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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2017-11-12
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Great to be with you this morning, I am Charles. I would love to seize upon the days phrase, if I might, of "using your imagination" because this really is where in this life for you, the rubber meets the road. This is your opportunity to have impact as you desire because when you allow yourselves to use your imagination and stimulate your creative flow, then you are able to envision higher and better ways. So this act of creating, by daring to dream, by being willing to allow the creative energies to flow and take you where they will, this is your gift of grace; this is also your gift to return to the First Source and Center.

So this notion of becoming perhaps more aware that it is all for you to imagine, for you to create, for you to pursue, for you to endorse, for you to nurture or choose not, it is all up to you to play this out as you will. I remind you that the pressures that you point to are all there on the outside and the degree to which you bring them in is a matter of your choosing. You need not be overwhelmed by external events. This is part of your imagining process, to strike a balance between how much pressure is allowed to be applied from the outside, how much influence do you grant, how welcome is it into your inner citadel of peace. It may be necessary to not choose it, to reject it and thereby insulate yourself from its oppressive effects. This is all within your jurisdiction and as you so choose. So I invite you to imagine perhaps striking a different balance with a little more of this or a little less of that as you see fit.

Thank you for the request to join you today, it's always my pleasure.

Jonathan: [Cathy] I am here and still dancing to my own music. It was one of the most important aspects of life on our world, on this side, constant rejoicing in the creativity that is part of our inheritance. I was enthralled by the possibilities for harmony on this level and the harmonies that arise from souls coming together. Praise is constant and the worship is the highest activity. It is indeed more absorbing and uplifting than the description in our Urantia Book. It is an activity that you will be able to look forward to, to anticipate. I am always pleased to be invited to join you again.

Light: [Mark] Hello dear friends, I am Light to visit with you today. In your discussions about how to apply yourselves I would like to recall one more set of images that we created in considering yourselves to be anchors for the grid of light that exists and recalling that you are integral in this anchoring of spirit to the material. It is you that are the nodes and places of contact and this is a very productive and needful thing, that there are those who are functioning as anchors and ties between the two realms. It is easy perhaps, to not consider the importance of this aspect of the grid but I assure you, all parts are important in a circuit and as such, it is critical that you be there and be in service to the process as you have been, to stay connected that there may be contact. So, stay aware that this is your role to play, this is your gift.

It's wonderful to come among you again and recall our useful imagery of light in its many applications. Once again I congratulate you for maintaining the torches that each of you are. You have not let your light diminish. It is a matter of observation to discern your brightness. I appreciate the opportunity to join you in these exercises. I now send you my fondest farewell.

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