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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2018-02-18
Teacher: Unknown, Charles, Angels of Education
T/R: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers

Unknown: [Cathy] You are in the center of change. It may seem calm but change is all around you. The plan has started and the change will come as planned. Many forces are acting in the background that are not noted or recognized. The physical planet is in upheaval but a control will preserve this world for Michael's plan. There is assistance from other mortals from many parts of the universe. All is well, preserve your optimism, you are in a good location on the physical plane, prepare.

Charles: [Mark] Yes, thank you for this warm welcome. I do so appreciate the thought trains that are brought up for consideration in this group. I would like to seize on this grand and noble idea promoted that to change the existing paradigm, whatever it may be, one must attempt to build a new model, a new paradigm and make it so filled with the fruits of the spirit, the fruits of love, the fruits of joy that are so attractive that it simply eclipses the other choices which are standard and routine and in many cases, inadequate.

You see this today in your discussions and they range from different levels of perspective. Certainly, there are the practical applications, the details to be considered, there are the facts to be observed and accumulated and there are certainly by way of interpretation, methods that may be changed or instituted or employed to condition these current circumstances. And this is the way of logic, this is the way to use, to use your term, realism. If one is confined strictly to this avenue of approach of manipulating observable phenomenon in ever slight ways by adjusting physical conditions, then the circumstances addressed will only change moderately for they still are grounded in the old paradigm and what you end up with is the old paradigm with some subtle tweaks and these tweaks may prove beneficial but they have not modified the entire paradigm.

What you have been touching on is the added avenue of approach of the creation of a new paradigm which is founded, if not based, on your spiritual conviction, that is your awareness that there is help available from the spiritual dimension, that there are avenues of not only contact but working with the spiritual dimension. There are choices to be made from a spiritualized perspective which do indeed require the adoption of a new platform, a new basis of what is real. This is where you may bridge this gap because you are observers of the real world as you see it. You may make your observations and your judgements based upon the reality that you see but you are also aware that there is a much bigger reality existing side by side, perhaps underneath or behind the reality you are observing before you.

But you are privileged as individuals to have developed this alternative reality that exists side by side with the one that is played out by your mortal comrades. You, having witnessed this, having become aware of it, now can be instrumental as you say, with your position of 'boots on the ground' to formulate a new plan and to now have it to consider as your dose of realism because you have the conviction. You bring the faith necessary to act as if you believe, act as if it is as true as any other truth, act in accordance with your highest values and beliefs and not condition yourself to sacrifice some of your highest visions to becoming a realist.

Ideally, one must operate in these dual realities. You must be practical, you must drive in the right lane, you must obey and yield to all necessary traffic laws and any other laws which apply in your society. You must observe the protocol for how things work in the society you live. Having done so you might see how to work with the system or work within the system to be seeds of change, to be unafraid to speak your conviction that we need to look at this from a deeper perspective, from a longer term perspective, from a more compassionate perspective, a more loving place.

In this way your fellows will tend to agree with you, there needs to be more compassion, more love and more faith even though you may not describe it as such but the faith is what enables you to stand for what you believe in, for what you trust and you all here assembled today stand on a strong platform of faith that you have built, that is yours to go with you throughout. You can bring the strength and conviction of this platform with you in your daily interactions and in this way you will be introducing a new reality, an enhanced reality based upon your wisdom, your experience and your awareness that there is another dimension to add to the current picture you seek of reality. When this other dimension is added it naturally uplifts and changes the state, the appearance, the level of being.

So once again, I invite you to be bold in your proclamation of your faith in the kingdom of spirit, in the love of your Divine Parents, in the promise of their relationship to you and to us. Act in accordance with your position as a member in this family of God and be unafraid to mention or bring up the addition of this component because all things may be considered, all things exist side by side for consideration. Choose to bring this avenue of approach with you because you can, because you have so earned it in this process.

This is how you may profoundly impact the dynamics of the paradigm of reality you observe. If nothing else happens as a result beyond your own personal adoption of this truth, you will be changed as a result, you will be lifted up and see things from a different perspective. You will be raised above the limitations of the flesh and I assure you that this example alone will affect many around you. Allow that all the other mortals that share this paradigm with you must find these truths for themselves. Your example may be noble and profound but another individuals journey is their own to take and they must arrive at these different places of awareness of their own accord and of their own energy.

You may lead those to water but they may not drink. You may be the shining example of the light on the hill that some will choose to follow and others will forsake in their journey. The burden of the ascension of all other mortals of the realm is not your responsibility, it is in the hands of your Divine Parents just as you are. Trust that they will be guided and fostered in their journey as you have been but be ever willing to share what inspires you, what works for you and how you have combined these two elements of your being to come to a different perspective. This is your privilege, your honor, even your duty to your fellows, to openly give what you have received.

Thank you for bringing such fertile grounds to be tilled in our discussion. There is so much to be harvested from this application. I bid you all a good day and a good week in consideration of our discussion here today, thank you.

Angels of Education: [Cathy] We in the education division are looking forward to assist in emphasis especially in the United States. As was expressed, the education of past generations was varied and supported growth and achievement. Current programs are limiting and controlled. You have the ability to bring education with you as you interact with students you encounter. Our vision of education brings spirit together with facts. It brings key action together to create new platforms for learning in cooperation. Our goal is to infuse the current ideas of education with spirit action. You can join the process.

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