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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2018-04-22
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Light, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Hello to you all today, I heard your page for consult and have arrived to be with you to consider our current circumstance. I appreciate your having set the stage and having invoked the forces at play and established all of these connections beforehand so that I then may connect with your connection and we then may connect as well to the great connection of all, the connection of One. You are so right to perceive that this series of connections is what you are attempting to establish throughout the process. Truly it is who you know and what you know that allows you to connect the dots to form the circuit that you know exists and to activate it at will. And so it is we have this potent stream of connection.

Now let us use this flow of energy to bring all those at this time in our consideration here into these flowing waters to be bathed and surrounded by this energy of healing, the energy of love. Bring all those you can envision. It is not limited to the one or two considered or mentioned, it is as easy to do for all of your contacts as it is any one of them. You can connect these dots, you create this circuit which you then plug into the larger circuit. You are the one responsible for this exact list of contacts and it is in fact a gift of grace that you are in position to be in service in this way as you have referred to.

It is such a pleasure to join you in the creation and support of such a wellspring of healing, of light and of love that we all may partake in as we are associated with it in our work and as we have need of it in our own personal spheres. It is always a pleasure to join you in consult of spiritual application of principles and I will ever respond to your page for assistance and support, a good day to you all, farewell.

Light: [Mark] I greet you all today in joy, I am Light, so pleased to be in association today and so pleased to bask with you in this glow and flow of love energy. I wanted you to know that I am with you in the support and creation of such a portal of divine energy and I enjoy, as you do, the simple association and contact with such a divine gift. I appreciate your conversation around shining light onto circumstances and situations to uplift them and this is indeed how it may be visualized by you who interpret your sense of light. When you do shine light on any situation or circumstance or detail it becomes illuminated and easier to embrace. Once you can see clearly with divine light you may interpret the circumstance through a different lens. It may be filtered through this lens of divine light and seen in a different context.

So among the other tools that you are refining in this process of health and healing, there is always this light that you may take out of your tool box and use to shine on the subject. The very act of shining this light brings with it the warmth of its touch, the assurance that the situation is being illuminated, so that the darkness and the unknown aspects of the circumstance are being illuminated and this tends to minimize the obstacles when they are simply highlighted and brought into view. Sometimes it's as simple as turning on the light switch to assure you there are no monsters in the room. This is what you can do for others, is illuminate the area around them for them, make them feel as though it is a warm safe environment that surrounds them.

I just thought I would drop in and remind you of this additional tool that you have or method of employing it that you may utilize. You have so many and it is good to remember the light. Thank you for welcoming me into this group, as always I leave you with my love, farewell.

Jonathan: [Cathy] I am joining the circle to expand the form of focus and light in the healing process. The never ending spiral is a good way to envision this process that we are using. If you could really see this spiral as I do you would better understand the power and force available. That you proceed in faith without the ability to truly see is so powerful in the process. Let us use it for all as recommended by the good Dr. There is no limit to those who can be helped.

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