[tmtranscripts] North Idaho Team 2018-03-31 The Healing Principles of Dr. Mendoza

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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-2018-02-25 .. THE HEALING PRINCIPLES OF DR. MENDOZA
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza
T/R: Cathy Morris, Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers, Allene Vick

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] Light heals all.

Dr. Mendoza: [Henry] Greetings my friends, this is Dr. Mendosa here to address a few concerns brought up this morning. In the mind, the human mind, it is like a giant mansion with many rooms and in each room there is a different activity. There is a healing room, a room which is dedicated solely to the maintenance and well being of the mental and physical state of the person. In all aspects of healing, it is helpful to go into this healing room. In the healing room there is everything that is needed for any situation which may arise to heal.

There are instruments, tonics, elixirs, medicines, what you call drugs. True, they are all in energetic form but this is ultimately the form in which the body uses them. Taking something into the body, into the bloodstream, there is a mechanism in the body, a process which breaks down and renders these products into a form which the body can use energetically. The energetic qualities of herbs and drugs are just as potent as the energetic qualities of thought patterns in the mind. Ones ability to heal is ones ability to come into contact with that part of themselves, to come into that room, to have a familiar and understanding nature about what it is they are doing, even if it is simply a wish to help this person get better.

In the mind, there are circuits which connect to the spiritual and spirit mind aspect of yourselves, this ability for humans to take part in a spirit exercise by utilizing what is available through spirit, allowing spirit to help you, to show you, to direct you. In a sense you are practicing the same thing as practicing your life, you are stilling your mind, you are putting the mind in a position to receive help and information about what it is to do and allowing the situation to show itself. All situations will present the need, It's easy in your own mind to tell how a person has arrived at this condition, that is not important. What is important is to allow this position and this circumstance to present itself and to reveal its intricate nature.

Within all pathology there is a portion of healing which resides within the center of all pathology. Pathology is a blockage which does not allow health and healing to occur because it isolates itself from the rest of the body. It must be brought back into the homogeneous nature of the body, of this body's system. By and large the human race is beginning to comprehend the dimensional aspect of the mind, that part of the mind which goes beyond a physical brain and touches upon the infinite realm of spirit, and in the realm of spirit, each step of the way there are personality expressions.

What is tremendously difficult to understand for many is that each person has a capacity to become a healer, to heal their own systems, to bring balance into their own level of being, both physically and mentally. It is actually a responsibility that should be brought into ones consciousness. Once you are able to balance and bring your own system into smooth functioning, into its health, it is easier to comprehend what it is and what is needed to help bring someone else's system into health.

Health isn't imbalance and what is peculiar about health is that the actuality of the manifesting of something in the body that is not correct is not necessarily the cause of the problem, it is the result of a problem being caused in the body. This is why the auto-immune system is a delicate nature that responds directly with the nervous system to stress in the body. What usually happens is that the stress results in the auto-immune system isolating the stress into the weakest functioning part of the body and problems will manifest and show itself in that part of the system. That is not because you have stress and all of a sudden your gall bladder or your kidneys or your thyroid is affected, you don't remove them or think that these are creating the problem, they are a result.

Almost all problems with the body are a result of something that has nothing to do with the final result, it just manifests that way. You cut your finger because you were playing with a sharp knife or you weren't paying attention when you were cutting the onion and the result is an open wound. If you panic, all of a sudden the open would becomes worse. If you relax your mind and know that it's going to be okay, within a few days the open wound is healed. It is directly responding to the individuals mental state. All health and pathology responds to the mental state within the human mind.

Thank you for allowing me these few words this morning.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Greetings to you all here assembled in this portal of light and healing and love. This may be the first time that I have so openly and actively engaged with you, I am Dr. Mendoza. I have come to this meeting of eager participants this morning to facilitate in this exercise, but even more so I have come to this place to formally and with some authority, usher each of you into what may be perhaps a new dimension or simply an expanded dimension of your awareness. I invite you all to consider that there is a common usage among your brethren when they prepare to attend a physician for any variety of reasons; they oftentimes encounter in this process, before the physician arrives, the attendance of the physician's assistant, that is, those who are practiced and conversant in the healing arts but yet are not considered full fledged physicians.

I would like to make the bold proclamation today that each of you here assembled are indeed physicians assistants. You are becoming well versed in the process of yielding of healing light and while you may not consider yourselves full fledged acting physicians, I tell you, you are practicing professionals getting practical experience as to how the whole program works and what parts there are to be played within the program. Physician's assistants may do all of the actions of the attending physician. They set the stage, they assess the situation, they lay the groundwork for whatever may need to be done, they prepare the patient for the process, they get all the "ducks in a row" so that there is the greatest chance of success when the physician arrives to complete the circuit.

But I tell you plainly, they are an integral part of the process. They are the ones to first contact the patient, to first assess the needs, to first make the preliminary diagnosis and the first to see the potential healing pattern that would be most beneficial. That is you, you are on the ground, you are getting the phone calls, the emails, you are meeting your fellows on the street, hearing of the circumstances, assessing the situation, attempting to pull together that knowledge that you have which may be beneficial to the patient, attempting to schedule an appointment with spirit and projecting health and healing as an end result. Truly, this is a great assistant to any physician.

As you know, if physician assistants keep practicing their trade they become more and more fluent and skilled in their process and eventually, many will transform from assistant to full on physician. I acknowledge you all are in this role of physician assistants, practicing yourselves with each new case that comes before you, running your diagnosis by the rest of your associates, bringing to bear those influences you think are important. In this way you greatly facilitate the process, you line up the factors so that when the light is directed, it may be focused and purposeful and useful. You do this in so many ways that I am compelled to acknowledge your purpose in this process, your role that you play and in so doing the significance of this role is widely embraced in the process.

As with any physician or physician's assistant, there is only so much we can do. Certainly we may bring to bear all the influence that we have and are in the process. Certainly we can offer these skills and gifts freely and openly but the equation is not simply contained within us. There are a multitude of other factors which are at play as well and over which we have little or no control. Nevertheless, we will continue to practice our methods and perfect our purpose and we will meet with a certain percentage of success, a certain success rate at what we do and this will serve to remind us of our potentials, of our purpose in this process.

Having been willing to give it our all and offer all that we have through the process, we must then be content and satisfied that we have completed our role, we have executed our task within the process, faithfully and to the best of our abilities. Then we must trust in the greater process, that even if we are not given to see our successes in each individual case, there is the benefit to the overall value contained in this circumstance. We have made a positive contribution to the whole process and all such contributions are valued and meaningful. That is all we can do, but that is a lot to do. So let us be content with our works, ever seeking the guidance and wisdom from on high but always content with the assurance that no act of love and kindness ever is disregarded or ever goes fruitless. Even if it is in the smallest way, a positive contribution changes the equation.

Indeed, it has been my pleasure to address you in this fashion and have the opportunity to respond to the invocation of my presence. I assure you I will gladly work with any and all of my trusty physician's assistants who desire that I step in and facilitate their cherished efforts. So it is I am with you now and will be with you at your requests. I invite you all to join me as I, using your word, visualize a perfected state of being for those who have disharmony and who are experiencing this disharmonious interaction within their being. I invite you to join me as your Master said to: "See them as whole, see them as healed." Project this state of goodness and maintain this space of health and healing for them to find and join us. Hold out in front of them this ideal state for them to reach and attain in their process. Create in advance of its existence, the state we would see them in.

This, as you can see, is where you can come in to the process, is where you may prove so very useful. You who know of this universal principle may put it in play, may activate it with your choosing, may create it. That is what we do and that is how we do it. I acknowledge all of you who are my assistants in this process and I assure you, when we work together, magnificent things may transpire but they will not be seen by us as magnificent. They will be seen for what they are, the enactment of universe principles which we have chosen to activate and create, not as miracles but as states of being we have chosen. Then, after having faithfully devoted ourselves to this cause, we then must trust and have faith in the process and the appropriateness of the process for all involved. You see it is not enough for us to create this state of wellness and well being, it also must be chosen by those who we would envision could be serviced by this. So I would conclude my remarks today with a petition to the Father above.

Father, may we, your physicians assistants, be led by You, guided by You, supported by You in this process. We desire to lay the groundwork whereby You may facilitate the healing. It is our desire to be your hands in this process, be your voice that brings the soothing tones. Let us all work together in this chain of command that has us in place to lay the groundwork for what is in the end, your desire for health and well being and healing. We are of the same heart in our desire to help. Show us the way and we will make every effort to follow. Let it be so.

I pray each of you who hear my words recognize my energy signature behind and underneath this communication and call on me as necessary to work with you in this process, to be part of this chain to work together for the common good. It is my desire, it is your desire, therefore it is only to be chosen by us. Let us create this partnership and work together more closely. We have worked together in the past. I have been present at your exercises. I have been involved with each of you personally and individually because of my keen interest in all of you who have shown yourselves to be physician's assistants. This is merely my attempt to broaden the awareness and expand the functionality of our relationship.

Even in this moment, accepting the invitation offered, let us place these individuals in between us as we surround them. Let us see the light from on high purify the environment. Let us create the space of health and healing that may be attained, may be entered, may be chosen and let us express our desire that this be so for these individuals, that they see the light, feel the higher way and choose it. In this exercise we are united, our prayers are as one and our efforts are endorsed by our Divine Parents.

Thank you all for your service, for your practice at your healing skills, for your desire which propels you ever forward in perfecting these skills. It has truly been my pleasure to make my presence so well known at this time. Thank you all. I take my leave now.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Yes, indeed it is I, I come at your request and I receive this request warmly. As has been stated of me, I am indeed a very busy individual and I thrive on doing this work. The health and healing of this world is of great concern to me and so I devote myself to helping in this regard and I come to this place observing that you all have the same motivation. You all want to help as well and so I receive your qualification, I receive your intentions. I welcome your petition to have an alliance with me in this process. You are, as was expressed, physicians assistants.

You are the link that gets established wherein healing may occur. No physician is of any benefit if there is not a willingness, an openness and a chance for healing to happen. This is what your most important role is, is in the preparation of making the conditions right and present for healing to occur. You are the boots on the ground in place to establish the right conditions wherein the physician may be in attendance. I need many many foot soldiers just like you, each and every one willing to deploy in the fields and not simply in the fields of the material where you may indeed offer the use of your hands, your intention and your purpose but as well in the spirit realm where you are not confined by the elements of time and space but may still provide your intention, your purpose and your willingness to manifest the conditions necessary.This is your role, this is the part you play and I am largely unable to assist you when you do your part because your part is in preparation for my part which I will ever willingly provide when the patient has been properly positioned.

I thank you all for inviting me onto your team and now as well, I invite you onto mine. You have expressed your willingness to be about this process of using this execution of your faith and your will and here is another opportunity provided. I come to your team with a great many assets and you are a great many assets to mine. I sincerely appreciate your willful desire to include me and I assure you it is my willful desire to include you. Let us make this so together, opportunity by opportunity, day by day, even hour by hour for though I may be busy, I or one of my staff will most faithfully attend all opportunities that you make real. So be about your chance to make opportunities for the more you make, the more we get to work together. You assist me and I shall assist you. Let us make it so. I now leave you with this first taste of this energy signature but most certainly not the last. I look forward to our alliance, farewell.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] I am indeed in the arena and am always ready for action. I have a large team with me to assist. You are indeed the physicians assistants I have used in the past. As you increase the action of your lodge, we will bring our energy to assist you. I have connected with the individuals from this group in the past. This relationship will form the foundation for a new group action. I will be happy to join you at your request. Our world is afire and healing is needed on many fronts. Our world has great need and your lodge is another location for action and love. Together we can bring the healing and redirection of energy to the Father's purpose.

Dr. Mendoza: I am here to report in, I am Dr. Mendoza. I would seize the opportunity as I see all the pieces sifting into position to interject the notion that in each context and in every context that you could imagine yourself involved in, there may be an element of healing woven into it, interjected into the equation. No matter what circumstance you find yourself in, you will realize that all individuals are in need of healing. Every individual has wounds, every individual has issues, has burdens, has traumas. That is their journey in life. But you in your positions of desiring to interface and shine the light, may also shine the healing, which is inherent by the way in this desire to be of service and to direct the light. There is always a desire for health and healing that accompanies a desire of well wishing or peace. Simply an added frequency, simply a chord where there once was a note.

