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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2018-06-24
Teacher: Jonathan, Light, Dr. Mendoza
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Jonathan: [Mark] I am Jonathan, I could not stay away from such a personal group as this is to me with so many warm feelings and such deep love. It is always a joy to "come out and play" with a group such as this, such light hearted light workers and such joyous participants in the game. It truly is a tribute to be offered to the Supreme that you will so eagerly and earnestly seek your opportunity to immerse yourself in your circumstances saturated with this awareness you have with you of the certainty of spirit connection and your connection to it, of your belonging to this circuit, of your being a part of this circuit amplified by your awareness that this is so and that you do so act in accordance with these principles and in unison with this vibration.

So it is always a wonderful to come out and play with you in this arena of spirit, this arena of awareness that you return to over and over again to fill your cups. I join you as well, I too seek the nourishment of spirit, the counsel and wisdom of divinity in the presence of the greatness of spirit. This greatness of spirit, this characteristic of divinity is what we are just tasting even now and it is so potent and draws us with our desire to come close to it as it is designed to do. We respond to this desire to be close to the divine in so many different ways. We have heard today of the many approaches one could utilize and it is well evident by your daily journeys that you are engaged in this process with intention, bringing the purpose of your awareness into the equation thereby strengthening the connection, your connection with these greater energies, with these more encompassing principles.

That's what we seek at times like this, the greater connection, feeling more secure in our connection and the awareness that this is so. We are connected and growing in our connection as we so pursue and desire. I am so very grateful to come around this campfire with you and offer something from my corner of the experience. I do feel so very close with this group and its commitment to spiritual growth that I will remain in attendance throughout the duration. I look forward to coming out to play over and over with you as we enjoy the exercise of moving with spirit. A beautiful day for the game I should say, a good day to you all.

Light: [Mark] I would introduce myself at this time, I am Light and I am drawn to this light party that I witness before me. What a glorious gathering of family and friends all rejoicing in the light of spirit and the light of love, basking in this glow that they can feel, that they can perceive. When you all come together at times like this there is indeed a great anchor created, a great cornerstone of light that may be anchored to with your willingness to simply accept your role to perform your function. You are entirely equipped to be the light workers that you are. You have all you have need of as part of this partnership and you are well prepared to perform these functions of light workers, to infuse this light into any and every aspect of your service, to bring the light with you wherever you may go simply because you know you can.

You are aware of your role, your part and so you are so significant in the process, as those who bring their purpose into the game, those who show their willingness to return again and again. I too come to this wellspring of spirit that you form and take up my cup of spiritual nourishment with you. I rejoice that you have created this place and maintained its structure and integrity throughout and I am thrilled to join you in this place of your making and of our choosing. Let us rejoice together and celebrate in this place of goodness that we share, even now. Thank you all for this gift of grace, thank you Divine Parents for this gift of grace. We humbly offer our experience of this to you and with you as we are so able, thank you.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] I also remain in connection with you as a group, available for consultation and co-operative action. It is a privilege to share in the activities of growth and spirit. Approach each opportunity in steadfast faith that all aspects are being connected and all activities are affected. You are acting as the assistant but your connection is enhancing the possibilities and energizing the areas that are problematic. Together we can accomplish much and the fruits will become apparent.

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