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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2017-12-03
Teacher: Charles, Wave
T/R: Cathy Morris, Allene Vick

Charles: [Cathy] In the discussion of the creative process, I would add a thought about the power of intention. Never underestimate this aspect of any project. You indeed have huge creative potential and are fully enabled to access this potential. Each step in creating involves action and a resulting re-action. As has been discussed, a "shoebox" * is a part of this creation and evaluation, the stepping back and re-entering engagement with the process. You are in time and it appears as a break in the action but from universe perspective it is a continuous flow. The importance of seeing through new eyes cannot be over-emphasized. In the action of re-engagement you are able to get a clear view of the way ahead

* [ This refers to the proverbial "shoebox" under the bed, a storage unit where one might temporarily shelve a song, a manuscript, a book in progress, a play or some creative project to be revisited at a later date with new insight.]

Wave: [Allene] I am Wave and I am delighted to be in this group and to be active with each one of you. I know you know that Michael walks beside each one of you all the time. I wish for you to know that I am also walking beside each one of you and fully aware of the different things that you are engaged in and focused upon. Please feel free to call upon me. My services are vast in areas that I can be of help to you so please, do not hesitate to say, hey Wave, and I will be right there at your side. So please take advantage of my experience and the gifts that I can offer.

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