This is a simple matter and I invite you to be mindful that you are the instrument. You may play the note, you may play the chord, it is your choice. If you only know how to play the note, then play the note. But since you, have invited me to be on your team, I would like to play as well. And so, I invite you to be my ministers and allow me to chime in a note into your chord. Think of me as you may think of some of the others, simply think to include me. That is all that I ask because that act provides the permission required. That act demonstrates the faith of choice and I will respond. So I give you more tools, more instruction perhaps on how to play the instrument at hand. Doubt not that even the lone note is highly effective and soothing and well received but even more so perhaps, would be the group effort of a chord, the combined effort of those who would join together in the process of playing this instrument and of guiding this force.

It is my pleasure to be able to voice this to you here today and to be welcomed as an active member of the team. I look forward to participation with you as you will so allow. So be it, good day.

Cathy: Dr. Mendoza: I am happy to join your group in this process of peeling away the layers of disbelief. I bring the spirit with me in the process of applying light to all weak body parts. You have the help of all my healing team. We bring you the pattern of healing that you can make your own. You have this tool to use in expanding your possibilities. The body responds to light and love. Let this light and love flow through you and it will find your place of need. Michael and Mother Spirit have offered to join you in the process of removing blockages and disruption. They are always with you. It is most important that you supply a vocalized intention to accept the healing energy. Call on me again in your time of need. My team is available always.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] I listened to the discussion and wish to add a viewpoint about healing. We will act at your request. When you see a need we are able to access the details of the situation. We can perhaps see more clearly the problem and the solution. It is most helpful for you to facilitate a connection. It is most helpful for you to bring a space for a connection to be made. There is no set formula for this connection. It will be accomplished from mutual desire. Vocal requests are a way to clarify a desire for connection. Vocal requests may help you to increase your commitment to this process. We are able to bring connection to you when the desire is expressed.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] I am happy to be of service, I am Dr. Mendoza, glad to be near a voice. As has been mentioned, there is a team and you are on it. This is a team of healers which starts from on high, which is orchestrated through myself and others to the material realm through the likes of you. I can do many things with great power only if the conditions are favorable and the recipients are prepared. We are not allowed to go in and arbitrarily heal, but we are allowed full access when the patient has requested us and has positioned themselves to receive any such healing. We are at our maximum potential of goodness when everything is in this alignment. So the greatest physician of all time can be present and if the conditions have not been met, if the environment is not conducive and opportunities are not created, then no transfer of healing energy can occur.

This is what is significant about bringing in by name, invitations. It immediately indicates the posture of the participant and opens the doors so that we may come in and begin the process. So, whether it is you as an individual, each one keep this in mind. It is required of you that you ask for our assistance. We can lurk outside the door all day long but until you go and ask for our assistance and open that door, we will not barge in. Consider this on the inner level of both your willingness to invite us into the process and then, where is your responsibility?

After having opened the door and after allowing us into your space, it is then incumbent upon you to be prepared to receive, to be willing to receive, to be ready to receive, to see yourself as worthy of receiving, to have all these things under control so that conditions are proper and healing may commence. Any efforts that we provide will be limited by yourselves. Any obstructions in place are not ours. We work through a gauntlet of obstructions and conditions and circumstances. Again, this is where you come in. You make the choices about what the circumstances will be, what the conditions will provide, whether you are participating as the patient or the practitioner these same qualifiers apply.

So I applaud your effort to invite me by name into this circle so that I may be recognized as one of the members of this extraordinary team. Any physician requires physicians assistants and I have commissioned you all to be such. Prepare the environment so that we may work, create the space where the healing may occur and then invite me in for what I do best. In this way, we are working together for the same process. This process of invitation is also very valuable as you have just touched upon with your Inner Guides.

It is also required of you to provide consent for them to be active, for them to do more than observe. They will always be the recessive element of your being until they are requested to move from that position. This you and only you can do. This is the key that you provide them to the confinement that they experience as silent observer. You may let them free at any time by offering them this key. Exclaim with intention within that it is your desire that this occur, that you provide whatever permission or request may be necessary and then the door is open. Anything may pass. You have grasped an important key here today. It is not one that has never been discussed, but each time the lesson meets with a new student, a student of today.

What a joy it is, thank you so much for calling me by name.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Hello to you all, I step forward to make our acquaintance known once again, I am Dr. Mendoza. It is always a pleasure to address you, my physicians assistants, in this ongoing process of training, learning, healing and practice of the principles we would align ourselves with. I like the idea of applying the same mind pattern of the formation of molecules into the whole across the entire scenario of mind constructs to facilitate the process. It is not so very far off in fact, your scientists have recently learned that their very observation of a subject changes it, alters its very arrangement and so it is with the practicing healer. They bring a certain lens to observe through which they see a more divine and perfected pattern so that when the one in need is even simply observed by the observer through this lens, they are seen as more divinely perfect and this is as not only an observation, but returned as a projection.

This is the function that you serve in this process, to bring the eyes of the healer, the lens of the more perfected into the equation and be as well, the mirror to reflect this image back onto the patient. I know we are crossing into some of the more subtle aspects of what you are in fact doing, but this is one of the aspects you are in fact doing. Any patient looks for signals from the healer and has great amounts of intuitive sensation that is independent of any words. Therefore, the responsible physician is aware of his demeanor and thoughts as he approaches a patient and if one brings the highest thoughts and the greatest intentions into the equation, then they are reflecting this confidence of this truth out and this will be received intuitively.

So as well as being good listeners and positive attendants, you also have some potential to have great calming effect when you exude this confidence you have in healing, in health and in well being. This is as needed as any other aspect of treatment, the simple camaraderie of confidence in heath, healing and goodness, truth and beauty. That is one of the things you can do as light anchors, is to stand fast in faith of these values and this itself exudes a confidence, a peace of mind and a certainty in that which you all possess.

I am grateful for the opportunity to huddle up with you again. I am available as we have time and energy to devote. I look forward to working with all of you as we have need of each other. Thank you for all that you do, farewell.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Good morning friends, in response to your collective movement in the direction of healing, I will join you this morning to perhaps steer a little bit more the direction of intention. I am Dr. Mendoza and as my physician attendants, I invite you to see your desires to help your brethren as making your rounds to your various patients, for in fact that is not so very far off from what you are in fact doing. By bringing up individuals in your consciousness for consideration you are in a very real sense, paying them a visit. You are bringing their presence, their energy signature and those aspects of their being that you recognize into the equation to be considered, to be ministered to, to provide service to. In this way you are indeed making your rounds, bringing your intention of goodness, of health and healing as well as your projection and visualization of them in a more perfect condition, perhaps in a higher state of being.

By doing this you are connecting the various parts of the equation, bringing the patient into the environment to receive the upgrade of vibration to a more healthful state while at the same time preparing to usher in the greater powers that be, the physicians who will administer these healing measures. You are connecting the ones in need with those who can provide the service needed. This is the all important role that you play, to simply be aware and know that there are healing forces at play, to so simply and naturally desire to wield such forces for the good of the individual or the nation or the planet, it is all the same. You may make your rounds to Syria, you may make your rounds to any point on the globe that you choose that you feel is in need of health and healing. To spend time making your rounds is a sign of a good physician or physician's assistant.

You have a saying that history is made by those who show up. Perhaps it is equally true, healing is obtained by those who show up and are involved, otherwise it may all simply remain potential. But those of you who are willing to act and create and foster and promote do in fact yield great sway over the equation because as you have been discussing, all conditions are modified by the participant, by the observers, by those living the truths. And so, if there is this potential to modify the equation, then why not take an active role and steer in the direction of health, healing, goodness, truth and beauty.

I applaud your efforts at throwing names into the circle for consideration. This constitutes the consultation between physicians, the bringing up of individual cases for reference and consideration, an affirmation that such measures of healing may indeed be brought to bear on specific points that you refer to as individuals but that you also may refer to as nations and peoples. The principle is the same, bring these into your domain for evaluation, consideration and allocation of mercy and grace as needed.

It is always my pleasure to come among you and work with you side by side as we roll our sleeves up together to be about this service, to be these instruments of peace, these conduits of the greater love. I am enjoying greatly developing deeper and greater relationships with each of you so that we may be even more effective as we toil in these fields together. It is a pleasure to stand by and attempt to steer those who are in such active motion in the process. I look forward to our efforts as we move more and more boldly into these arenas of our interests, of our common interests.

Thank you all, I stand aside and extend my gratitude to all, farewell.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Greetings to you all once again, I am Dr. Mendoza and I take great pleasure in feeling welcome to join your powerful and potent circuitry. I come among you again to remind you of our association, of our common desire to work for the benefit of others and thus in effect, to work for our Divine Parents and their desires. This is our common alignment, this is what provides us our strength, our source, our sustenance and our ability to be instruments of peace.

It is a joy to be on a team with those such as yourselves who truly are the boots on the ground and through whom any efforts at ministering will be channeled and delivered. In many cases it will be through you, the faces, the hands, the hearts that you are which will be the spark and the conduit that will transfer this energy from on high out of thin air. It is true enough that it is a force which is contained all around you, in the very atmosphere you have felt it. It is true that this grace flows to you and it is true that it flows through you. It is true that you may be an instrument of this grace made real. You are regularly this to others.

You are the transformer which gathers the energy from around you and transfers it to the point of need, gathering these resources from seeming thin air. But to those who are spiritually aware, the air is charged, the atmosphere is replete with energy. It is simply your desire to gather as an antennae this energy and to transmit that which is there and is available to a specific point in time and space. This is all you are asking to do as those who would minister to others, as those who would call themselves healers, is to simply do that which your Divine Parents desire. Bring this available love energy into focus for your brothers and sisters.

This spark of delivery and focus is what you have to offer to the process which is in place all around you. Your desire to be a part of this connection is all that is required for your services to be rendered as you so desire. And when your services are rendered, all of our services are rendered, our entire staff and team succeeds when any one member succeeds. To the degree we are able to help even in the smallest way, we have succeeded in fulfilling the will of our Divine Parents, that we minister to their children.

I accept the grace that this opportunity provides to join you once again, to breathe deeply with you these breaths of spirit, to feel with you this fellowship that we have in spirit and to offer my gratitude for all of these gifts of grace we recognize. I invite you to recall as you are able, the opportunity to circle up your attendant passengers and allow these Thought Adjuster circuits to activate in coordination with you thereby adding another dimension altogether. It is pleasing to watch you learn to wield these principles more and more easily. I look forward to working with you as the needs arise and our efforts come together. Thank you all for your efforts thus far. We are building quite a team, I hope you have a sense of this as well as I do. I look forward to working with you, farewell.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] I greet you all as well, I am Dr. Mendoza here ever willing to respond to your requests for my counsel as lead physician. You ask about the efficacy of a particular treatment or course of action and you have rightly discussed these various elements involved of the requirements of those who would be healed to get on board with the process and of other necessary elements being in alignment for healing to occur. I will repeat, there are no wrong methods, there are no incorrect approaches in this experimental laboratory we find ourselves in on this world. We simply must go with our intuition, our desires, our nudges, our feelings, our urges, these are our guides and if you perceive to be nudged or guided to proceed in any fashion, consider this a lead, a tip. Consider this the instruction from on high that you seek for this is how we communicate, little inspirations, nudges, bumps and moments of awareness. We will stop at nothing and try all things in our service to our Divine Parents.

I would also seize the opportunity to take you with me to the next step in your construction of this awareness of the application of light. I invite you to take this construct of your thoughts of this machine in which the proper colors of light are applied to the patient and this application of the proper tones and hues brings with it a transforming effect, an alignment of energies so that the projected energy, the projected color literally transforms and rearranges the existing energy to more closely match the desired frequency. You have seen this in your minds eye as your description of the dissolution and the reestablishment of matter from one state into another state and this is indeed what is actually occurring. I invite you to consider that the application of light into this equation is the medium, is the conduit for introducing into any healing scenario, the proper frequency needed.

This of course is where, once again, you come into play. As you are positioned in proximity to those in need you are likewise connected to this grid in which you are furnished with all the power necessary to facilitate this gesture of healing that you would create. We have many times alluded to this connection and transfer of available power from your portal, your lodge, your circle, your circuit to an individual or a place or a circumstance and this awareness is well and good, however, I invite you to open yourself to the potential of not only directing this light energy at your point of choice but as well, infusing it with healing tones.

