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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2018-10-11
Teacher: Michael, Elyon, Jonathan, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers

[The observation was made that during the tsunamis and earthquakes, many of the survivors were grateful that God had saved them which implies indirectly that perhaps He had not saved others. Could it be that perhaps some of the survivors had wittingly or unwittingly been saved as a result of following their Adjuster or spirit guidance?]

Michael: Yes, thank you my friends, my dear ones for opening up this time together where we may fellowship and even commune in the love of our Father. I would like to make a comment on the observation that certain individuals appear to ride out the storm and may even appear to have been favored and saved from what would otherwise be an undesirable fate. Others are "lost to the storm". I would like to shift your field of observation, your level of awareness to accommodate the truth that all are saved-there are none lost.

From your perspective of mortal life, you have a clear delineation between existing and not existing, between winning or losing this game of life, but I assure you, even those whose time may be cut short in this dimension are also saved. I've not forsaken any of my children, I never will. I grant you your perspective that some remain and stay and some depart and leave, but all are saved for it is my desire to see you through whether you live long and prosper in this dimension of time and space or whether you are moved along and accommodated in the realms beyond, equally you are administered to, cared for and "saved" as you might see it. I hope this brings you some comfort in your frame of reference as you view events before you and see that so many are saved and so many are lost as tallied by the mortal view.

I pray that you adopt the spiritualized perspective that some are saved for this adventure, while others are departing for another. As you may indeed remember the statement: "To a true believer, what should it matter if all things earthly were to perish" for we know we do not perish, we survive and proceed forward as those who are considered lost, survive and proceed forward. Whether here or there, whether now or later, the experience will endure.

Mark: Thank you Michael for your generous response to our question.

Elyon: You do have me by your request. It is a pleasure to be requested. We have had some good times together that will remain with us always and it is with joy that I respond to your request to be here with you tonight. We have sailed this vessel together for some time. Indeed in the very beginning I believe we can say we have launched it to be sailed throughout the seas of spirit understanding and awareness. To have the energy to maneuver the vessel as we were so inspired has been a glorious experience. We have charted unknown territories and made them part of our eternal experience, even our gift to the Supreme. We have done this of our own accord and with our own willingness and working together for a common cause, to grow our spiritual awareness and manifest the true depth of our spiritual being. And this we have done together and the waters have been sailed, the experience has been gathered, the lessons have been learned and taught. The experience has been embraced and shared. The fruits of these labors have, I call you to witness, manifested in your lives.

So we have succeeded in our journey, we have arrived at our current destination loaded with the experience of the journey and the wisdom gained that can only be had from this experience. So it has never been the destination that has been the key, it has been the journey and the steps we have taken together. This is indeed a lesson of great magnitude. There is no place to hurry up and go, there is only to manifest and be.

There are others who would join the conversation and I would allow time for such. I leave you with my enduring embrace for ones who have shared a special experience together, this bond may never be broken. So be it, I look forward to visiting with you at another time, farewell.

Jonathan: Hey guys, I was there too, I am Jonathan inviting myself onto the scene of this reunion. It is our "desire" that we have this reunion of fellowship from the early days and when we consider the personalities present in the circuits formed in those days, my energy signature was present and so by that means, I am summoned to this re-encircuitment. It is nothing but pure joy to make this connection and be a part of this circuit once again. To rekindle the fond flames that were generated when these circuits were established is a treat that those of us present may kindle at any time and strike up the flames of the previous experience.

And so it is with great fondness that I come to this reorganization of the energy. Indeed our association with Elyon was a sacred gift, one which we had some sense at the time of being unusual. We could not appreciate the magnitude of the relationship, and even now we may have to process the whole thing in context with who we have become. It was such fun exploring these dimensions, these unknown territories with the secure friendship of the related personalities, the loving kindness of Elyon introducing us to this new dimension and ushering us into a new phase of our awareness. And I am sure you will all agree, we were changed forever. I stand in recognition and in gratitude of that fact with you all here today. This experience we shared will bond us throughout all time and I am so glad to have you all in this circuit of love.

I appreciate being summoned by your desire to en-circuit with me again, it is also my desire. I am in gratitude for this opportunity, thank you.

Light: I would like to join this campfire of love, I am Light and I feel as though I have not only a great desire but a right to join this circuit of love as well. I feel close to all those involved and have attached myself to this energy circuit whenever I can be involved. There is a definite sense of warm glow as in that of a campfire, drawing in those around to the warmth, to come next to the glowing energy of love. And so it is, I am attracted as well. I simply wanted to make my way in here to join the circle and express my gratitude to be part of it. To be associated with you all is one of my greatest pleasures.

I leave you all with Light, with the sense that you are bathed in the light, surrounded by the light, illuminated by the light, lifted up by the light. So be it, peace be with you all.

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