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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2018-01-28
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Dr. Mendoza: [Mark] I would accept your invitation today of the chair you pull up for me at your table. I am Dr. Mendoza and I willingly respond to your request for a consult. And yet I would merely like to restate for the sake of this record, the lessons that you furnished here today, your observation of the importance of your focus, the significance of your intention and bringing the highest aspect of yourself to this equation in which you are present. Truly, these are things which are worthy of your observation and realization that your focus, your awareness, your presence in the situation are what triggers it to become real. Having brought your focus to the equation, the entire scenario may begin. Then, the channeling of this intention and its direction by your highest spiritual influence, this unique combination is yours alone to provide, this willingness to focus, this desire to bring your intention into the equation and then to activate it with the sincerity of spirit.

You all have taken up this progression and become familiar with its application. This makes you powerful partners in this relationship we share, where you are indeed my physician's assistants. I appreciate you bringing such insight to class to discuss and am happy to rephrase and re-share your content. Thank you for your request for my presence, it is always a delight. I leave you with my invitation to call me for a personal consult at any time, an individual consultation may be had at your request. I enjoy bringing you further assurance of this. Let it be so, thank you all.

Dr. Mendoza: [Cathy] The group compilation is a work of importance in that the basic principles of healing assistance are outlined and information can be used by anyone who approaches with intention and focus. I am most grateful for your assistance in compiling the many transcripts.

Jonathan: [Mark] Hello folks, Jonathan here and I might say in keeping with todays lesson, that I am here as a result of my intention to focus my energies and be present here and now. You are similarly here as a result of your intention and the focus of your presence as well and we meet here at this place. I always enjoy joining you at times like this where there is such fertile spiritual energy present and I appreciate the opening you create to make it so. This as well represents your intention to do so. If then, if intention is so important for our creative energies, we may begin to play with it a little bit, begin to cast it out before us, to project our intention out beyond our current dimension. This is the act of creation, to reach out before us and pattern the circumstance to build in advance of our arrival, our destination. This is how powerful we are, to have this ability and to learn how to utilize it. But this will take us many tries as in our eternal career that lies before us. Each time we learn more in our next incarnation and grow to be bigger and bigger spiritual presences. It's a joy to be on this journey with you as fellows, as companions as we traverse these trails.

I look forward to future trails with you as we will so allow. Enjoy your week, good day.

Jonathan: [Cathy] I join the group with a comment about caring for elders. It is our great privilege to care for those who have nurtured us on this life's journey. The growth is on both sides and the spirit enhancement can be great. Many times the occasion seems to be a trial but this is the opportunity for connection and enhancement of spirit. Service and affection is the opportunity of our lifetime. The great thing about this process is that you experience all the stages during this life, the helpless babe, the helper and the one who needs assistance. The Creator is with us though all these stages of experience, adding to the Supreme. It is a thing to celebrate.

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