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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2017-11-19
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Light
T/R: Cathy Morris

Question: When entering a healing session is it best to treat the patients individually or is it equally efficient to bring all the patients at once into the "light"? How long do we have to focus on the patient?

Dr. Mendoza: I am pleased to respond to your question. This process has been expanding and developing as your group practices together. A healing circle presents a location to focus your intention. You can use teepees or constructs, it does not matter what the focus point is, it is the intention and the link formed between the healer and the patient. It may be helpful to focus on an individual before bringing the group of patients together. At your stage of practice it is possible to heal groups but more difficult. Your willingness and intention is the connection between the patient and the healing desires. As physicians assistants, you are valuable in this process. You create the venue and we are happy to participate. The healing is accomplished instantly in your view. It is a process that does not involve time. We are so pleased with your participation.

Light: I want to encourage you to sharpen your connection in the healing process. As you practice relaxing into the healing intention you will accomplish a clear channel to be used. This does not need long periods to establish a channel when it becomes your normal operating procedure. You have the ability to become a constantly ready resource for healing.

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