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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2018-02-04
Teacher: Charles, Olfana, Elyon
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Greetings to you all, Charles here to barge in on the conversation. I am struck by this notion of an awareness that you share that there is this distraction of mind you can identify and you can witness the power of its affects and you are absolutely right to witness this observable phenomenon and realize its potential for leading you down a direction which in this case, you may not want to go. This fact is so overwhelmingly, glaringly obvious. We may then draw certain other conclusions. If it is so potent for your psyche and your center of focus, then one should seek to bring forth in your choices those things which would promote this direction of your choice.

Switching the channel if you will from say, negative influences and choosing more positive influences for the environment you would like to promote, the direction you would like to go and in this case, your wish is the command of a universe. When you set the tone, when you choose the direction, it is not about ignoring this influence of mind, it is about putting this influence of mind to work with directed focus and intention. So the mind need not be seen as an enemy in this process, rather as a tool to be harnessed and used in this process, to be mastered and subjected to the will of the owner.

This observation that you have brought here today is critical to the awareness of all mortals of the realm, to not see themselves as victims subjected to environments which are detrimental to them but rather to see themselves as creators of environments which promote health and welfare, truth, beauty and goodness. Always seek to provide this environment and this picture will come into focus in proper proportions.

You have indeed stumbled on the illustration of another divine principle which you are experiencing in your own lives and learning to master as you so will. Thank you for the opportunity to drop a thought into your stream today to go with the others.

Question: Charles, in so many words then, that divine principle is?

Charles: Probably best summed up as originally stated of focus, intention and trust. [Got it, thank you.]

Olfana: [Cathy] It is a joyful time on this world with many opportunities to bring the Father's light forward to shine abroad into the areas of uncertainty. You are most blessed to have this opportunity for action and change. Bring joy with you on your journey and it will leave a trail of happiness behind you. Dance to the Father's tune and those around you will join in with joy and enthusiasm. It has been my experience that the joy is multiplied and transformative, transcending to worship of our Creator and dedication to His will.

Mark: I have an old friend that I welcome warmly, I welcome Elyon to join us.

Elyon: [Mark] Thank you for this warm welcome. I feel similarly towards you, this group. We have forged a lot of what has happened together and I feel some ownership as do you in all the progress that has been made. This focus on this divine principle of focus, intention and trust is similar to the long held notion of thought, word and deed. Your thought may be likened to your desire to be present and aware. Your word may be likened to the formation of your intention and your deed of finally acting in trust and in faith and in accordance with your position as a fragment of the whole and as such, the part resembles the whole and brings with it its divine influence.

This indeed is a sacred triad as they have been referred to in the past. When these three steps are combined then certain results will then be part of the equation, certain creation will occur when this protocol is followed. I respect your efforts to identify these aspects and to attempt to work with them in your lives and become masters in your trade as light workers. It has been an honor to be a part of this organization from the start and I appreciate the opportunity to drop in and rub elbows with you in the classroom of spirit. I take my leave in gratitude, thank you.

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