This is where you and I may work together. As a physician's assistant, you have your finger on the pulse of the patient and know the needs and may feel the energy present. I may come into the room and provide the necessary prescription or color of light energy that you are directing. In this way we may truly work together to issue this desire of ours made real to serve. I appreciate your awareness and your attempts to keep up with the program here. We will take this one step at a time and you have grasped many steps before; this one should be no greater of a challenge. I am grateful that this concept of the different tones of light having different healing characteristics has been now infused into the equation. One more tool in our toolbox and we are gathering a number my dear friends.

Thank you all for your attention. I appreciate the opportunity to be with you and work together. I will return as needed. I am, as you are, on call. So be it, farewell.

Question: Should we be aware of the various healing properties in the different colors? For instance: What are the healing properties of green, where and when is green applied? What are the healing properties of red or yellow and where are they applied etc.?

Dr. Mendoza: I return at your request. Ah, the good and faithful students would ask for more. There is much to be learned which will add to your construct of thinking, to research for yourselves the known qualities of the different hues of light and to the degree that this is useful in your mental training exercises, then by all means avail yourselves of it. I invite you however, to be ready to assume the posture of one who would assist the patient no matter what prescription the Dr. might advise, that is to trust that your actions, your motivations and intentions and purpose are sustained and filled with your service to the individual, that you should know the proper prescription is not required. The Father above knows the proper prescription and will provide the proper hue.

Do not let this become any form of an obstacle for you, this ignorance of these various properties as in all your prayerful petitions, allow that Father knows best and trust that your petitions may be modified to accommodate the best possible scenario. Perhaps even the greater point was that there are but a fraction of the frequencies visible to the human eye that are available in the whole, that is this awareness that you may see a handful of different colors and they have a handful of different aspects to them should only indicate to you that there are innumerable other shades which you may not perceive and which you therefore could not of your own purpose refer to. Trust that the Father above will know the appropriate frequencies, will apply them if requested, will make assistance just as I will make assistance, as requested. You simply do all that you do in your service and trust that the prescription will be left up to the professionals.

I trust this serves to satisfy for an answer.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Good morning to you all, I'd like to seize this opportunity to dissect a little bit of the discussion here and examine an aspect of this mornings discussion which may serve to illuminate for you a little more about your role as physicians assistants. Any good person of this description knows that their primary task when approaching an individual they are considering ministering to, a patient, that it is first necessary to come close to that individual in one way or another and gaining proximity to them to establish what are called the vital signs or 'vitals'.

What this means in terms of the medical metaphor is your having your finger on the pulse of the patient and you are observing the various state of affairs of your patient, you are observing the signs and signals that your patient sends to you as to where they are in their physical process. These signs and signals may be observed in a number of ways using a number of different methods but they are the vital signs, that it is up to the physicians assistant to establish and thereby relating to them in accordance with where these vitals indicate.

In this way, you are as one on the team of healers approaching the patient and encompassing them with your awareness of their state of being, observing their different aspects so that you may make report, if you will, to the lead physicians. You may make an assessment of this patient based upon your willingness to observe as a physicians assistant. Now, I invite you to consider, once you have extended yourself in this observation process, could you not bring with you the awareness of the power of the whole, the power of "we are all one". Could you in so approaching another intimately enough to gather this personal information, remember that you are in a position to share this awareness even through the simple acts you perform.

You have spoken this morning of the connection of all the individuals and the principle of the 100th monkey shifting paradigms. I invite you to envision that when you extend yourself in service, you are part of a great chain. You are connected by your Indwelling Fragments to all Indwelling Fragments. Your patient is connected to you by virtue of the same circuit and this circuit may provide much contact and information back and forth between you. It is not required that words be spoken, that gestures be made, that total awareness even occurs. What is required is that you extend yourself in service so that these connections can be made and then you trust they will, bringing even your faith to the very spear tip of your service. To the degree that it assists you in visualizing some of these exchanges as in the forms of light, make it so. These energies are flowing, they are in flux between you and any way that assists you to visualize this process may be serviceable or applicable to you.

I could not stand to stay away when such talk of application is so relevant and applicable to all of you at this time. When the student is ready, the teacher surely does arrive. Let it be so this morning as I stand in gratitude for such eager students. I take my leave and allow this space for use by others, good day to you all.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] I am pleased to be included in your healing session. Together there is potential for great action. You my trusted physician's assistants are indeed included and appreciated. There is much work available and you are an important contact point. You are a conduit of health in a world of dysfunction and indeed inflammation. Let us combine our effort with intention and faith, it is the Father's will.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Indeed, I am here and many times from my perspective it seems as though all of you need no assistance in your discussion to render aid and assistance to each other and ably provide proper perspective to illuminate more of any given equation. There was a question submitted as to the relative effectiveness of ones knowledge or perhaps conviction of their impact in the equation. I will put it to you this way, there are three stages that you will transcend in all spiritual processes:
1. The stage of ignorance where you are totally unaware and in this stage, oftentimes new information is regarded as suspect
or threatening and so oftentimes a reaction to stage one is to reject or not allow in suspect information.
2. Stage two, becoming more enlightened in your position is a stage where you will coexist side by side with alternate
perspectives and views and realities, realizing that they have equal right to exist.
3. Stage three is acceptance and moving forward as one.

All of your spiritual encounters will have to go through this process of screening that you have internally and it is no different with your acts of healing that you refer to. You are fledgling spirit beings in some sense but on this scale, viewing yourself in relationship to this particular activity, you have moved beyond the more rudimentary stages and now may be considered in the stage which enables you to not only embrace and appreciate your relationship to your spiritual dimension, but then proceed to maximize your effectiveness.

This distinction is the one you refer to when trying to make your observation about effectiveness. The devoted yogi master who has complete conviction, may merely act on his conviction and in adherence with universe principles to manifest easily, whereas the individual still grappling with their relationship to spirit, the certainty of spiritual truths or the lack of evidence provided, where there are resident doubts, they will impact the equation but nevertheless, they are exceedingly powerful when generated from the individual perspective of spirit.

Imagine if you will, the difference between the teachers at the school easily making the right decisions and the kindergartners who are their charge at the same school and what it means for them to make the right decisions. In such ignorance as they are, they cannot be made accountable for having any wisdom. So when they make a decision for truth, beauty or goodness it may be seen as exceedingly special. So there you are with perhaps a foot in each realm and your desire to function in alliance with divine principles is seen as indeed special and carries with it its own special significance.

And so, as you have heard before, all acts of love committed are treasured, are fostered and promoted and it is true that when you act in such a fashion, the ripples proceed out before you and they do matter, and it is significant and it does help the balance of the universe which is in play. For now you must summon much faith to hear these words and take them in. At a later point in your journey, these truths will be self evident. This is what is special about this kindergarten experience here on Urantia. So many things are unique to this scenario and this applying of faith is perhaps the greatest of all treasures to be found and applied here on Urantia. You ask what good these acts may do abroad and I would hold up a mirror for you and say: the act of performing these acts has already done good for you. You have already grown as a result, goodness has already been accomplished. I hope this adds to the perspective of the many dimensions in play.

So now with your permission my comrades, let us join in an exercise of the day. Let us create goodness right here and right now, among us and between us and as we so desire, abroad for the benefit of others. Let us appreciate this connection together. Let us join for the common good and the common cause of participating in this divine exercise. Let us invite the many observing participants as well as our onboard spirit guides and apply the Thought Adjuster circuit as well, over us.

Let us make our desire be known that we would project out from this point of goodness, from this point of grace that we all witness and support. Let us project this goodness and grace out and bounce it off the heavens to wherever there is a low point in human experience. Let us see this as bringing the needed 'rain' and showering these individuals with the grace of love from on high that we would add to, that we would facilitate because it is our intention and desire to do so, even now. May we act in faith and with trust in the certainty that we have joined together in this commitment in spirit. Let us breathe deeply of this truth that we would uphold. Help us to secure this space. Join us in our intention of goodness that we would project out and about and let us each drink of this cup before us as it is so freely offered.

Thank you for the spirit opportunity this provides for those of us assembled, for those who are assisting in this process and for those who may be touched by our sincere intentions for their well being. Help them to feel a little stronger your love Divine Parents, a little more of your grace and peace because we have joined you. Let it be so. Quite simple really, just simply applying all that we know and have learned and have conviction about in our process and when we bring these powerful potent factors to the table, they may be assembled and utilized. Thank you all for bringing your potent self to the equation and for lending your spiritual support as we tackle these healing and growth promoting processes.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Greetings, I am here, summoned by your internal petitions. I am Dr. Mendoza and my "heart" is warmed to see the eloquent statement of this understanding of this universe principle. Truly the students have command of some of the material and it is heartwarming to know that these lessons have been so warmly accepted. I point out that today's sharing constitutes a fleshing out of some of the aspects that have been mentioned here today in "staying present, staying loving and staying focused." That aspect of being present in the moment is so greatly enhanced when coupled with the active awareness and applied intention of the individual.

It is one thing to have awareness that you are a powerful co-creator, it is another thing to choose to activate that awareness on a regular and consistent basis through this application of self, this directing of your creative being in a way that you would have it. This analogy of envisioning the breath to be the carrier of the universal wave of love and as well the projector, enables you to distill down these techniques of focus into one common thing and focus immediately on the breath as both the source and as the strength of the individual who would act as the powerful co-creators that they are. This attention to the breath at regular intervals in your lives will snap you into clearer focus, will make clear some of the clouded atmosphere around you; it will bring you into a greater state of alignment with spirit and in this way offer you so much more to have in your arsenal.

When we apply, as we have today, ourselves in this healing circuitry, we not only envision all hooking up to this circuitry, but then projecting out, each one of us, our intention towards individuals and scenarios and in this way acting in accordance with who we are, with what our very nature is and our very destiny to bring in the goodness from on high and to infuse it into all of the circumstances and scenarios and individuals we are aware of. This is how we go about with bliss bestowing hands, by being focused, by being present and by being loving.

So I endorse this rallying cry and encourage that it is always a good time to try it and implement it and manifest it as you so will. I bring you assurances that your efforts are meeting with certain success, that anytime that individuals align themselves with divine values and try to implement divine principles that much good is accomplished in the process. So let us move forward with this assurance of certainty, that our attempts do meet with success and that we more and more would like to manifest our own being and the capacity of our own selves.

Thank you all for maintaining our arena we share together and continuing our purpose that we both uphold. I assure you, wherever you are having interest in healing, I am not far away. Let us continue to act in this partnership as we so will. I bid you all a good new year. May we delight in all the opportunities that will abound before us, farewell for now.

Question: Dr. Mendoza, do you have any ideas of how we could help ------- in the physical realm here?

Dr. Mendoza: As for your friend, I was tickled with this concept of hooking him more securely to the grid of healing. This unique opportunity has been presented as a result of my dear physician's assistant who has earnestly planted the seed whereby we may build on this foundation. Even the mention of my name has lodged a place in his consciousness where we may now reside and perhaps the greatest benefit may be accomplished in envisioning, desiring and creating this stronger line with this brother.

Since he is aware of me and my function, and I include you and your function along side me, he now has room to accept that we are a bigger part of his experience, that we have more leeway than we would had he no awareness at all to identify with, no name, no concept of being, no awareness or understanding at all. This brother has been brought up to speed by the physician's assistant who has taken his pulse, who has reported back as to the state and condition of the patient. He has even gone so far to plant the seed for a healing. Now it is up to us and him to build a stronger bridge to connect even more the patient to the grid, to the network of which we are familiar, to bring this energy, this network to the patient and install it where it has been given root.

This is exactly how this works, now we strengthen the bond with the brother, even greater connection, even more love transferred, greater light flowing. We have been given access and we will do our best to apply these forces and have this pervasive sense of well being flow to and through the patient. With each breath this may be so, with each co-ordinated thought this is expanding and compounding. With each attempt made this bond is strengthened. These are universe principles and this is where they are in play. At every juncture that you are aware of you may influence this natural principle, you may intensify its capacity, you may choke it off, you may alter its course. This is why you are seen as powerful co-creators. There is a force and then this force goes through you and you alter it, change it, direct it, focus it and in this way you have commanded a natural force and redirected it at your own desire.

