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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2018-05-10
Teacher: Charles, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers

Charles: I would greet you all this evening, I am Charles and I am humbled to accept this invitation you offer. I would just speak to this notion of how important the individual-ness of your experience and the uniqueness of your experience is. This is what is truly cherished, this is the result of all that has been orchestrated to make it possible. This is the culmination of the fruits of the classroom and this expression that you each make of your experience of this is what is so sought after and treasured by the Supreme, the collective experience. Thus your contributions, each and every one are so truly significant. You who are in the midst of having this experience may find it hard to view in the context of your position. You are surrounded by the forest as it were and may find it difficult to make distinction of any individual trees.

But I assure you, your experience is the goal of this whole gigantic loving experiment in time and space. And so, to see you reach and grasp, to seek and find in this spiritual environment while in the mortal flesh is impressive indeed. You are becoming masters of your dual nature, your material and mortal self as well as your eternal spiritual component. I always enjoy an opportunity to meet you in this space that you create for this and enjoy with you the sense of spirit connection and enjoy with you as well the peace and the sense of grace that is felt in the equation which allows you to enhance your individual experience and to fill it with grace because you know it exists and because you have sensed it even now.

You make mention of these particular times that you live in and you attempt to make sense of these innumerable variables and throughout you are still guided with a sense of grace because you know it is real. This sense of peace is pervasive in your outlook so that each experience, maybe every experience, is infused with this view of how holy it is. In this way, the life you live is transformed. In this way you are manifesting your own gift. You are wielding yourself as an instrument of this peace and you do this because it is your choice to do so and you make it so. And this is your individual experience, shared at times as this one is now, but individual, unique, one of a kind in all of time and space, to be added to all the others which then creates a complete total experience.

Thank you for the opportunity to join you for such lively discussions of spirit and its dimensions. It is always my pleasure to accept the opportunity that you provide.

Light: Hello, as an individual of the realm I would like to join you in this conversation, I am Light. I am, as you are, as a distinct individual having my own experiences as you are and we are both lucky enough to be a part of this matrix together. It's always a pleasure to make my presence known as I am so allowed. I bring this special greeting on the occasion of Mother's Day and would request that my deepest gratitude be extended to all the mothers at play, all the mothers who beget all the others. It is always a pleasure to have a day of consideration, a day of well wishes and fond sentiments. It is my supreme pleasure to have been able to offer this at this time. Thank you for this gift.

I share with you all this gift of grace, this gift of individualism, this one time experience in all of time. It is a pleasure to share this dynamic with you though we may be currently in different dimensions, we share ties to this and experience them even now. It is always my pleasure to return and experience them with you. Sometimes we may find ourselves sharing the same raft down the river of experience and other times we may go it alone. It is always a joy to take a stretch along this experience with you, to feel the love, to feel the light and enjoy the peace together. Thank you for this opportunity.

Prayer: I would offer a petition to our Divine Parents. I would request an ever greater sense of your presence in our experience. As you know we reach for you, we seek you out and we find you. I pray this connection is ever greater, ever stronger, that this sense of connection is ever stronger. In this way we are guided by your Divine Presence. Let it be so.

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