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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2018-03-08
Teacher: Charles
T/R: Mark Rogers

Charles: Thank you friend, Charles here to accept your warm welcome and invitation. It is so pleasing to have such fertile material to work with, the offering of ones own individual inspiration, his own individual aha moment that we can then share and make it part of the collective experience. We can each dip into this well of experience and relate to it as we will. For the benefit of this written record, the image that was shared was that of standing in line and the fairness of waiting in line as representing a higher mode of living. This image is so pleasing to work with because we are all standing in line, we are all proceeding at our pace. There are those before, there are those after, but we are engaged in this ongoing process keeping our place and moving forward.

This very fact of this truth gives us some sense of stability, some sense of peace in this process and provides certainty for us that we are indeed being treated fairly and justly in the process. It was noted that to do so in respect of others represents a high ideal and this is true, one of the "better angels" of mans experience and when individuals choose to engage with these higher angels the experience is elevated and the condition of Divinity is created in the environment, that is to say that if this principle is true, then it is possible to create elements of Life and Light and bring them into your experience by simply choosing to do so.

So let's take this example of waiting in line and doing so in peace and with respect. Now lets add love and in this scenario it may mean seeing the person behind you and offering to trade places so that they may go first. Now you have elevated the same equation and brought in the divine principle of love. So I invite you all to use this imagery as serviceable in your everyday routine. You are all called to order to act civilized, to treat each other with fairness but you might also choose to add kindness as inspired by love. You are asked to perform justly with your neighbors but you may also choose to perform kindly and with love as your influence.

This is where you may take your state of being into the early stages of Light and Life. This is where you can choose to augment the casual, the normal, the routine and elevate it to the divine and be inspired with love. This is the beauty of your free will choice in action. This is the latitude you have been given by virtue of divine design. This is the privilege you might accept and exercise in unison with your Indwelling Fragment. I invite you to remember this partnership as well.

It represents a gift of grace that I am here to dialog with you at this time and I acknowledge and I appreciate this. And so it is that I hope that these words find resonance and are helpful. I would leave it at that unless there is a desire to dialog from any of the participants at this time.

Comment: When you mentioned turning to the person behind you and suggesting that they could go ahead, that strikes home. The other day I was in line and I had two items and people that were ahead of me had 15 or 20. I was looking for the love, I didn't get it but I think that's a wonderful thought that we could put into practice if we look to the person behind us and we have a lot and they have little, hey, wave them ahead, it's easy to do.

Charles: Thank you for your comment my friend, well said.

Charles: Yes, if you consider that your life will be going along as normal and that at each and every juncture you are there to make a new and fresh decision, a decision of the moment and in this decision what will you bring? Will you allow the recorded response to simply play or will you decide to bring your influence, perhaps even your Divine influence in conjunction with your onboard Divine Partner. This is your opportunity each and every time, to modify the equation, to elevate the level of operation, to raise the bar of awareness. Each time you are presented with the option to let it play out as it normally does or perhaps to interject some higher energy, some greater presence, some more divine characteristics. This is what you are graced with as mortals of the realm who are infused with divine potential. It is my pleasure to remind you of this truth.

If there are no more contributions then I would thank you all for this opportunity that has been provided and pray you all have a joyful and bountiful week ahead, thank you.

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