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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2018-02-11
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza
T/R: Mark Rogers

Dr. Mendoza: Thank you all very much, I feel your welcome. It was my privilege today to join you and observe you as you made your rounds, your rounds of bringing your intention here and then there and then to another place at your command. This practicing means presence in these different locations of focus and is what is so sought after in your spiritual experience you are building. These moments when you meet together at a certain place in spirit and join forces there for a specific cause with a specific purpose in mind to focus your intention. And then you apply yourselves in your very desires for peace, for healing, for goodness, for grace, for this individual, for this circumstance, for this world.

There is no limit to where you may apply your focus, it is simply a matter of your choosing where you will go on your rounds, who you will visit, what you will tend to and where you will focus your gaze of intention. And as you go through your rounds you are continually being refreshed by a divine connection of service that you are plugging into and working with. This circuit of service brings with it its own energy source. It provides the necessary energy to go the extra mile, to do what you did not think was possible. When you join forces with this service circuit, you may be refreshed even while you are actively engaged.

I thank you all for choosing to work in this manner, to avail yourselves of this process. Together we are a more potent resource than we are separately and so I look forward to attending with you on your rounds to provide a consult as necessary and to working together with any who will work with me, with us. I might point out that while we enjoy a relationship here and now and for an eternity for that purpose, you are the face, you are the voice, you are the boots on the ground, so you must represent us. You must represent our process, you must literally be the reality you know to be true within and as a result they will see that you do indeed know of what you speak. You do indeed have something real and significant to be shared and they may be drawn as the moth is to the flame, to the light that you spread, to the light that you are throughout this process.

Call on me as you have need and we will work together as we are so blessed to be able to do. Thank you all my dear assistants, good day.

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