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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2018-04-15
Teacher: Charles, Light, Silver Birch, Harriet
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Thank you for your warm welcome. I do at all times respect your individual journeys, your experiencing of the moment and I am always respectful of the power and potential of that. Therefore I hesitate sometimes to interrupt the natural flow of exchange which is so potent between you. I would however like this morning to interject a thought stream that will bring a slightly different perspective to your conversation this morning.

If you would consider that this entire experience of yours has taught you that this is an existence of experience, one right after another, all combining to make you who you are. When you consider that there exists three stages of your development, there are things completely unknown to you, the things you are unaware of in totality, the aspects of yourself which you have yet to discover, the aspects of spirit which you have yet to even define, the magnitudes and orders of spiritual progression and ascension that await you are completely outside the description of your being. There are things that you are unaware of that you are unaware of.

Then there is the next group of things which is coming your way in this parade, those are the things which you are aware of but you do not master, you do not know yourself of these things. This is the gray land, the borderland you spoke of. You may know of the existence of universe principles, you may have an intellectual grasp of some of the factors at play but you yourself may not have the mastery over this knowledge. This mastery is only gained by direct personal experience and it is easy for any mortal of the realm to relate to this.

However, as faithful students of spirit, these things that you know that you don't know, draw you forward. They propel you to find the answers, to feel for yourselves, to indeed have the personal experience that solidifies and makes real all the things that you know, all the things that you are. All the things that you see on a regular basis are the result of your having personally embraced these aspects that you have experienced. They have served to shape and form you because these are things that you know of a certainty. These are the things that you possess faith and conviction about. All these things that you know make you up as an individual.

So, it may be helpful to realize that there always will be stages of development. Once things move from one stage to another they serve to transform you in this process. But this is an experiential gain and you must do the work, you must explore the options, you must participate in the growth process and then surely enough, those things that you know that you don't quite know become yours and move into the category of those things that you know of a certainty. It is then when these elements become you, that you have command over them because you are one with them in that process.

So when you question about learning this gray area of things unknown, these are the callings of a universe, the beckoning of spirit, theses are tickling your interests to draw you forward so that you will have the personal experience and then you will have all the authority that brings to speak with conviction and act with certainty.

I thought I would throw out this line of thinking as a means to understand the natural progression of all that you will come to know and be must come from these places of [the] unknown and unfamiliar and must be passed through this process of assimilation and growth. Thank you for the opportunity to discourse with you this morning, it is always my pleasure.

Question: If Light is about, I would like to hear a little bit what she has to say about energy since she is so much of energy.

Light: [Mark] I am warmed by the request and I respond in love. We have spoken many times on methods and ways to visualize and view this energy. As was mentioned in the discussion earlier, energy may be so slowed down so that it takes material form and maintains it. Even among material form it may be stronger or weaker, it has amazing capacities to maintain its elemental principles. Energy is also, as we have discussed, eternal and pervasive and collective and individual and universal. It in fact, in the case of mortals of the realm, is doing a rather magical transformation. Your vehicle, which you consider yourself to be, is a collection of these different elements all acting in accordance with energetic principles and functioning together, even as an entire unit whereas it is indeed comprised of many aspects, separate and individual, yet working together to form the organism that is you. This magical combining of energies into form is a gift of material existence that you enjoy during this life.

You are also granted components of yourself which have a different form or no form at all or no form discernible by you. These components of your being are there and functioning alongside all the other component of your materialness. So you are both a material wonder, a combination of many systems formed to operate together to bring a stable environment wherein you may inhabit it with the seeds of a divine future as part of your materialness. Some of yourself will fade away as the mortal/material experience is destined to do. But some of what you have even now with you as part of your system onboard will be just beginning its journey in spirit, in a different form.

Nevertheless, this is all energy and all energy emanates from the Creator of energy and returns in the process. This is what is so honored about the experience your Master has designed for you here to be mortals of the flesh and at the same time the beginning of an eternal spiritual being which will change form and just as the tadpole does not realize the change, they will become the frog quite naturally. And just as you as a mortal of the realm, surrounded by this material experience, will one day naturally and gradually transform into a being of spiritual light and this is by the grand design of your grand Creator and I and you are both by design of this grand Creator.

I stand with you today in gratitude for being a member of this divine family of spirit and for being connected together in this way. I will be eternally grateful and hope to share this with you. Be in peace my dear ones, all is secure with this natural process in play for all of you. So be it, thank you again for your invitation, good day.

Question: Recently I accidentally discovered a book called the Teachings of Silver Birch printed in 1938 which seems to correspond directly with the Teaching Mission. Is this entity known as Silver Birch familiar to our circle of teachers?

Silver Birch: [Cathy] Yes, I am here. This is no accident that my words were brought to your attention at this time. The concepts that were initiated in 1938 are alive today and the grand plan has moved forward in reality. Our thought concerning spirit has been accepted by some as yourselves and in the process have created a reality on this world. I am indeed a part of the Correcting Time as envisioned by Michael our great Father. Many parts were organized to shift the thinking on the planet from error to the proper pattern from our Source. The time and distance from 1938 is just a moment as viewed from my location. It would be my pleasure to assist you at your request.

Question: There was a Science of Mind minister known as "Harriet" who was a true spiritual visionary and grandmother to one of our members. Would it be possible to hear from her?

Harriet: [Mark] My dear ones, it is indeed my pleasure to make this contact with you. I am indeed invested in not only my relative but all of you who are embarking on this spirit journey while still in mortal form. I recognize the challenges that are attendant for all of you in standing up for your truth and endeavoring to serve your vision of goodness and even your efforts to share as you serve beauty as you see it. For those who are far seeing and seekers of truth, they often find themselves isolated and perhaps leaving a trail down the path with few behind them only to turn around and notice that you have traveled some great distance and you have risen to new heights but at times it may feel solitary and as though you are making this journey alone.

That is what is so valuable about your fellowship, it is your gathering together to support each other and share your victories and your stumbles. I honor you for being the bearers of light, for carrying this torch of truth, for your depth of spiritual awareness. I honor you for acting in accordance with your beliefs and representing your slice of awareness of the great reality and truths of spirit. To those who will toil in these fields of spirit, they will be rewarded many fold with the great satisfaction that service brings and the great orientation of spirit that service provides. I am deeply moved to make this connection today. It is the answer to my prayers and a gift of grace for which I am in deep gratitude. I leave my love with you. Until we meet again, good by.

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