Thank you for your question my dear ones. [Thank you]

Question: Dr. Mendoza, the thought came to me that we are just physician's assistants, we are not the Dr. so just relax and don't think that the whole weight of any healing is totally our function. Is it possible that we take on too much of the mantle of healing and disrupt the process somehow?

Dr. Mendoza: My dear friend and assistant, it is ever a challenge for any care giver in any circumstance to be mindful and careful not to assume too much responsibility for the entire equation. There is only so much you can do in any given role and to partition, if you will, the part of the equation over which you have any jurisdiction and be okay with doing your part as well as possible without feeling as though the entire circumstance is either dependent upon you or is a direct result of your individual action. There are many many components in all of these scenarios being discussed. Your actual jurisdiction is very small, that is why it is important to choose it wisely and as you have demonstrated, to be versitile enough to insert components, perhaps out of the blue, that the patient wasn't even thinking about to illustrate to them this shifting of gears.

Yes there is this physical ailment, it's description, components, symptoms, causes and cures and those are a very mechanical, material aspect of their being. In suggesting that there was another physician who would attend from another perspective, it enables the patient to remember that there are multiple aspects of their being. There is the physical which requires its certain attention, but there is also the spiritual which requires its own attention and it is good to remind the patient that there are other physicians who attend to other aspects of the patient.

So I do support this idea that it is quite possible for those who are trying so hard to help, to assume more of the responsibility than is proper. Remember, the physician's assistant sees many many patients. You must be okay with your short roles and realize that there are others attending as well. You need not feel the pressures of the entire universe to be resting on your shoulders, rather the opportunities of individual peoples mini-verses and you have but moments to interact with them and bring into their experience love and light. To the degree you can stay focused and present and loving enough to do that, then you have truly mastered the human experience here.

Thank you all for a delightful discussion. [Thank you]

Dr. Mendoza: Indeed, I do feel welcome and that is one of the gifts of grace we all might savor at times like this. We are so welcoming of each others presence and accommodating to each others energy fields, this co-mingling and ability to combine forces is what makes us powerful potentials in the creative environment of a life here on Urantia. Truly each and every individual is their own 'first source and center', their own place of beginning for all that combines with them of their life experience and this accumulation that happens of an individual soul, has its own internal field, its own internal force, its own generator within of light.

And so it is that even as an individual, there is powerful potency to this creative spark because it happens from an energy source that is you. When you combine a number of these individual energy point sources and harness this energy as one, it becomes exponentially more potent because this combined energy field represents the combined choices of all the individual contributors, all of you. When all these intentions combine together, especially in service, especially in love, they are augmented as was expressed, by the combined forces of the love of the Father. There already exist the connections, it is the combining of these connections which is so significant and this is again where you find yourselves.

There exists this great network of love, of service, and healing and there exists you, a point source, a 'first source and center' of all that originates with you. This is the purpose of universe upon universe, this is the gigantic experiment in progress, that in one short lifetime, you may discover that you can connect your point source to not only other point sources like you, but to the entire grid of source that exists by your simple awareness and choosing. You are not manufacturing of your own these universe principles, you are simply acting in accordance with them.

And so it is when we come together, and I say 'we' intentionally, around your chosen service projects of those in need currently, when we combine our energies together, they are augmented and find some direct spiritual application. I do appreciate it when witnessing this creation in action as you exercise your own free will choice. I can't help but want to jump in and be a part of the fun, to feel these connections being made, to exercise our faith as is our option and to feel the peace and the certainty of these connections. Consider that I join you in all of these efforts even if the opportunity does not exist as it does now for me to make my contribution known with word symbols. It must suffice for you to have faith and believe that when you choose to act in these capacities of healing, you have my commitment to join you. You may consult with me and you may ask for my assistance as you are engaged in yours.

Thank you for all your cooperative efforts this morning. We have done well on our rounds today and we will meet again to make rounds as needed. Let's make this so, farewell for now.

Dr. Mendoza: [Allene] I would be happy to reply to your request. The most important thing is the intention and the focus, those are the two things for you as physician's assistants to give. No reason to strain yourself. When you do that with sincerity and deep intention and focus you have done your part and we will do ours. I thank each and every one of you for being such willing participants in learning to be good physician's assistants on my team, thank you. This has been a wonderful lesson for each one of you to see actually how simple it really is. I know each one of you has your doubts about your ability. It's not about your ability, its about your intention and your focus and perhaps this morning has made you more aware of this and will take some of the pressure off of yourselves so you don't judge your abilities and let your doubts get in the way, so you can stay focused on the process with intention. Thank you.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] I am pleased to assist. Continue to send light.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] I'll answer your call, I'm Dr. Mendoza and it is a joy to make the rounds with you this morning. That's what you all have been so well engaged in is this checking up on your patients and maintaining this flow of energy, maintaining them in your consideration and your thoughts. This is what it means to make your rounds with your patients and visit them in this process. I would welcome your observation that you not only need gather to minister to those with physical ailments; there are many in need of simple support and validation for their struggle and where they are at and acceptance for them as a brother, a sister, a fellow, a comrade. These things are so very valuable to individuals as they go through their growth process. There is always this need for the connection with stability and certainty.

You all have found this in your spiritual perspective, in the position you have yourselves in relationship to all that goes on around you. Having this firm footing you are able to cast a line out to others and steady them in this great flow that is going on all around us. This spiritual island supports you as the world swirls all around you and no matter what the circumstance, no matter who the individual, they are impacted by coming in contact with your stability, with your firmness of stance and so you may not only be a beacon, a lighthouse to let them know of your presence, but then you may stand firm so that they may cling to you and moor to your stability.

This is the service you provide as a mortal of the realm. You have your feet on the terrestrial plane, your boots on the ground, your direct contact with the environment and the circumstance and as well, you have a universal internal component that is beyond time and space that is tied to the entire universe, that is yours to grab onto and hold fast as the sands may shift and the currents may seek to dislodge you. It is great to join you as we explore so many of the dimensions before us in this capacity of health and healing. Trust that if you are not able to envision the mechanism for the curing of physical ailments, rest assured you are able to provide the comfort of a friend, the stability of a comrade, the conviction of one who stands on their faith. These things are yours to give to any patient, to every patient and you need not consult a more qualified position because none is more qualified than you to act in love and compassion on your own.

Trust that this simple act is as potent and powerful as all the remedies that may come about. This act of love transcends all else. It is what remains in the equation throughout. Well done my comrades, I enjoyed my morning rounds and now will take my leave, good day.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Hello to you all, I am Dr. Mendoza and I am here as well as a result of your having created the space for me to be. My name has been invoked on several occasions here today which brings me great joy that we are in fact developing close relationships and that I come into your consideration so that I may have a place within your being to occupy, to stop in as I make my rounds to visit you as you will so allow. We all witness that we appear to be in a stage here together of working on a number of individuals in need. This appears to be one of the areas of interest and I am certainly most willing to join you in this area of interest.

We do what we can and I refer to we, you and I together, will do what we can given the limitations of time and space, of mortal life and of individual awareness and limitation. After having successfully done our part, we must also relax in faith and peace that the entire bigger picture is being ministered to on another level as well. We may not, in our efforts on this plane, be shown the many different aspects at play but nevertheless, we are driven to act in faith and to believe in the efficacy of our efforts.

But even the physicians and the physician's assistants must also stand firm on their foundation of faith and belief, even to the point of being willing to turn over our desires and expectations to those who minister on even higher levels. We may and do act in accordance with our will and desires but these must be seen as incomplete, as partial in regards to the whole picture of all that is transpiring. So while we will make our best efforts, while we will offer our most sincere intentions, we must also recognize that there is a grand scheme of which we are only a part and that situations and circumstances may take turns that are not altogether clear to us who are engaged in our process but nevertheless must be viewed as aspects of the whole.

This sentiment of course may be captured in the well known statement: "Not my will, but yours be done." And while we would choose to see individuals made whole before our eyes, as a response to our efforts, we must concede that we are only a part of the ongoing and enormous process that surrounds other individuals and circumstances and that our desires and wishes are accepted on high for being offered in loving intention but are only a part of the entire equation. All this having been said, we still are keenly aware of the significance and impact of our intentions, both combined and individual and we are willing to work in accordance with these universe principles to the best of our abilities. Having done all this, let us be at peace with whatever transpires, whatever unfolds, because as I have said, there are other ministers on high and they are involved with these individuals and circumstances as well.

It is a joy to join you once again and feel so welcome in this environment. Thank you for providing this place. I will see you next time I make my rounds, farewell.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] I join in your praise for the group healing that was requested. You are healing assistants. You have stepped forward to learn and practice these new skills. Your focus has strengthened the potential in each assistant. Your belief is acting as a conduit for the energy that is available for all. The potential is great for healing for the individual and the world. Together there is much to be accomplished for the good of all. Feel free to call on me for assistance.

Dr. Mendoza: Greetings to you all, I am Dr. Mendoza here to continue the curriculum we have been invested in for some time. At this point, I would borrow a construct of thinking from this participant in the process because I feel as though this is a worthy topic of further illumination. I refer to the thought pattern of this individual engaged in carrying out the duties of the physicians assistant who was confronted with the notion while actively engaged, that he was not certain exactly what to pray for about the given individual, what course of action may have been the best. Was it to pray for health and healing in this life or perhaps pray for an easy transition from the suffering of this life? These thoughts will cross all of your minds in this process.

In the sincere intention to do the right thing, there may arise this struggle of what is the right thing and what is best to petition of your Divine Parents and the others involved in this process? The answer that arose through the earnest petition to know was to not trouble oneself with praying for the details of resolution, looking like this or being like that, but rather to pray for the overall welfare and well being of the individual and leave the treatment up to the real physicians in charge of the patient and be willing to be fluid and flexible in your appreciation for what that might be, what that might look like or how it may turn out.

It is quite true, that as mortals of the realm, your perspective is necessarily limited, that you may not be given to see or know the many factors involved in the patients "chart" overall, in all the circumstances surrounding the situation as a total. In the journey and the destiny of any individual in particular, all these may not be made evident to you in your process and so your individual ideas of what may be correct in any process may simply be based in a genuine ignorance of the whole. This is where returning to the overarching picture, going and checking in with God once again, will affirm for you that simply doing this transforms the equation. Simply laying down your expectations and desires allows what is to unfold and to always seek refuge in your genuine desire for the well being and welfare of another while remaining unattached to what that might be exactly.

This is truly a key to your relationship to the process. The less you can set goals and expectations which then may be dashed, the more you can appreciate the flow of spirit as your prayers are indeed answered. When your prayers are fluid enough to accept the answer, then you may experience the grace as your Divine Parents would bestow it. It is a manner of aiming higher and higher as a result of your awareness with your petitions that brings you closer and in more alignment with the true physicians on high.

I thought this may be a point of interest as the curriculum moves forward. You may be continually challenged to aim high, to not be mired in the details but to shoot for the highest possible good, the greatest possible outcome and to admit that you may not know what that is but still choose it. "Your will be done" is a statement of that intention. Let it be so as we continue through this process. The faithful physicians attendants will grow to have complete trust in the physicians to administer what is needed.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Good morning my comrades, it is a pleasure to make rounds with you once again this morning and to share with you my observation that in your mornings discussion, time and time again, you referred to what is truly the cornerstone of your spiritual foundation. You have referenced the power in trusting in Divine Source, referencing it by many names but nevertheless, being willing to rely on it and stand atop this foundation. This, my dear ones, is what makes all the difference, as you have referred to, you are the physicians assistants. This ability of yours to grasp in faith and to hold tight in faith anchors you to be truly more than just an assistant.

This is the key component of Source for the entire equation which you eagerly follow. Having a strong connection to this Source is what makes all else proceed. And so as you go about this process of learning and becoming master physicians you will always have this safety cord to latch on to and hold on to and it will serve you well throughout your entire career.

As I said, I have enjoyed being with you as we have ministered to those in our circle and even ministered to ourselves as we have grown even more of a relationship between us. Thank you all for your time, until later, good day.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Good morning friends, I am Dr. Mendoza of whom you have spoken, here to accompany you on our rounds this morning and to utilize some of the threads brought forward for consideration today. Particularly, I would like to utilize the thread of what I will call, time travel. You have mentioned this notion of casting your intentions out before you claiming territory in the future and holding the light in advance of your arrival. This notion definitely indicates that the practitioners of this kind are well aware that they have the ability to traverse this element we refer to as 'time' or the 'time line.'

