the early history of the pioneer Woods Cross Teaching Mission group in Salt Lake City. This is the spirit name of member John Wormeck.

OLFANA, the prolific celestial teacher in Half Moon Bay, CA, transmitted by Susan Kimsey, presents a baker’s dozen of very basic spiritual understandings that humans need to grasp, from 1993-94.

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Another Note …. At L&L, our goal is to produce a search engine capable of comparing spiritual concepts found in the Urantia Book, A Course in Miracles, the Pathwork Guide lectures and new Urantia-centered celestial transcripts and transmissions. All help appreciated.

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SPIRITUALITY MATURITY — A FREE E-Book with 100 lessons from celestial teachers for a 100-day program to enhance your spiritual growth. Collected by Jim Cleveland.

"Homeschooled by Spirit” announcing a new book channeled by Anyas Spencer. 365 days of lessons.

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MESSAGES FROM JESUS new book announcement from the Divine Love Sanctuary.

LYRICAL SPIRIT Jim Cleveland’s new lifetime collection of poetry, lyric and and  lyrical stories comes together in one volume. Link to a new Amazon paperback and E-book.

ASCENDING APOCALYPSE A New Birth for Mankind is new in print and E-Book at 642 pages. It includes cutting edge essays on our current values and intentions battles, plus many celestial teacher lessons and a complete book from HAM on human destiny. Link to Amazon edition by Jim Cleveland.



NEW LINKS to Amazon editions of two Teaching Mission early years history books: The Correcting Time and The Center Within, both by Fred Harris. Inspired by the Tallahassee, FL. group.