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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2018-01-07
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Serena
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am Charles accepting your invitation to join you to weave together a little of this fabric of understanding with you. I appreciate the discussion centered around the new beginning represented by this turn of a significant page of your calendar. I appreciate your willingness to use opportunities like this to see where energetic waves may be and to prepare yourselves to utilize it when you can see it coming.

Your discussion about the different levels of interaction one may have with placing themselves in the spiritual equation is most heartening because that is one more avenue of approach to your awareness and subsequent mindfulness of the potentials present in the equation. And, as your discussions revealed earlier, the opportunities present in the equation are virtually unlimited. They are all contained within the whole and your choice to choose and elevate any of these options brings it into existence for you, makes it real in your life and your world.

This is your powerful creative prerogative to decide what you will endorse, what you will choose, what you will promote and what you will forsake. As you are forced to do so by circumstance, this grand opportunity of grace before you of being confronted with yet another opportunity to choose is indeed a gift from on high although to the ones whose circumstance is impacted, it may seem as though it is a hardship. As was referred to earlier, you can be sure that wherever there is hardship there are great quantities of learning opportunities present around it. It is literally abundant with the fruits of spirit which may be explored as a part of your circumstance.

So when things are challenging, when things are difficult in your lives, look for the values hidden around what your circumstance may be. Look for what the universe is trying to bring you in each case, there is always something of great magnitude in there for you. In the times we are moving into ahead it is truly everyone for themselves. That is to say that each and every individual must make their own choices, must decide for themselves where their values are, what they will choose and what they will support and just as you have the freedom to do so, others do as well and this is important for their growth and development equally as it is for yours.

So if we can remember to look for the silver lining when there are clouds, we will see that there are many opportunities ahead to seek that silver lining because we know it is there. Because we know it is part of the equation we may rest in faith that there always is the goodness of grace contained within every circumstance. If we operate from this premise and look at life through this lens, then our potential suffering will be greatly lessened and our experience improved when we are grateful for the gifts of grace which are also contained within.

I very much appreciate the opportunity to simply be with you at this time and enjoy your discussions and observations and appreciate your willingness to look at all of this with the highest aspect of yourself to bring your spiritual aspects to the table to consider all of these issues from that perspective. That is mindfulness and awareness in action. That is your attempt, the part to identify with the whole and such is your reward when you pursue it. You are indeed embraced by the whole when you seek such an action.

It is a pleasure to join you this morning, thank you for making the space.

Jonathan: [Mark] Hi guys, Jonathan here. I just wanted to stop by having not seen you in a while and wish you all a Happy New Year. After the encouragement we all enjoyed from Charles, it will be a pleasure to see how the opportunities before us in this next year will be met and how the choices that each will make will reflect their values. It is such a pleasure to join you in consideration in all these aspects of life and how they fit in the matrix of divine principles. Everyone must use some manner of filter to strain through all that is out there and decide what is worthy and what lacks worthiness, and while it may seem as an imposition or a burden at times, this is what you were created to do, to exercise your creative potential, to exercise that free will choice which reigns supreme and which is among your greatest gifts of grace.

Remember, if you apply yourself and diligently make your determinations based on the highest values available to you, then you have brought integrity into the process and your choices are sanctioned as supreme. As long as we attempt to elevate this process into the realm of divine values, then we may rest assured that we are attempting the use of the greatest filtering mechanism, that of divine values. And we will continue to go forth making choices and decisions and as circumstances unfold we may even find that we change our values and make different choices.

This is part of the program as well. The more we learn about the process, the more mindful we might be, the more refined our process will become and the more of a certainty we will have in making these choices. Fear not, if you are attempting to act in accordance with divine principles, you may not err too badly. There may be minor degrees and distinction to be observed but if you are of a divine frequency then you may rest assured you will be guided in your choices. That is what the effect of aligning yourselves in prayer, worship, stillness and gratitude bring you, this alignment with divine values and principles. It brings you into the place of vibration which enables you to see circumstances through a different lens. Trust in this lens when you are at this place of awareness and mindfulness.

No worries my friends, this is supposed to be fun, this is supposed to be enjoyable. This life has been created for your enrichment and benefit. Try to remain mindful of this certainty. The universe has been created to be a friendly place for you. Happy choosing in the New Year ahead, if we wish to make it a good one, let's make it so. I bid you all a good day and good week.

Serena: [Cathy] I am pleased to report progress that is bounding forward in the Correcting Time. From your view, this world is in disarray and upset. From our view, the forces for good are coming into alignment and unity. All of the actors are coming into play as decisions are being made in the direction of good, beauty and truth. I would encourage each of you to increase awareness of opportunities to contribute. The opportunities are boundless. You have developed a capacity to discern actions available and to use your influence in the promotion of our goals. I am available to help if asked.

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