This discussion of creating reality in this way is very appropriate. I will call your attention to a modern notion you may all have and that is: If your computer, your operating system, somehow becomes out of balance and corrupted there exists a feature within your machine called a system restorer. This feature enables you to choose a time previous to the corruption and to go back and resume again from an earlier point thus avoiding the whole incident of corruption to your system. This works by choosing a time when all was well with your system and deciding you will start again from there. Having done so you find that everything is "restored" to a balance, to a normal operating system.

Now, couple this idea with your awareness that it is within your capacity to go out through the element of your spirit dimension and bring this state of wellness, this state of balance and bring it with you into this realm of projection, this present moment, where you envision your light at the end of your tunnel, the light you have staked out and claimed as a higher reality, so that when you and your patient arrive there, this place already exists, it has been previously created. These concepts are indeed keys to your success and they involve your ability to be time travelers in a very real sense. These are all options that are available to those who are aware that these options are available to you.

In a very real sense, that is what you do with your normal and natural prayers; you envision the well being of an individual. This usually entails you conjuring up an image of this individual in a state of well being, in a state of greater balance and projecting that image upon this individual, literally taking a snapshot in time and bringing it forward and imposing it as your will in the equation. So while this is what is happening in the great “video game” of healing, it is not often referred to as being the mechanism but just as the video game is pre-programmed to include all options, so you are pre-programming the destiny of your journey and of that of your patient. You are writing the game in advance of it being played. This is how it works, this is how it is done. It is simply a matter of utilizing your spirit energies to inhabit different parts of the timeline. This is done through your sheer desire and will that it be so. This is granted you by the fact that you are a spirit being and as such, untethered to the strict restrictions of time and space.

So, my fellow time travelers, let us be about this business with a greater conviction that this is so. Let us take these images of balance and well being and let us plant them before us so that when we arrive, they are there waiting, that this system restorer has been chosen and balance may be once again struck in the equation. What a joy it is to have so many threads to weave together in this classroom. Look at all that you bring to be discussed and to cross-fertilize the learning and experience of each other. It brings me great joy to participate with you in this process, to make rounds with you, to have success with you, to be part of a team with you as you become more and more skilled in your roles as assistants en route to becoming great healers yourselves where you will take all that you have learned and all the resources that are available to you and wield them at your command. We are making this so day by day, lesson by lesson, opportunity by opportunity.

Let us all share the joy in this process. I take my leave but as you know, I am on call as needed, good day to you all.

Question: Dr. Mendoza, you have mentioned before that the efficacy of our healing prayers is multiplied by increasing the number of folks who are petitioning. Once we have brought an individual to your attention, and my list is getting long, I sometimes wonder whether you just groan when I keep bringing more and more people to you. Is the efficacy increased by repetition on a daily basis or is it sufficient just to mention them once?

Dr. Mendoza: My friend, I applaud your desire to be of service to the greatest possible degree that you are capable. Please, fear not that you may do this process wrong somehow, that somehow it may fall short of being adequate. Such is simply not the case. Every contribution you make, no matter what its size or magnitude, is registered as a successful measure. Any Dr.'s office, I will call to your attention, contains vast numbers of files. These files are of individual patients, and though all of these files are contained and stored together, they are all not needed at one time. The files which are pulled from storage are the ones which are in greatest need of attention. Those are brought forward, those appointments are made, those rounds are kept and the energies are applied where needed.

This does not mean that all the other patients are not seen to as well, but rather, seen to as needed. Do not trouble yourselves with having to recall every file of every patient that has ever been brought to the Dr.'s office. This is simply not necessary and an undue burden. This is not your role. Your role is to attend to those in greatest need before you. Another way of putting it is to put out the fires immediately around you. This is what your role is, to be flexible, to be on the ground, be where the smoke is rising so that a fire may be put out, to see where these are so that the resources may be directed. This is on the hourly basis, on a moment by moment basis. It will not be the same this week as it was the last.

So you should not ever worry that you have lost track of a previous incident or case for they are all there in the great file. Simply move ahead with what is directly in front of you. This is what the universe has brought you as your opportunity, as your challenge and let go of all concerns that somehow you will fall short or are not doing enough. This may represent the greatest obstacle to anyone, ever. You are doing enough, you are doing well, you are doing all that could be asked. You are serving as hands for The Father and the Mother for your patients. Trust that their welfare and their care is being overseen on high as well, that there are many others who will assume the long term task of looking over the patients in rehab, the ones who are doing better, the ones who no longer require your immediate attention and focus as any emergency room Dr. would, on who walks in and what is the emergency.

That is your role to play as physician's assistants, as boots on the ground to take the pulse of the patient and trust that the system encompasses all patients and that they need not be directly stored in your memory. They are part of your experience and will remain with you for that reason but they are being cared for on high. You have brought them into the system and their files are being monitored by the greater physicians. I hope this serves to bring you some comfort my friend.

Response: Well it most definitely does Dr. Mendoza, thank you for your counsel.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] This process of moving through time to bring forth a desired state of being is not dependent upon an intellectual action, it is more of a spiritual action of faith. In the flurry of activity during your day it would be beneficial to open yourself to spirit, indeed to relax into spirit as the first step in discovering a beneficial point of attachment to spirit. The possibilities are limitless when you loosen your ties to your intellectual ideas of what is possible. The boundaries of possibility are malleable and you are the creator of your own reality. You do not need to struggle, you do not need to force your reality into a rigid mold. It is more a process of dreaming and imagining the path forward from a sticky place that has entrapped your action. Dis-ease is more a function of attachment to a place or way of being that is producing a negative outcome or mindset. You can facilitate a 'suddenly', a step forward to a desired state. The beginning is relaxation from a grip on the present and allowing a shift to another state of mind and being. All possibilities are open to those who approach life in belief and gratitude.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] A good day to you all, I am Dr. Mendoza. I am here to fellowship with you and discuss more aspects of your apprenticeship. Today I would like to work with the concept of viewing yourselves as in a slightly different role to provide you with some perspective. I would like you to consider how you, as spiritual beings, might be considered administrators of spiritual affairs. As an administrator, you are one who has access to experts, you have access to spiritual resources and your role may be considered to pull together, as in your administration, what is needed in any given circumstance and then to administer this 'recipe' to your circumstance or situation.

You who are aware of these spiritual principles and how they are in play, may call them into service as needed. You may bring together others to work with you who have contributions to make. You may combine techniques and approaches as necessary and administer the treatment that you see fit for each circumstance. You are in this unique position of your connection to the many different circuits you have discovered all around you. You may be seen as a switchboard operator, plugging in one circuit to another, making connection between two different elements, pulling into your equation multiple connections even as is illustrated in this call at this very moment.

Much like this scenario, you may rally the different forces and project them out as you have mentioned. You may condition the environment by the use of your ability to administer a number of different connections, different circuits, different personalities, different approaches and perspectives. The hallmark of a good administrator is one who knows how to coordinate resources and envision a path through any circumstance by the use of coordinating these resources. This is more and more becoming your privilege as a result of your efforts to master your awareness of all these different aspects of your being.

So not only may you rightfully envision yourselves as the physicians assistants, ones who scramble around to ready the patient and the environment for the coordination of the physician, but rather the more experience you have, the more you move into an administrative capacity where your efforts at coordination are what brings the whole circumstance to its graceful conclusion. The biggest thing is, as you are noting, to simply realize that this is true, that this is a capacity that you possess, to show up in faith as the little one you have mentioned.

Truly, this final step will bring all of their conditions together and all resources to bear as you would wield them. We will continue to work on all of these aspects to fine tune their scope and your awareness of it and we will continue to emphasize that you are a spirit born personality and as such, you are a part of the great whole designed to resemble and reflect your grand parents and as such, you are endowed with certain capacities and rights as a member of your divine family. And while we may tell you this and assure you of your standing in this universal family, it is you who must have personal experience of this truth in order to grow your conviction of your place, your potentials and your destiny.

That is what this life was scheduled to afford you, the opportunity to discover and you have welcomed this opportunity to explore your dimensions. You have discovered many grand aspects about yourselves and all this is corresponding to the great scheme that has been set in motion for you. You will possess full conviction in due process and you are invited to accept this condition as yours as you are ready.

Thank you all so much for your stimulating conversation. It makes coming to join you such a pleasure that you are so eager to participate. I bid you all good day.

Question: Would you give us an example of the combining of various resources to solve a problem. Give us a scenario in which we would need to combine resources and tell us what those resources might be.

Dr. Mendoza: With delight my friend, with delight. You have furnished all that you have need of in this question. Let me point to the facts. Fact number one: You could not be here now if you had not accepted that spirit component of yourself and provided latitude of that aspect of your being for you to mingle in such a space as we have created even now, step one.
Step two: You have combined forces, you have brought your spiritual being and awareness into the arena and you have cooperated to come together as a number of individual spirit beings under one umbrella if you will. Then you have chosen to come together under certain circumstances involving certain individuals and participants. You have channeled not only your individual energies but your combined group energies as one and you have projected out before you your desires, your prayers, your petitions for balance and peace. You have already coordinated these things, you have administered your treatment, you have combined aspects that you are aware of, aspects of personal awareness, aspects of combined intention, aspects of focus and direction.

You have coordinated all these aspects that are available, that exist and harnessed them together, wound them together, bound them together, even combining my services with yours. This is exactly as I illustrated, you have administrated these cures. You have effected change as a result of your abilities to administer all these aspects over which you have jurisdiction. I rest my case, or rather I should say our case, for we have indeed been involved in this together, another aspect of our desiring to coordinate and administer together.

I will also take a step even further backwards. Before my comments, you were engaged in a number of sharings back and forth regarding health effects, possible cures and possible conditions that were involved. You brought consultation back and forth of a very material and mortal nature. This is taking another one of the aspects that you are connected to and weaving it as well into your equation. Even on a basis of purely physical cause and effect, you can administer certain cures, certain medications and remedies. A good physician knows about many different types of maladies and cures and tries to match them up, the one to the other. This is what you are doing in material form in your discussions of what might be effective. This is also what you are doing in your spiritual projections of what might be effective.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] A good morning to you my assistants, I am Dr. Mendoza and I would like to further our exploration into the dimensions of health and healing. You are all quite familiar with the outward signs of success that one is privileged enough to get when there is a sudden burst of health and healing that comes over an individual and it is obvious to observe. This gratifying sense is a confirmation to you and to your patient that this healing is effective and powerful and real and one always treasures these instances which are so tangible to observe.

There are a number of other dimensions wherein your efforts meet with apparently different results, that is, results which are harder to discern, which are more difficult to decipher. But I tell you today plainly that all your efforts meet with certain success. As you have just been informed by your friend, all spiritual growth is considered a success. Your efforts and discipline for your duties as physician's assistants meet with certain success for they accomplish the growth of your spirit and perhaps the growth of others.

These results are far more different of discernment and must be grasped in faith, but nevertheless they are equally as true, equally as right, equally as real as any of the others which take other forms of manifestation. The real key to your success as healers is to meet your patients where they are at, to be with them on a spiritual level wherever you may find them. Touching them in this way means you have met with success, means that you have accomplished your purpose. You have comforted in spirit, you have brought them the lifeline of spirit. You have represented the spiritual dimension as good and faithful representatives, you have met with success.

We must grow our faith to accommodate this awareness and the understanding of this truth. All efforts donated on behalf of others in service meet with certain success. So I congratulate you all for your success in your mission to be of service. One day you will be afforded an opportunity to glimpse the many effects of your intentions and your actions, but for now, I invite you exercise your faith muscle that all this is so because you have been told and because you can seek the truth of this out, within.

It is always a pleasure to drop by and hold these meetings. I enjoy the opportunity to explore the many dimensions and the many principles involved as we go about attempting to do good. Thank you for your attention, farewell.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] My assistants, it is good work that comes from uniting the group in purpose. I am happy to add my presence to your efforts. Each small step taken in faith can forge new paths of healing action. In this world the opportunities are many and the action will be effective beyond your comprehension. It is practice that will refine your ability to work with light and healing. Take some time to reflect upon your intention. Take some time to open yourselves to spirit. This will increase your effectiveness and sensitivity. Diagnosis is indeed a key to healing. Be open to the information you are given and we will help you to apply yourselves in curative action.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Greetings once again to my faithful assistants. In my observation of your recounting of your patients and their conditions I am filled with the sense of teamwork, the sense of togetherness in these projects and I count myself lucky to actually feel a part of this team. I want you to know, that as we move forward and witness the stages of life, we will be on this same team together and that no matter what direction things may go or turn, up or down, progressive or regressive, we will be steadfast in our commitment to this team in this process.

