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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2018-04-08
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Thank you my friends, I do feel welcome. I'd like to seize on the thread running throughout todays discussion and that being one of perspective and how very true it is that no two of you share the identical perspective. No two of you on this whole world have exactly the same window through which you look out upon the world. No two of you have had the exact same experiences pass before you to formulate your process of understanding and awareness. No two of you have grown up under the same circumstance with the same environmental factors imposed upon you throughout.

And so naturally and in accordance with this divine plan, you are a completely unique individual with a unique perspective among all the others with unique perspectives. This becomes important to keep in mind when in consideration of your own values and ideas. It may be easy for you to mistakenly assume, for instance, that a great many people believe as you do on a certain topic only to find out that their experience and their perspectives have formulated a different response to an apparently similar stimulant and surprisingly enough they may choose differently than you based upon their individual unique experience.

So much of what makes you you has been personal ah ha moments, individual encounters with greater truths, personal experiences with universe principles. These are what defines you as an individual, this unique combination of these things and so many others. So while you are in consideration of where you stand among many, beware of any conviction you might have that your exact views are shared by many, for indeed there will be subtle differences even among groups of believers. There will be contrasts to be found even among like minded individuals and this is part of the bouquet of diversity of the family of man. This is one of the treasures that is yours to keep throughout eternity, this unique experience and journey that you have had and have created along the way.

So just because you have grown yourselves to the point of taking certain things for granted or as foundational to your awareness and understanding, realize that your brethren may not share your conviction, they may not possess the same personal experience which would lead them to such conviction. And while your conviction may be great and unshaken, it does not transfer. Your experience is yours and while you may attempt to share it, it will never take the place of the personal achievement of experience.

And while certain things may seem natural and elementary to you in considering them, others are approaching these concepts with different perspectives and different levels of awareness. It is oftentimes contrary to human natural thought to allow such great latitude for the diversity of thinking and experiencing. Oftentimes mortals are of a herd mentality and desire to share a common experience and recognize each other under common awareness. But in fact, your herd is comprised of a bunch of individuals who consent to participate in the herd activities as they so choose.

In time you will learn to treasure the distinction, the contrast, the differences. All are valid, all have been earned and achieved as a result of individual experience. They will all be accepted and combined into the Supreme experience destined for us all. Let it be so in awareness and with joy, for the diversity that we bring and that we experience in this process. Thank you for the opportunity to illuminate this perspective, good day to you all.

Jonathan: [Mark] Hi folks, Jonathan here, I would take this opportunity because I can. I'd like to make reference to this moving of your goalposts of awareness. You all have grown to recognize that you have changed, you have enhanced your own capacities throughout your process of seeking and finding. This growing of the self is what allows you to accommodate greater and greater visions of truth, of divinity, of process and of your position in all of this. The more you apply yourselves to the gathering of more perspective, the greater your capacities are to contain the next version of truth.

So I applaud your efforts to keep expanding your capacities, that's what the experience is all about. Reaching out, growing so that you can contain more truth, more beauty, more goodness as you are able and you are all witness, that once you have been expanded, once you have been changed, you are changed forever. You never go back to your original dimension. You now stand at a new place with a new perspective and are literally a new individual born in the moment.

It's always good to refresh on this fact that we are growing in this process, taking in more and more processing and formulating our vision of what is and even casting before us our vision of where we might be and what it might look like or feel like. This is where we become actively engaged in the process, taking the tools we have gathered to formulate our awareness and projecting the greater reality out before us, to be occupied when we arrive in time.

As always, I appreciate the opportunity to join with you and share with you in these ways. I will look forward to our next encounter, thank you.

Michael: [Cathy] I was interested in the discussion of Jesus Christ Superstar. It is a joy to hear you express a connection and knowledge of my energy signature. My children, you are all encompassed in my loving embrace. The story of my time in the mortal incarnation is seen as Charles described, from many perspectives. The musical presentation was one person's perspective. It has led to a desire to connect from audiences participating in this introduction. This is the first step for some. In creating a relationship with me, all works together for the good, all leads to the search for the will of God as I introduced it during my time on your world. I am always here for you my children, my peace I leave with you.

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