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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2018-05-27
Teacher: Unknown, Charles
T/R: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers

Unknown: [Cathy] A portion of your life experience is contained within the anticipation of the results of intention. You are making free will choices moment to moment. The intention holds the key to the result but in your view from the physical plane there is a gap, a moment of waiting. This is as intended by the Creator and the original pattern. This is not an unused opportunity, this is not a wasted moment. This is a moment that contains the fruit of the intention. You are still participating in the act of creation of the desired result. As you proceed through this process it is helpful to focus on the intention with an awareness that the result is already accomplished, similar to the way an assembly line uses pattern, material and intention along with numerous small actions to produce the desired product. Your product is on a different dimensional plane but the creation is proceeding and the results are assured. The secret of waiting is to remain in connection in this creative process, ready to participate fully when the opportunity is presented. This is not a stagnant process but a joyful co-creation to be celebrated in all of its aspects. Rejoice and give thanks to our Father in all the creation.

Charles: [Mark] Yes, hello to you all. I have been in attendance as I know that I am welcomed at meetings like this so I am eager to attend. I would like to advance this line of thinking of your interpretation of the moment, that being your current response to what you are observing and how different it may feel to you today as opposed to how it may have felt to you in the past. It's like stepping up to take a turn at bat but each time you do you develop more perfection, more of a sense of how it is done and how you would approach it next time and how you would be ready and how it will feel and how it will go.

Each and every time you are at bat you are developing greater and greater skills so that the most valued players are loaded with this personal experience which has brought them to this place of awareness. That is what you are feeling in your current responses to all that transpires around you. You are feeling as though you are coming to bat each day knowing a little bit more about how you would approach the next pitch, how you will use your skills you have honed each time to play this time. And so it is that your circumstances appear differently. You are more and more comfortable in the arena, your presence is more and more ingrained in your field of play.

This is what is so cherished about the building of human experience, even say the building of human character. This is developed over a well earned series of attempts at bat and the fact that you will return again fresh with a clean uniform the next day and present yourself to be put into the game means you are bringing with you the character of a seasoned professional who looks to make the most out of the game, who looks to try again to exceed what they have previously done before, to best themselves each and every day. This is what you are as spiritual athletes, showing up to play the game, studying the news from your associates, doing your homework of being informed and then putting on your clean uniform in the morning to play on the team as a valued member.

I am not certain where the baseball analogy came from but it appears to serve usefully in this scenario. Yes, the comment portrays a deeper understanding of the real nature of the game. It portrays the awareness that one has that the picture you see before you is incomplete. The picture of each and every day is a changing state before you, only to be taken in as you witness it as it passes by, as the next moment is created and the next circumstance appears before you as on stage. Coming so rapidly and passing so quickly one can lose track of their vision in this ever changing landscape. But you are seasoned players who have your eyes on the ball and are willing to be put in as you are so called, realizing that all is getting better, all is under construction to be moving towards perfection. And this state, this conviction, not only brings you a certain peace, even in the midst of construction, it also brings great rewards as you hang on to the permanence of this truth and envision the reality of this truth because truly you are one of the creators involved and it is good to get on the same page as creators.

Thank you for your contribution. I look forward to fielding with you whatever the next play may be and enjoying our time in the dugout to discuss the nature of the game. Let's play ball.

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