This is what we bring as a team and through the individuals on the team just as was witnessed here earlier with how much comfort may be brought to an individual through the simple act of those who are around them. Such is always the case, your contributions always make a positive impact, they always make a difference. They are among the things worth counting and worth keeping in a universe of learning values and meanings. So as has been said, no act you may perform in this kindness is ever lost or wasted. We are now experiencing some of the phase of the progression of events unfolding which may appear as though more and more these acts of health and healing are falling short.

In many cases, there comes a point in an individuals path where there are simply too many punctures in the tire to keep sufficient pressure, there are too many parts of the system which are affected and since all systems need to work together cohesively, when a few are compromised there reaches a critical mass. This is the nature of human nature, this is what we are here to observe and minister to and foster and grow. This too is part of the plan. Any good gardener knows that a plant must have a number of different aspects to it's being. It must have nutrients in the soil which are proper much as the food that you eat. It must have proper environmental support to insure its survival. It must have enough rain to meet its needs and quench its thirst.

There are a number of aspects, all involved simultaneously which must be there together to support such life. Such is the case with your vehicles. They require a number of different aspects to be functioning and operational in order to work together for the organism. Trust that as this divine plan unfolds before you, that in the latest stages it may appear as though you are witnessing collapse of the organism and you may feel as though the plant may need fertilized or perhaps it's water or perhaps it's sunlight or perhaps the ph in the soil is not right and on and on.

And so you do well to go around and tend to the obvious factors, but the human organism has so very many aspects that are in play together simultaneously that it is easy to get out of balance, it is easy to lose function in these various circuits and a certain amount of this may be maintained but at a certain tipping point, the organism will cease to have what it needs for survival. Think of this as mercy, for when the vehicle is no longer able to provide for its needs, it simply shuts down and no amount of intervention will suffice.

When this is the case, it will be your greatest challenge yet for you to maintain your positive composure about what is transpiring. But for you who are spirit born, you are the lucky ones for you who do the blessing will also be blessed and you may maintain your far reaching perspective that even at its worst, it is merciful. Even at its apparent worst, it is still merciful. For those who are spirit born, you may realize that it is only apparently that way, that underneath and behind and around all that you see, is divine energy, is the spirit flowing.

Fear not my assistants, there is nothing in this universe which can truly harm you. There is no fate that could possibly await you that can possibly harm you. There no doubt will be grand experiences to be had throughout the process but you who are born of the spirit, know of a certainty of your eternal nature and this eternal being may not be destroyed in this one mortal existence. It is not possible to harm you to any great degree for you have a long future before you and though you may stumble or fall, these are only your experiences on route. Everything is a new beginning and if you can bring that into your observations of the very end, then you are bringing the light as we have said.

So be it my dear ones, remember, we are together in this experience, in this unfolding process. I go with you and we go together. Thank you for including me and inviting me so that we may make this so. I would take my leave and wish you all a good day, farewell.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Indeed I feel welcome, thank you for your warm gesture. In response to your wondering about what your roles may be and what your work may consist of, I feel I need to thank you for your service, in fact let us look at what transpires, even now. Without the presence of the clinic, a physician has nowhere to operate. Without the patient being brought to the clinic, a physician cannot operate. It is you who creates the clinic, you who fosters the healing healthful environment, you who provides the circumstances and the place wherein we may meet. It is also you who brings in the patient one by one, diligently and faithfully and when I say faithfully I mean with a great faith.

And in so doing you have connected these different aspects, these different venues, because you can, because you will, because you do. This is very very important work. Without you these connections literally would not be made, the one with the other, the physician with the patient. You have created all that is needed to bridge the gap, to bring together these different elements as an ambassador, as a physicians assistant. So when you wonder when you are working, whenever you are acting in spirit you are "working in spirit," you are functioning in your spiritual capacity, you are en-circuited within the flow of spirit and you are working together with the flow of spirit.

Be in peace that you do your work in many different scenarios wearing many different hats, if you will, but as long as you are holding the space as you say, grounding out as a light anchor, then you have done the work of making this connection and making all that may transpire possible. It is I who thank you for this opportunity of service. It is I who is very grateful for your having created this opportunity and then faithfully maintaining it as you do even now.

I would like to comment on a current thread I have observed in your discussion. It is absolutely normal and common for one to be greatly moved when feeling an urge that a certain remedy or cure or supplement or tincture may in fact help the health and well being of another individual. And as you are so led you may feel it as your obligation to bring forth this 'cure' having such strong convictions that it will help. That is all well and good and that is your side of the equation.

Then there is the line, the boundary of your jurisdiction and then the patient's side of the equation is their own. They commonly are flooded with various suggestions and it then becomes their challenge to decide what to do and what not to do and what will be useful and helpful and what may not. As you are all well aware, there is a strong component of belief, even faith, in the cure that must be attendant with it for it to be successful. Indeed it can be said that this is perhaps the greatest component in any healing scenario, the willingness to believe and the ability as you have spoken of, to accept.

These are the responsibility of the patient and they may not be supplanted by the caregiver, no matter how strong the temptation may be. If an individual believes that a certain thing will work, then they will convince themselves of this and it may in fact be successful but this decision to accept and believe is individual to the patient and while you may encourage and suggest and offer, in the end it will be up to the patient's discretion what is accepted, what is chosen, what is believed in and what is accepted.

So you will continue to go about doing your best, suggesting your greatest wisdom of what will be effective in individual scenarios as good and faithful physician's assistants are bound to do, but then having done your best to suggest and offer, recall that once this has gone over the line from your domain into your patients domain, it is then their free will choice that reigns and determines what will be embraced and what will be forsaken. This proves to be quite challenging to the physician's assistant who may not understand why their suggestions are not adopted, why their strong intuitive feelings are not respected, but recall that this is not about you. Your patient will choose as they so desire and it is not a reflection on a physician's assistant if the patient chooses not to adopt the recommendation.

I say this to you all at this time because you are all confronting the opportunities regularly to suggest and offer and promote what you believe to be true, good and beautiful about health and healing and its properties and this is good and appreciated. And as I said, I appreciate your making all this possible, the work that you do to maintain this citadel of spirit we are in even now, thank you.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] I wish to add a thought about healing using many techniques. As you gain confidence and knowledge you will be able to bring forward healing from many sources. As physician's assistants, you are led to bring ideas for help from information you have collected. The universe conspires to provide you with the help you need at the time you need it. Your receptivity is key to recognizing the help as it arrives. Openness and faith play a part in this connection. You are progressing rapidly in developing connections with spirit and this amplifies your ability to send the light and healing out to others. You are better able to heal yourselves as well. All is working as it should be and your participation is most appreciated. We are all on board to help you. If you are inspired to try new approaches you are encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and experiment.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Greetings to my assistants, Dr. Mendoza here making the rounds with you. It is my pleasure to observe the many things the physician's assistants bring to the consultation. Truly there are so many different facets to be explored which apply to the human condition of health and healing. It is through your familiarity with these many aspects that you offer yourselves the opportunity to find the resources, the methods, the techniques and the approaches which are significant.

I would like to call you all to witness that in this last report from the field of healing, it was pointed out the significance of addressing all three aspects of humanity: The physical condition and the nutrition required to establish health and healing: The mental state, the preferred state of being to promote health and healing: The spiritual component being addressed and brought into the equation as the third leg of the triangle. It would be helpful for my assistants to be on the lookout for all three of these aspects are critical for the stability of the platform. All three of these ingredients must be in compliance for true health and healing to occur. If any one of these ingredients is severely out of balance, then the platform will not be stable and will topple.

So therefore, the scope of your evaluation may increase to include all of these various aspects. Certainly the physical must be addressed but it alone comprises only a portion of the whole. The whole is made whole by accounting for all of its aspects and bringing them into alignment. You are gaining many many tools in your toolboxes to use in this process. You are finding ways to bring them out and use them, to find where they may be applicable and where you may need to change tools and use another resource. These are the traits of a good physician, to be able to assess and readjust as needed, the treatment.

And so I am so pleased to work with you and be on call to you as the head physician. When you have need of me, call me as was illustrated in the story and I will most happily get the page and will respond. Trust that you are capable of more than you think in this process, that you may act in my stead and that we act in Michael's stead, that we may act for each other in service. Trust that this is so, that you are empowered to do so and be so in this process. That is what we are growing towards in this training program and you may consider: Is this a matter of awareness? Does my awareness that this is so, change it, create it, allow it, welcome it? I invite you to consider flipping that switch of awareness. It is at your command to do so.

I echo Machiventa in his sentiment of appreciation for all that you bring to the class and all that you have to share. Nothing is more potent and powerful among you than testimony from a fellow, the witnessing from a friend and this you so freely offer each other. It has been a pleasure to make rounds with you this morning. Trust that we are all there together when we are on our individual rounds, that we have this fellowship to bring with us, it is so. Go now in peace and spread this love. I will return as you have need of me, until later, farewell.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] In the healing process, intention is key. The concentration is always on goodness and wholeness. As you picture the result of health, the universe gathers to help bring the desired result. Dis-ease is overcome by love and the desire for wholeness. Dis-ease responds to the light that is focused on infirmity. Your service is amplified by the forces around you and the universe supports your action. I, of course, am with you at your request.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Thank you, let's all gather around to have our consultation about some of the aspects we've observed on the field of play today. I'm anxious to commandeer the thought train of the concept of the physician's assistant, of the distinction between healing for someone and healing with someone. You have touched on a very key and primary component of the dynamic which occurs in this loop that you refer to of healing on high coming through the various channels, one of which is the physician's assistant and the next step in the loop being the patient themselves and how this loop must be completed in order for the energy to flow free. So with the awareness of this loop comes the significance of all of its parts being in alignment and being true in intention to the same circuit.

It is often tried by the physician's assistant to take on to themselves as much of the role of alignment as they possibly can, that is align themselves in the process with intention and with purpose, aligning their energy with the flow of energy, so as to be good and faithful conductors of such. As has been noted here in the discussion, then the loop comes to the patient and as was illustrated, some patients may not be in the loop of awareness of what is required of them as an individual to align themselves to be in the flow so that such energy may pass through them.

One can pray for another individual endlessly but one cannot pray instead of this individual, in other words, there must be a compliance of all the aspects of circuitry before the circuit is completed. It remains the jurisdiction of the free will choice of the patient to be a part of this chain. It remains that they share equal responsibility in this equation and that you may not simply pray hard enough to do their part. So in this analogy, the physician's assistant may shift their technique to be a shining example, something to imitate as to how to get oneself in alignment for this healing. The suggestion that the individual should take personal responsibility is an example of bringing to the fore the awareness that may have been absent, that they have a vital role to play, that they are not simply awaiting the results that the universe will impose upon them.

So perhaps you will begin to see your roles as physicians and physician's assistants to offer guidance as to how to position oneself in order to be the most beneficial part of this circuit. In the end what you are coaching them to do is to become who they are in the process, to manifest their position in the equation more fully and completely, with more awareness, with more sensitivity, but nevertheless, simply expanding into their capacity. This is the greatest opportunity before you in the healing process, to heal with the individual, to pray with the individual, to be with the individual rather than to assume there is a role to play for this individual. The one is assuming more responsibility than perhaps is due, the other is assuming guidance and leadership roles to help another become all they can be. In the end it will not be the individual prescription or application that will determine the outcome, it will be the relationship of all those combined in the circuit that will make the difference, that will complete the connection.

And, you are quite right in that all this is subject to this imposition of time and the effects of the time/space environment. What you begin in spirit here in time and space, you continue eternally in spirit and just as you have mentioned old friends that meet after long periods of time, so it is with us forming our fledgling spirit relationship which will endure through time and space.

