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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2018-07-01
Teacher: Charles, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Yes thank you, pleased to be invited. I would like to respond to the line of thinking that there are some things which may be appropriate for all and there are some things which are naturally more suitable for select individuals who choose to gather such as we have here. I should make it clear, that when I arrive here I am aware of the parameters of our meeting. I am aware that you look to preserve literally every word and remain faithful to preserving its integrity in this process. And so, when I speak to you, my words must be chosen to be suitable to the wide audience that you have committed to in this process.

This is understood, this parameter, and so as you have rightly surmised we have been over a certain curriculum, we have repeated the curriculum, we have expanded the curriculum and even the process that we share. Indeed, when we do go out of our way to acknowledge the growth and changes you have made, it makes you uncomfortable because you have this sense that you are being observed by the wider full range of audience. So I submit to you for your future discussions and deliberations, that to fully honor your request to delve into greater techniques and more specific methods, it will be required of you that you proceed as a smaller group, unencumbered by the necessity to share absolutely everything you are taught.

How do you expect to go beyond the curriculum when you are bound to its limitations. So I encourage you to consider what you might even debate as a selfish move, to keep to yourselves some great treasures so that you may expand your own personal spiritual growth. I would remind you, you are not bound to share your own episodes of personal spiritual growth with the world. You may invoke your own privacy at any point and I plainly say to you that this is where we are at in response to your request for more, for if we are confined to the public airwaves we must address all. If we are privileged to address certain configurations of spirit beings we may more directly interface with this desired request.

I am not quite certain I could be more specific than that and so the debate must occur: is such an action a selfish action or does it serve the Supreme that each one of you grow yourself, that each one of you take as part of the gigantic experience, plenty of opportunity to grow your own self, to nurture your own spirit, to provide plenty of nutrients for growth in your personal growth equation.

Perhaps you will all witness that we have worked together on line and in front of the world to fashion these light anchors, to create these places of health and healing, to formulate methods of directing light and our intention. We have traveled these roads, even created them together and there are innumerable more paths which may be chosen to express your natures. I encourage you all to be kind to yourselves in the process. You may look unfavorably upon an impulse you had to act in which you did not, in fact the universe looks favorably upon the fact that you had the impulse at all, that you were stirred towards service. That demonstrates your connection to this compassion you referred to.

And so the very fact that you are feeling these things is a success. Act on as many of them as you may so choose. There will be a steady stream for you to choose from. Do not berate yourselves for not seizing every one that comes before you, merely look for the ones that fit with your approach, the ones that really call to you. This is all that can be done, all that can be asked and you are all doing this in your own right. There will always however, be more to be done and that sense that you have of ever more impending is very real. So I look forward to going through whatever is before us together because you will so allow in this process that we adhere to even now. Whatever process you decide, we are in support. Thank you all for attending today and allowing for this interaction.

Question: We've been told that part of the Magisterial Mission is going to see an increase of mercy and compassion. Is this fact that we're feeling it an opening to the increase of compassion?

Charles: Thank you for your question. These waves of energy which are even now beginning to break on the shores of Urantia, have stirred many. We have seen social movements rise up as a result of this increased compassion. We are witnessing this as a defining factor at moments in what transpires. This sense of empathy towards others is on the rise as the pressure is applied and the contrasts are illuminating. Those who are spirit born individuals, all posses this inherent compassion, this desire to do unto others as they would have done unto them. The desire to bring no suffering to others, to assist others in need and provide service.

These are traits of a spirit born individual and so harnessing these traits, channeling this energy, is indeed one of the predominant forces that is being called into alignment at this time, is being triggered within the individual at this time and this energy that is being triggered finds harmony with others whose energy is being triggered and a great symphony arises. This is indeed a force of love in action. Make no mistake, this force will increase and its vibration will intensify and eventually it will pervade and dominate all other energies. Love will unite all in the end.

Light: [Cathy] I encourage the practice of application of light in instances where you are feeling a need to enhance the growth and assistance of nearby brothers and sisters. This is brought forward by the intention to apply light. You are the focus point, you are the theme, you are the action of love.

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