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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2018-06-14
Teacher: Michael, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you for this opportunity to come close to you in this fashion, to reach out to you in this way. We so much appreciate this avenue of approach where we may even bring you our thoughts and concerns for your consideration. As the child would come to the parent, we seek your wisdom, we seek your presence in this experience. Let it be so, even now.

Michael: Thank you for providing this space, for opening this channel of communication. I accept your offer and will meet you where I find you in this process. I am Michael, here to affirm for you that this burning desire which drives you and compels you to reach out in service is the surest sign that you are born of the spirit. It is like the desire to worship or the desire to be in fellowship with each other; the desire to be in service is in league with all these. It is a divine attribute and it is present within you as exhibited by your expression of your desire to be ready, be prepared, be paying attention so that you may hear the call and respond to the summon to come forward. These are all signs you are spirit led, born of the spirit. These desires, these traits you exhibit will guide you, will propel you forward and these are the signs that you are being led, even propelled by spirit.

So in answer to your ever present request, I tell you, you are prepared. You have acquired a readiness. Your desire to do so has brought you the training you requested. Now it is but for you to apply your trade, to hone your skills in this profession of spirit liaison. Throughout all your roles, your most significant, most potent role is that of spirit liaison. You who are born of the spirit must represent this aspect of yourself to the others. This is where your faith is required, your faith to boldly proclaim your truth, your faith to exhibit your assurance, your certainty, your steady presence. This we will do together. This is my mission as well as yours, to be that liaison of spirit, the one who brings spirit into the equation, the one who represents the values and principles of spirit awareness.

And so, you are representatives of this spirit contact and as well by virtue of our relationship, you are representatives of me as well, liaison for me as well. I request that you bring my presence, my peace, my love with you and deliver it along with yours as you bring your spirit capacities to play. This opportunity fulfills a great desire of mine to be this close to you. To have such intimate contact with you is one of my greatest desires, to share your experience because you will so allow is a gift you give me. To join with you in being liaisons of spirit is our gift of grace and I am so pleased that we have this relationship and that we share this gift of grace.

I hear your petitions as you make them of me and it is my great pleasure to have you today hear my petition to join me as ambassadors of spirit, bringing your capacities and even with my delegation, bringing mine. Thank you for this partnership. We shall return our own gifts of grace in the process. Thank you Father for these cherished relationships, these cherished experiences. We are grateful for their uniqueness in all of time. I leave you now, as I always do, with my peace, with a taste of this grace that I would share with you and leave with you to be with you throughout. I have all of this you have need of, simply call on me as needed and be of great joy as we are ambassadors for those on high. Let it be so, farewell.

Jonathan: Hey guys, it may be a hard act to follow but I am going to butt in here to a group of old friends, I am Jonathan. It is always wonderful to bask in the glow of Michael's presence. It literally feels to all of us like a glow that we can register, a presence we can feel. We share that in our experience regardless of our shift in dimension. I appreciate the sentiment offered here this evening for discussion of the desire to be put in the game, to feel as though you have come to practice and you have sat on the bench and you are eager to be put in the game so that you may get to exercise all of that preparation and training. It is normal and natural to want to be involved and active in your pursuit and be in the game whenever possible.

And so you all will witness in your own lives that this desire to be involved is routinely met with opportunities. Very seldom do you sit entirely idle with the burning desire to serve within you. The universe rushes forward to meet your desire, to bring you opportunities to fulfill your desires and the next wave of service comes your way. Even so, it's easy to get anxious and feel as though there's more that could be done and you are certainly ready. The readiness may oftentimes be for the volunteer. This preparing is as beneficial for your own benefit as well as how you see yourselves gifting it to others. The act of your focus and concentration and your willingness to do the steps necessary to prepare all demonstrate a discipline and this is one of the important parts of the game.

Rest assured that as soon as you have mastered the set of skills that you think you need at this time there will be a new set of skills for you to first come in contact with, then decide you will master and then finally master those skills and look for the next set. It's a constant process with the next wave always on the horizon. This is truly something to look forward to beyond the scope of the mortal experience. This process is embedded in the journey before us, this being presented with a new set of challenges and being required to spend some energy synthesizing and mastering these new skills.

I very much appreciate the opportunity to come among you like the old days. To have maintained our connection is a cherished part of my experience and I look forward to many more years of this cherished connection. I bid you all a good day.

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