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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2018-09-13
Teacher: Charles, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you so much for this opportunity that we have, that we make, create and support, of coming together in this forum to be with you and enjoy the spirit contact of this meeting of the soul. It is always a pleasure to come and be embraced by the spirit as we allow ourselves to be taken in because, as was noted, we all are in this together. We join you now and we welcome you as you join us, thank you.

Charles: Greetings friends, I am Charles and am pleased to accept the opportunity you provide to discourse with you about this notion of turning over the wheel to your Adjuster, such a delightful metaphor you have provided. I would like to explore what that may in fact mean because, as you have been told by your Urantia Papers, Michael invited you to trade your mind for the mind of Christ, to actively petition to swap traits of the mind. With your desire to do so, you may share this mind circuit that you have in common. You may intermingle the aspects of these minds that you desire to connect.

So likewise, if you desire to connect with your Adjuster, you may be able to change minds in a sense and share a common mind circuit. If you are desirous of this communion, this communication between you, then your simple request as was so demonstrated, is enough to trigger your wish and you certainly will be rewarded with the results of your efforts. Your sincerity will certainly be rewarded in this process. This is how you actively, by sheer command of your will, upgrade your capacity by asking to share with your Adjuster or to share the mind of Christ. These are circuits you are able to tap into at will.

So when you decide to flip that switch you can rest assured that the connection will be made because the entire process awaits your choice to flip that switch and to engage that connection. This is a very powerful creative prerogative you have, to be able to be more than you are individually by your simple desire to connect with a circuit that you share with others, a circuit of mind. Your Adjuster awaits your invitation and is always ready to rush forward. This is a welcome step in your growth and evolution with your Indwelling Spirit, even this recognition, let alone this request. This represents progress in your awareness. This represents a closer connection that you have. You are learning to energize these circuits that are at your disposal and these are premium ones you may choose to activate.

So yes, invite your Indwelling Spirit to "take the wheel" and see where they may guide the journey. Invite your brother, Michael's mind to intermingle with yours as He is here to share that circuit with you and to live that circuit with you. These are indeed powerful connections, powerful tools that may be used to enhance anything you choose them for and especially avail yourselves. Don't look merely for service opportunities to experiment with these upgrades of circuitry. Try for yourselves, show yourselves the effectiveness of the application of your intention.

Light: Hello to these friends assembled, I am Light. I would like to take this opportunity to simply make my presence known. I am, as you are, enjoying this circuitry that we create here and now. This connection that we have activated is being shared by many and I am among them as you are, enjoying the glow of this connection. I have no grand lesson plan to offer but was attracted by this notion of turning over the wheel to a higher presence, a higher value, a greater spiritual component of self. Just to seek to do this increases your capacity, just the desire to make these connections increase your abilities.

You are indeed growing these parts of yourselves that can connect to these many different circuits you are connected to and it is a great joy to watch as you exercise your faith muscles to experience and experiment with your abilities to connect. All in good time my dears ones, you shall be well versed in all of these circuits that are connected. Now you are realizing your
inter-connectedness and this awareness brings you great abilities to manifest through these circuits.

Thank you all for your efforts to gather and bathe in the light of spirit to increase your capacities to feel these connections. I enjoy the process with you and look forward to joining you in times like these, thank you.

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