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Lightline Teleconference 2018-08-09
Teacher: Charles
T/R: Mark Rogers

Charles: Hello to you all, I am Charles responding to this call and ever willing to receive your calls. It is a great delight to be able to exchange in this way and I'm always at your service in this capacity. There is an open request on the table and I will do my best to honor it. This is a request of the heart, a request of the spirit, a request of all mankind. This request is to kindle the fires of hope within the seeking individual and I will most eagerly respond to such a request.

In your discussion you have mentioned some of the components that you include when you consider having trust, actually having faith in that which is not seen, that which is only known from the spiritual perspective, only confirmed from this spiritual side of the self and so when you stand firm in your conviction that the universe is a friendly place, it is because you believe it. You trust in this truth because you have experienced it, you have felt it, it has touched you and you believe it. And so you bring your belief forward and you act with it in faith. You bring your belief forward and stand beside it in conviction with your faith.

And so you bring what you know to be true, good and beautiful into the equation. This is how you introduce them into any equation, by standing firm in the conviction of your belief, in faith. And because you have this conviction, deep down you are certain of its truth and are able to look past and beyond the transient show that runs before you, ever holding fast to your long term vision that the universe is a friendly place. For some time, all you may have asked the question: What will it look like as we undergo these impending changes? And so, you should not be surprised at what you see. This is the unfolding of what it will look like as it undergoes transformation. All of this is the natural progression of evolution but it is made specific to your experience by you and all those around you who are engaging. It is made real by your acceptance of it.

So as this show unfolds around you, consider that it is not a one way screen. You are not outside of the picture. You are a participant as the scene unfolds, one of many but one in certainty. As one who is linked to this unfolding episode, you may make your contribution, you may stand up for what you believe in and know to be real and true and beautiful. In this way your being connected becomes a positive influence. That is the silver lining in the clouds, if you will, it provides you with the opportunity to grow and learn about your role and how to interface in the collective and how to protect yourself as an individual which may become more and more required.

The very thought that you contemplate these issues shows that you are attached, that you are part of this enormous project. If that is so then stake your ground, make your claim to the highest truths that you can manage and bring your personal experience into the equation to raise the overall vibration. This is all one can contribute to the whole, their piece, their heart space, their prayers and their worship. These have meaning and value, these will remain yours throughout this process. As your Master has said, "fear not," you are cared for by the same loving universe that has supported you to this very hour. You will not be abandoned by these same loving forces, therefore should you feel safe and secure even though storms may rise and fall.

Thank you for the opportunity to address this question, this desire of the heart. I pray that you are emboldened in your position for you are indeed a treasured part of this whole. It has been my pleasure to dialog with you and if there are no questions or comments I would thank you once again for this opportunity that is created by your efforts.

Comment: Well Charles, I would like to echo what you said tonight and that is, in this walking down the sidewalk encountering mostly strangers, I have never said the expression that springs up between you is spontaneous because you are both part of this encounter and you tend to run into your own expression. If you're very positive, people are looking to catch your eye and if you are kind of down and gloomy people will avoid you. So there is something about being a part of what you encounter, thank you.

Charles: Thank you for your observation my friend, it is 'spot on' as they say. That is derived from your own personal experience and it is indisputably true. You and all individuals portray an energy as they go about and interact with others. This energy is perceived even before eye contact is made. This energy is interpreted between you and so it is that when someone is gloomy people naturally seem to avoid them. If this is the case, as we all may witness, then the opposite is most certainly true. If you are a beacon of light out there in the world, then you literally affect the course of everything around you. The trajectory of life itself is changed by your very presence; as if you were an intersection, the energy may be redirected and may be enhanced by having contact with you en route.

If somebody understands this principle, then one understands the importance of their own posture within the circumstance for in the end, no matter how depressing or unenlightened the circumstances may appear, they do not dictate your response, they do not command of you your actions. You choose how you will react. How will you choose to move forward with all the choices before you? This is where those seemingly little choices can add up, when you seize the opportunity, when you remain positive in the presence of negativity. When you demonstrate the way, you will attract to you those who wish to join your energy.

Thank you for bringing this point forward my friend.

Comment: Thank you Charles, thank you very much.

Charles: I would take the opportunity to close this meeting with a petition which I invite you to join in. Divine Parents, thank you so much for this opportunity we have shared here this evening. We can literally feel your reach and touch in these times as we reach to touch you. We relish this embrace, thank you. We have just been reminded about the potentials of our light and our actions and our choices. May we all be guided by your loving hand and influenced to act in accordance with the very highest of your principles. We ask you be there with us in these times to help guide us in these choices that we may make to honor you in service. It is our desire to work with you in this process more closely. Thank you for your embrace and your guidance and your love and this life and this grace and this peace.

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