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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2018-02-25
Teacher: Charles, Serena, Jonathan, Dr. Mendoza
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Greetings, Charles here to entertain the discussion. I'd like to seize on the thread of thought about the question posed for discussion and for the record I would restate it in condensed form as: What might the barriers be to attain your highest aspirations? This is the ever present question for all mortals of the realm. You start from a very mortal and material position and you grow as mortals of the realm to realize that you have more inherent capabilities than strictly the material/mortal existence of yourself. You have connection to a higher aspect of your being, your spirit self and you are learning that you are a combination being of this mortal component of flesh and blood and this spiritual component of eternal spirit. And as mortals of the realm you do a dance, back and forth between your mortal self and your spiritual being, sometimes granting one the greater authority and at other times granting other aspects greater liberties.

As students of spirit you have all been diligent at showing up to class, at learning the principles at play, the examples of thought, word and deed and then you have become proficient with playing with these principles in real terms, applying what is a spiritual principle into your material plane of existence. And you have all witnessed, that by doing so and in adhering to these principles you have engaged in the flow of energy and in very truth, the manipulation of matter. You have conditioned the environment of your own vehicle and of circumstances around you by your very intention to do so. And so you are aware of not only the existence of these principles, but the truth of their reality as you have observed them in your own lives.

There looms out there the ever present question of your association with the Divine with that component of your being, that part of yourself. You see yourself as a fragment of the whole, as a piece of all that is but your realization of this association may take many incarnations for it is a matter of faith and it must be personally explored by the individual to be meaningful in any sense. Once the part realizes their connection to the whole, they begin this association process, the process of identification, the part with the whole. In this process you come to realize more and more that you are not only associated, you are not only a piece but your piece is representative of the whole and your fragment is connected to the whole and is a piece of the gigantic jigsaw puzzle necessary to complete the entire picture.

In each incarnation, as you become more spiritualized in your perspective, you will come more and more to identify with the grandness of which you are a piece and in this process you will naturally assume more rightful authority as to your place in this succession of divinity. For now it is very challenging for an individual mortal of the realm to assume such a mantle of grandeur as they envision this connection of divinity to be. It is natural to see yourselves still as unworthy or not entitled to your heritage. This is where only experience and time will bridge the gap. You must assure yourselves of these truths and build your faith in this process, in your position in this process, in your position in the family of God.

It is natural to be insecure as mortals of the realm in this status that you hold, awaiting some confirmation and certainty to comfort you along the way. So it is completely natural for you to fail to fully embrace your potentials as mortals of the realm infused by spirit. It is difficult at times for you to see yourselves more than simply mortals of the realm alongside all the other mortals of the realm functioning similarly in the same paradigm. You are building this new paradigm you refer to even now. This willingness of yours to reach out and connect and take in lessons from on high helps you expand your consciousness and awareness.

As in your discussion this morning, it is always good to ask the question - why not? What enables us to function and what prohibits us from acting? These are constant questions to ask yourselves throughout the process. Where are your barriers, what are your strengths? How might you apply yourselves more fully, with greater intention and purpose? These are questions of a lifetime so it is a joy to once again bring them up and discuss them with you. I assure you that all of this seeking, searching and finding meets with ultimate success. Truly it is all good in the end. Thank you for the opportunity, for your inquiries. I appreciate your willingness to discuss lofty topics, good day to you all.

Serena: [Cathy] I observe much progress in Michael's plan to bring this planet into its proper relationship with others in our system. The action of spirit is increasing and the true brotherhood of man is becoming a reality. All of these improvements bring Urantia towards the desired beginning of Light and Life. Continue to live your reality in spirit and act as a catalyst changing the perception of reality for others. Together we are creating the world envisioned by Michael.

Jonathan: [Cathy] I can barely withhold my excitement at the prospect of distributing the Principles of Dr. Mendoza as collected by our group. It is a great service and will be a valuable tool as we move forward. From my perspective it is a fantastic tool. Why not indeed, let the gig begin.

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] I would welcome your invitation as well, Dr. Mendoza here checking in for consultation this morning. I understand that there has been some concern and discussion over the observation that we have been functioning as a team under the hierarchy we have laid out of physician and physician's assistants. This is indeed quite a serviceable construct of thinking to be utilized by the team members at hand. I would offer and upgrade perhaps to the language we employ in this process because while you are indeed connected and my assistants, implying that I am also involved and assisting, you fulfill an even more important function and that is, you are a surrogate physician. You are the one who is in charge and I oftentimes am assisting you.

So while you are busy building the construct in which you are assisting me, the only one seen by the patient is you. They do not know of the connection between you and I and the fact that you are considered my assistant. Instead, they see you as the one in charge, the surrogate physician, the one in place doing what needs to be done, representing the team, the clinic, the office behind them. So it is truly a matter of semantics and vocabulary. If you are more comfortable considering yourselves assisted, then utilize this framework of thought but realize that you are the physician in attendance, the surrogate position, the representative of our relationship and I am happy to assist you in these times. I am happy to facilitate with you these universe principles but in fact I am assisting you as you orchestrate the delivery of this system.

So while you are perhaps considering yourselves only to be mere assistants, in fact, when the patient is present it is you who will act for us. It is you who will be seen and observed in action. You are accomplishing the objective, the physicians are healing themselves. I just wanted to bring this note of recognition, everything is about perspective as you have shared with your analogy of the elephant* and our perspective puts you as the primary physician assisted by a host of spiritual energies. Without you there would be no action. Therefore I recognize the position you play and honor you for accepting this role. I assure you I will continue to support your every efforts. Call on me as you have need, I am available to consult at any time, farewell.

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