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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2018-12-13
Teacher: Monjoronson, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, once again we come before you, we come to approach you in this technique we have developed, in this method we employ now to approach you. It has been so wonderful, all the times that we have created this portal to you and you have responded to our petition to meet us in this sacred space of spirit. Even now we bring this petition to meet you in this sacred place of spirit, this fountain of rejuvenation that we return to, to drink another cup of the goodness and beauty and truth that is in this place with you. Thank you for joining us in this exercise. Thank you for being with us throughout even though we may not fully recognize your presence in our lives. And now, help us to more closely join you in this process that we would engage in, that we would even create even now by the act of our will to do so. Let it be so, even now, thank you.

Monjoronson: Hello and greetings to you all, I am he whose name was invoked in this conversation, Monjoronson, to be with you here in response to your petition and I would take this opportunity to rejoice with you in our fellowship. We have plotted some new territory ourselves. We have been responsible for the creation of a number of sessions and transcripts and lessons and significant moments that were shared between us.

Indeed, my chuckle is in response to the trials and tribulations that we have endured throughout this process. We literally are stringing together these various techniques, opportunities, time frames and possibilities into a reality that we have created for ourselves. Let this be a lesson to all of you who have participated in this process. We have in fact created the reality of our contact together. We have brought this intention into process and brought this process forward to enjoy the results that we all have shared.

These results of coming closer together, of embracing each other in this spirit format and of lifting each other up in the process, these are things that have changed us forever. They are the results of our efforts and the fruits of our labor. And so I invite you to share with me in the joy of all that we have accomplished and yet all this that we refer to is in the spiritual dimension and therefore it may not be counted and tabulated and assessed by others in this process. This is significant because many times those advancements made in spirit are wholly personal, individual and unknown by others. So all that we have done in this process that has caused us spiritual growth may not be directly shared by others because in fact, spiritual growth is a personal process.

So when we talk of our successes in our getting together and our meeting and our lessons shared and learned, we refer to the individual impact that this has on our lives, on our spiritual lives, on our eternal lives and this may not be observed, let alone quantified by others who have not shared this experience. I bring this to your attention today because I know that there are thoughts resident within you that perhaps these advancements that have been made may not be significant, may not be observed, may not be counted or assessed fairly and that much of this effort that has happened may have gone unnoticed and have little impact on the greater picture.

But I am here to affirm for you, all of you, that personal spiritual growth remains the goal of your universe and your life experience. This entire program has been not only built to support this process but sustained as you utilize this process in your individual spiritual growth and has indeed been counted on high as true success. This is what we are here to do, this is what you have embraced in this process and this is what is getting accomplished albeit there are no report cards, there are no gold stars, there are no badges to pass out, there is no status to be claimed and so it may appear to the observer that there may not be much significance to all this process. But I am here to affirm for you, it is indeed significant, it is the most significant thing you might do during this lifetime and you are successful in this endeavor. If you are here now, you are more successful than most for you have created this arena of acceptance where your spiritual component has been allowed the space to grow, a space to experience, a space to become what your potentials suggest.

Oftentimes when the traveler undergoes a great journey, he comes to realize that the destination was personally not the most important part of the journey. The growth that has happened along the way has been the significant aspect. That is what has been earned and kept and cherished in the journey. Sure, one may look to the destination but each step along the way is ample opportunity for growth and learning. This is where we find ourselves in our spiritual pursuits. One may have a lofty ideal about becoming a spiritualized being some time in the future in their eternal career, but today, even now, as we take these steps in that direction, growth is being secured and this is a cherished part of this process. It does not serve to be in a hurry to get anywhere, rather it is far better to take each step deliberately and with intention, to have the necessary perspective to appreciate the journey and the steps involved in the journey.

That is the message that I would impress upon you this evening. As one who has been involved with you for some time in this process, I can report as a comrade that you have made this progress, even if it is difficult for you to interpret. I applaud your ongoing interest and curiosity because this is what drives the process. This is in a very real sense, the gift you give to the creators of this process, to participate, to be involved and to become aware.

I understand that there is a question on the floor about an impending event when we will become aware of our cosmic brothers and sisters. Few who are involved in spiritual pursuits believe that we are, you are, alone as sentient beings throughout this vast cosmos. Your Urantia papers have told you of a greater perspective and still you have a sense that there are others besides yourselves involved in this great experiment and process and you are correct. You also are aware that as prescribed by those in jurisdiction, one developing world may not interfere in the developments of a different experiment.