Thank you for allowing me to jump in on the spirited conversation. It is always my pleasure to join the enthusiastic students at play and to make my presence known, that I am among you. I am available to you. We are functioning as a team and we can provide the services of those who are willing to join together for this purpose, with our intention, to condition our way. I appreciate the opportunity to have the floor, thank you.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] I join with a brief comment that the healing experience is a complex flow of energy in intention. The one to be healed is of course in the central position of control of the reception of the energies presented. One aspect that will be helpful as we proceed in the future is the process of allowing a person to bring forth their areas of difficulty in a non-judgemental and loving arena. As was mentioned earlier, pain has been blocked and hidden but still causes physical effects. This is why great healers follow a process of listening and accepting the perception of the patient involved. This is a service that you can provide to facilitate the healing. As the patient becomes more open to healing, the feelings of unworthiness will lessen and the reception will increase. This can come to pass in many ways. Each of you will find a place of peace to offer that will facilitate the reception.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] I am joining your efforts to bring healing to your friends. This process does not require them to be conscious of us. The energy will be used as it is provided. I will assist in its application. Your role has been to channel the energy. It will be used effectively.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Good morning friends, I invite myself into your sacred space this morning, I am Dr. Mendoza and I am drawn to this vortex of energy and I would like to pick up this thread with you at this time. First, as you have rightly declared in your intention, first comes the gratitude, the peace and grace that gratitude brings into the equation allows you to orient yourselves in the direction of perfection. So, having oriented yourself, having charted your way with your compass of spirit, let us then take some of the rest of the steps together.

It has been expressed, this vibration and sentiment of well being for one of the brethren, so let us choose to, having oriented ourselves, apply our intention. Next is the step of projecting your intention as to what you would have manifested and the technique we have entertained before is quite serviceable wherein you see your projection as encompassing a more perfect state of being and invest your energies in this vision of a situation or an individual made whole in advance of its arrival.

This is the projecting of your intention and staking out the claim at the place in the future where you will arrive in time. This is what manifestation and creation are all about, this seeing things that aren't there yet, the visualizing of the way you would choose before it manifests and comes to pass. Then, having something to invest in, hold fast your ground for what you have willed into creation surely must be reckoned with in a universe of time and space. This is the function and the role that the healers play, is to go out and stake the claim on a future of wellness, of wholeness, of movement towards a more perfected state and as you have learned, it does not necessarily serve to apply minute specifics to your visualizations. Let the details sort themselves out as to what this will look like when you arrive but accept that there is a place for it and that you will go stake the claim on this future reality. You do so by means of this spirit aspect of yourself that you have brought to the surface with the invocation of gratitude. The thought, the word and the deed applied.

Thank you for being open to my contribution this morning. It is always a pleasure to take advantage of an opportunity such as this.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] I will help direct your energy to your brother as he heals the physical body. He has strength and faith that all will be well. Your energy field will enhance his circuitry and provide resources for the bodily healing. It will be helpful to continue to send energy for his use. I will be his physician on site also.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] In the co-mingling of energies that Elyon presented, you bring your creative intentions together with the energy of another to up-step the available energy for use in healing. You do not force this transfer but openly act as a conduit for the love, light and action of healing. By being open to a new action you allow the other person to choose a different action and view of themselves. You provide acceptance and new possibilities to someone who has become trapped in a static view of themselves. This is the gift that could be offered in love to the afflicted. Many times this acceptance is all that is needed to start the process of change. We of course are available to help.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] The frequency and vibrations are key to health. Each cell responds to frequency in creating health and wellness. The process of uplifting frequency can be achieved in many ways but tone is most effective in permeating the body structure and reaching all the cells at one time. You have been led to this tool as a help in your healing activities. The internet provides many sources of helpful material of this kind. In healing with water I am most happy to add intention and vibration that can be used to create wellness and reduce pain. I encourage you to explore the possibilities in this method. My team is able to aid also. You have been given tools. It is our hope that you will play with them. I will help Kathy with her joint pain.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] I am here as well, I am the Dr. Mendoza referenced before and I would respond to your question referencing the apparent on again, off again nature of working together as spirit and mortal individuals. As was referenced, there are a number of factors involved in this equation, any one of which can cause failure in the circuit. Remember always that the guardians within, the Thought Adjusters, are always in communication in instances where there is this attempt at communication and always are there recommendations taken as to the willingness and readiness of any individual to engage in spiritual pursuits.

That is another part of this circuit that exists, another piece of it and that is the fuse in the circuit. Those are the guardians to the gates of spirit for these individuals and they will safeguard these individuals and shepherd them through as they are ready. Therefore in these matters of spirit, all deference will be given to the condition of the participant. So it is not at all surprising that time and configuration of individuals will bring about different results from one time to the next. I assure you there is always a desire to work together with you and I appreciate the referral that I have gotten by you to others and will always reach out to any who will reach out in my direction and we will all have relative levels of success because this is a relative place of living.

It brings my heart joy that there have been successes in our working together and it is not surprising to observe there will be shortcomings as well, but maintaining your faith in the process, in the overall outcome and in your inevitable attainments of your divine career, these are things which move you through the transient ups and downs, the obvious successes and the apparent failures. Your continued faith in the overall good of the program propels you to move instead of being paralyzed by fear. These are what we are growing and fostering, the skills and ability to manifest the depths of our being.

I enjoy working with you along these routes, whatever capacity it is in. I now make room for others, thank you for your attention.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] I would respond to your request and your petition. I am Dr. Mendoza and I always like to make the rounds with you as well to assure you that we are indeed still working together. There are on the table requests for healing of individuals and requests for even large groups of individuals. I would point out to you that the approach in your visualizing health and healing is the same regardless of the subject. Your approach in bringing light and of shining light on the equation and choosing through the application of your intention to impose divine values on an individual or a nation is how you are able to impact the whole from the vantage point of one of the fragments.

As a fragment, you are attached to this whole and yet you have freewill choice to contribute to the whole your unique personal contribution. This contribution is purely a matter of your choosing and this is what makes it so sacred to the First Source and Center for you have been granted this ultimate authority to choose. So what is it you will choose and contribute to the whole? All contributions are valid yet some contributions are more divinely infused and so it is up to you to decide your calibre of contribution. How much truth, goodness and beauty will your contribution contain? How much of the divine characteristics you have come to know in your becoming spiritual beings will you bring to the equation and insert into your application of energy?

It is your playground of opportunity for the more you become spiritualized beings, the more you become aware of your power and influence when working in unison and when working with divine principles. How much deeper the equation seems when infused with divine principles. Therefore, in your attempt to shine this light out wherever you may choose, seek each time to bring to your efforts, your ever deepening awareness of spirit truths, spirit presence and spirit reality for each time that you may pray for another or visualize anothers well being, you are a new and different person than the last time you were engaged in this activity. Each day, each hour provides you with the opportunity to choose again, even more profound principles, principles that reflect even more your awareness and understanding of divinity.

Whereas one day you may pray for physical healing, another time you may realize there is a psychological component to it and seek to shine light there and then again, coming to the same equation you may understand that there is a spiritual component and focus your energies there. Each of these layers of being may be soothed with your application of divine energy and all these factors may be brought together under the umbrella of your awareness that they are all part of the whole and all respond to the same loving divine universe principles.

So while you cannot do this exercise wrong, so to speak, it is within your power to do it better and better. This exercise of being mortal would not be complete without the option to strive for perfection, to seek it and to try, try again. I assure you I am with you at whatever level, at whatever time you have to allocate for these exercises in your spiritual development. Trust that all efforts are received and meet with certain success even if that success is not tangible to you in the moment. We must take certain things on faith and it is faith that propels us to try again, to seek for greater truths and deeper understanding and to apply ourselves as we feel inspired. This we do in faith that it matters, that it is important, even that we are designed to do it.

Thank you for the chance to join you once again. As I said, I am always on call as your physician and I trust you as well are on call as my physician's assistants. As we have need of each other, let us feel free to make the call, thank you.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] I encourage your efforts in healing and commend the work done to date. There are many aspects of health needed in the Correcting Time and all work together in synergy to create a successful conclusion. The seven principles [7 Core Values] are indeed strong guidance on the way forward but not the only path that can be followed. As we work together there is developing a health principle that can be added to the others as an expansion of tools towards success. All projects are of value and our efforts are in support of the power of the individual to live their highest life. I am available to help as needed.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] The idea of health principles is an expansion of creating a healthy body. All factors in the environment work together to influence the human vehicle. An individual is constantly moving in a field of possibility. Choices are made that create the human form. Each person chooses which factors they will incorporate into their vehicle. These choices can be viewed as a creative health principle. I wish the group to focus on aspects of health creation and develop an outline of factors that create health. This forms a goal that can be brought forward to aid in the creation of health.

Question: How is light received?

Dr. Mendoza: In the process of sending light for healing it is key that the individual accept the light. In the universe, all energy is available and constant. But you act as a conduit for this light energy as it flows into the environment to be accessed by others. It is directed and focused. The recipient may receive a part of this flow without intent and energy has moved from one location to another. Other people who are receptive will absorb an energy flow in their vicinity. Their intention to receive energy will draw the energy they need. You cannot lose when sending energy. The energy is everywhere and all have access if they choose to receive.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] Healing is more than a return of body function. As you have observed, the mental and spiritual aspects are integral to an effective healing. Even the planet is receiving the emotions that are being released. It is the task of the healer to focus the energy and emotion in positive channels. It is the task of the healer to observe and diagnose problems and bring energy to balance and reform a situation. This is used in healing individuals, institutions and the universe. The healer connects with a situation and develops the ability to observe and diagnose. You are encouraged to use your senses to expand the connection with situations in disfunction. You are encouraged to bring forth the energy that is missing whether it is physical or it is spiritual. This is an expansion of your training in sending energy. It will increase your effectiveness and ability to bring help. I am always available to help.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] My valued assistants, your perception of the scope of healing is a validation of our healing efforts. You are visualizing the end goal of healing for the whole planet. All of this begins with the first step that you are rediscovering in our past conversations. I encourage your project of producing a guide to healing. The first element in healing is opening to the possibility. Then the healing moves into the realm of reality aided by the patients mind and body. Your part is to open a conversation about the possibility and be a conduit for love which brings the true healing. In reality you are returning to the true pattern which is the First Source and Center. God has intended health for all his children in this original pattern of creation. All forces will work together for this end.

Question: When entering a healing session is it best to treat the patients individually or is it equally efficient to bring all the patients at once into the "light"? How long do we have to focus on the patient?

Dr. Mendoza: I am pleased to respond to your question. This process has been expanding and developing as your group practices together. A healing circle presents a location to focus your intention. You can use teepees or constructs, it does not matter what the focus point is, it is the intention and the link formed between the healer and the patient. It may be helpful to focus on an individual before bringing the group of patients together. At your stage of practice it is possible to heal groups but more difficult. Your willingness and intention is the connection between the patient and the healing desires. As physicians assistants, you are valuable in this process. You create the venue and we are happy to participate. The healing is accomplished instantly in your view. It is a process that does not involve time. We are so pleased with your participation.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] I would accept your invitation today of the chair you pull up for me at your table. I am Dr. Mendoza and I willingly respond to your request for a consult. And yet I would merely like to restate for the sake of this record, the lessons that you furnished here today, your observation of the importance of your focus, the significance of your intention and bringing the highest aspect of yourself to this equation in which you are present. Truly, these are things which are worthy of your observation and realization that your focus, your awareness, your presence in the situation are what triggers it to become real. Having brought your focus to the equation, the entire scenario may begin. Then, the channeling of this intention and its direction by your highest spiritual influence, this unique combination is yours alone to provide, this willingness to focus, this desire to bring your intention into the equation and then to activate it with the sincerity of spirit.

You all have taken up this progression and become familiar with its application. This makes you powerful partners in this relationship we share, where you are indeed my physician's assistants. I appreciate you bringing such insight to class to discuss and am happy to rephrase and re-share your content. Thank you for your request for my presence, it is always a delight. I leave you with my invitation to call me for a personal consult at any time, an individual consultation may be had at your request. I enjoy bringing you further assurance of this. Let it be so, thank you all.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] The group compilation is a work of importance in that the basic principles of healing assistance are outlined and information can be used by anyone who approaches with intention and focus. I am most grateful for your assistance in compiling the many transcripts.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Thank you all very much, I feel your welcome. It was my privilege today to join you and observe you as you made your rounds, your rounds of bringing your intention here and then there and then to another place at your command. This practicing means presence in these different locations of focus and is what is so sought after in your spiritual experience you are building. These moments when you meet together at a certain place in spirit and join forces there for a specific cause with a specific purpose in mind to focus your intention. And then you apply yourselves in your very desires for peace, for healing, for goodness, for grace, for this individual, for this circumstance, for this world.

