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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2018-02-08
Teacher: Charles
T/R: Mark Rogers

Charles: Yes indeed, thank you for your welcome. I have been in consideration of the issues brought up here for such and would be glad to discuss the aspects around utilizing your life force, breaths, that are I would point out, granted to you from on high. They are gifted to you to promote your life as is the beating of your heart. As well, these life forces are there for your benefit, even without your consideration whatsoever. They are charged with your very survival and do not require your consideration whatsoever to perform their tasks that they have been assigned as per your life design.

And so, you learn that your body is an organism which requires certain conditions and which perform certain functions and that this process is seen to you as observable phenomenon since you are surrounded by this reality. And as one who is part of this organism, you are able to consider its functions, you are able to pay attention to its processes and this is where your divine nature, your creative potential may be brought to bear into what is a gift of grace for you, this episode of mortal life. It would go on without your consideration, but with your consideration you might make it so much more of an experience, you might harness some of the innate potentials within, you might string these things together because you can, because you can exercise your will and Divine nature in this regard. You can simply allow your vehicle to respirate naturally or you can be present during this process which is joining with this divine experience of life.

You are also learning that this tool that you possess of your minds, your brains and the circuit that they enjoy may also be directed by you, may be harnessed to do as you would have it do, may be focused so that you may be present more. There was a recent set of lessons of the significance and importance of bringing your focus, bringing your intention and your action into any equation to manifest reality and this is no different. You are deciding to bring your focus in, to harness your intention to do so and to make more of your experience by your action.

So anytime you decide to turn your focus inward, even around the observation of your very vehicle, you can see that the same principles apply and that you may harness the very natural forces of your every breath as part of a directed intention. Every single breath may be an expression of yourself, may be a prayer offered, may be a desire for greater peace and understanding. And this represents the ultimate focus of your mind, your spirit and your vehicle, bringing all three of your aspects into alignment and onto the same page, harnessing all the different aspects of your being and co-ordinating them together in unison.

There is something extraordinarily potent about mortals of the realm who will so align themselves in this process. And you might see yourselves as on the very edge of doing this, sometimes stepping over and sometimes retreating back. This may be seen as your borderland of understanding, of awareness. In a very real sense we are all expanding out into new borderlands, new horizons, new arenas around us which are as yet unfamiliar but are destined to be as familiar as our current circumstance.

I applaud the efforts for you to consider harnessing all these aspects of your being, to calm your mind to focus, using whatever method works for you in that process, to bring your intention, to bring together these aspects of your being and then to apply yourself and take the chance, step into your own unknown territories. And I would submit that you all would witness you have been stepping into many unknown territories and they have become familiar to you as this is an ongoing process.

The respiration, the breath may be heard in the winds, may be heard in the ocean surf, may be heard in swaying trees and may be heard every moment of every day of your entire earthly existence. However most of the times it goes unobserved, most times you are coasting through not paying any attention. So it is a joy when you bring your focus to the very basics of being, the very gifts of grace that are yours and as you count your heartbeats, your breath, the regularity, the consistency, you synchronize yourself with these gifts of grace from on high and in so doing you are aligning with divine pattern.

These are some words I have of encouragement. Pursue this line of thinking if you want, this line of action if you will and pursue this connection of again, another way to unify mind, body and spirit. Bring your being together behind this notion. Thank you for the opportunity that you create for us to share like this, it is always a pleasure to be invited and to participate. I would leave you with those thoughts unless there are questions or dialog.

Comment: I was going to say you are describing a week ago today: I went in for a harmonic light-ulitmate self healing where they put light waves, red, blue, a tag over my eyes and one over my stomach and one on my lower back and then I had ear plugs and the most heavenly music was playing. I left my body and went to the redwoods, then I went to the mountains and then I went to the cosmos. The healing and the balance stuck with me until today but maybe I was taking the easy way out?

Charles: You provide the example for us all of conditioning your environment with all the necessary factors to bring you to a certain experience of being. It may be sound, it may be light, it may be the breath, it may be absolute silence, it may be wherever you are. I submit that you would not have had such a significant experience if you had not invested yourself in it, had not been fully present to receive, had not exercised your intention to do so and had not followed through. Were there more questions.

Question: I hope this is not a curiosity question but I have always enjoyed your transmissions, your point of view on us. I lost track of whatever kind of being you are and what is your relationship to this our humanity, our human time and space?

Charles: I appreciate your interest in myself. I am an extremely lucky being just as you are. I am similar to you in that I am an advanced mortal of the realm and I have therefore enjoyed your course of experience very similarly. It is my desire to have been assigned to those like yourselves who are participating in such a grand experiment in time and space. It has been my pleasure to be granted the opportunity to be with you in this process because, although I am slightly ahead of you, we are on the same path together. I may have a slightly enhanced perspective because I am further down the road but we share the same trail before us.

Spiritual development is not confined to time and space, it endures, it is an eternal process and so we are very very similar in so many aspects of our experience. I appreciate your interests in my perspective, in my position. I feel privileged to be invited to witness yours in this process and I hold this as a sacred trust, a sacred opportunity that we both choose to participate in. I would point out that we are both here by the same technique, we both have chosen to bring our focus to this point, to make our intention that it be so, to plug ourselves in to this same circuit board and we have demonstrated our willingness to participate.

Comment: Well thank you Charles, I hope we meet someday, of course we are meeting now so I do thank you for that.

Charles: You are correct that we have met at this point and will continue to enjoy a relationship as we so desire and come to realize that when you know someone as we have met and are growing to know each other, this is one of those enduring traits that stays with us throughout our eternal career. These friendships that we form because we so choose to do so represent our creative choices and those realities remain part of our experience.

Comment: Well thank you, I am happy you are becoming part of my soul.

Charles: I would like to carry perhaps a little further these attempts to identify the desire to stay focused and stay present when you are in stillness or meditation. This is seen as the overall goal, is to control your circumstance and allow your mind and soul to relax, thereby encouraging them to receive gifts from on high. To simply be in touch with the divine energy are these little gifts of grace when you have created the environment wherein you may reach out and connect with spirit. There has been in the conversation, the noting that it is oftentimes possible to slip away and fall asleep in this process and this is oftentimes seen as a negative or a failure in your attempts. I'd like to attempt to modify your understanding of this because there are a number of levels on which your spiritual growth occurs.

You all are aware that dreams have some significance in your experience and that the state you enter when approaching dream state is typically a very openminded place. This is what allows your mind to conjure up the dreams and so while you are diligently attempting to not slip away and remain focused, there is also a place for the dreamlike state of awareness. What I mean to say is it is all good, that you may consider some of it better than others but your very act of participating in the process is what is good. Your results will vary, this is a decimal planet. So I leave you with words of encouragement that it is truly hard to go wrong when you are attempting to be still, to align yourselves, to focus your intention, to be at peace, to offer your prayers, to try again. Each time you do this you succeed.

Comment: Thank you Charles, that was very helpful and encouraging.

Charles: Well I would say the same of all of you, hearing your thoughts and the conversation that you've generated I am very encouraged as well. It is a pleasure to share back and forth. Again, I thank you for the opportunity that you present in this process, I bid you all a good day.

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