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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2018-03-18
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Charles
T/R: Mark Rogers

Charles: [Mark] I am Charles and I am indeed one of the many standing around the circle with you, feeling invited, feeling welcome and being introduced to what you are willing to share. This environment of health and healing that you create, this fire that you stoke, it is indeed a pleasure and a privilege to observe such building of the flame in action. You are eager and willing to get down to the work of spiritual healing and this is a great joy to behold. And so it is that you can be directed, you can be guided, you can be led, you can be instructed as you just have been, how to provide a focus that you can all choose to share, how you can bring your thoughts in more alignment so that you may work together in more harmony.

And that is what it would sound like if the human ear could hear the gathering of all the souls around your flame, all those who you think about in prayer, all those who your desire extends to for health and healing and all those who are simply a part of your lives sharing your experiences as you stand as part of this circle. In fact, you are the keepers of this flame, you individually and collectively choose to stoke these fires at will. They are preserved by your very intention and willingness to return and feed the flames. You may trust that whenever a fire of spirit is ignited such as this it draws the attention of many who see it from afar and are drawn by their curiosity to observe what is going on.

It is always my pleasure to join and do even more than just observe but participate as we are led and as we choose to follow. I leave you now with my commitment and gratitude, farewell.
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