And so, while you may truly sense, feel and believe and expect that there are others involved, your cosmic brethren, they are in large part restrained by the mandates of this occasion. That having been said, they are keenly interested in your welfare and are endeavoring to help in whatever their mandate permits. I would offer to you that just as we are communicating now through this method we have established because we both believe in this process, likewise, it is possible for individuals in this realm to reach out and formulate different circuitry which allows them to share in this process.

This is not strictly beyond your abilities but requires a different antennae, if you will, a different frequency to be able to project yourself on and receive. This process is in the not too distant future for your entire planet. But those who have increased their awareness to accept the possibility as probability, may be able to change their method of reception just as we have done to allow our communication here and now. So this potential is available to you since you are pioneers in forming circuitry, there are other circuits that you may find and explore. This circuitry of your cosmic brothers and sisters is one that has yet to be explored.

If one looks at these different families as all under the umbrella of the Creator, then certainly we should be able to coordinate between these frequencies and activate our choice as to which circuitry we would fire up. Your awareness that there are these additional avenues and circuits is a key factor and so it is embraced that this reality exists. It is then possible to build a bridge to navigate the distance between. I invite you in all such exercises, to ask for the assistance of Michael. Ask for guidance as to how, ask for appropriateness in your lives. Your Thought Adjusters work as guardians and gate keepers to your deeper consciousness. Petition them with your desire, that they may gauge your willingness and your readiness for such things.

These are all the steps that you have taken already to be here now. The trust of the unknown and unseen, the desire of your soul to reach out in this direction, the willingness of your Thought Adjuster to allow such contact because you are ready, you are aware, you are in a position of love, therefore all these factors at play line up and we are able to have a successful meeting and conversation.

So if this experiment has been successful, what about others? What other directions would you explore? What other possibilities that you can conceive of would you embrace. Those who are in conviction of their spiritual component have a great platform for exploration. They know they are safe in this arena of spirit and that they may venture out in different directions and experience different avenues, but that they are held safely in this spiritual reality that they have come to know, this part of themselves that they have allowed expression.

I know if has been some time since the initial flush of enthusiasm of our meetings when we talked of great change before us and we dared to go out and explore the possibilities. I call you all to witness, we have had a great treasure trove of spiritual experiences and the resulting growth. These we have taken with us and will continue to cherish throughout our experience and that all of our efforts have been rewarded with the success of growth. Even now it has been an extraordinary experience to be involved with you in this process, this creation of this new circuitry onto this world. We have staked a claim and we have proved to ourselves that this is real to us, this has forever changed and altered our lives as our experiences have been so full.

I would conclude my remarks there this evening but would allow for dialog or questions should there be any from such great truth seekers as yourselves.

Comment: Thank you dear brother, all of our blessing upon you. Thank you for your reaching out, helping us in our reception.

Monjoronson: My dear friend, the reaching out is nothing without the reaching back. I so cherish the efforts that you send in your mortal lives to transcend your mortal limitations and reach beyond those into your spiritual dimension where you are such great and shining beings. [thank you]

Jonathan: I would greet you all, I am Jonathan here to take the opportunity presented to offer some fellowship and some dialog. I feel very close to Monjoronson and our time spent together so I have been drawn to this gathering and simply wanted to acknowledge the growth in my being as the result of the relationship that has been shared. It has indeed been a joy to be a part of these awakenings, the step by step peeling back like the layers of an onion, the layers of our mortal-ness to uncover our spiritual component, to become comfortable with that aspect of ourselves, even to desire to find it and visit it again. These are the results that we may point to in our growth throughout this process, the becoming bold in our convictions, the strengthening of our faith, the enhancing of our perspective so that we no longer feel so lost, so disconnected but rather feel more and more connected as we allow more and more of our spirit to join in this connection.

I am in gratitude to Monjoronson and the others for hearing our plea to connect and for stepping forward and reaching down that we may reach back, that we may touch each other in this way. I know others share my gratitude and so I simply wish to express it in fellowship here tonight. I am in gratitude for all of you gathered together for this circuit that we have activated, for the energy that we share back and forth. All these I recognize are gifts from on high, potentials that we have accepted and made real in our lives and it is with great joy that I am able to make these expressions through this process. I bid you all a farewell, a fair journey and look forward to more touching base with you. Thank you all, good day.

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