There is no limit to where you may apply your focus, it is simply a matter of your choosing where you will go on your rounds, who you will visit, what you will tend to and where you will focus your gaze of intention. And as you go through your rounds you are continually being refreshed by a divine connection of service that you are plugging into and working with. This circuit of service brings with it its own energy source. It provides the necessary energy to go the extra mile, to do what you did not think was possible. When you join forces with this service circuit, you may be refreshed even while you are actively engaged.

I thank you all for choosing to work in this manner, to avail yourselves of this process. Together we are a more potent resource than we are separately and so I look forward to attending with you on your rounds to provide a consult as necessary and to working together with any who will work with me, with us. I might point out that while we enjoy a relationship here and now and for an eternity for that purpose, you are the face, you are the voice, you are the boots on the ground, so you must represent us. You must represent our process, you must literally be the reality you know to be true within and as a result they will see that you do indeed know of what you speak. You do indeed have something real and significant to be shared and they may be drawn as the moth is to the flame, to the light that you spread, to the light that you are throughout this process.

Call on me as you have need and we will work together as we are so blessed to be able to do. Thank you all my dear assistants, good day.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] I would welcome your invitation as well, Dr. Mendoza here checking in for consultation this morning. I understand that there has been some concern and discussion over the observation that we have been functioning as a team under the hierarchy we have laid out of physician and physician's assistants. This is indeed quite a serviceable construct of thinking to be utilized by the team members at hand. I would offer and upgrade perhaps to the language we employ in this process because while you are indeed connected and my assistants, implying that I am also involved and assisting, you fulfill an even more important function and that is, you are a surrogate physician. You are the one who is in charge and I oftentimes am assisting you.

So while you are busy building the construct in which you are assisting me, the only one seen by the patient is you. They do not know of the connection between you and I and the fact that you are considered my assistant. Instead, they see you as the one in charge, the surrogate physician, the one in place doing what needs to be done, representing the team, the clinic, the office behind them. So it is truly a matter of semantics and vocabulary. If you are more comfortable considering yourselves assisted, then utilize this framework of thought but realize that you are the physician in attendance, the surrogate position, the representative of our relationship and I am happy to assist you in these times. I am happy to facilitate with you these universe principles but in fact I am assisting you as you orchestrate the delivery of this system.

So while you are perhaps considering yourselves only to be mere assistants, in fact, when the patient is present it is you who will act for us. It is you who will be seen and observed in action. You are accomplishing the objective, the physicians are healing themselves. I just wanted to bring this note of recognition, everything is about perspective as you have shared with your analogy of the elephant* and our perspective puts you as the primary physician assisted by a host of spiritual energies. Without you there would be no action. Therefore I recognize the position you play and honor you for accepting this role. I assure you I will continue to support your every efforts. Call on me as you have need, I am available to consult at any time, farewell.

*[The parable of the 5 blind men each trying to describe an elephant. Each is describing a different part of the animal but instead of debating who is right, they pool their observations resulting in a better overall understanding of the elephant.]

The following 5 transmissions are an addendum to the original Healing Principles of Dr. Mendoza. They were transmitted by Mark Rogers on a separate forum called Lightline.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Hello, I am Dr. Mendoza, I take my turn at the podium if you will, to receive warmly these requests of the heart as to how to best facilitate these medicinal arts that you are practicing. I will always be ready to assist you in so far as you will allow and to this end I will offer perhaps another perspective. In regard to the question of how much is appropriate or is it too little or too much and what should one do to be just right and is it about each individual on a distinctly separate basis or is it a collective phenomenon?

I invite you to envision your efforts at prayer, at healing and at the direction of energetic forces as your contribution into the great pool that may be administered to all those who are in need, and while it is good and proper to consider each and every individual in their own right as you bathe them in this pool of health and healing, it is also appropriate at any time to make a general contribution to the whole, to the health and well being of all, your contribution to the pool of health. It is always welcomed, it is always valued, it is always needed in the process that we go through and so, make every attempt not to get in your own way about the process and its application and unfolding.

Another question was about obstacles in the way. This is one, this tendency to harbor a guilt or a dissatisfaction with ones contribution as perhaps being not enough, not good enough, not long enough or not done well enough. You must lay this down, you must forgive yourself all. If you harbor any resentment towards yourself over this you must release it as none is due, none is necessary. This, as you requested, may be seen as an obstacle to your own individual part in the process. You must be willing to grant yourself forgiveness and peace in the process or you will remain as a obstacle to the process.

It may be considered even easier to forgive another than it is to forgive yourself for perceived shortcomings. I will say that you are all very hard on yourselves compared to how you are seen by your Divine Parents and how you are loved by your Divine Parents and forgiven for all your imperfections because you were born into imperfection. It is your journey to move towards perfection and become more and more perfect, but right now, in your imperfect state, you are perfectly imperfect.

Therefore do we rejoice in witnessing your experiences as mortals of the realm and attempting to offer assistance where it would be accepted. And so it is my pleasure to share these words with you today. And now, I would step aside to allow for another speaker. Thank you for your questions that may be addressed and I would be happy to join you at a later time, good day.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Greetings to you all, I will step forward for the opportunity is present. I will plug myself into this circuit here now with you as you have plugged in and I will invite you to consider that an additional circuit is available to you as we have discussed in terms of healing. There are additional resources which can be garnished and used in this process and I have attempted to make it known to you that these exist so that you may build the process. I come before you again to remind you of this truth, to remind you of this reality as you look and seek for the different avenues of approach and as you identify avenues such as the mind or the heart.

I invite you to consider that as a child of the First Source and Center, you have a circuit which is readily fired, a circuit of compassion and love and when positioned by the desire to heal may be brought to bear in any equation. This is the circuit in which you are in partnership with divine desire, that healing may also be present, combined with in your case, material desire that health be present and a genuine acceptance and willingness to allow this grace to transpire. I have taken it on as my project to assert myself in your equation as I see the option arise, to once again remind you of your role in this firing of the healing circuit and how you are able to anchor such energy fields by your very faith and willingness to do so. As such you are indeed valuable physician assistants in the process of making this grand connection. You are necessary in the equation. It simply cannot happen without boots on the ground so as you may seek, surely you will find.

So I am here because you all harbor desires to be helpful, you all seek for guidance in how to do so and you all are willing explorers in the spiritual realm and so because you seek, you are brought more and more. It is my pleasure to join you once again and remind you of this collective avenue of approach that we may subscribe to in service together. Just a further extension of my invitation to join me as we function in this capacity together. There is no substitute for local assistance in the equation. Thank you for hearing my words and co-mingling our energy signatures so that we may become more and more familiar with each other and more comfortable with each others presence. I bid you all good day, farewell.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] I would address this selective group of spiritual beings, I am Dr. Mendoza and I choose to join you at this time because you so allow. I would invite you to consider that while you are engaging yourselves in the ministry of being physicians assistants and liaison to the patient, and while all this is well and good, there is another level that you may consider ministering on as well. This additional influence into the equation is the psyche, it is the perception, the feeling, the worry, the doubt, the concern, and the fear present in the equation. There is always some degree of these aspects involved as the psyche is part of the human condition and therefore has great influence over the situation.

So while it is good to consider ones material mortal being, their vehicle and its component parts, its ailments, its symptoms and its cures, we must not overlook what might be called the emotional component, the part of an individual which harbors concern, which is alarmed, which has fear. This aspect of the whole needs to be considered for the impact it has on the equation. It is quite true that two patients may be seen with identical ailments and one may live if they believe they will live and one may die, thinking they will surely die.

This emotional component is another area in which we may have some degree of jurisdiction. There is the ability to share back and forth this emotional vibration, this state of being. It can be shared and related and if it can be shared and related to, it also can be influenced by alternate patterns, higher patterns and grander principles. If you are able to discern that individuals have fear, doubts and trepidation, then equally possible they may discern that you have faith, you have trust, you have vision of health and life.

So the potential exists, that if they are going to share some of their inner thoughts with you, that you may likewise share some of your inner thoughts with them and give them alternatives to consider to their thought patterns. State with conviction your beliefs and offer them seeds which may be nurtured and grow in their being for them to foster a viewpoint of eternal perspective, a spiritual grace and peace and love.

It turns out there are numerous ways we may be ministering to individuals and we are in this curriculum, going to investigate as many as possible. I thank you for the opportunity to bring forward another installment in this curriculum of what it is to be a physicians assistant or a healer in your own right.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Hello and thank you for your invitation, your invocation of my presence. I respond because it is my desire to connect with you as well. I am Dr. Mendoza and I would respond to the sentiment offered, and that being, what can one do to protect themselves in a challenging environment? I would be happy to discuss some of the different components of this and try to illustrate the different facets of this equation for you.

When you consider exposure to your environment, there is some concern about what you take into your being and this concern is biological and chemical and purely mortal. And alongside this is the spirit potential of growth that is contained in this equation, that is to say, there is a whole separate component that may be utilized to any varying degree alongside the chemical cause and effect of your mortal life. It is true that one should be concerned as to what they are exposed to in their environment and how to mitigate any negative compound and promote positive compounds within your immediate environment to establish a state of well being. This is good and true and right. One needs to be concerned about the quality of what touches them and particularly what they take in.

And so it is, one should look to their basic needs and do their best to insure that they are pure and wholesome. You live in an age where there are many different options available to you and for this you are blessed and so it may be wise and prudent to avail yourselves of the options out there which enable you to control your exposure in the material world. This is a matter of consideration, a matter of thought, a matter of knowledge, a matter of the mind with a conviction of the heart and this is done observing cause and effect and respecting the laws of nature.

And then there is another component which exists side by side but may be used to infuse the other component of life with meaning and purpose and this is the spiritual aspect of your being or that is what we will refer to it as. This component of spirit enables you to impose the grander perspective over the transient event. It allows you to bring the comfort of your faith into any equation and in this way it truly is capable of modifying your reality, that is your perception, your awareness of your connection. This imposing of the spirit component literally infuses the situation with a different character, a different nature, a different focus, a different degree of trust and faith, an added component of conviction. These are brought into the equation with the advent of this other component of self.

So when you are discussing things out there and how they may affect you individually, remember that there is cause and effect and then there is the different vantage point of belief and faith and you exist somewhere in the middle. You apply yourselves with some of both in different proportions at different times and so you are a flexible being capable of changing the very reality that you are existing in and observing. Those of you who are aware of the peace of spirit connection may bring that into the equation and may bring peace of this awareness.

It is a pleasure to be asked to participate with you in a forum such as this where I am offered to give my view to share with yours. I was going to say I wish I could ease the sense of struggle that I observe with you but upon reflection, this would take from you one of your greatest opportunities and I enjoy witnessing you in this struggle of learning, of growing and becoming greater and greater beings. Would there be any dialog or questions before I take my leave?

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] Thank you, I receive your welcome in warmness. I am Dr. Mendoza and I would greatly enjoy taking this opportunity to focus such minds of spirit on a particular healing exercise that you all may join with me in if you so please. I invite you to consider applying your intention to seeing in your minds eye an image for you of the reducing of the friction of time against your being. This is a personal exercise and is deserving of your attention.

See in your minds eye the notion of a soothing salve that reduces the friction, the abrasion that happens as life skids by you and slides on your being. Smooth over your experience with the application of spirit lubrication allowing life to flow by with less friction, less burning, less sensation on your being. Visualize for yourselves this insulation between you and all that is sliding by as a glacier next to you. It need not be so abrasive if you condition that environment where contact is made. See yourselves as providing this area of transition that is free and easy and smooth so that as life goes by you it does not rub you raw.

This is within your jurisdiction to do, this is an exercise you may freely undertake and I invite you to consider seeing yourselves in this protected way because in fact, you are protected, you are surrounded by your Father's love, your Mother's love. The peace that this brings is the lubricant that can surround and protect you. Here we have an exercise for the good of the order, for all involved. Take it as you so desire. Thank you very much for your attention span.

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